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Corfu: Nightlife and Clubs

Nightlife Corfu: directed mainly youngsters, the nightlife of Corfu is concentrated among the streets of the old town and the main tourist areas of the island, As Ipsos, Kavos, Dassia, Glyfada and Sidari. Here are the best clubs and bars in Corfu.

Nightlife Corfu

Located in the Ionian Sea a short distance from the coast of Greece and Albania, Corfu is now recognised throughout Europe for one of the most cosmopolitan and Greek Islands with the most intense nightlife. In fact, the island offers a very lively nightlife and catered to younger: Corfu is now very organized and abounds in nightclubs and bars where to enjoy intense nights of unbridled fun.

Despite a long, tumultuous history, the island of Corfu has seen a succession on its territory a wide range of different cultures and Nations. Depends on warm attitude of its inhabitants towards international visitors and the variety of local cuisine that embraces the island, Apart from its numerous historical monuments that can be seen everywhere throughout Corfu.

Corfu nightlife clubs
The nightclubs of Corfu

The nightlife in Corfu Town

When night descends on Corfu, You'll be spoilt for choice on where to spend your evening: around the island there are many centers with good nightlife, full of clubs and discos for all tastes.

In the old town of Corfu, There are mostly lounge bars and cafes with a variety of musical options, which stay open until midnight. In particular, the great spots in town to relax and enjoy a drink in the evening are the square of Liston, the Esplanade and the nice bar in the streets of the city's maze.

You can start with dinner at one of the restaurants in the old town and traditional dishes. The evening then moves into downtown bars and taverns located in Piazza Liston or Splianada: in these areas there is a large concentration of cafés and lounges with live music that make it the ideal place to start the night in Corfu. Most of these bars and pubs are open from early morning to late at night and are usually buzzing with life.

You can also find a nice selection of bars and cafes also on highways that run throughout the city. One thing is certain. In Corfu there are delicacies of local cuisine and, to taste them, all you have to do is to try one of the many restaurants and places frequented by a lot of locals.

nightlife Corfu Town
The nightlife in the old city of Corfu

The nightlife of Corfu Town also focuses in the area nearby the port, where are the bars and clubs are more fashionable and that attract a large crowd of young people looking for fun.

In summer, the Esplanade are held frequent concerts by orchestras and groups; Most of them are free of charge. Corfu town boasts the oldest musical band of Greece. By September, instead, There is the Festival of Corfu, with concerts, ballets, operas and plays, by Greek and international artists.

For those who want to spend a romantic evening take a night boat cruise, they leave every night and offer a refreshing atmosphere and a view of glistening on the island.

The centers of nightlife in Corfu: Ipsos, Kavos and others

The nightlife in Corfu also focuses in bars and nightclubs located in the coastal resorts around the island. The most popular destinations for nightlife are Ipsos, Kavos, Glyfada, Dassia, Sidari and Paleokastritsa, where loud music, party non stop and unique cocktails are the fundamental ingredients.

The place where the movida Corfu Town is at its best is definitely Ipsos: a small village situated in the North of the island where there are many restaurants, pubs and discos open until dawn and frequented by tourists from all over Europe.

Located on the southern tip of the island, Kavos is the favorite resort by the British, the real Queen of fun in Corfu. The nightlife is concentrated mainly on the long main street and stratta, stocked with all kinds of venues ranging from disco to restaurants, up to disco, lap dance clubs and pool halls: in conclusion, there is something for all tastes! In addition to, foam parties are held almost every day and other crazy events.

nightlife Corfu foam party
foam party at club Atlantis of Corfu

Clubs and discos in Corfu

Mojitos Bar Ipsos (Ipsos, Corfù) fb_icon_tiny
The Mojitos is a very popular dance of Corfu which organizes many theme parties. Admission is free with the purchase of a drink.

Mojitos Bar nightlife Corfu Ipsos
nightlife Corfu: Mojitos Bar, Ipsos

Amaze Bar (Kapodistriou 122, Kerkira, Corfù) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 11.00 to 4.30.
Located near the castle of Corfu over a terrace with sea view, the Club Amaze place is always very well attended and a varied selection of music.

nightlife Corfu Amaze Bar
nightlife Corfu: Amaze Bar

54 Dreamy Nights (Ethn. Antistaseos 54, Corfù) fb_icon_tiny
Open every day.
Located near the port of Corfu, the 54 Dreamy Nights is a great disco, among the most elegant on the island, which offers a wide selection of music that ranges from House to Hip hop, to finish off with a bit of Greek traditional music: It is not uncommon to end up dancing the sirtaki with girls or boys of the place!

nightlife Corfu 54 Dreamy Nights
nightlife Corfu: 54 Dreamy Nights

Montecristo Club (Kato Agios Markos, Corfù) fb_icon_tiny
Open every day.
Located on the seafront in Ipsos, the Montecristo is one of the the most popular discos of Corfu, serving House music and great cocktails. The most anticipated event of the week is the famous foam party, that always sees the participation of many young, mostly Italian. Definitely a place not to be missed if you want to immerse yourself in the nightlife of the island.

nightlife Corfu Montecristo Club
nightlife Corfu: Montecristo Club

Edem Beach Club (Dassia beach, Corfù) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 23.00 to 6.00.
Situated in the village of Dassia, the Disco Edem is one of the most popular places for nightlife of Corfu and it is one of the best clubs of the island. The party starts early at sunset and lasts till morning forwarded, with great dj sets, loud music and wild dances. In addition to its fantastic feasts, Edem club is renowned for its delicious cocktails: try it!

nightlife Corfu Edem Beach Club
nightlife Corfu: Edem Beach Club

Pazuzu (Glifada beach, Corfù) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 10.00 to 24.00.
The Pazuzu is a great beach bar located on the beach of Glyfada. Popular, This beach bar is known for its popular After beach and the “shower party”.

nightlife Corfu Pazuzu
nightlife Corfu: Pazuzu, Glyfada Beach

La Grotta Bar (Palaiokastritsa, Corfù) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 11.00 to 24.00.
Located near Paleokastritsa, The Cave is a beach very cool bar set inside a cave dug in the rocks and the sea in a very suggestive and fascinating landscape. The place is ideal for an aperitif at sunset, or to dance to the beat of disco music.

nightlife Corfu the cave Bar
nightlife Corfu: The Cave Bar

Venue Nightclub (Kavos, Corfù) fb_icon_tiny
The Venue is the most popular disco Kavos. Open all week, It organizes each night a different event, with numerous international DJs at the console.

Corfu nightlife Venue Nightclub
nightlife Corfu: Venue Nightclub, Kavos

DiZi Bar (Ermones, Corfù) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 7.00 to 5.00.
Although inside may seem small, the bar DiZi It is a favourite among young locals and tourists, Thanks to its theme parties that take place every Thursday and Saturday night (a mix of Greek, Trance and reggae). The drinks are affordable (the most expensive cocktail is only 8 euros).

nightlife Corfu DiZi Bar
nightlife Corfu: DiZi Bar

Future Club (Kávos, Corfù) fb_icon_tiny
Club popular among youngsters in noisy places of Kavos. Here, too, lots of music and fun that continue until morning.

Kavos nightlife Corfu Future Club
nightlife Corfu: Future Club, Kavos

Drops Seaside Exclusive Coffee Bar (1, Dimokratias Avenue, Corfù) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 9.00 to 4.00.
The Drops is without a doubt the hottest point and more alive in the city: This outdoor club attracts a lot of beautiful people every night, to drink and dance until late at night. A great place to meet new people.

nightlife Corfu Drops Seaside Exclusive Coffee Bar
nightlife Corfu: Drops Seaside Exclusive Coffee Bar
nightlife Corfu Drops Bar girls
nightlife Corfu: beautiful girls at the Bar Drops of Corfu

Atlantis Kavos (The Strip, Kavos, Corfù) fb_icon_tiny
Open every day.
Located in the main street of Kavos, theAtlantis is one of the clubs for nightlife of Corfu. This Disco is frequented mainly by young people and organizes different festivals every day, from beloved foam party, partying with the paint till the full moon party. TheAtlantis It also has private beach access, exclusively reserved for customers of the club, In addition to four poster beds and barbecue area.

Kavos nightlife Corfu Atlantis
nightlife Corfu: foam party at Kavos Atlantis club
Atlantis girls Kavos nightlife Corfu
The club Atlantis Kavos is the place to know so many beautiful girls in Corfu

Wave Beach Bar (Marathiás, Corfù) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 9.00 to 22.00.
Located on Beach of Marathias, the Wave is considered as one of the best beach bars on the island. Non-stop parties and lots of nice people make this a destination not to be missed.

nightlife Corfu Wave Beach Bar
nightlife Corfu: Wave Beach Bar

Cube Night Bar (Acharavi, Corfù) fb_icon_tiny
Open every day.
Small club with original décor which offers pleasant music and cocktails.

nightlife Corfu Cube Night Bar
nightlife Corfu: Cube Night Bar

Bars and pubs in Corfu

Angelo’s Bar (Kassiopi, Kerkira, Corfù) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 11.00 to 3.00.
TheAngelos Bar is the main attraction among the clubs of Kassiopi, a village situated in the North of the island. With a relaxed and friendly staff, This bar is well known among visitors for its incredible cocktails and fun atmosphere that reigns inside. Every week theAngelos organizes special events that attract a large crowd, including evenings with theme music and quiz competitions. There is also a games room with billiards and other table games.

nightlife Corfu Angelo's Bar
nightlife Corfu: Angelo's Bar

Akron Beach Bar (Agia Triada Beach – Paleokastritsa, Corfù) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 9.30 to 1.00.
Overlooking Trinity Beach in Palokastritsa, theAkron is an elegant beach bar is the ideal place for a cocktail or an aperitif amidst a romantic setting, While come and lulled by the sound of waves.

nightlife Corfu Akron Beach Bar
nightlife Corfu: Akron Beach Bar, Agia Triada Beach

Café Bristol (Evgeniou Voulgareos 49, Corfù) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 9.00 to 2.00.
The Bristol is a café decorated with superb Art Nouveau tiles, an eccentric composed lighting bulbs, good jazz music, Funk or Greek and fair prices for hot drinks or alcoholic beverages.

nightlife Corfu Cafe Bristol
nightlife Corfu: Café Bristol

Ammos Bar (Arillas, Corfù) fb_icon_tiny
Open every day 24 h 24.
TheAmmos is a stylish bar situated in a great location. The place is right on the seafront overlooking Arillas Bay and is the perfect choice for a snack or drink during the day. With comfortable seating, aesthetic decorations and great music, the bar attracts a lot of tourists who want to relax after a hot day at the beach. Lovely cocktails on a glorious sunset and the vibrant music make for an unforgettable evening in Corfu. In addition to cocktails, c ’ is a selection of drinks and coffee.

nightlife Corfu Arillas Ammos Beach Bar
nightlife Corfu: Ammos Arillas Beach Bar

Fuego Bar (Acharavi Beach, Corfù) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 11.00 to 3.00.
The Fuego is a delicious combination of beach bars, restaurant and cafeteria, It is located right on the seafront in Acharavi, in the northern part of Corfu. This is one of the most popular spots of the island and the sea is close enough to feel the breeze in the evening. The restaurant offers fusion cuisine, a variety of hot and cold snacks, along with a selection of drinks. The living room has two areas and there is plenty of room to relax. The atmosphere is cozy, with soft lighting and a live DJ playing dance music and pop of the moment.

nightlife Corfu Fuego Beach Bar
nightlife Corfu: Fuego Beach Bar

Tartaya Cocktail Bar (Epar.Od. Dasias-Karakianas, Corfù) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 8.00 to 4.00.
The Tartaya Lounge bar It's a must to Corfu. Situated in the northern part of Dassia, to 12 km from Corfu Town, This bar is one of the attractions you shouldn't miss. Its garden filled with plants, flowers and palm trees, creates an unforgettable atmosphere and relaxing. Late in the evening it becomes a club where to dance to the music performed by various guest djs. If you don't want to dance, try one of their amazing tropical cocktails or a tasty cold beer.

nightlife Corfu Tartaya Cocktail Bar
nightlife Corfu: Tartaya Cocktail Bar

The Lemon Tree (Agios Gordios, Corfù) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 18.00 to 4.30.
Fantastic bar surrounded by a pleasant garden of lemons, the Lemon Tree offers fresh and original cocktails to guests. The charming atmosphere created by the trees and led lights and the cheap price of drinks (6 Euro for cocktails and 4 euros for those soft drinks) I want to enter. A place frequented mainly by young people.

vita notturna Corfù The Lemon Tree
nightlife Corfu: The Lemon Tree

Passoa Cocktail Bar (Ipsos, Corfù) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 10.00 to 22.00.
The Passoa is a bar always very well attended: people come here to have a drink in company, dance and have fun together. The excellent staff and nice atmosphere there and make this bar the place to start your evening at Ispos.

nightlife Corfu Passoa Cocktail Bar
nightlife Corfu: Passoa Cocktail Bar

The Vine (Epar.Od. Skriperou-Peroulades, Corfù) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 17.00 to 3.00.
The Vine is a small bar and wine bar with a classy environment, with a relaxed atmosphere, serving great beers and wines at reasonable prices. The back of the room offers magnificent views of the sea.

nightlife Corfu The Vine
nightlife Corfu: The Vine

Europa Bar Cafe (Corfù) fb_icon_tiny
Open every day 24 h 24.
TheEuropa Bar is a cosy bar serving great beer, with comfortable chairs and large screens to follow all the major sporting events. The tables abroad face the sea and have an unbeatable view at sunset.

Corfu nightlife Europe Bar Cafe
nightlife Corfu: Europa Bar Cafe

O2 Old School Rock Bar (Gouvia, Corfù) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 18.00 to 3.00.
TheO2 It's a nice bar with a romantic atmosphere and live music serving great cocktails. Definitely a good place for a quiet and relaxing after dinner.

nightlife Corfu O2 Old School Rock Bar
nightlife Corfu: O2 Old School Rock Bar

Map of clubs, of the pubs and bars of Corfu

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