Tenerife finest beaches

The most beautiful beaches in Tenerife

Tenerife finest beaches: Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Tenerife is the most visited island in the Canary Islands. Favorite destination of thousands of tourists from all over the world, the island has an enviable climate 365 days of the year and dream beaches!

Tenerife beaches

Tenerife, together with El Hierro, La Gomera and La Palma, It is part of the province of Santa Cruz De Tenerife, in the archipelago of Canary Islands. The island is the largest of the Canary Islands and has volcanic origin: at its Center stands the Teide, an active volcano, high 3718 meters. Due to its wonderful climate, mild throughout the year, Tenerife It is also known as the island of eternal spring.

Tenerife is in effect a stunning island, with beautiful beaches, natural and historic beauty, musei, excellent tourist facilities and a lively nightlife.

Tenerife It has a wide variety of beaches: by long beaches with soft white sand to volcanic black sand, passing through the small creeks and towering sea cliffs offering breathtaking views.

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The most beautiful beaches in Las Americas Tenerife Los Cristianos Las Vistas
Tenerife finest beaches: Playa de Las Vistas, located between Las Americas and Los Cristianos

Quieter beaches with golden sand and crystal waters ideal for swimming are located mostly around the tourist resorts of the island and are mostly equipped with showers and sunbeds, Besides the possibility of practicing water sports such as jet-skiing, windsurfing or boating. It may seem strange but the beaches in Tenerife with white sand are all artificial (were created by importing the sand of the nearby African desert), While the natural beaches all have dark volcanic sand, that might impress vacationers not accustomed.

An alternative to the fine beaches in Tenerife is the Siam Park, a large park located in the municipality of Arona (billed as Europe's biggest), offering fun for the whole family!

Tenerife finest beaches Siam water Park Arona
Tenerife finest beaches: Siam Park the largest water park in Europe

We have prepared for you a guide of best beaches in Tenerife, divided between the beaches of southern Tenerife and Tenerife North:

The most beautiful beaches in Tenerife South

In the South there are some of the most famous beaches (and crowded) Dell ’ island. Here they are in detail starting from points North.

Playa de La Tejita
The Tejita is a quiet Beach of golden sand in the special nature reserve of Montaña Roja, in the South of Tenerife. The beach, long about one kilometer, is located at Granadilla de Abona, halfway between El Médano and resort Los Abrigos, away from the bustle of Las Americas and Los Cristianos.

The beach extends to the Montaña Roja, an ancient volcanic crater of reddish color, which separates La Tejita from the nearby El Medano Beach, destination for many lovers of windsurfing and kitesurfing, Thanks to the constant presence of the wind. The relaxation of the place and the Lunar atmosphere make la Tejita Beach one of the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife. The sea is very calm and creeks on the East provide good confidentiality, making the Beach of La Tejita an ideal place to practice Nudism.

Not far from the beach there is a camping area for campers and tents, including showers, a bar and the possibility of renting wooden bungalows.

Tenerife finest beaches La Tejita
Tenerife finest beaches: Beach of La Tejita

Playa del Duque (Costa Adeje)
Playa del Duque is a roughly long golden sandy beach 700 meters and located in the most exclusive area of Costa Adeje, with calm seas and all the amenities as sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as numerous boutiques, chic restaurants and bars.

Playa del Duque It is therefore a fine beach with calm and clear waters that have gained the Blue Flag, prestigious award for the quality of the water and the beach clean up. Nearby is situated the Gran Hotel Bahia Del Duque Resort, a luxurious hotel that has direct access to the beach.

Tenerife finest beaches playa El Duque
Tenerife finest beaches: Playa El Duque

Playa Fañabé and Torviscas
The beaches with Fañabé and Torviscas are Costa Adeje, in the South of Tenerife, and are quiet beaches with clear waters and fine sands, perfect for families and for relaxing in the Sun. The Fañabé Beach is equipped with Sun beds and umbrellas, In addition to cabins with bathrooms and showers, to provide every convenience to customers. Even the Fañabé Beach received the blue flag for cleanliness of its waters and the beach itself.

Playa Fanabe and Torviscas developed in the late 90 's and curly are frequented by tourists from Northern Europe and emerging countries: most selected and demanding than tourists to Las Americas. These beaches in Tenerife South are home to the most famous and prestigious tourist resorts of the island: they are frequented year-round, Thanks to the warm climate of the zone of Costa Adeje that allows you to take a bath 12 months a year. Playa Fanabe and Torviscas they are connected by a promenade with fine restaurants, shops and bars. Exclusive resorts are close as “La Caleta”, “Bahia del Duque” and “Golf Costa Adeje”.

Among the prestigious hotels situated in the vicinity of the two beaches there are theHotel Jardines de Nivaria, with a private elevator that takes guests directly on the beach, and theHotel Colón Guanahani.

Tenerife finest beaches playa Fanabé
Tenerife finest beaches: Playa Fañabe

Los Gigantes
Playa de Los Gigantes is a beach located along the West coast of Tenerife (about 20 minute drive from Playa de Las Americas) surrounded by the impressive cliffs de “Alcantilado Los Gigantes”, as high as 800 meters, which offer breathtaking scenery.

The beach, volcanic sand, It's relatively quiet even during high season and is ideal for nature lovers.

There is also the opportunity to visit the small, unspoiled beaches hidden in the creeks of costa. From here you can venture out to explore the hinterland and visit typical towns such as MASCA, an ancient village of pirates and Teide National Park.

Tenerife finest beaches playa de Los Gigantes
Tenerife finest beaches: Playa de Los Gigantes

Playa de Los Guios together
Playa de Los Guios together is a Black sand beach long 200 meters, also known as “El Algel” and located at West Tenerife, among cliffs de Los Gigantes and the locality. This beach has an excellent insolation all year, proving to be one of the brightest spots of the island. Here you can hire pedal boats, Sun beds and umbrellas, and there is also a bar and restaurant. Behind the Playa de Los Guios together There is a lookout point (“Mirador”) with a breathtaking view over the cliffs de Los Gigantes. At the Marina, in addition to, are organized boat excursions that lead up to the Spiaggia di Masca, located between the cliffs.

Tenerife finest beaches Playa de Los Guios together
Tenerife finest beaches: Playa de Los Guios together

Playa de Alcalá
Beach located on the coast of Guia de Isora, between Playa de San Juan and Alcalá, to Tenerife South. This is an important location for fishing and enjoying a dry and sunny climate all year round. Ad Alcalá, in addition to, There is a small dock that allows you to jump into the sea, In addition to the presence of some good seafood restaurants.

Tenerife finest beaches Playa de Alcalá
Tenerife finest beaches: Playa de Alcalá

Playa San Juan
This beach, about 350 meters and composed of black volcanic sand, It is located in the municipality of Guía de Isora, next to the port from which is protected with its Pier. Here the waters are calm and you can swim safely.

Tenerife finest beaches playa San Juan
Tenerife finest beaches: Playa San Juan

Playa de Masca
Playa de Masca It is a beach of black sand mixed with pebbles, situated at the foot of Barranco de Masca, a deep gorge on the West side of Tenerife, on top of which stands the homonymous village of MASCA, an ancient mountain village. Masca is long beach 600 meters and is nestled between towering cliffs, in an atmosphere of tranquility where Nudism is OK.

This is one of the hidden beaches of Tenerife, Since it is a three-hour hike from the village of Masca. The beach is also accessible via the boats depart from the Marina in Los Gigantes and the beach of San Juan.

Tenerife finest beaches beach of Masca
Tenerife finest beaches: MASCA

Las Vistas beach
The Las Vistas beach is one of the most frequented beaches in Tenerife. Located between Los Cristianos and Las Americas, This long and wide white sand beach, awarded with the Blue Flag, It has calm waters and clear, perfect for swimming in safe and suitable for families with children, Besides being frequented by many young. Playa de Las Vistas is also equipped to allow access for the disabled, Thanks to the presence of slides and platforms.

The special feature of this beach is the fountain located in the Center, which fires in the sky the water taken from the ocean, giving relief to swimmers lounging under the harsh sun of Tenerife.

Behind the beach stretches a long walkway extending all along the promenade and is lined with an infinite number of bars, restaurants, terraces and shops.

Tenerife finest beaches playa Las Vistas
Tenerife finest beaches: Las Vistas beach

El Medano Beach
The El Medano Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Tenerife, located near Playa de La Tejita. The town of El Médano has become an important reference point for the practice of windsurfing and kitesurfing, Thanks to the wind blowing constantly. El Medano It is indeed a paradise for surfers, due to high winds and constants and a swell ideal for even windsurfing competitions: Here is the Kite-surfing World Championship, which attracts athletes from all over the world.

The beach is long 2 kilometers, consists of dark sand and shallow water and extends to the protected nature reserve Montaña Roja. In the town of El Medano There are many apartments for rent and small hotels. The proximity to Playa de Las Americas, Los Cristianos and the golf resorts of Amarilla Golf and Golf del Sur, Apart from the town of Los Abrigos make this place an alternative destination and interesting.

Nearby is situated the Montaña Pelada Beach, frequented mainly by nudists. To get to El Medano You can take the bus 116 that goes from Santa Cruz de Tenerife in Granadilla, then take the 408 from Granadilla in El Medano, or bus 461 from Las Galletas or bus 470 from Los Cristianos to Granadilla.

Tenerife finest beaches playa El Medano
Tenerife finest beaches: Playa El Medano

Playa de El Cabezo
North of El Medano, There is the Playa de El Cabezo, a sandy beach where he played inO'neil Tenerife Grand Prix and other international windsurfing competitions.

Tenerife finest beaches playa de El Cabezo
Tenerife finest beaches: Playa El Cabezo

Playa de las Américas
Las Americas, located within the municipality of Adeje, is the most frequented by tourists in Tenerife and is also the Centre of Island nightlife. Playa de Las Americas is famous for its climate summer forever, its calm waters and, above all, due to the presence of numerous pubs and discos where you can party till morning which attract many young people and another two million tourists every year.

Las Americas is, in realtà, composed of several beaches, among which we find Playa del Bobo, Playa de Troya, Playa del Camisón and Playa de Las Americas, Sandy and ideal for bathing, offering all kinds of entertainment and services: rental of umbrellas and chairs, bars, restaurants, shopping and the opportunity to practice water sports and activities, including jet skiing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, paragliding, diving and boat trips to watch whales and cetaceans.

The most famous part of Las Americas is called Las Veronicas, a strip of pubs and clubs adjoining the beach, hub of nightlife in Tenerife. On the horizon you can see the islands of La Gomera and Hierro.

Tenerife finest beaches playa de Las Americas
Tenerife finest beaches: Playa de Las Américas

Los Cristianos Beach
Playa de Los Cristianos is a golden sandy beach located in the homonymous village in southern Tenerife, which, Since the ' 60, hosting the tourists who come here seeking Sun and relaxation. The beach is long 400 meters long and always calm waters suitable for bathing, Thanks to the port which protects it from ocean waves. An ideal place to walk on the promenade in the evening.

Tenerife Los Cristianos Beach best beaches
Tenerife finest beaches: Los Cristianos Beach

Playa de Troya
Playa de Troya It was the first beach in Costa Adeje. The region is made up of golden sand and calm waters that have earned the Blue flag.

Tenerife finest beaches playa de Troya
Tenerife finest beaches: Beach of Troy

Playa de El Camison
One of the many golden sandy beaches which take place in the area between Las Americas and Costa Adeje. The beach is separated from the others by a line of stones in the sand, While the presence of breakwater ensures optimal water for swimming, sheltered from ocean currents. In this beach there is always a nice festive atmosphere throughout the year and you can enjoy many water activities.

Tenerife finest beaches playa de El Camison
Tenerife finest beaches: El Camisón Beach

Las Galletas
Las Galletas is a fishing village located in the municipality of Arona, to about 15 kilometres from Los Cristianos and Playa de Las Americas and 20 kilometers fromAirport “Reina Sofia” Tenerife South.
Its dark volcanic sand beach is characterized by the tranquillity and the transparency of its waters, In addition to the presence of a wonderful walk that leads to the neighbouring country.

In the morning you can buy fresh fish directly from the fishermen's stalls. In general, Las Galletas is a quiet place where you can find comfort, peace, tranquility and the typical Canarian village.

Tenerife finest beaches Playa de las Galletas
Tenerife finest beaches: Playa de las Galletas

Playa de La Arena
Playa de La Arena is a small urban beach situated in the Centre of Puerto de Santiago, small tourist resort on the southwest coast of Tenerife, near Los Gigantes. Composed of black volcanic sand and long 140 meters, the beach is easy to reach and is equipped with all the comforts, It is also surrounded by beautiful gardens and an avenue full of restaurants and shops.

Playa de La Arena enjoy sunshine all day long, which makes the dark sand very warm and pleasant even in the winter months and also has beautiful sunsets, with wonderful light effects.

Tenerife finest beaches playa de La Arena
Tenerife finest beaches: Playa de La Arena
Tenerife finest beaches Playa de la Arena Tenerife South
Tenerife finest beaches: Playa de la Arena, Tenerife South

Playa Paraíso
Playa Paraiso is a golden sandy beach, located approximately 12 kilometres from Playa de las Americas towards Los Gigantes, which is accessed via a road from the village of Armeñime. The beach is situated in a small Cove, behind which there is also a large pool that is part of a hotel.

Tenerife finest beaches playa Paraiso
Tenerife finest beaches: Paradise Beach

Playa de La Caleta
La Caleta is a small village located north of Playa de las Americas where there is a beach of pebbles and some seafood restaurants. In and around La Caleta You can walk to the beautiful white sandy coves, where is workable Nudism.

Tenerife finest beaches playa de la Caleta
Tenerife finest beaches: la Caleta

Playa La Enramada
Other Beach located at La Caleta: composed of pebbles and volcanic sand, Playa La Enramada It has calm waters and is located in the vicinity of the village.

Tenerife finest beaches playa La Enramada
Tenerife finest beaches: La Enramada Beach

Playa de La Pinta
Located at Puerto Colon next to the Marina, Playa de La Pinta It is a beach of fine sand and calm waters. On the beach there are children's games and entertainment activities for adults, In addition to sunbeds and parasols with additional payment.

Tenerife finest beaches playa de la Pinta
Tenerife finest beaches: PT Beach

Playa de Montaña Amarilla
Rocky Beach located in the municipality of Costa del Silencio, next to the promontory of Montaña Amarilla, forming the natural park. On this beach Nudism is allowed.

Tenerife finest beaches Playa de Montaña Amarilla
Tenerife finest beaches: Playa de Montaña Amarilla

Playa de Abades
Playa de Abades It's a long beach located in the village, with calm waters and immersed in an environment surrounded by cactus and rough stones (the beach was also used for filming “Clash of the Titans”).

Tenerife finest beaches playa de Abades Los Abriguitos
Tenerife finest beaches: Abades Beach, The Abriguitos

Playa de Poris
Small quiet beach situated in a small Cove at Punta de Abona, near the village of Poris de Abona, with volcanic dark sand, calm waters and frequented mainly by locals.

Tenerife finest beaches Playa de Poris
Tenerife finest beaches: Playa de Poris

Playa de El Puertito
Small dark sand beach very popular, located in the village of Puertito, with a nice promenade and calm waters.

Tenerife finest beaches Playa de El Puertito
Tenerife finest beaches: Playa de El Puertito

Candelaria Beach
The Candelaria Beach is a long black volcanic sand beach EC extends across the Basilica of Candelaria. Due to strong currents and waves almost always constant, You should swim close to shore.

Tenerife finest beaches playa de Candelaria
Tenerife finest beaches: Candelaria Beach

Playa Abama
Small but lovely golden sandy beach located near the upmarket Hotel Abama, South of San Juan.

Tenerife finest beaches Playa Abama
Tenerife finest beaches: Playa Abama

The most beautiful beaches in Tenerife North

Though most tourists stop in the South of the island, Also in the North of Tenerife You can find beautiful beaches that have nothing to envy to the sunny South.

Tenerife finest beaches: The beaches of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Playa de Las Teresitas
Playa de Las Teresitas It is located approximately 7 kilometers northeast of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, near San Andrés, a fishing village where there are numerous excellent seafood restaurants. This is the most famous beach of the island and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife: long almost 2 km and surrounded by beautiful palm trees, It consists of tons of golden sand imported from the Sahara desert which make it resemble a Caribbean Beach. The beach has a breakwater that protect it from ocean currents and ensure a clear calm waters to swim safely.

The beach is frequented by many people who play sports, they play volleyball or simply enjoy the Sun lying on the sand. Las Teresitas is also a landmark for sailing enthusiasts and sports events and competitions are held here since international marine. Also there are many kiosks and bars where you can have a drink and lunch, as well as sun loungers and parasols rental services and lifeguards. The beach has ample parking located behind the beach. To get to Playa de Las Teresitas you have to take the bus 910 dalla bus station Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

In the nearby fishing village of San Andrés there are excellent restaurants and taverns where you can enjoy local cuisine based on fish.

The most beautiful beach of Las Teresitas Tenerife beaches
Tenerife finest beaches: Playa de Las Teresitas

Playa de Las Gaviotas
Small nudist beach consists of black volcanic sand and situated in a Cove behind the promontory which separates it from Playa de Las Teresitas. Playa de Las Gaviotas can be reached over the scenic spot “Los Organos”, on the way it goes San Andrés to Igueste de San Andrés. Further there is another small beach called Playa Chica, located at a group of apartments.

Tenerife finest beaches Playa de Las Gaviotas
Tenerife finest beaches: Playa de Las Gaviotas
Tenerife finest beaches: The beaches of La Laguna

Playa de Antequera
The Beach of Antequera is a wild beach with volcanic sand located in the Anaga rural Park, Northeast of La Laguna. The beach is not accessible by road and, to reach it, you do have to get there on foot or by boat Santa Cruz or San Andrés. If you choose to provide Antequera walk, get ready for a nice hike to trek: leave your car in Igueste de San Andrés and take the path, in about three hours of walking, It will take you to Antequera, crossing the canyon, with some complicated. Due to its location difficult to access, the Beach of Antequera remains a paradise for naturists with incredible landscapes that justify the effort to reach it.

Tenerife finest beaches playa de Antequera
Tenerife finest beaches: Playa de Antequera

Playa Benijo
Located in Anaga rural Park and black sand with rocks that sprout in the middle of the water, Playa Benijo is a quiet beach surrounded by high mountains and frequented mainly by nudists. The beach is at the end of a road through a forest of laurels and enjoys wonderful views of the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding gorges.

Benijo It is frequented by nudists but also by water sports enthusiasts; On the road there is a small kiosk that serves as restaurant. Stay in the evening to watch the sun setting behind the rocks with fantastic colors.

Tenerife finest beaches playa Benijo
Tenerife finest beaches: Benijo Beach

Playas de El Roque de las Bodegas
Volcanic sand beach located north of La Laguna, near the village of Taganana, with clear waters. This is a beach suitable for surfing and can be dangerous due to strong currents that come often unexpected, Despite the sea looks calm. Along the beach there are picnic areas and a few restaurants with seafood menu.

Tenerife finest beaches Playa El Roque
Tenerife finest beaches: Beach El Roque

Playa de Almáciga
The Almaciga Beach is located at the eponymous village, not far from the Benijos Beach.

Tenerife finest beaches playa de Almaciga
Tenerife finest beaches: Almaciga Beach

Playa El Arenal
Volcanic beach with dark sand or pebbles, located between Bajamar and Punta del Hidalgo, usually frequented by surfers. To reach the beach, take a path that starts from the former Hotel Neptuno.

Tenerife finest beaches playa El Arenal
Tenerife finest beaches: El Arenal Beach
Tenerife finest beaches: The beaches of Tacoronte

Playa de El Pris
Small volcanic sand beach of rocks and gravel situated in the fishing village of El Pris. The beach is not suitable for swimming because of strong waves that beat on the coast. Near the beach there are some restaurants where you can enjoy some good fresh fish. To get here, take the street from Tacoronte It crosses the localities of Calvary.

Tenerife finest beaches playa El Pris
Tenerife finest beaches: Beach El Pris

Playa de Mesa del Mar – La Arena
Volcanic sand beach located in the village of Table of the sea, in the area of Tacoronte towards Valle Guerra. The beach has calm waters and protected from currents, Thanks to an enormous rock that protects it from tides, and can be reached by walking through a small tunnel. The Mesa del Mar Beach It is always crowded during summer: to get there you have to take the bus 21 from Tacoronte.

Tenerife finest beaches playa de La Arena Mesa del Mar
Tenerife finest beaches: Playa de La Arena – Table of the sea
Tenerife finest beaches: The beaches of La Orotava

The Valle de La Orotava descending from the Summit of Teide and plunges into the ocean. In his area are some of the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife:

El Bollullo
Composed of black sand and in Valley of La Orotava, El Bollullo is one of the most beautiful natural beaches of Tenerife. Here you will find clean water, a relaxed atmosphere and a long volcanic sand beach, which covers about 400 meters, all surrounded by magnificent cliffs.

The beach is a nudist destination but also surfers, Thanks to waves and currents are ideal for surfing. Here there is also a small bar serving drinks and lunch on the beach.

The beach is never crowded because the Bay is reachable only on foot, with a half hour walk through some banana plantations: leave your car in Rincon, in front of the restaurant El Bollullo and take the path that leads through the banana trees, reaching the beach in minutes. If you don't have a car, take bus 376 that goes from La Orotava in El Rincon, with a frequency of about one bus every two hours.

Tenerife finest beaches playa El Bollullo
Tenerife finest beaches: Beach Bollullo

Playa de Los Patos
Playa de Los Patos is another Beach from difficult access, located near to El Bollullo and also by cliffs and surrounded by banana plantations, which give the place a good privacy and make it one of the beaches in Tenerife more popular among nudists.

The beach is one kilometer long and is beaten by very waters stirred, ideal for surfing. Instead, When the waves become calm, You can swim in its clear and refreshing waters and in the natural pools that form at low tide, surrounded by breathtaking nature. Highly recommended.

Tenerife finest beaches playa de Los Patos
Tenerife finest beaches: Playa de Los Patos

El Ancon
El Ancon is a quiet black sand beach located along the North coast of Tenerife, near the Los Patos. The place is ideal to take peaceful walks, admire the stunning cliffs that surround the beach.

The El Ancon can be reached by foot along a path down through banana plantations, cliffs and vineyards. Take the path to the right of the terminus of bus and, in less than half an hour, you will reach El Ancon, past a small chapel. There is also another path that starts from the village of Santa Ursula.

Tenerife finest beaches playa El Ancon
Tenerife finest beaches: Playa El Ancon
Tenerife finest beaches: The beaches of Puerto de la Cruz

Playa Jardín
Garden Beach is the most popular the beach town of Puerto de la Cruz, on the North coast of Tenerife: a beautiful dark sand beach which stretches for almost a kilometer, built in the 1990s by artist canario César Manrique in order to create a wonderful coastal scenery. The famous painter and sculptor has joined the colorful Beach botanical gardens with flowers and palm trees that create a wonderful contrast to the black sand.

Playa Jardín is divided into three parts: Playa del Castillo, Playa del Charcóney and Playa de Punta Brava. It is a public beach but there are areas where you can rent umbrellas and deck chairs. The beach has a bottom is Rocky and is equipped with side protecting breakwaters by waves, Although there are appropriate areas to surfing with waves all day. Along the promenade there are restaurants, bars, terraces, various shops, In addition to prestigious resorts, as theHotel Beatriz Atlantis & Spa.

Nearby is also located the Lago Martiánez, a charming park with several pools near the ocean, and you can also visit the nearby Loro Parque.

Tenerife finest beaches playa Jardin
Tenerife finest beaches: Beach garden

Lago Martiánez
The Lago Martianez is a salt water pool complex located close to the beach Puerto de la Cruz, frequented by surfers. Even the Lago Martianez It was designed by the architect Cesar Manrique: It is the ideal place to relax or jump into one of the 4 swimming pools (In addition to the three children's pools), surrounded by original statues and tropical vegetation. In addition to swimming pools, filled with 27000 litres of oceanic water, in the area you can find a bar, a restaurant, a bar and sunbathing areas.

Tenerife finest beaches Lago Martianez
Tenerife finest beaches: Lago Martianez

Playa San Marcos
Playa de San Marcos is a volcanic sand beach located in the namesake town on the northwest coast of Tenerife, near ICOD de Los Vinos. This is a quiet beach, suitable for families and with calm waters suitable for bathing, Thanks to the fact that the beach is situated at the bottom of a Creek, which protects it from ocean currents. Although popular with locals, Playa de San Marcos It's never crowded and maintains an intimate atmosphere. Close to the beach, on the waterfront, There are a few restaurants that serve typical Canarian cuisine and seafood specialties, In addition to a series of coffee, bars and shops.

Tenerife finest beaches playa San Marcos
Tenerife finest beaches: Playa San Marcos

El Caletón de Garachico
El Caletón is a rocky area near the sea dotted with a number of swimming pools and pools of seawater, located in the village of Garachico. These natural pools are formed because of a volcanic eruption that buried the village during the ' 700. Because of its small size, the place is often crowded and, in case of rough sea, the area becomes impassable.

Nearby, next to the harbor, There is a small El Muelle, with dark sand and tranquil waters, ideal for swimming safely.

Tenerife finest beaches natural swimming pools in Garachico El Caleton
Tenerife finest beaches: Le piscine naturali di Garachico (El Muelle de Garachico)

Playa de El Socorro
El Socorro It's a long volcanic sand beach located in the municipality of Los Realejos. This is a very popular with surfers, who come here for practice and for race. To reach the beach, exit the main road when you find the crossroad at the Mirador de San Pedro: you reach your destination you will find a car park and a restaurant.

Tenerife finest beaches Playa Socorro
Tenerife finest beaches: Playa El Socorro

Tenerife finest beaches: map of beaches in Tenerife

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