nightlife milan by night

Milan: nightlife and clubs

Nightlife Milan: Between aperitifs, fashion, design and disco parties, the capital of northern Italy is a dynamic city that never sleeps, and its nightlife is capable of offering events and clubs for all tastes.

Nightlife Milan

Milan is not only the capital of fashion and business, but also the Italian city with the greatest nightlife! The Lombard capital is, in fact, a young and cosmopolitan city, capable of offering a vast cultural choice and nightlife .

Its architectural heritage, its historic centre, shops and prestigious boutiques, its commercial and financial activities make Milan one of the most famous Italian cities in the world.

Its intense nightlife is no different and offers entertainment suitable for all ages, whether you want to have a drink with friends or dance in the disco until the early hours of the morning. Every day of the week you can find open clubs and pubs that organize the most diverse events.

nightlife Milan Navigli by night
The nightlife on the Navigli in Milan

Milan's nightlife begins around 18.00-19.00 with aperitif (also known as "happy hour", a tradition born in Italy and exported all over the world), ending late at night in the numerous bars, pubs, breweries and nightclubs scattered around the city. The watchwords are elegance and worldliness: in Milan the exclusive and chic clubs are very popular, always frequented by VIPs, celebrities, football players and models who come to have fun and above all to get noticed.

You can find bars and clubs open every day of the week, but the best days are from Wednesday to Saturday. Wednesday is mainly dedicated to "university evenings" , in which students can take advantage of special discounts on drinks by showing their university card (usually 2×1 offers).

In Milan's discos, a drink generally costs between 7 and 10 euros, but the first drink is almost always included in the admission price. Usually you are given a card at the entrance that you can use for the cloakroom and to buy drinks, and you pay only when you leave: don't lose your card because otherwise you could pay a very high rate! Many clubs offer an aperitif before the actual evening begins: this is also a great way to save on admission, so get informed!

If you want to experience an alternative and less expensive nightlife , you can try the social centers , which offer evenings with alternative music, concerts and entertainment, with cheap prices and sometimes free admission.

To find out all the events of the week in Milan in detail, you can consult the Zero .

For a cultural evening you can go to the prestigious Teatro alla Scala (Via Filodrammatici 2, Milan) , the Teatro Franco Parenti (via Pier Lombardo 14) or the Teatro Manzoni (Via Alessandro Manzoni 42, Milan).

nightlife Milan Teatro alla Scala
La Scala Theater, Milan
The ritual of the aperitif in Milan

Milan's nightlife starts from the hour of the aperitif (also called "happy hour" ), a Milanese tradition that takes place in most of the city's bars. The aperitif takes place throughout the week, starting from 18.00 until after 21.00, usually when the Milanese meet up with friends or colleagues after the working day to have a drink and something to eat. An aperitif in Milan usually costs between 8 and 11 euros.

nightlife Milan aperitif buffet
The classic aperitif with buffet

With this price you can order a drink (cocktails, beer or soft drinks) and eat as much as you like: bars usually offer a very abundant buffet that includes hot dishes with different types of pasta, pizzas, various first and second courses ranging from meat to fish , in addition to the classic appetizers, such as chips, sandwiches and various snacks. The aperitif therefore represents an advantageous way to eat well on a budget!

Among the most fashionable areas for an aperitif we find Corso Como (Garibaldi underground stop) and Corso Sempione . The Navigli area is the area with the highest concentration of places to have an aperitif or dine: on these historic canals there are many bars and restaurants side by side. Sometimes, even many discos offer an aperitif (also called "Apericena") before dancing.

During your aperitif in Milan you absolutely must order a "Negroni" , the classic Milanese drink made up of a mix of Campari, gin and red vermouth.

nightlife Milan aperitif Negroni
The "Negroni" is the classic Milanese aperitif drink

The districts of Milan and the nightlife

The scenario offered by the Milanese nightlife differs according to the districts of the city. Let's see what the main areas are:

The Isola District
This district, located near the Porta Garibaldi train station, is the new Milanese nightlife area. The district, between Via Valtellina and Via Farini, is mainly frequented by young people aged 20-30 who gather here for an aperitif.

nightlife Milan Isola district
The modern Isola district of Milan

The environment is a bit snobbish and radical-chic: among the best known pubs we find the Frida (Via Antonio Pollaiuolo 3, Milan) , very popular for its particular internal garden, the Isola della Birra (Via Medardo Rosso 18, Milan ) , the first sushi-brewery in Milan, the Soho Cafè (Via Carlo Farini 74, Milan) , a cocktail bar with Japanese specialties, and the Alcatraz disco, famous for its live concerts.

nightlife Milan Frida
Frida, Milan

One of the most famous venues in Quartere Isola is the Blue Note fb_icon_tiny (Via Pietro Borsieri 37, Milan) , a true temple of jazz in Milan, where world-famous jazz musicians have played.

nightlife Milan Blue Note
Blue Note, Milan

Garibaldi and Corso Como
One of the reference points for Milanese nightlife is the area of ​​Corso Como and Corso Garibaldi, an area full of trendy bars and where some of the most famous discos in Milan are located, elegant, very chic and frequented by models, footballers and celebrities. Among these, the most famous are Hollywood, Tocqueville 13, Loolapaloosa, The Club and Old Fashion (see the section dedicated to discos below).

The areas of Corso Como and Garibaldi are also synonymous with happy hour: here you will find many places for an aperitif, among which we suggest the Pitbull Cafè (corso como 11, Milan) , the 10CorsoComo (corso como 10, Milan) and the Fiat Executive Lounge (Via Alessio di Tocqueville 3, Milan) .

nightlife Milan Fiat Executive Lounge
Fiat Executive Lounge, Milan

Corso Sempione
In the area near Parco Sempione there are trendy clubs and bars with outdoor tables, very popular both for an aperitif and in the late evening. The most famous is certainly the Old Fashion club, which offers different evenings every day of the week. Roïalto fb_icon_tiny is also (Viale Vittorio Veneto 28, Milan) , recommended for brunch but also for after dinner, the Gattopardo Café, the Serendepico fb_icon_tiny (Piazza Castello 1, Milan) , a refined design restaurant, where you can enjoy good dishes and excellent cocktails with a view of the Castello Sforzesco .

Milan nightlife Corso Sempione Arco della Pace
The Arch of Peace seen from Corso Sempione

The Navigli
Along the Navigli, the canals of Milan, is one of the most important areas of the Milanese nightlife, always very busy, with thousands of young people who flock to the many bars, discos, pubs and breweries in the area. Along the canal there are many small pubs and open-air restaurants. These include the Sacrestia – Alcoholic Pharmacy fb_icon_tiny (Via Conchetta 20, Milan) and the Seven (Corso Cristoforo Colombo 11, Milan) , a small restaurant with reasonable prices.

Along the Navigli you will find the historic trattorias and taverns of Milan, which offer good home cooking, together with more refined places that combine traditional cuisine with avant-garde cuisine.

nightlife Milan Navigli
The Navigli of Milan

The Columns of San Lorenzo and Porta Ticinese
The area around the Columns of San Lorenzo (which continues along Via Torino up to Piazza Duomo) is the evening meeting point for hundreds of young people who spend the evening here sitting on the ground with a beer in hand or chatting outside one of the many bars scattered in the area.

Among these we suggest La Hora Feliz (Via San Vito 5, Milan) , a Cuban-style bar that offers really excellent aperitifs, Le Biciclette fb_icon_tiny (Via Giovanni Battista Torti, 2, Milan) , an old bicycle workshop transformed into a restaurant and bar, and the ' Ostello Bello fb_icon_tiny (Via Medici 4, Milan) , a hostel whose bar is always packed with people!

The Colonne di San Lorenzo and the Porta Ticinese area are an "alternative" meeting place, where the small and old bars (the most famous is the Rattazzo bar) offer drinks and beers at cheap prices.

nightlife Milan Columns of San Lorenzo
The Columns of San Lorenzo, Milan

Porta Romana
The Porta Romana area is characterized by pubs and pubs with rock, ambient and 80's music, and is mainly frequented by an audience between 30 and 40 years old.

Città Studi
Located in the east of Milan between Piazzale Piola and Lambrate, Città Studi offers excellent breweries and bars frequented by young and old (from 20 to 50 years).

For beer lovers, we recommend the famous Birrificio di Lambrate (see below), the Brasserie Bruxelles Pub fb_icon_tiny (Viale Abruzzi 33, Milan) , an interesting Belgian brewery, the Union Club (Via Moretto da Brescia 36, ​​Milan) and the Au Vieux Strasbourg brewery (Via Strambio 29, Milan) which offers high-level beers. The Matricola Irish Pub fb_icon_tiny (Viale Romagna 43, Milan) , on the other hand, is an elegant pub much loved by students, with an outdoor area open during the summer.

Idroscalo area
The Idroscalo is the artificial lake located near the Linate airport, east of Milan. During the summer the area between the Idroscalo and Viale Forlanini becomes one of the reference points of Milan's nightlife as there are the major open-air discos, among which we mention The Beach, Papaya, Magnolia, Le Jardin and the Amnesia nightclub (read the review of the clubs below).

The Brera district was once the bohemian area of ​​Milan, frequented mainly by artists, writers and actors, with cobblestone streets and old buildings. The bars in the area have higher prices than the average: among these we mention the O'Connell (Via Brera 3, Milan) , an Irish pub with a vast selection of beers, the Bar Brera, located in front of the Pinacoteca, the Art Café fb_icon_tiny (Via Brera 23, Milan) , excellent for an aperitif, and Jamaica fb_icon_tiny (Via Brera 32, Milan) , a real historic bar in Milan, open since 1911.

nightlife Milan Brera district
Brera district, Milan

Clubs and Discos in Milan

Magazzini Generali fb_icon_tiny
(Via Pietrasanta 14, Milan) The Magazzini Generali is one of the most famous nightclubs in Milan . Not only the greatest Italian and world djs perform here, but the club is also a venue for concerts with thousands of people. The club, open since 1995 and located within a complex of old warehouses dating back to the early 1900s, is spread over two floors, plus a third which was inaugurated a few years ago. All around, the club is spread over terraces, walkways and balconies. Reset evening on Friday is famous, with electronic music and concerts. The Magazzini Generali are closed during the summer season.

nightlife Milan General Stores
General Warehouses, Milan

Hollywood fb_icon_tiny
(Corso Como 15, Milan) Open every day from 11.00pm to 5.00am.
Located in Corso Como, the Hollywood is the nightclub frequented by celebrities, fashion and entertainment personalities: here it is easy to meet models, football players and VIPs. The club is known all over the world and represents a real point of reference for the Milanese nightlife . The Hollywood is frequented by people of all ages, generally from 18 to 40 years old, and offers evenings and events throughout the year. Admission can be expensive depending on the proposed event. The club is also frequented by many tourists.

nightlife Milan Hollywood
Hollywood, Milan

Gattopardo Cafè fb_icon_tiny
(Via Piero della Francesca 47, Milan) Open every day from 18.00 to 5.00.
Disco with an elegant style, located inside an old deconsecrated church, with marble floors and columns, in the midst of which stands a huge chandelier. The evening begins at 18.00 with an aperitif, and then we dance until 5.00 to the rhythm of commercial, house and revival music. The Gattopardo Cafè often hosts private events, gala dinners and trendy parties.

Milan nightlife Gattopardo Cafè
Leopard Cafè, Milan
Milan nightlife Gattopardo Cafè beautiful girls
Beautiful girls at the Gattopardo Cafè in Milan

Tocqueville 13 fb_icon_tiny
(Via Alessio di Tocqueville 13, Milan) Open from Monday to Wednesday from 11.30 to 14.00, Thursday and Friday from 11.30 to 14.00 and from 23.00 to 5.00, Saturday from 23.00 to 5.00, Sunday from 21.30 to 5.00.
The Tocqueville is another very popular disco in the Corso Como , which mainly offers house and commercial music. Here too you can find VIPs, beautiful girls and Milanese scions.

nightlife Milan Tocqueville 13
Tocqueville 13, Milan

Alcatraz fb_icon_tiny
(Via Valtellina 25, Milan) Open every day.
Located in an old industrial warehouse, the Alcatraz is a large nightclub and concert hall, which boasts three large halls inside with hundreds of square meters of space for dancing and which can accommodate approximately 2000 people. The place often hosts large concerts by international artists, while the normal programming includes concerts by cover groups and Italian bands from 21.30 to 00.45, and subsequently a disco with dance and commercial music on Fridays and Saturdays. Until 00.30 women pay 8 euros and men 12 with a drink included.

nightlife Milan Alcatraz
Alcatraz, Milan

Old Fashion fb_icon_tiny
(Via Alemagna 6, Milan) Open Monday and Friday from 18.00 to 5.00, Wednesday from 20.00 to 5.00, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 22.00 to 5.00.
Located in the Palazzo dell'Arte in Milan inside Parco Sempione , the Old Fashion is both a restaurant and an elegant disco, very popular especially during the summer evenings. Great for both aperitifs and for dancing until the wee hours of the morning, the club also has a garden and an open-air dance floor. Frequented by international clientele. Monday is the best night.

nightlife Milan Old Fashion
Old Fashion, Milan
nightlife Milan Old Fashion disco
Old Fashion is one of the most famous nightclubs in Milan

Just Cavalli Cafè fb_icon_tiny
(Viale Luigi Camoens, Milan) Open every day from 19.30 to 5.00.
Located at the Branca Tower in Parco Sempione, the Just Cavalli Cafè is a very chic restaurant and club, owned by the stylist Roberto Cavalli , located inside a glass and metal structure. The refined design of the lounge bar combines with the excellent gastronomic offer, with high quality dishes. After dinner we dance until morning. Great on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

nightlife Milan Just Cavalli Cafè
Just Cavalli Café, Milan
Milan nightlife Just Cavalli Cafè girls
Just Cavalli is the right place to meet beautiful girls and models in Milan

LoolaPaloosa fb_icon_tiny
(Corso como 15, Milan) Open every day from 18.00 to 5.00.
Loola Paloosa is another famous club located in Corso Como. The place is frequented by customers of all ages and is capable of offering a lot of fun, revelry and people dancing on the tables. Every Tuesday evening there is the "Coyote Ugly" , where beautiful girls in shorts and blouses dance on the bar pouring alcohol directly into the customers' mouths.

nightlife Milan LoolaPaloosa
LoolaPaloosa, Milan

Black Hole fb_icon_tiny
(viale umbria 118, Milan) The Black Hole is a disco with 3 halls, a space for concerts and a summer garden. Here you can dance immersed in an environment with an innovative style, at the console of which many Italian and internationally renowned artists follow one another. Inside there are some private areas with comfortable sofas. The proposed music ranges from dark and gothic music to rock music, passing through commercial and house music. During the weekend, the Black Hole organizes themed parties.

nightlife Milan Black Hole
Black Hole, Milan

Emporio Armani Caffe fb_icon_tiny
(via Croce Rossa 2, Milan) Open Monday to Friday from 07.30 to 21.00, Saturday from 09.00 to 21.00.
Very refined club and lounge bar, located in the fashion district area, which offers commercial, R&B and electronic music with live DJs from Thursday to Saturday until 4 in the morning. Drink prices are quite high. Warning: the restaurant closes during the summer season starting from mid-May.

nightlife Milan Emporio Armani Caffe
Emporio Armani Caffe, Milan

Le Le Bahia fb_icon_tiny
(Via Nuova Valassina 346, Lissone) Open Tuesday from 21.30 to 02.30, Wednesday from 21.30 to 2.30, Friday and Saturday from 22.00 to 03.30.
Open since 1992, Le Le Bahia is a real point of reference for Latin American music in Milan . Entertainment is guaranteed in the two large halls inside: Latin American music is danced in the large hall, while disco and commercial music is played in the second. Admission is free until 11.00 pm and, every Tuesday and Wednesday, the restaurant organizes free courses in Kizomba, Salsa and Bachata. The disco is located in Lissone along the Valassina, the fast road that leads from Milan to Lecco.

During the summer season Lè Lè Bahia moves and collaborates with other clubs, in particular with the Orsa Maggiore in Lecco (Tuesdays and Sundays) and the Park Cafè in Biassono (Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays).

nightlife Milan Le Le Bahia
Le Le Bahia, Milan

Karma fb_icon_tiny
(Via Fabio Massimo 36, Milan) Open Friday and Saturday from 21.00 to 5.00, Sunday from 20.30 to 5.00.
Karma formerly known as Borgo Dei Sensi , is a historic disco in Milan, characterized by the vastness of its spaces (both internal and external) and by the presence of numerous rooms, in which it is possible to dance to different musical genres. The music proposed is mainly of a commercial genre, while on Saturdays there is Latin American music with the "Besito" . On Friday and Saturday evenings you can also come here to enjoy an aperitif and dinner before dancing (price 30 euros).

Excellent especially during the summer season, thanks to the immense open space that boasts several areas for dancing, private rooms with sofas and bars.

nightlife Milan Karma
Karma, Milan

Le Banque fb_icon_tiny
(Via Bassano Porrone 6, Milan) Open from Monday to Thursday from 12.00 to 15.30 and from 18.00 to 2.00, Friday from 12.00 to 15.00 and from 19.00 to 5.00, Saturday from 19.00 to 5.00.
Restaurant and disco located in the Duomo area, furnished with elegant Baroque-style sofas and gilded chairs.

nightlife Milan Le Banque
Le Banque, Milan

Shanghai Cafè fb_icon_tiny
(Via Giovanni Battista Sammartini 124, Milan) Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 20.00 to 3.00.
The Shanghai Cafè is a historic venue in Milan designed by Fabio Bertolotto and which, for over twenty years, has kept its charm and style unchanged, offering the concept of a "dinner and dance" restaurant (dinner + live music), a genre that has made school in the nightlife of Milan .

The live music restaurant offers a valid alternative to the disco: instead of the music played by DJs, the Shanghai Cafè offers a good program of live music, which completes the excellent gastronomic proposal: The menu ranges from Mediterranean dishes to northern cuisine, up to dishes of international inspiration (Mexico, Japan and Spain), involving customers on a journey through international flavors. The place is furnished in a retro and refined style, with an elegant counter, lights, mirrors and crystals that recall the atmospheres of 30s.

The Shanghai Cafè is also the ideal place to dance until late at night: if you are a fan of the genre, don't miss La Parada del Mièrcoles , an event held every Wednesday evening dedicated to tango and milonga.

nightlife Milan Shanghai Cafè
Shanghai Cafe, Milan

Ceresio 7 fb_icon_tiny
(Via Ceresio 7, Milan) Open every day from 12.30 to 01.00.
Located on top of the Dsquared building, Ceresio 7 is excellent for an aperitif and after dinner. On its terrace there is a bar, a large swimming pool and a restaurant with a view of the Milan skyline. Ceresio 7 the events organized during the fashion week.

nightlife Milano Ceresio 7
Ceresio 7, Milan

The Beach fb_icon_tiny
(Via Arcangelo Corelli 62, Milan) Open Monday from 21.00 to 5.00, Wednesday to Sunday from 20.00 to 5.00.
Located in the Forlanini area, The Beach is a nightclub that offers music ranging from commercial to Reggaeton, from Latin American music to R&B music and Deep House. Inside there are two rooms in which the color white predominates, outside there is a courtyard for drinking and smoking in the open air.

nightlife Milan The Beach
The Beach, Milan

Divina Club fb_icon_tiny
(Via Molino della Armi 32, Milan) Fashionable club frequented mainly by the young scions of Milan, in search of fun and transgression.

Milan nightlife Divina Club
Divine Club, Milan

Club Haus 80 fb_icon_tiny
(Via Valtellina 21, Milan) Open Friday and Saturday from 11.50pm to 5am.
Once called De Sade , Club Haus 80 has begun a new season in what was once one of the historic clubs of Milan 's nightlife . On Friday there is indie rock night, while on Saturday there is "Stardust" with electronic music and international DJs.

nightlife Milan Club Haus 80
Club Haus 80, Milan
nightlife Milan Club Haus 80 girls
meet beautiful girls in the disco at Club Haus 80 in Milan

Lime Light fb_icon_tiny
(Via Gian Carlo Castelbarco 11, Milan) Open Friday and Saturday from 11.50pm to 5am, Sunday from 6pm to 10.30pm.
The Lime Light is one of the largest discos in Milan and can accommodate more than 2000 people. Inside there are two very spacious rooms, while the programming ranges from commercial music to live music events.

nightlife Milan Lime Light
Lime Light, Milan

Tunnel Club fb_icon_tiny
(Via Giovanni Battista Sammartini 30, Milan) Club dedicated to underground music and electronic music. Numerous international guests and DJs.

nightlife Milan Tunnel Club
Tunnel Club, Milan

The Club ( Garibaldi 97, Milan) fb_icon_tiny
Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 11.00pm to 6.00am.
Open for more than 15 years, the The Club it is one of most popular nightclubs in Milan. The club, always well attended and trendy, offers different events every evening with different musical genres, including hip hop, house, techno and commercial music. Don't miss the >"Fidelio", the legendary soiree held every Tuesday night at The Club. Come here well dressed.

nightlife Milan The Club
The Club, Milan
nightlife Milan The Club Tuesday Fidelio
Every Tuesday the evening of The Club is labeled "Fidelio"

Amnesia Milan fb_icon_tiny
(via Alfonso Gatto, Milan) Open Friday and Saturday from 11.00pm to 5.00am.
Amnesia programming with great international guests and electronic music ranging from techno to minimal. The disco, a real temple of dance music in Milan, is made up of two rooms: the "House Room" , in which there are five large screens, and the "Sounds Room" , where the DJs play more eclectic music. Closed in summer.

nightlife Milan Amnesia
Amnesia nightclub, Milan

Fabrique fb_icon_tiny
(Via Gaudenzio Fantoli 9, Milan) Located in a futuristic-looking industrial structure with over 2000 square meters of space, the Fabrique offers music, DJ sets and live concerts. Furthermore, art, fashion and cultural events take place here.

nightlife Milan Fabrique
Fabrice, Milan

Sio Café fb_icon_tiny
(Via Temolo, Milan) Open from Tuesday to Friday from 12.00 to 15.00 and from 18.00 to 4.00, Saturday and Sunday from 18.00 to 4.00.
The Sio Café is an excellent club both for an aperitif and for dancing. Its rich buffet offers Italian, international and seasonal dishes, accompanied by a vast choice of cocktails (over 100 different types). Inside there are two rooms: the main one with commercial music and a smaller one with Latin music and black music (R&B, HipHop and reggaeton). On Wednesday night there is the "University night" and it is always well crowded by young people around 20-30 years old.

Milan nightlife Sio Café
Sio Cafe, Milan

Pelledoca fb_icon_tiny
(Viale Enrico Forlanini 121, Milan) Open Thursday from 20.30 to 3.00, Friday and Saturday from 20.30 to 5.00.
Open both in summer and in winter, the Pelledoca is an always well attended disco-restaurant, located in the Forlanini park in an old farmhouse furnished in a very nice way. You can come here for dinner and then continue the evening dancing. In summer the party moves outside, enriched by a welcoming setting with wooden terraces and bar area.

nightlife Milan Pelledoca
Pelledoca, Milan

Noir Club fb_icon_tiny
(Via Davide Guarenti 17, Lissone) Open Thursday from 21.00 to 2.30, Friday and Saturday from 21.30 to 3.30.
Elegant club located in Lissone, on the outskirts of Milan. Strict selection at the entrance: well-groomed clothing is required. From Thursday to Saturday, aperitif with pizza, buffet and disco.

nightlife Milan Noir Club Lissone
Noir Club, Lisbon

Zoo Club (Zoo Latino) fb_icon_tiny
(Via Panfilo Castaldi 8, Cinisello Balsamo) Open Tuesday and Wednesday from 10.00pm to 3.00am, Friday and Saturday from 10.00pm to 3.00am.
Recently renovated, the Zoo Latino (now called Zoo Club) is one of the largest clubs with Latin American music in Milan. With its 2500 square meters, the club offers lots of Latin entertainment, thanks to the presence of professional dancers. In addition there is also a room with commercial music.

nightlife Milan Zoo Club Cinisello
Zoo Club, Cinisello Balsamo (Milan)

Molto Club & Restaurant fb_icon_tiny
(Via della Valle 71, Carate Brianza) Open from Thursday to Sunday from 21.30 to 3.00.
Located in the heart of Brianza, a few kilometers north of Milan, the Molto Club & Restaurant is Noir's summer disco. The evening begins with an aperitif, starting at 8pm, and continues dancing all night long on the covered dancefloor. The place is very elegant and offers mainly house and commercial music. Dress well.

nightlife Milan Very Club Carate Brianza
Very Club, Carate Brianza

Disco Fellini fb_icon_tiny
(Via Roma 26, Pogliano Milanese) Open from Monday to Thursday from 18.00 to 24.00, Friday and Saturday from 21.30 to 5.00, Sunday from 19.00 to 4.00.
Located outside Milan, the Fellini is another very popular nightclub. The club has an internal part that is spread over two floors and a delightful internal garden complete with a swimming pool for the hot summer nights. We advise you to try their fantastic and rich aperitif which you can enjoy by the pool, starting at 19.00. The music ranges from House to commercial, with a mix of Latin rhythms and Italian music. The disco often hosts international celebrities and DJs.

nightlife Milan Discotheque Fellini Pogliano Milanese
Fellini Disco, Pogliano Milanese (Milan)

Rocket fb_icon_tiny
(Alzaia Naviglio Grande 98, Milan) Open from Thursday to Saturday from 11.00pm to 5.00am.
Spacious disco with music ranging from indie sounds to Garage music, up to the electroclash, rock and pop genre.

nightlife Milan Rocket
Rocket, Milan

Dude Club fb_icon_tiny
(Via Carlo Boncompagni 44, Milan) Open Friday and Saturday from 11.00pm to 5.00am.
The Dude Club focuses its programming on techno and House music, also encroaching on dubstep. University students pay 12 euros by 2 am.

nightlife Milan Dude Club
Dude Club, Milan

Q21 fb_icon_tiny
(Via Padova 21, Milan) Open Wednesdays from 11.30pm to 4am, Fridays and Saturdays from 11.30pm to 5am.
Located in a courtyard in via Padova, the Q21 has two rooms for dancing, enriched by long walls with screens, plays of light and lasers.

nightlife Milan Q21
Q21, Milan

Circolo Magnolia fb_icon_tiny
(via Circonvallazione Idroscalo 41, Segrate) The Magnolia is an Arci club with various internal rooms and immersed in a large park. The place is always very popular with young people and the atmosphere is quite alternative, with a very varied musical and cultural programming (concerts, DJ sets, etc.). Entrance is usually free if you have an ARCI card .

nightlife Milan Circolo Magnolia
Magnolia Club, Segrate (Milan)

11 Clubroom – Eleven fb_icon_tiny
(Via A. De Tocqueville 11, Milan) Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 19.00 to 5.00.
Elegant, trendy and New York-style club, the Eleven boasts a beautiful view of the city. During the summer the party takes place on its large terrace where it is also possible to have an aperitif on the comfortable sofas. The proposed music is mainly House, r&b and commercial. Attention: the selection at the entrance is very strict.

nightlife Milan 11 Clubroom
11 Clubroom, Milan

Byblos fb_icon_tiny
(Via Messina 38, Milan) Open every day from 21.00 to 5.00.
Opened in 2012 and located in the Monumental area, the Byblos has established itself as one of the recent trendy clubs in Milan's nightlife. The place organizes many events on the occasion of the fashion week.

nightlife Milan Byblos Club
Byblos Club, Milan

Le Jardin fb_icon_tiny
(Via Circonvallazione Idroscalo 51, Milan) Le Jardin is a summer club located in a chalet surrounded by a large garden and with a beautiful terrace overlooking it. Inside there is a restaurant area and a lounge area. The aperitif takes place from 18.00 to 22.00 and is followed by a DJ set.

nightlife Milan Le Jardin
Le Jardin, Milan

Pubs, cocktail bars and aperitifs in Milan

In no other country is pub culture as deeply rooted as in Great Britain. However, if you feel nostalgic for the flavors of home, there are some pubs in Milan where you can go for a pint.

Bar Bianco fb_icon_tiny
(Viale Enrico Ibsen 4, Milan) Open every day from 10.00 to 01.00.
Immersed in the heart of Parco Sempione, the Bar Bianco is spread over two levels and is the ideal place to have an aperitif (every day from 18.00 to 22.00) on its marvelous terrace or on the lawn in front of the bar. On weekends there is commercial music and dancing.

Milan nightlife Bar Bianco
Bar Bianco, Milan

Pogue Mahone's fb_icon_tiny
(via Salmini 1, Milan) Open every day from 15.00 to 2.00.
Located near Porta Romana, Pogue Mahone's is a popular Irish pub, frequented by both Italians and many foreigners.

nightlife Milan Pogue Mahone's
Pogue Mahone's, Milan

English Football Pub fb_icon_tiny
(via Valpetrosa 5, Milan) Open from Monday to Thursday from 12.00 to 15.00 and from 17.00 to 2.00, Saturday from 13.00 to 2.00, Sunday from 15.00 to 24.00.
Dedicated football pub, where Premier League football matches and other sporting events such as rugby are shown.

nightlife Milan The English Football Pub
The English Football Pub, Milan

Birrificio Lambrate fb_icon_tiny
(Via Adelchi 5, Milan) The Birrificio Lambrate is a small pub that offers a vast selection of craft beers, including some special beers, available only in certain seasons, depending on the raw materials with which they are produced. Always very busy!

nightlife Milan Lambrate Brewery
Lambrate Brewery, Milan

Old Fox Pub fb_icon_tiny
(Piazza Sant Agostino 1, Milan) Open from Monday to Friday from 16.00 to 2.00, Saturday and Sunday from 18.00 to 2.00.
The Old Fox Pub is a classic English-style pub that offers draft beers as well as a good choice of cocktails.

nightlife Milan Old Fox Pub
Old Fox Pub, Milan

The Cambridge Pub fb_icon_tiny
(Piazzale Susa 2, Milan) Another English pub in the heart of Milan with an authentic British and Italian atmosphere: the pub staff will welcome you and convey the true essence of the pub. .

nightlife Milan The Cambridge Pub
The Cambridge Pub, Milan

El Beverin fb_icon_tiny
(Via Brera 29, Milan) Open every day from 6.00 to 3.00.
Cozy pub, frequented mainly by singers and actors.

nightlife Milan El Beverin
El Beverin, Milan

Spazio Movida Cocktail Bar fb_icon_tiny
(via Ascanio Sforza 41, Milan) Open every day from 11.00 to 3.00.
Located in the Navigli area, the Movida is a very welcoming pub, ideal for meeting up with friends and having an aperitif.

Milan nightlife Spazio Movida Cocktail Bar
Spazio Movida Cocktail Bar, Milan

Mas Milano fb_icon_tiny
(Ripa di Porta Ticinese 11, Milan) Open every day from 18.00 to 2.00.
Spanish pub located in Ripa di Porta Ticinese. This restaurant, furnished with soft lights and brick walls, offers Spanish cuisine and excellent happy hours, with a varied buffet, consisting of sweet and savory dishes (the aperitif costs 10 euros).

nightlife Milan Mas Milano
Mas Milano, place for aperitifs

Brera Garden Floor fb_icon_tiny
(Via Dell'Orso 7, Milan) The Brera Garden Floor is a charming lounge bar with terrace, from which it is possible to enjoy a beautiful view of the Castello Sforzesco. Located in the Brera district of the same name, this bar is the ideal place to enjoy an aperitif in company: the vast choice of food includes above all the typical dishes of the Lombardy region, all accompanied by excellent background music.

nightlife Milan Brera Garden Floor
Brera Garden Floor, Milan

Cafè Metropolis fb_icon_tiny
(Via Vittor Pisani 5, Milan) Open from Monday to Friday from 7.30 to 2.00, Saturday and Sunday from 12.00 to 2.00.
Another very popular bar open from lunch to dinner, including an aperitif.

nightlife Milan Cafe Metropolis
Cafe Metropolis, Milan

Ricci Milano fb_icon_tiny
(Via Fratelli Zoia 71, Milan) Open every day.
Located in Piazza della Repubblica, the Ricci is a very famous trendy bar in Milan, recently transformed into a restaurant under the management of chef Joe Bastianich and soubrette Belen Rodriguez. Acting as both a lounge bar and a restaurant, the Ricci Bar is the ideal place for a break at any time of the day. The dishes offered range from Italian to American and Latin cuisine. The bar also offers a courtesy car service with driver for those who have drunk a little too much or don't feel like driving.

nightlife Milan Ricci Bar
Ricci Bar, Milan

Botinero fb_icon_tiny
(via San Marco 3, Milan) Open every day from 12.00 to 14.30 and from 19.00 to 20.00.
Restaurant and lounge bar owned by inter players Zanetti and Cambiasso, ideal for business lunches, Sunday brunches or even for an aperitif with friends.

nightlife Milan Botinero
Botinero, Milan

N'ombra de vin fb_icon_tiny
(via San Marco 2, Milan) Open from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 2.00, Saturday and Sunday from 11.00 to 2.00.
Located in Brera right next to the church, where the friars' refectory once stood, N'Ombra de Vin is a wine shop that has been open since 1973 and offers a huge selection of Italian and foreign wines. The bar is spread over two floors and is always very crowded, starting from aperitif time, and is frequented by an audience of around 40 years of age. In the lower hall there is live music and DJ sets from 10pm (the best night is Thursday).

nightlife Milan N'ombra de vin
N'ombra de vin, Milan

Fashion Café fb_icon_tiny
(via San Marco 1, Milan) Open every day from 8.30 to 2.00.
Lounge bar mostly frequented by people over 30.

nightlife Milan Fashion Café
Fashion Café, Milan

Nobu Lounge Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Via Gastone Pisoni 1, Milan) Open from Monday to Saturday from 12.30 to 15.00 and from 18.30 to 23.30, Sunday from 18.30 to 23.30.
's Nobu Lounge Bar is part of a chain of Japanese restaurants also present in New York, London, Malibu, Miami, Paris and Tokyo. The restaurant is located inside the Armani Store and consists of a sushi bar on the ground floor and Japanese cuisine on the upper floor. Alongside the Japanese specialties it is possible to taste delicious cocktails accompanied by lounge music in the background.

nightlife Milan Nobu Lounge Bar
Nobu Lounge Bar, Milan

Radetzky Cafè fb_icon_tiny
(Corso Garibaldi 105, Milan) Open every day from 8.00 to 2.00.
The Radetzky is one of the most popular bars for the aperitif in Milan which takes place in its external square, where every day hundreds of young people gather to drink and eat in company, before continuing the night elsewhere.

nightlife Milan Radetzky Cafè
Radetzky Café, Milan

Princi fb_icon_tiny
(Largo la Foppa 2, Milan) Famous bakery where you can enjoy excellent aperitifs eating delicious freshly baked pizzas.

nightlife Milan Princi
Principals, Milan

LeRosse Wine Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Corso Garibaldi 79, Milan) LeRosse is a wine shop and wine bar spread over two floors. Here you can enjoy a glass of wine while tasting fresh cold cuts and freshly cut cheeses.

nightlife Milan Le Rosse Wine Bar
Le Rosse Wine Bar, Milan

Deus Cafè fb_icon_tiny
(via Thaon di Revel 3, Milan) Open every day from 9.30 to 2.00.
The Deus Cafè is located inside the homonymous Deus ex Machina , an Australian brand specializing in motorcycles, bikes and surfboards, with other stores open in Sydney, Bali and Los Angeles. The bar is furnished in a vintage style and, at the entrance, it is possible to notice an open cellar under the floor. Inside there are two rooms where the aperitif takes place, a terrace on the upper floor and an external courtyard.

Milan nightlife Deus Cafè
Deus Café, Milan

55 Milan fb_icon_tiny
(Via Piero della Francesca 55, Milan) Open from 11.00 to 15.00 and from 18.00 to 3.00.
Large and elegant bar with a Cuban atmosphere where you can sip excellent cocktails. A must for Milan's nightlife.

nightlife Milan 55 Milan
55 Milan

Deseo fb_icon_tiny
(corso sempione 2, Milan) Open every day from 8.00 to 2.00.
Elegant and refined lounge bar, located near the Arco della Pace. The interior is decorated in shades of white, black and red, with white sofas and chandeliers. The bar is always very busy, thanks to its location, and offers aperitifs with buffets and cocktails. Il Deseo is also open in the morning and offers excellent homemade desserts. On Sunday, however, there is brunch until 4.00 pm, with a menu made up of Italian and international dishes.

nightlife Milan Deseo
Deseo, Milan

Living Milano fb_icon_tiny
(Piazza Sempione 2, Milan) Open every day from 8.00 to 2.00.
Quiet lounge bar that offers excellent aperitifs and drinks accompanied by good background music. The Living amazes with its selection of over 100 different types of vodka from all over the world.

nightlife Milan Living Milan
Living Milan

Pandenus fb_icon_tiny
(via Tadino 15, Milan) Open every day from 7.30 to 22.30.
Even the Pandenus is a bakery transformed into a bar specializing in aperitifs and offering excellent freshly baked slices of pizza. The place is always open and always very busy, from breakfast to happy hour (the aperitif takes place from 18.00 to 22.00). The other two Pandenus are located in Corso Concordia and in Largo La Foppa.

nightlife Milan Pandenus
Pandenus, Milan

H Club> Diana fb_icon_tiny
(Viale Piave 42, Milan) Open every day from 10.00 to 1.00.
The H Club>Diana is an elegant lounge bar located in the elegant Sheraton Diana Majestic hotel . The bar is surrounded by a splendid garden with a covered area with sofas and tables arranged around a central fountain. The place is very popular for an aperitif and is considered one of the most fashionable bars in the city.

nightlife Milan H Club Diana
H Club Diana, Milan

Frank fb_icon_tiny
(via Lecco 1, Milan) Open every day from 9.00 to 2.00.
Always in fashion now since Frank was born (June 26, 2004) in via Lecco, 1 (to book a table 02.29532587) right in front of the Palestro gardens of Porta Venezia, with outdoor tables and a large double internal room, it is always packed every evening of the week, very frequented by models and which quickly earned itself one of the very first places among the trendy clubs in Milan and I would say with great merit.

nightlife Milan Frank
Frank, Milan

Refeel fb_icon_tiny
(Viale Sabotino 20, Milan) Open every day from 7.00 to 2.00.
Located near Porta Romana, the Refeel is a bar with a refined decor, with leather sofas and parquet floors. The place is always very crowded and is ideal for aperitifs accompanied by good music.

nightlife Milan Refeel
Refeel, Milan

Trattoria Toscana fb_icon_tiny
(Corso di porta ticinese 58, Milan) Open every day from 19.00 to 1.00.
Trattoria Toscana is both a restaurant and a very popular and always busy cocktail bar. The two internal environments divide the restaurant area, located in a large garden room, from the lounge bar area where the aperitif and after dinner take place. The quality of the food is excellent.

nightlife Milan Trattoria Toscana
Trattoria Toscana, Milan

Il Tasca fb_icon_tiny
(Corso di Porta Ticinese 14, Milan) Open every day from 12.30 to 1.00.
Spanish restaurant and wine bar where you can enjoy Catalan and Galician specialties such as wines, tapas and Iberian hams. The furnishings are quite spartan, with small tables, wooden stools and exposed brick walls.

nightlife Milan The Tasca
The Tasca, Milan

Capetown Cafè fb_icon_tiny
(via Vigevano 3, Milan) Open from Monday to Saturday from 7.00 to 2.00, Sunday from 18.30 to 2.00.
Nice bar to meet up with friends and have a drink with friends.

nightlife Milan Capetown Cafè
Capetown Café, Milan

Rita & Cocktails fb_icon_tiny
(Via Pietro Maroncelli 15, Milan) Open every day from 18.30 to 2.00.
Rita & Cocktails is a historic cocktail bar with informal furnishings that serves excellent drinks prepared in an impeccable way. In addition to the classic aperitif buffet, the bar offers sandwiches and some traditional dishes.

nightlife Milan Rita & Cocktails
Rita & Cocktails, Milan

Mics fb_icon_tiny
(via Angelo Fumagalli 1, Milan) Open from Monday to Friday from 12.00 to 24.00, Saturday and Sunday from 18.00 to 24.00.
This restaurant offers aperitifs, dinners and brunches with an excellent choice of Roman dishes and wines.

nightlife Milan Mics
Mics, Milan

The social centers: the alternative nightlife of Milan

The social centers of Milan are cultural centers and meeting points for young students who come here to listen to alternative music and to dance and drink at cheap prices.

Among the most popular social centers in Milan we find the Cox 18 (Via Conchetta 18, Milan) , located near the Navigli, the Zam fb_icon_tiny (Via Sant'Abbondio 6/10, Milan) , for fans of punk and trash music, the Cascina Torchiera fb_icon_tiny (Piazzale Cimitero Maggiore 18, Milan) , which organizes evenings with alternative music and ethnic dinners, and Macao fb_icon_tiny (Viale Molise 68, Milan) , a social center that brings together art, culture, music and theatre.

nightlife Milan Macau
Macao, the social center of Milan