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How to get to Munich: connections between the airports of Munich Franz Josef Strauss, Memmingen and the Center

Essential tips on how to reach the city centre of Munich Franz Josef Strauss airport (MUC) and from Memminger (Allgäu Airport). Underground connections, shuttles, trains, bus, taxi, where to rent bikes in Munich and how much does the city tour Card.

How to get to Munich: connections to the airports of Franz Josef Strauss and Memmingen

Home ofOktoberfest, Munich is one of the most visited cities of the Germany, with thousands of tourists who come here every year. The capital of Bavaria, located in the South of Germany, is served by two airports, one international (MUC) and one for cheap flights (Memmingen).

The international airport of Munich Franz Josef Strauss (MUC): transport and links to Central Munich

Located just 30 kilometres from the Centre of Munich, theFranz Josef Strauss airport is the second largest airport in Germany in terms of size and passenger volumes (about 35 millions of passengers pass through here every year), and has been frequently recognized worldwide for the excellent quality of its services.

The airport has two terminals connected by a mall (MAC), with shops, restaurants and lounge areas. If you come here during the winter you will find a wonderful Christmas market set up in the Grand Central area. Munich Airport is well connected to the city center with subways, trains, shuttles and taxis.

Munich Airport Franz Josef Strauss
Munich International Airport “Franz Josef Strauss”

Munich: links tickets

Munich Airport is served by numerous airlines, among which Lufthansa, Air Dolomiti and Air Berlin have their headquarters.

Links with other European cities are also conducted by airlines as EasyJet.

Munich Franz Josef Strauss airport aircraft links
The Munich Airport

How to get from the airport to the Centre of Munich by subway

The fastest way to go from Munich Airport to downtown is with the Metro. The airport is connected to the city by the lines S1 and S8 (S-Bahn Skytrain line), which depart from the two terminals and lead to the Central station Munich. The subway is running every day, 24 h 24, and the service frequency from the airport is approximately one train every 15 or 20 minutes (the ride downtown takes 45 minutes).

The ticket costs about 8-10 euros: to save, We recommend you buy a day ticket for travel in Central Munich, or multiple tickets, which can be used by up to five people, giving you a great saving.

Here you will find all prices of Metro tickets to Munich.

An alternative is to buy the City tour Card in Munich (can be purchased directly at the airport: see pricing), with which you can travel free for subsequent 24 or 72 hours on all public transport in the city.

Munich underground map
Metro map of Munich

Bus and shuttle from the airport to the Centre of Munich

The airport is connected to the Centre of Munich from many bus lines, that act at the bus station, located close to the two terminals.

The bus 5A leads directly into downtown, While the line 635 MVV Freising train station (in 20 minutes), from which direct regional trains in Munich and other German cities.

Lufthansa Shuttle

A viable alternative to the subway is the Lufthansa Shuttle, a convenient shuttle service arranged by the airline, which departs from the arrivals terminal and takes you directly to Munich Central station. The shuttle service is available from 5.15 to 22.30, with a departure every 20 minutes and a journey time of 40 minutes. The ticket costs 10,50 Euro for adults (17 euros for a return ticket) and 5,50 euros for children (11 euros for the return ticket). The Lufthansa Shuttle It also stops at the station North of Munich (Schwabing).

Munich Airport Shuttle bus Lufhtansa links
The Lufhtansa Shuttle runs from the airport to Munich City Centre

Connections between Munich Airport and the Center

The airport is connected to Central Munich by S-Bahn (overhead line) which leads to the central train station Munich Hauptbahnhof. From here trains arrive and depart from the major cities of Germany and neighbouring countries, as Austria, Svizzera, Italy and Slovenia.

Munich City Centre Airport links Central station Munich Hauptbahnhof
Munich Hauptbahnhof (main railway station)

Getting from the airport to Munich taxi

The price for a taxi from Munich Airport to the city centre is around 50 euros. Certainly remains the most expensive to move to Monaco.

Some useful phone numbers to call a taxi in Munich:
Taxi-Service-Point der IsarFunk radio Center am Flughafen München Terminal 2: +49 (0)89 975 - 8 50 50;
IsarFunk Radio Center: +49 (0)89 45 05 40;
Taxi Zentrale Freising: +49 (0)8161 36 66.

Munich Airport connections taxi
Taxi in Munich

How to reach Munich Franz Josef Strauss airport (MUC)

To reach the city center from Munich Airport, you have to take the motorway A92, linking the A9 with the Munich ring road (the A99). You can rent a car directly in front of the arrivals terminal.

Memmingen Airport transfer (FMM) and the center of Munich

The second Munich Airport is to Memmingen, at about 100 kilometers and also known as Allgäu Airport.

L ’ airport is served by numerous airlines, including Ryanair, Air Berlin and Wizz Air.

Munich City Center connections airport Memmingen Allgau Airport
The Memmingen airport (Allgau Airport)

How to reach the city centre of Munich by train from Menningen

Memmingen train station is located approximately 4 km from the airport. From there you can take a train into the Centre of Munich and other German cities.

Munich City Center connections airport Memmingen Allgau Airport train station
Memmingen train station

Bus connections between the Memmingen airport and Munich

From the terminalMemmingen airport You can take the bus line 810/811 (Brandner Bus: Krumbach-Memmingen-Babenhausen) or the urban line 2 (Angele), which lead directly to the central bus station, which is just over 4 kilometers. From here you can reach all the cities in Bavaria.

Munich City Centre links airport Memmingen Allgau Airport Brandner Bus
The Brandner Bus connects the Memmingen airport bus station
Allgäu Airport Express Bus

The quickest way to get to the Centre of Munich from Memmingen airport is the Quick Shuttle “Allgäu Airport Express”, that takes you directly to the central station. Departures take place in conjunction with airline flights (Ryanair and Wizzair) and the service is active every day. Travel time is approximately 1 hour 20 minutes, no stops, and the single ticket costs 15 euros (8 euros for children under 12 years).

The shuttles fast Memmingen Allgäu Airport Express links the airport with the city of Munich, Ulm, Zurich and Kleinwalsertal (See our rates).

Munich City Centre Airport Memmingen Allgau Airport Express links
Allgau Airport Express Bus

Arrive in Munich by car: road links from Memmingen

The airport is connected to Munich by the A96 motorway (Munich-Lindau), which connects you to the Bavarian capital easily in just over an hour's drive. Inside the terminal there are several car rental companies.

Arrive in Munich by taxi from Memmingen

Taxis to and from Memmingen airport to Munich are very expensive compared to other alternatives.

Anyway here are some useful phone numbers to book a taxi:
Taxi Schraut: +49 (0) 8331 23 23
Taxi Orange: +49 (0) 8331 99 62 876
Taxi Maier: +49 (0) 8331 4444
Diddelcar: +49 (0) 8331 99 11 66

Getting to and around Munich

The subway is definitely the fastest and most comfortable way to explore and move to the city. With the same tickets you can use public transport such as trams and buses, that allow you to navigate around Munich and reach for example the Lake Starnberg, the Dachau concentration camp or the Bavaria Film Studios.

where to buy Metro tickets and how much do they cost

To move around in Munich have available different types of tickets and passes, they differ in the number of days and the number of areas in which you can navigate.

We have already mentioned the City Tour Card, which allows you to freely move around using public transport and get discounts in museums, in the city's tourist attractions and restaurants. The ticket is valid for a single person (Single) or for a group of up to five people (Gruppen).

By public transport you have various types of tickets:

Single Day Ticket: ticket valid for one person and for all day, during which you can enjoy unlimited rides on the tram, subway and bus. Rates vary depending on the ring bands that has divided l ’ area in and around the city. A day ticket for the urban area costs 6,40 euros (Innenraum, rings 1-4), While the outer rings will cost 8,60 euros (München XXL, rings 1-8) until 12,40 Euro for all zones.

If you want to see only the main monuments, simply the ticket of the urban area (Innenraum), While if you are planning to visit the surroundings of the city you have to buy the ticket for the XXL or for Gesamtnetz.

If you are in Munich for a weekend, You should buy your ticket for 3 days, called “3 Tage Innenraum”: the rate is 16,00 euro and is valid only for the urban area.

Gruppen Tageskarte: ticket valid for a group of up to 5 adults (2 children aged 6 to 14 years can be considered as 1 adult). A ticket for the urban area costs 12,20 Euro (28,80 Euro for valid ticket 3 days).

Kinder Tageskarte: single ticket daily rates for children aged 6 to 14 years. The ticket costs 3 euro and is valid for all areas. Children under the age of 6 travel for free.

If you stop in Munich for more than 3 days, a good alternative is the IsarCard, a very affordable subscription valid for one person, valid for weekly (“Wochenkarte”), monthly (“Monatskarte”) or annual (“Annual ticket”) and with rates that vary depending on the area-rings.

When buying a IsarCard You must specify the period (week or month) where do you want to use (the week or the month of validity will be printed on the back of the card).

Munich transport subscription Isarcard
Isarcard, subscription to public transport in Munich

It is possible to buy tickets and passes for public transportation at the vending machines in subway stations or in front of the bus and tram stops, or even at the stationery shops and newsagents (called “Kiosk”) the acronym MVV or MVG exposed outside.

map of tram in Munich
map of tram in Munich
Public transport map of Munich
Public transport map of Munich
Where to rent a bike in Munich

Munich has a dense network of cycle paths present in almost all corners of the city and is really pleasant ride here. Where there are no bike lanes, keep in mind that as a rule the portion of the sidewalk facing the housing is reserved for pedestrians.

You can rent a bike at the Radius Tours, situated opposite the central station rail n° 32 (Hauptbahnhof). Rent a bike for a day costs 14,50 euros.

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