The best massage parlors in Moscow

The best massage parlors in Moscow

Refined Enjoy and relax in the Russian capital: Here everything is possible. Here is a guide to the best massage parlors in Moscow!

The best massage parlors in Moscow

Hi everyone! My name is Nikolai. I love road trips, football and, obviously, crazy for women! And I also love Moscow, my hometown, which I know every corner.

Very often, when my foreign friends come to Moscow, They ask me to show them the hottest places in the capital and, After the experience of these spicy city tour, I have compiled my list of clubs for adults and the best massage parlors in Moscow.

1) I'll start with the massage parlor vanilla. As you walk in the center of Moscow, do not forget to turn in Myasnitskaya Street. That, in a building with three separate floors from an old cozy courtyard, subtle and sensual pleasures await you in the massage room Vanilia. Here are the brightest stars of the Moscow erotic scene. Spa, sauna, jacuzzi, bars and a variety of erotic massage programs from classical to underwear.

massage salons Moscow Vanilia
The best massage parlors in Moscow: vanilla

2) If you find yourself near Arbat, I recommend the Podium spa, where sexy and relaxed girls will give you minutes of happiness and hours of relaxation. Here everything is at the highest level: service, indoor and, Of course, erotic massage. There are 60 among the best girls in Moscow, a spa, a sauna, a Jacuzzi and a bar. A must visit!

Salons Moscow Podium massage spa
The best massage parlors in Moscow: Podium spa

3) For gentlemen seeking a relaxation class in Moscow is Soho, where art elite of free time is brought to perfection. In this known hall of worship, attentive and friendly ladies will offer you an erotic massage from classical to underwear, immersed in an environment in old Chinatown style. My male compass often leads me to this room when they are close to Vorobyovy Gory metro station.

Salons Moscow Soho massage spa
The best massage parlors in Moscow: Soho spa

4) Ethalon. For me it is synonymous with perfectionism. When, as a customer, I'm looking for the most comfortable relaxing sensual. I put 5 Sex star service and relaxation offered by the salon. Located near Mayakovskaya, the massage parlor Etalon It offers its guests a truly relaxing elite program. Here the masseuses are better, male desires are the law and erotic massages are some of the best in Moscow.

massage salons Moscow Etalon
The best massage parlors in Moscow: Standard

5) If you like the exotic erotica, classic and stunning, I recommend the massage parlor Imperium. In this salon, the vibrant atmosphere of ancient Roman orgies has been recreated in the ancient marble and mosaic interior. Imperium is a unique place in the center of Moscow, where men are seduced by beautiful passionate and vicious bacchanalia without complexes and whims. Role play games, sauna, hammam, tub and bar. It's always hot here. Here they worship the god Eros.

massage salons Moscow Imperium
The best massage parlors in Moscow: Imperium

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