where to sleep in Krakow

Krakow: where to sleep

If you are planning to come to Krakow for a weekend of fun you can not neglect the search for a bed in a convenient place close to the best spots.

Where to stay in Krakow

The task is not difficult as the pubs and clubs are all located in the historic center (“Stare Miasto”), for instance the part of the city between the main square (“Rynek Głowny”) and public gardens (which surround the center as a ring).

The best place to stay is on the street Florianska, which leads directly to the main square. Both day and night there is always a lot of life, as this street, you'll find most of the shops and restaurants. Down the street, on the side opposite to the square, is the Coffe Heaven (a cafeteria-like StarBucks where they serve coffee and cappuccino American Style): the place is very relaxing and it is going to help you to recover after the hangover from the night before!

Coffee Heaven

To the homeless that, like myself, always travel with a budget to be stingy, advice to plunge headlong option hostel: there are different also in the old town. In the end, you only need a bed to collapse.

Excellent “Tutti frutti Hostel” (Ul. Florianska 29), that rents both dorm beds, both apartments and double rooms.

Krakow where to sleep - tutti frutti hostel
“Tutti Frutti Hostel” – Krakow

If you are a small group of 2-4 people then it is possible to find apartments in the central street that will cost the same as a hostel room. The ability to bring in the apartment the chick just known in the pub across the road makes you earn a lot of points.

Highly recommended site for apartments inturs.net, personally tried many times: prices, position displayed with google maps, payment on the spot. excellent!

I also recommend to take a look at the sites cracow-apartments.com wimdu.com and budgetplaces.com where you can find apartments at affordable prices. He who seeks finds!


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