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Bucharest Is Creating More and More Party Wonders as Days Go By

Bucharest is the capital of Romania, it has been for almost 150 years and because of its cultural, economic and political importance, it promises to remain so for a long time. In this article, we will present to you the suggested clubs in the city with the most interesting places to see in Bucharest at night.

Located to the south of the Carpathians, in the center of the historic region of Wallachia and only 65 kilometers by road from the Bulgarian border, Bucarest is unanimously considered one of the most fascinating cities in Eastern Europe. In its streets and houses are concentrated more than 2 million citizens, giving rise to the largest population of the entire country and the sixth city of the EU by the number of inhabitants.

Comparing Bucharest with the other urban centers of Romania we will find that the city is at least four times as important as Cluj, the capital of the historic Transylvania and that it gives it an invaluable advantage when it comes to being the main gateway and meeting point of the entire economic harmony.

This makes it the city with the highest GDP per capita, more than double the average of the country and approaching a vertigo speed to the European averages. This prosperous present, paused by this crisis, is accompanied by a relatively low unemployment rate, which has contributed to the normalization of civil life.

Nightlife and clubs in Bucharest

Bucharest nightclubs parties
Festivals and clubs in Bucharest

Bucharest is distinguished, perhaps less than in the past, from its neighboring countries by having a better offer for a simple night out or now famous Bucharest bachelor party nights. From the of the 21 century, some of the most notable clubs from Eastern Europe have prospered in the city, which has earned appropriate fame as far as dance culture is concerned.

At the moment, along with the Black Sea coast scene, Bucharest remains the main point where famous DJs from all over the world are forced to battle each year and where the truly great come to show their virtues.

Besides, we must be aware of one fact that will charm the male audience even harder and its that Romanian ladies are surely among the most beautiful women in the European Union. They are simply well aware of their gorgeousness and try to be as attractive as possible at all times.

It is very likely that in one of these locations we will check, with just a glance, the amount of luxury, waste, and appearance that Romanians are able to use as methods of seduction.

Some clubs and bars recommended in Bucharest

Bamboo: the most famous clubs in Bucharest where it meets the elite of the city's party. Adrian Mutu and Elena Basescu were part of its illustrious visitors. Do not expect reasonable prices once you are in Strada Ramuri Tei 39.

Bamboo Bucarest
Bamboo, Bucharest

Expirat: clubs / cocktails super lively bar in a very small space. Large communities of expatriates who loves rock, it pop, hip-hop and dance accompanied by good cocktails at reduced prices. Located on the corner of Lipscani 5.

expired Bucarest
Expirat, Bucharest

Club A: The student club. The oldest of the city with a fantastic pop-rock atmosphere. Expect university prices on Road Blanari 14.

Club Bucarest
Club A, Bucharest

Fratelli: bar e lounge. In the Bamboo Style. Cocktails start at 30 SHE. Situato in Strada Nicolae Golescu 5.

Bucharest Brothers
Fratelli, Bucharest

Gaia: another club in Bucharest like the Brothers and the Bamboo. Classics and disco. Strada Banu Antonache 38, right at the end of Putul He Zamfir.

Gaia Bucarest
Gaia, Bucharest

The Silver Church: Club / Cocktail Bar. Good atmosphere and very curious decorations similar to Bamboo but with significantly lower prices. Lo troverai of Fire Safety 61, behind the Opera.

The Silver Church Bucarest
The Silver Church, Bucharest

Spice: a cocktail bar with a flashy and spectacular cocktail preparation. Situato Calea Victoriei 21-23.

Spice Bucarest
Spice, Bucharest

In conclusion:

Bucharest parties nightlife
Bucharest offers festivities and lots of nightlife

You can hardly find a more attractive city for a night out in this part of Europe at the time. Because? It all depends dall'amplia offer for nightlife of this city that has taken a few steps higher than the neighboring counterparts.

A Bucarest, you should expect lower prices 30-45% compared to the neighboring cities of the European Union, but at the same time you breathe better party atmosphere, thanks to the spirit of the festive local, always ready to surprise you with their enthusiasm and their festive energy.

Today it is safe to say that Bucharest is slowly but surely growing to become the favorite destination for holidays in Europe when it comes to a special offer of clubs where the latest DJ hits hit in the most unique way in the Balkans. Get ready to discover something new and unprecedented in the party scene in Europe.

For a complete list of the clubs of the Romanian capital read our Complete Guide to Bucharest night life.

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