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How to get to Warsaw: connections between the airports of Chopin, Modlin and Warsaw City Centre

Essential tips on how to get to the Centre of Warsaw from Chopin and Modlin. Links Modlin -Warsaw and Chopin-Warsaw. Airport transfers, bus trains and taxis.


The most convenient way, fast and cheap to reach Warsaw It's definitely by plane. The main low cost airlines landing Warsaw are Ryanair and Wizzair, which land both to Warsaw Chopin and to Warsaw Modlin. Warsaw is also reachable by car, bus and train, but you have to put in long hours for a trip.

For reach Warsaw by bus You can trust the company Eurolines linking the Polish capital with other European cities.

If you want to reach Warsaw by train, You can visit the website of Polish railways Polrail, where you can book train tickets online, saving significantly on price.

WARSAW LINKS: How to arrive from Warsaw Chopin Airport to Warsaw Centre

The Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport is located in the district Okecie, only 10 kilometres south west from the Centre of Warsaw. Warsaw airport has 3 Terminal: of which the third (Etiuda Terminal) is reserved for low cost airlines and charter flights, While most flights land at terminal 1.

At the arrivals Terminal of Frédéric Chopin Airport there are: one-stop tourist information (+48 22 650 9431), banks, post offices, currency exchange and ATMs.

Warsaw Chopin Airport links Central Warsaw
Warsaw connections: Warsaw Chopin Airport

Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport – address and contact details:
Frédéric Chopin – Ulica Zwirki i Wigury 1, 00 906
Phone: +48 22 650 42 20
Fax: +48 22 650 3981
website: www.lotnisko-chopina.pl/
Email: pr@polish-airports.com
Luggage: +48 22 650 2006
Lost & found Office: : +48 22 650 4385

Warsaw Warsaw Chopin Airport connections
Warsaw airport

Connections Warsaw Frédéric Chopin Airport – Warsaw City Centre

Warsaw bus connections with the Warsaw Chopin Airport

From Warsaw airport you can reach the city centre and the main train station by bus with a few zloty. The bus is the most economical solution to get to the Centre of Warsaw. The bus stop is located between the arrivals terminal and parking. To reach the Centre of Warsaw Chopin Airport you have to take the Buses No. 175 and No. 188. The bus takes about 30 minutes to reach downtown.

-the Line 175 (daily from 04:50 to 23:00) connects the airport with the Warsaw city centre and the railway station.
-the Line 188 (daily from 04:43 to 23:13) from the airport to Metro, Politechnika station and the Praga district.
– the Line N32 (daily from 23:09 to 04:39) is the night service that replaces the line 175.

Warsaw Chopin Airport in Warsaw City Centre bus connections
Warsaw bus connections between the airport and the Centre of Chopin Warsaw

From Warsaw airport you can reach by bus the other cities of Poland with the company Intercity Express Polski.

Getting to Warsaw by car: road connections from Chopin

Warsaw airport is directly connected with the city centre by road Wigury zwirki í and by the way E7. Travel time: less than 30 minutes.

Car hire at the Warsaw airport

At the arrivals Terminal you will find the following car rental companies:
Avis: +48 22 6504872
Budget: +48 22 6504062
Europcar: +48 22 6502564
Hertz: +48 22 6502896

Arriving in Warsaw Chopin airport taxi

Taxis are located in front of the arrivals Terminal. The taxi companies affiliated are:
Merc Taxi 6777777 : +48 22 677 77 77
MPT Radio Taxi : +48 22 9191
Sawa Taxi : +48 22 644 44 44
Ele Taxi : +48 22 811 11 11

WARSAW CONNECTIONS WITH MODLIN: How to get from the airport to the Centre of Warsaw and Modlin

Modlin airport is a former military airport located approximately 36 Km from the Centre of Warsaw, used exclusively by low cost airlines. Getting from Modlin airport to Warsaw is simple because there are numerous daily connections.

Modlin airport links Central Warsaw Warsaw
Warsaw connections: Modlin airport

Below, several ways to get from Modlin airport in Warsaw:

Modlin Airport Bus

The Modlin Airport Bus is the best direct connection between Modlin and Warsaw central station (Warszawa Centralna). The ride takes about 40 minutes and prices start from 9PLN if you buy the online tickets (very cheap because it equals 2 euros). The Modlin Airport Bus makes an intermediate stop at the Mlociny Metro station, which is the underground last stop. The Modlin Airport Bus ends the race in the Centre of Warsaw to Plac Defilad, the bus yard in front of Palace of culture on Ulica Marszalkowska, only 200 metres from Metro station "Centrum" and the central train station. Modlin Airport Bus timetable.

You can buy your ticket online or directly at the airport, at the desk. For the journey from Warsaw to Modlin, the ticket can be purchased directly on board. The Modlin Airport Bus is also equipped with wi-fi.

Modlin airport links Warsaw Transport Bus Modlin Center Warsaw
Links between Warsaw and Modlin airport the Centre of Warsaw: Modlin Airport Bus

Warsaw connections: Modlin Airport – Warsaw by bus

It is possible to reach the Centre of Warsaw also using the bus PKS and TRANSLUD. Both depart from Warsaw central station and stop at Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki and Twierdza Modlin. From here, to reach the Modlin airport you have to use local buses.

Warsaw connections: Modlin Airport – Warsaw by train

To reach Warsaw by train from Modlin We must take the shuttle service that connects the airport terminal with the train station and Modlin, later, continue by train to Warsaw.

The connection with the Modlin airport shuttle to station is lasting 15 minutes while the train takes about 45 minutes to reach Warsaw, by 10 intermediate stops before arriving at the central station in Warsaw. The total cost of the shuttle ride + the train is about 15 PLN. The shuttle departs every 15/20 minutes outside the arrivals terminal.

Warsaw connections: Modlin Airport – Warsaw taxi

The taxi is definitely the most expensive way to go from Modlin airport to Warsaw, unless you share the ride with more people. Avoid illegal taxi and take a regular taxi, recognizable thanks to corporate tariff and sign displayed on the window: the ideal is to book your taxi by phone.

The recommended way to reach the center of Warsaw from Modlin airport is with the Modlin Bus. It is cheap and in 40 minutes it takes you directly to the Centre! Modlin Airport Bus is always present even for flights in uncomfortable times, so it is always the best choice, unless you have special needs.

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