Starbucks goes to Italy in Milan in 2017

Starbucks lands in Italy

After the many rumors that have taken place in recent months, official confirmation came: Starbucks will also open in Italy.

Starbucks lands in Italy

To confirm it is directly the President of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, which held a press conference in Milan during which he stated that the first Starbucks in Italy will open in Milan 2017, and subsequently in other Italian cities.

The idea of Starbucks originated in Milan 1983 When Howard Schultz, walking through the streets of the Centre, was impressed by the importance of the ritual of coffee in Italy: so it was that he had the idea of opening his chain of bars. This idea was born the success of Starbucks, which now has hundreds of outlets throughout the world, from the United States to Europe, from Africa to Australia, become a must not just for locals, but also for the many tourists who are looking for a place to rest and warm up after a day of exploring the city.

Schultz stressed that Starbucks will arrive in the land of coffee with humility and respect, Italian food and will propose a blend of specially created for the Italian taste.

Starbucks you will support in partnership with Pamplona, the same group that also controls the brand Kiko.

Starbucks want to throw in Italy his style of bar, intended reference point halfway between home and work place, that is a gathering place for a breakfast, to work on the computer, study or even just to spend an afternoon with friends.

Schultz said that the store Starbuck in Milan will be classic, elegant and design, with a friendly atmosphere and music that fits the taste milanese, in collaboration with the platform Spotify.

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Starbucks goes to Italy in Milan in 2017 Howard Schultz
Starbucks goes to Italy in Milan in 2017: Howard Schultz

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