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Georgia is a magnificent country which has been shaped by centuries of foreign influences from Russian neighbors, Turks and Persians. This country is located in the Caucasus region, straddling western Asia and eastern Europe.

Limited to the west by the Black Sea, north from Russia, south from Turkey and southeast fromAzerbaijan, Georgia covers a territory of 69.700 square kilometers with a population of approx 3.718 million people. Its landscapes are characterized by gentle green hills dotted with centuries-old churches and watchtowers that reach the imposing mountains to welcome hikers, motorcyclists and travelers of all kinds.

This country is one of the oldest wine producers in the world and it is the perfect destination to drink a good glass of the nectar of the gods. Hospitality, ancient culture, traditions and wonderful nature, all create an extraordinary synthesis of a travel experience in Georgia.

Georgia nightlife it is one of the popular attractions among tourists. Home to numerous pubs where you can have a drink, one of Georgia's most famous drinks is white wine which is made by fermenting grapes on the grape skin. Chacha it is Georgia's national drink and is very popular with locals, while Kazbegi and Argo are some of the dominant beers on the market. There are many successful and rock clubs in the cities of this country where you can eat, its, dance and enjoy Georgian nightlife.

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