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The beaches in Pag: between relaxation and unbridled fun

The beaches in Pag. With its 200 miles of beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters, the Island of Pag island manages to satisfy all: from remote and isolated bays where you can relax in total privacy, to the crazy Zrce Beach, where thousands of young people flock to dance day and night!

Thanks to its varied landscape, the island offers different beaches ranging from Rocky ones to those of fine sand, of pebbles or gravel. A means of transport, car or bike, is essential to enjoy every corner and every facet of the island of Pag.
From main roads you can see numerous bays, coves and a sea with colors that change from turquoise to aquamarine ’, from Emerald to blue. And more, Here are equipped beaches for families and equipped with every comfort, or quiet beaches and isolated, immersed in the most absolute silence.

Below we listed the best known main beaches on the Island of ’ PAG: exploration lovers will find numerous hidden beaches, scattered here and there, and some of them accessible only by sea, as the beaches of Goriška draga, Malin, Mali zaton, Veli zaton and Baška slana.

The beaches in Pag

Strasko It is a pebble beach (the seabed is sandy) long 2 kilometers, lying to the South of Novalja, close to the homonymous ’ Camping, and surrounded by a beautiful forest. The beach is equipped and you can practice water sports and diving. Camp Strasko, one of the largest camping and most beautiful of the Adriatic ’, has a wide gastronomic offer, sports and entertainment. A portion of the beach is reserved for nudists.

The most beautiful beaches of Pag strasko novalja
The beach Strasko – Novalja, PAG

Branicevica (or “Brničevica”)is a long beach located in the village of Gajac, walking distance from Straško. The apartments and hotels of Gajac are located right in front of the beach. The place is ideal for a relaxing vacation.

The most beautiful beaches of Pag Brničevica Braničevica Gajac novalja
Braničevica at Beach Gajac – Novalja, PAG

Lokunje, public beach of Novalja, is located in a Cove South of the village. Composed of sand mixed with gravel, the beach has a shallow seabed and is surrounded by a forest. The place is nice and is easily accessible by anyone who resides in Novalja.

The most beautiful beaches of Pag Novalja Lokunje
Lokunje, the beach in Novalja – PAG

Planjka – Trincel (Stara Novalja)
Planjka is the beach of Stara Novalja (the old town). It is located in a Cove North of Novalja, on the coast to the North-West side. it's’ a beautiful sandy beach with shallow sea. On the beach there is a bar, two restaurants and a kiosk that rents jet-ski. It, in addition to, has been awarded the Blue Flag and has been awarded several times as the most beautiful beach and more welcoming of the Adriatic ’. Near there is a convenient parking where to park the car.

The most beautiful beaches of Pag Planjka Trincel Stara Novalja
Planjka Beach-Trincel, Stara Novalja – PAG

Babe is a beach devoid of necessary facilities and reachable only by foot, located west of Novalja. it's’ a beach of pebbles mixed with sand, with warmer waters than other beaches with shallow water ’. The beach is accessible only by foot.

The most beautiful beaches of Pag novalja Babe
The beach Babe – Novalja, PAG

Zrce Beach
Zrce Beach It is located approximately 2 kilometers from Novalja and is the most famous beach on the Island of Pag ’. This is the ideal place for those who are in search of unbridled fun all day and all night: It is here that focuses nightlife on the island of Pag ’, Thanks to the presence of clubs and discos that organise day and night parties, foam parties and concerts by famous djs.

The beach has a large parking lot where you can park the car at the cost of 7 Kune for hour: Zrce can also be reached on foot or by bus which connects directly the Centre of Novalja with the beach (fare: 10 Kune).

The beaches of Pag Zrce Novalja's most beautiful Beach Papaya Aquarius club
Zrce Beach view from Club Papaya, Novalja

Rucica Beach – Metajna
Rucica, located approximately 10 kilometers from Novalja, at the village of Metajna in the eastern part of the island ’, is one of the most beautiful beaches in pag. It is hidden behind a rocky hillside, called Kanjon, and consists mainly of pebbles. Rucica Beach is the ideal place for those who want to live in contact with nature: Here there are only wind, rocks and crystal clear sea. Fabulous!

The most beautiful beaches of Pag Rucica Metajna
Rucica Beach – Metajna, PAG

The Čista Beach is located near the SV. Duh and can be reached through a dirt road passable by car up to the parking lot. The entry is chargeable during the high season. The beach is equipped with beach umbrellas at some points but also offers plenty of space for sunbathing as you want. there is also a bar/restaurant.

The most beautiful beaches of Pag Novalja Cista
Čista Beach – PAG

That of Simuni is a very busy beach, formed by gravel and pebbles and located near the Camp Simuni immersed in a green pinewood.

The most beautiful beaches of Simuni Pag Novalja Camping
Simuni Beach, close to the homonymous campground – PAG

Sveti Duh
Sveti Duh located in the vicinity of Novalja, next to the beach of CISTA, and can be reached by car through a narrow dirt road: the entry is chargeable (5 Kune). The beach is a long stretch of gravel surrounded by green spaces where sunbathing, and is one of the few on the island of Pag to have sandy seabed. It is a beach suitable for families with children, because the water is very shallow. The earliest part of the beach is reserved for naturists.

The most beautiful beaches of Sveti Duh
The beach of Sveti Duh – PAG

The Prnjica Beach It is located near the campsite Sv. Duh, close to the beach of CISTA.

The most beautiful beaches of Pag Prnjica
Prnjica Beach – PAG

The beaches of Mandre are scattered throughout the Bay along the quiet village and are composed mainly of pebbles (You can also spread to the Sun over the concrete piers that do less harm to the feet!). Here you get comfortably by your car and you park just a few metres from the shore. Near the beach there are a few restaurants and bars.

The most beautiful beaches of Pag Mandre
The beaches of Mandre – PAG

Beautiful gravel beach, ideal for families and for those who love nature and tranquility.

The most beautiful beaches of Pag Povljana
Beach Povljana – PAG

Sandy beach with steep bottom suitable for diving, located near Novalja walking distance from Zrce and reached via a dirt road that splits from the main route to Vidalici. A legend has it that here is buried the sunken city of Atlantis.

The most beautiful beaches of Pag Novalja Caska
Caska Beach – Novalja, PAG

Kukurina is a silent and peaceful beach, with sand and shallow water. A small and cozy place that offers peace and relaxation.

The most beautiful beaches of Pag Kukurina
Kukurina Beach – PAG

Prosika is the beach of the town of Pag, about 800 meters. It is the ideal place for families with children because the water level is low. On the beach you can practice water sports, rent pedal boats, jet-ski and play beach volleyball.

The most beautiful beaches of Pag Prosika
Prosika Beach located in the town of Pag

Tovarnele is a small fishing village located in the Northwest tip of the island of Pag. Here relax is the master, and it's nice to spend your days lounging on one of the many beaches here. The sea is just lovely!

The most beautiful beaches of Pag Tovarnele
Tovarnele – PAG

Zubovici is a small village on the road towards Metajna. Its quiet and pretty beach is suitable for families and those looking for a little’ of relaxation. To get there you have to take a steep and narrow road that leads down to the beach. it's’ possible to park the car in a convenient parking located behind the beach bar.

The most beautiful beaches of Pag Zubovici
The beach of Zubovici – PAG

The Bošana is a area with rocky beaches, difficult to access, located approximately 15 minutes from the city of Pag. To access the beaches you have to use the trails, often less visible, making their way in the bushes. Due to the presence of freshwater sources, the sea in this area has a less salinity and temperature of water compared to other areas of Pag.

The most beautiful beaches of novalja Pag Oil
One of the beaches in the area called “Bosana” – PAG

Paška vrata
Located on the rocky and rugged coastline, in the area east of the city of Pag.

The beaches of Pag Paska Vrata
Paška Vrata Beach – PAG

Map of beaches in Pag

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