Tips for your “The Hangover”

“At night we will never forget!”

The famous quote from the movie “Hangover” has now become a cult. How many of us have found themselves at least once in your life to celebrate with friends, alcohol and perhaps with much more in a foreign city thousands of miles from home??

That moment when the evening will charge you expectations, and also the last of which net you remember when you wake up in the middle of the next day hangover, maybe in a room that does not know, together with complete strangers, but with the conviction that he had spent a night anyway epic!

After having spent the last 8 years wandering through europe, touching all the capitals and major cities, I am now forced, to cause greater problems, to stay at home without the opportunity to travel for a few months. Hence was born my idea of ​​providing advice and recommendations in the form of a guide for anyone wishing to travel to the cities I visited. From time to time I will focus on a particular city and I will list the places not to be missed, best discos and where to drink. All your comments and suggestions will be very valuable and will help to enrich this guide to authentic night-travelers!

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