Fuerteventura weather and climate

Fuerteventura weather, climate and temperature

Fuerteventura weather, climate and temperatures in summer and winter on the island of the Canaries. The best time to go to Fuerteventura.

Fuerteventura Weather and Climate

The climate of Fuerteventura reflects, roughly what the other Canary Islands. The climate is that of eternal spring: the temperature a Fuerteventura are very mild and tend to stay between 18 and the 25 degrees throughout the year (the minimum average in December is 15 ° C at night). The only exception is the Calima, a warm wind blowing from Africa periodically, which can raise the temperature by several degrees. This hot wind often reduced visibility, since it carries with it the dust and sand from the nearby Sahara desert. The abnormal heat is felt especially in inland areas of the island and usually lasts a couple of days.

Temperature a Fuerteventura

Month Temperatura media Warns. average Days
Minimum (°C) Maxim (°C) mm
January 15 21 16 3
February 15 22 14 2
MARCH 16 23 13 2
April 16 24 4 1
May 17 25 1 0
June 19 26 1 0
July 21 28 0 0
AUGUST 22 28 0 0
September 21 28 4 1
October 20 26 10 2
November 18 25 21 2
December 16 22 33 3
ANNUAL 17,8 24,8 117 16


The ocean waters, instead, are mitigated by the influence of the current coming from the Gulf of Mexico and remain around 20 ° C (from 19 ° C in January to 23 ° C in September).
Fuerteventura is a very windy island since it is constantly exposed to the trade winds, winds blowing throughout the year, especially during the afternoon. This is an island of Fuerteventura much appreciated by lovers of water sports, as Windsurf and Kitesurf, and each year attracts thousands of surfers from all over Europe.
The good ventilation of the island means that the humidity is very low, both in summer and winter, and climate appears dry and not sticky. The sun still shines all year (especially from May to September) and few cloudy days.

Water temperatures in Fuerteventura

Month Temperatura Media
January 19.5º C
February 18,5º C
March 19,0º C
April 19,0º C
May 19,5º C
June 20,5º C
July 22,5º C
August 22,5 C
September 23,0º C
October 23,0º C
November 22,0º C
December 20,0º C

When you go to Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is an ideal destination for beach tourism and surfing, and, thanks to its breezy climate, never too hot or too cold, can be visited all year round. The best time is from May to mid-October, however,. Due to the low rainfall, however,, at the end of the island is ideal for water sports even up to early December, when the sea is still warm enough. In winter the Atlantic perturbations can bring some’ cloud cover and some rain, although moderately. The perturbations can lead to the formation of rogue waves that are very popular with surfers (El Cotillo are held periodically surfing championships).
On the island is always good and is chosen by many northern Europeans as a destination for the winter during the winter months. Even in January you can sunbathe on the beach and, for the brave, also be a dip in the ocean.

Fuerteventura Weather and Temperature

Here are the temperatures and weather conditions now in various locations around Fuerteventura.

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