Malta: Nightlife and Clubs

Malta nightlife: the best nightclubs and bars in Malta where dance and have fun.

Malta nightlife

Malta It is a place that fascinates for its history, for its great past and its beautiful beaches. But Malta means, Besides Sun and sea, even entertainment and nightlife. Malta nightlife It has nothing to envy to that of Spain or the Greek Islands.

Malta nightlife is always very active, both in winter and summer, When many North European tourists and many beautiful girls arrive on the island in search of Sun and unbridled fun.

Most of the bars and clubs are located in Paceville/St. Julian's and Buġibba, where there are mostly bars and disco-pubs, most with free admission. The clubs are all just a few metres between them, so if you're in the area you won't need to use means of transport. Clubs and discos and the largest (for example, the Gianpula) are outside of the cities mentioned above, Although they are still well connected with public transport. In these clubs are hosted by djs internationally and the music festivals of Malta.

Malta offers fun for all tastes: both for those seeking just beaches and sea, and for those who want to have fun in the numerous Malta clubs. For quieter evenings you can always opt for one of the many wine bars to fashion that are particularly Valletta, or challenge your luck at Portomaso Casino. In Malta the fun is guaranteed!

vita notturna Malta by night
Malta by night

Malta nightlife: St. Julian's/Paceville

Paceville, St. District. Julian located a few kilometers from Valletta, is the reference point for Malta's nightlife Why has the highest concentration of restaurants, bars and discos of Malta. In summer and during weekends, Paceville is the meeting point for thousands of young people that are here solely for fun. Beware though: the average age of the typical holiday reveler ranges from Malta 17 to 25 years. If you are older you may feel a bit out of age!

This is because Malta It is the seat of numerous summer English language schools (for example EF), which attract many young people each summer from various parts of Europe ’ (hear, hear.. many Swedish girls with a great desire to have fun away from home!). Although the place is not huge, the concentration of bars and clubs is very high and there are many promotions on drinks! If you plan to come to Malta, Paceville It's definitely your destination!

When to go to malta?: from early June to late July. Avoid August if you can.

St Julians Malta nightlife Paceville blonde girls
Malta nightlife: Sun, Sea, party and beautiful girls

Clubs and discos in Malta: where to dance in St. Julian, Paceville, Bugibba, Rabat and Gozo

Let's see together what are Malta's best clubs to go to dance in the evening.

Gianpula Club (RBT 13 Rabat, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday and Saturday from 23.00 to 5.00.
The Gianpula club It is the largest outdoor disco and among the most popular on the island of Malta. It is divided into three different dancing floors, able to accommodate up to 4000 people, where to dance the night away. Open from 1980, the Gianpula Club It has a fantastic location, with gardens, pool, a vip room, a restaurant, nine bars and a lounge bar (“The Roof Top“) with music mixed by the best dj in circulation: the Gianpula club hosted some of the biggest DJS in the world, including Tiesto, Erick Morillo, Planet Funk and Roger Sanchez. It is absolutely the favorite nightclub by the inhabitants of Malta.

The entrance price varies depending on the night, but during normal evening is around 6 €. The Gianpula can be reached by taxi or with the night buses.

Malta nightlife Gianpula Club Rabat
Malta nightlife Gianpula Club Rabat

The nightclub is part of the Gianpula Complex, a village dedicated to the nightlife that extends over an area of more than 30 hectares and includes other 5 clubs: Marrakech, Phoenix, Rooftop, Molecule, and Groove Gardens. Gianpula Complex is open from end of may until end of September, from Friday to Sunday, and is Rabat, in the valley below the medieval town of MDINA (the silent city) and only 13 km away from St. Julian.

MARRAKECH: Club frequented by Malta's most exclusive community, offers carefully selected djs, VIP tables, Champagne and impeccable service. The Club Marrakech is immersed in an idyllic Luxury garden and beaten by a cool summer breeze that makes pleasant evenings under the stars.

Malta nightlife Marrakech Gianpula Complex Rabat
Marrakech Club at Gianpula Complex – Rabat, Malta

The Groove Gardens , located right next to Gianpula Mainroom, often work as an extension of the ’ room to accommodate more main Gianpula people. Open only on Saturdays. For information about events:

PHONEIX: Open Fridays and Saturdays. Commercial music and house.

Gianpula Fields is a very large area used for concerts, Festival and special events throughout the year. It also hosts the big festival of openair Malta, as Creamfields.

Molecule It is a cozy indoor venue that can accommodate up to 350 people and is excellent for private events.

vita notturna Malta Gianpula Complex Marrakech Phoneix Rooftop Molecule Groove Gardens
The Complex Gianpula in Rabat, Malta. which Marrakech, Phoenix, Rooftop, Molecule, and Groove Gardens

Fuego Salsa Bar (Saint Augustine Street, Saint Julian, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 21.30 to 4.00
Fuego is one of the most famous bars Malta, best known for salsa and Latin music and the great atmosphere that offers. Fuego also offers salsa lessons and has gained so much popularity by having opened three large rooms on the sea, Open also in winter, where lash out at the sound of the Caribbean dances: at Gadhira, Qawra (Bugibba) and in St. George's Bay, St Julians.

Malta nightlife Fuego Salsa Bar St Julians Paceville
Fuego Salsa Bar – St Julians / Paceville, Malta

Axis Discotheque (TRIQ SAN GORG, Saint Julian, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Axis Club is located at Paceville, the District of St. Julian famous for hosting a disproportionate number of clubs and pubs of every type. Axis has three levels (Main Axis, the Matrix, Styx), with different dancefloors, which can hold about 3.000 people, and commercial music until dawn. This is one of the most famous clubs of Malta because it offers great laser light shows. Entrance fee.

vita notturna malta axis discotheque st julians paceville
Axis Discotheque – St julians / Paceville, Malta

Havana Club (Havana 85, Saint Julian, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Open every day 24 h 24.
Havana Club represents the better level of Hip Hop and RnB music, and is one of the most popular clubs of Malta. The disco, that can accommodate up to 3000 people, spread over two floors dedicated to nightlife of Malta: on the first floor is the room “Cabanas” It is situated on the ground floor with techno and electronic music, on the second floor there is the living room “Flashback” 80 's music with rock and pop that attracts a bigger people. It also has a spacious terrace all open ’, with a bar and tables above the lights of the other bar below. Here you will find always many tourists and foreign tourists, especially coming from Northern Europe, and the atmosphere is international. In addition to, the entrance to the club is completely free!

Malta nightlife Havana Club St. julians paceville
Havana Club – St Julians / Paceville, Malta

Numero Uno (Ta’ Qali Crafts Village, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
The Club Numero Uno located in the heart of the village of Ta ' Qali, and is the largest open-air local of ’ island, where you can literally dance beneath the stars: rated among the top 100 clubs in the world by DJ MAG. Open only during the summer season, the club can accommodate up to 4.000 people and is divided into three areas: the Club Numero Uno, the Club Lounge and Lax Club. The main local (Club Numero Uno) is suddidiviso in other two rooms: the largest commercial music and RnB and has four bars, While in the smaller music alternative rock dance. The Club Lounge is an area equipped with Gazebo and tables, where you can relax listening to RnB music. The Lax Club It has a more intimate atmosphere, with four bars inside and a private entrance. The Club Numero Uno is open only in summer being a all local open ’. Every summer the proposal is entertainment of the highest level, with parties and evenings animated from dizziness by club djs. The Club Numero Uno is the top stage level (with lots of trees and making capannina frame) and musical offering: among the many guests who have gone here there are the likes of Steve Aoki, Bob Sinclair, Carl Cox and Ministry of Sound. The price of the ticket depends on the event.

Malta nightlife Club number one Ta Qali
Numero Uno Club – Ta Qali, Malta

Twenty Two (Portomaso Business Tower, Saint Julian, Malta)
Open Wednesday to Sunday from 21.30.
The clubs Twenty Two It is located on the top floor of the Portomaso Business Tower, the tallest skyscraper of Malta. The club/lounge bar very elegant style that blends the classic with the modern. Upstairs there is a large dance floor with a lighting system at the highest level. During the week the club is quiet and you can enjoy a good wine or a fine champagne, accompanied by delicious snacks, While over the weekend the club turns into a veritable disco with music of the highest level. Recommended reservation, elegant attire is required.

vita notturna Malta Twenty Two Club st julians paceville
Twenty Two Club – St Julians / Paceville, Malta

Sky Club (Dragonara Road, Saint Julian, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday and Saturday from 21.30 to 4.30.
The Sky Club is one of the largest indoor Club Malta, is used to major events and concerts throughout the year and ’ is located in Paceville, in the area of St. Julian's and Sliema ’. The club was opened in 2007, with a mega party spectacular. It has an area of about 2000 M2 and can accommodate up to 3.400 people. Has numerous bars equipped which can provide over 800 drinks per minute, 30 forty inch LCD screens, audio and lighting systems of the highest quality, dancefloors and very large antlers. This is one of the biggest and best places for parties and concerts, guarantee for an excellent and enjoyable evening. Dance music but also concerts, performance and special performances.

Malta nightlife Paceville St Julian's Sky Club
Sky Club – St Julian’s / Paceville, Malta

BarCelona Lounge (Triq Ball, Saint Julian, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Open Tuesday to Sunday from 11.00 to 4.00.
The Bar Celona Lounge is a very stylish and modern club situated in the heart of Paceville, to St. Julian, and is frequented by both young that middle-aged people. It is an elegant lounge that offers a chance to sit back and relax with a few drinks and light food, as well as dancing the night away at weekends. Customers can SIP excellent cocktails and enjoy good food while they see different performances depending on the day. Over the weekend the club offers music and funky house, for those who wish to dance until the morning. The Bar Celona It also has rooms dedicated to live music and flamenco shows. Elegant clientele and by 20 years and over.

Malta nightlife Bar Celona Lounge Paceville in St Julians
Bar Celona Lounge – St Julians Paceville, Malta

Bedouin Bar (Westin Dragonara Resort · Dragonara Road, Saint Julian, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Bedouin Bar is a chill out club very chic open during the summer season and situated at the Westin Dragonara Resort to St. Julian. The club attracts trendy boys and girls who like to socialize at the seashore. Funky music played by the best Djs in Malta.

Malta nightlife at Beduoin market Bar Paceville in St Julians
Beduoin Bar at the Westin Resort – St Julians Paceville, Malta

Shadow Lounge (Triq Santa Rita, Saint Julian, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday and Saturday from 22.00 to 5.00
Shadow Lounge is one of the most popular and fashionable on the island of Malta, located at Paceville, just above the equally popular Hugo's. Shadow Lounge It's a place where elegant dancing under the house music. The Interior is modern with Golden frames and large plasma screens that make it one of the most glamorous club in ’ island. The club has three well-stocked bar serving fresh cocktails, shots, Whiskey and champagne. There is also a lovely terrace where you can relax and chat al fresco sipping a drink. Busiest evenings there is selection at the entrance.

Vita notturna Malta St Julians, Paceville shadow lounge
Shadow Lounge – St Julians Paceville, Malta

Plush (St. George’s Road, Saint Julian, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 19.30 to 3.00.
The Plush is a very popular club located in the heart of Paceville (St. Julian's). It's always crowded on weekends and daily during the summer season. It has three rooms: the Club Plush, the Plush Lounge and Purple Room. The main room is the Club Plush, which has a large and comfortable terrace on which you can listen to the best music in movement, then there is the Plush Lounge that grows more levels and offering a more sophisticated environment with a long bar illuminated by red and black lights, and finally there is the most vip of local call Purple Room, which is illuminated, as the name suggests, light purple fashion and equipped with its own Dj, a bar and highly qualified personnel. It can also be booked for private parties and events.

vita notturna Malta Plush Lounge St Julians Paceville
Plush Lounge – St Julians Paceville, Malta

Nordic Bar (Triq Santa Rita, Saint Julian, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 18.00 to 4.00.
The Nordic Bar is a Scandinavian bar located in the heart of lively Paceville (St. Julian), just on the stairs of the main street, reference point for the Malta nightlife. The Nordic Bar It is almost always crowded and here you can find beautiful Swedish and Scandinavian girls, come in holiday in Malta to get plastered, dance and have fun (Imagine you as!). The music played at Nordic bar music ranges from the 50 's to the latest commercial songs: great place and very economical to dance. Do not miss it!
The bar also has 3 plasma screens to watch live sporting events from around the world: Why not enjoy a drink while watching your favorite team play? Excellent!

Malta nightlife Nordic Bar Paceville in St Julians
Nordic Bar – St Julians Paceville, Malta

Native Bar and Diner (St. Rita’s Steps, Paceville, Saint Julian, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Open every day.
Native Bar and Diner is a popular pub in Paceville, Open all day, turns into a salsa clubs during the night. Many young people come here to dance. During the day, the bar is more a pub serving food and drinks but at night the place turns into a disco with commercial music, with theme nights and promotions.

Malta nightlife Bar Native St Julians Paceville
Native Bar and Diner – St Julians Paceville, Malta

Footloose Fun Bar (St. George’s Road, Paceville, Saint Julian, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 20.00 to 4.00.
Footloose Fun Bar is a popular bar/club located in Central Paceville where to dance and have fun every night to the beat of the latest commercial songs. the Footloose It is located in the heart of Malta nightlife, a few meters away from other clubs of Paceville, so it is always crowded with young men and women from all over Europe. Also continuous and profitable deals on drinks, Thanks to which you can drink inexpensive. Do not miss it. The Footloose is the right place to have fun and spend memorable evenings.

Malta nightlife Footloose Fun Bar Paceville in St Julians
Footloose Fun Bar – St Julians Paceville, Malta

So City Club (74/77 St George’s Road, Paceville, Saint Julian, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday and Saturday from 21.30 to 4.00, Sunday from 20.00 to 4.00.
So City Club is a trendy nightclub, located in the heart of St. Julian above the Soho Lounge, which is inspired by the best that Malta nightlife has to offer. This is the place to go if you really want to rock you and dance the night away. The ingredients are: beautiful people, good music and the best djs, all in a stylish and fashionable. Inside you will find a well-stocked bar, a generous area for dancing, a VIP lounge and a large outdoor terrace overlooking the main street Paceville. Here are organized regularly with evening theme parties.

vita notturna Malta So City Club St Julians Paceville
So City Club – St Julians Paceville, Malta

Clique Club (St George’s Road 83, Paceville, Saint Julian, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Open from Friday to Sunday.
Clique Club is a small disco in the underground located right in the Centre of the area most frequented by Paceville, just above the staircase of St. Rita. Ideal place for Wild Party and beautiful girls. The music of Clique Club ranges from House music, Deep House, Tech House to the latest commercial songs, with numerous guests djs. The club is fully equipped with plasma screens, lasers, projectors, smoke machines and a fully stocked bar, with great deals on drinks. Disco always crowded and connected to the nearby club Deja Vu. Do not miss it.

Malta nightlife Club Clique Paceville in St Julians
Clique Club – St Julians Paceville, Malta

Club Aria Complex (Triq Hal Gharghur,
San Gwann, Malta)
The Club Aria is a outdoor disco recently opened. Club Aria is designed to host concerts of the best DJ of Malta and in the world. The club has an outdoor pool and a sun terrace which makes it perfect for summer parties in the pool during the day under the scorching sun of the Mediterranean, with cool parties and foam party. At night and in winter the party moves inside the The Dome, with music pumping all night for dancing until dawn. Aria Complex offers a truly unforgettable experience for all seasons. Dress-code does not exist, It also comes in a swimsuit!

Club Air Malta nightlife Complex San Gwann
Club Aria Complex – San Gwann, Malta

BJ’S Live Music Club (Ball Street, Paceville, Saint Julian, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Open Wednesday to Sunday from 21.00 to 4.00.
The BJ’S LIVE MUSIC CLUB is the ideal place for all those who love creativity. The Club is equipped with the best brands of amps, Batteries, Percussion and pianos and mixers. The stage is available for anyone who wants to play, just have your own guitar, Bass, or whatever, Plug and play! Every day there are different events ranging from soft jazz, acoustic, Bluegrass to classical music to Monday, Classic Progressive Rock on Tuesday, Funk, Soul and Dancing on Wednesdays, Jazz Night on Thursdays, Blues and rock both Friday and Saturday.

La Grotta Leisure Club (Xlendi, Gozo, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
LA GROTTA (Xlendi, Gozo)
Officially inaugurated in 1986, the clubs La Grotta It lies on the descent of the road linking the capital of Gozo with the idyllic Xlendi Bay. The atmosphere at this club is unique enough to make it not only one of the best clubs in malta, but also one of the best in the world – the British magazine “The People” concluded the clubs La Grotta as one of the Mediterranean's most beautiful discos. The Club has two dancefloors, one outdoors and one indoors, proceeds to a ’ natural cave and with a wonderful view over the Valley and surrounding hills: Within many bars and chill out areas where chat and meet people.

Malta nightlife Leisure Club Cave, Gozo
The Leisure Club – Gozo, Malta

Pubs, Bars, Cocktails and Lounge Bars in Malta

Ryan’s Irish Pub (Wied l-Ghomor Street, Saint Julian, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Open from Tuesday to Thursday from 11.30 to 01:00, Fridays and Saturdays from 11.30 to 04.00, Sunday from 13.00 to 04.00
The Ryan’s Irish Pub It is a popular place for a drink, Watch your favorite sports and socialize. The pub is situated on a hill Spinola Bay, St. Julian, with view on the Bay ’. The Ryan He was one of the first Irish pubs opened in Malta and also the first pub where the beer was served Guinness Stout. Always crowded, with many foreigners as well as locals.

vita notturna Malta Ryan Irish Pub St Julians Paceville
Ryan's Irish Pub – St Julians Paceville, Malta

Hugo’s Lounge (St. George’s Road, Saint Julian, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Hugo’s Lounge is one of the most stylish and fashionable for Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. It is located in the heart of Paceville and is always crowded with young people. Hugo’s Lounge was the first sushi & noodle bar restaurant Malta It takes not only great sushi, but also excellent drinks: This bar is the ideal place for meeting friends over a cocktail in a lively atmosphere ’ and comfortable environment. You can choose to relax on the sofa with a cocktail at the ’ inside or on the terrace at ’ or just grab a drink at the bar. Reservation is highly recommended during weekends. At Hugo’s Lounge organize happy hour every Monday afternoon from 15.00 to 18.00! Inside you can also dance.

nightlife Paceville St Julians Malta Hugo's Lounge
Hugo’s Lounge – St Julians Paceville, Malta

Quarterdeck Cocktail & Wine Bar (Hilton Malta, Portomaso, Saint Julian, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
The Quarterdeck Cocktail & Wine Bar is an exclusive club, located in the hotel Hilton of Malta, It serves well prepared, sauces and other snacks, as well as a wide variety of fine wines and cocktails. The atmosphere is elegant and intelligent, decorated in a nautical theme and with a large terrace that overlooks the Portomaso Marina Yacht.

vita notturna Malta Quarterdeck Cocktail Wine Bar St Julians Paceville
Quarterdeck Cocktail & Wine Bar – St Julians Paceville, Malta

Smooth Jazz (5A Church Street, Saint Julian, Malta)
Smooth Jazz is one of the few jazz bars in Malta. Located in the quieter streets of Paceville, to St. Julian, This bar has a relaxed and elegant atmosphere, an ideal place to relax and have fun after a long day on the beach. The music selection proposal ranges between different periods of jazz music and hosts evenings with live music by local and foreign Jazz Celebrities, and jam session. In addition to, lo Smooth Jazz It has a nice garden, very popular during the summer and heated in winter. The drinks menu includes a wide range of local beers and wines and foreigners from around the world.

vita notturna Malta Smooth Jazz St Julians Paceville
Smooth Jazz – St Julians Paceville, Malta

Tiffany Champagne and Cigar Room (Portomaso Marina, Saint Julian, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Tiffany Champagne and Cigar room is a exclusive club, located in Portomaso Marina to St. Julian, which offers a romantic atmosphere and classy. At Tiffany guests can sit and relax in the sumptuous interiors, smoking a good cigar while are served by highly professional staff. The offer includes over 300 wines, 50 Champagne, typical liquors, rare whisky, Cognac, ports and sherries, and aided by a professional sommelier. During the summer months guests can enjoy the outdoor terrace and wonderful views of the yacht marina of Portomaso. Great place for a business meeting, a romantic evening or to socialize with a beautiful woman just known. Friday night Jazz and champagne!

vita notturna Malta Tiffany Champagne and Cigar Room St Julians Paceville
Tiffany Champagne and Cigar Room – St Julians Paceville, Malta

The Scotsman Pub (St. George’s Road 62, Saint Julian, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 18.00 to 4.00.
The Scotsman Pub is a traditional Scottish pub serving excellent Fish and Chips, in the heart of Paceville. The pub is open for lunch and dinner and has a very friendly atmosphere. Enjoy a glass of draught beer in traditional Scottish style, play a game of billiards or darts and choose your favourite music from the juke box. The evenings are very popular “Karaoke Nights” and “Sunday Roast”.

vita notturna Malta The Scotsman Pub St Julians Paceville
The Scotsman Pub – St Julians Paceville, Malta

City of London Bar (193 Main Street Balluta Bay, Saint Julian, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 10.00 to 4.00.
City of London Bar to St. Julian is a historic bar and one of the oldest of Malta, opened in 1914 and remained popular until today, famous for the ’ friendly atmosphere offering. City of London Bar located in the picturesque Balluta, with a wonderful view of the sea and the Bay. The bar has an outdoor seating area, ideal for summer evenings. At City of London You can also assist Parties with quizzes and other events throughout the year ’ or watch your favorite team on TV.

vita notturna Malta City of London Bar Lounge St Julians Paceville
City of London Bar – St Julians Paceville, Malta

Huggins Pub (Dragonara Road, Paceville, Saint Julian, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 8.30 to 4.00.
Huggins Pub is a bar located in downtown Paceville. Always very crowded and with people of all ages, Huggins Pub has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and is an ideal place to socialize while sipping a pint of beer or a drink. All tables are great for outdoor ’ relax during the summer months. In addition to a large crowd of people, Huggins also offers live music by various local artists, karaoke, big screen televisions and a dancefloor where dance funky music.

Malta nightlife Huggins Pub St Julians Paceville
Huggins Pub – St Julians Paceville, Malta

Saddles Pub (132 Main Street, Saint Julian, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Saddles Pub is a popular bar overlooking Spinola Bay, to St. Julian, offering a relaxed atmosphere, ideal for playing pool, socialize or drink with friends in the bar is spread over two floors, with the main bar on the ground floor while, upstairs, There's a pool table, a bar and a smoking area. The terrace allows you to enjoy a drink outside while admiring the landscape of Spinola Bay. Different styles of music ranging from funky house, to electro, progressive and tribal house.

Malta nightlife Saddles Pub Paceville in St Julians
Saddles Pub – St Julians Paceville, Malta

Black Gold Saloon (93-95, The Strand, Sliema, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 7.00 to 3.45.
The Black Gold Saloon is a lively bar located Sliema, ideal for relaxing, enjoy a glass of beer and watch your favorite sports on TV. Guests can also enjoy live music on some evenings. After 22:00, the Black Gold become more lively when the bands, DJs and other performers liven up the evenings.

Malta nightlife Black Gold Saloon Sliema
Black Gold Saloon – Sliema, Malta

Victoria Pub & Diner (Bugibba Square, Bugibba / San Pawl il-Baħar, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 9.00 to 2.00
Victoria Pub & Snack Bar located in the heart of Bugibba, right on the main square and just a few meters from the sea, and offers a perfect combination to eat and have fun.
The Victoria Pub has a wide variety of beers and cocktails and serves dishes like pasta, pizza and mixed grills, as well as offering the sport on the big screen and Karaoke every night challenges. This is a lively place, so if you are looking for fun night with karaoke and live sports this is the perfect place for you. The pub has seating indoors and outdoors.

Malta nightlife Victoria Pub Diner Bugibba
Victoria Pub Diner – Bugibba, Malta

Zeta Bar (Triq il- Gifen 25, Bugibba, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Open Tuesday to Sunday from 19.30 to 4.00.
Zeta Bar, located in the popular tourist resort of Bugibba, features live entertainment and a wide selection of wines and cocktails served with free appetizers and finger foods. Here you can watch live sport on one of the four plasma televisions inside or relax on the terrace while enjoying the summer breeze.

Malta nightlife Zeta Bar Bugibba
Zeta Bar – Bugibba, Malta

Malta nightlife: bars and pubs in Valletta

The nightlife in Valletta is synonymous with theaters, restaurants and pubs. There are no notable clubs.
Some interesting bars and pubs in Valletta:
The Cafe Jubilee (125, St Lucia Street, Valletta, Malta) fb_icon_tiny is a British pub with Mediterranean cuisine and cosmopolitan atmosphere; Here you can drink and eat local dishes, with blues music, Jazz and ethnic.

Malta nightlife cafe-jubilee-valletta
Jubilee Cafe – Valletta, Malta

Trabuxu Bistro (South Street, 8/9, Valletta, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Open from Monday to Saturday, from 12.00 to 15.00 and 19.00 to 23.00.
Trabuxu is excellent and bistro wine bar offering a wide variety of wines and excellent dishes of maltese cuisine.

Trabuxu Valletta Malta nightlife
Trabuxu – Valletta, Malta

Bistro 516 (Waterfront, Valletta, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 9.00 to 23.30.
Bar and bistro located on the seafront of Valletta, one of the most fashionable areas of the capital. Excellent ambience by the sea at night, with a glass of wine in hand and jazz and rock music in the background.

Always on the seafront in Valletta are the Q Bar (Waterfront, Valletta, Malta) fb_icon_tiny, class bar located in the Vault 1 and known as the best after-hours ‘’ of Valletta, It offers Asian cuisine and live music. Excellent sea view.

Nightlife Q Bar Malta Valletta
Q Bar – Valletta, Malta

Malta nightlife: Malta casinos

Portomaso Casino (Portomaso Tower, Saint Julian, Malta) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 10.00 to 6.00.
The Portomaso Casino is a modern Casino, elegant and stylish hotel located in the exclusive area of Portomaso right next to the Hilton Hotel. The Casino is a popular place among locals and tourists who want to try their luck with slot machines and roulettes. While walking up the stairs of marble at the entrance ’ you access to luxurious Casino ’ and you can start your evening in style while listening to jazz music and chill out. The dress code is casual and elegant, is not allowed to enter dressed in the suit. The ’ minimum age for entry is 25 years for Maltese citizens and 18 for tourists. Take with you your identity card.

nightlife Paceville St Julian's Malta Portomaso Casino
Portomaso Casino – St Julian’s / Paceville, Malta

The Oracle Casino (Qawra Seafront, Bugibba, Malta)
The Oracle Casino
The Oracle Casino is located in the lively tourist resort of Bugibba all internal ’ Dolmen Resort Hotel. There is a huge variety of games available: Roulette, Blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker, 3 In addition to cards 160 slot machines. If your English is a little rusty, Do not worry, the dealers are multilingual. The Oracle Casino Brasserie is a modern restaurant that is located right next to the Casino and is open daily for lunch and dinner for guests. For those who do not play, is a bar and lounge to relax. The dress code is smart/casual while no suit and swimsuit. The minimum age of admission is ’ d 25 years for Maltese citizens and 18 years for tourists.

vita notturna Malta The Oracle Casino Bugibba
The Oracle Casino – Bugibba, Malta

Night cruises and boat party in Malta

Night excursions by boat are among the most popular tourist activities and fascinating. They allow visitors to navigate the night ferry and swim to the glow of the Moon. Cruises and boat parties Captain Morgan, departing from the port of Sliema Marina, They also offer the possibility to eat grilled meat and fish accompanied by a good glass of wine and dance the night away.
The so-called “Boat Party” depart from Marina di Sliema to 19.30 to start the tour during sunset. As night falls, the music becomes louder and the party rages until the return back to Sliema around midnight.

The price is 25 euros per person and includes snacks and wine at will until the end of the party.
For more info:

vita notturna malta boat party Captain Morgan
malta nightlife: the “boat party” on Captain Morgan

Map of clubs, of the pubs and bars of Malta

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