Sunny Beach nightlife

Sunny Beach: nightlife and clubs

Sunny Beach's nightlife: welcome to Ibiza on the Black Sea. Nightlife, non-stop parties, beautiful girls and bargain prices: here on the Bulgarian coast the fun is guaranteed and it doesn't stop for the whole summer!

Sunny Beach nightlife

In recent years Bulgaria has established itself as an important tourist destination, especially as regards the places overlooking the Black Sea. The ideal destination for young people and for anyone looking for unbridled fun is undoubtedly Sunny Beach : a place that offers transgression and a crazy nightlife , made up of disco evenings, alcoholic tours of bars and many young people, made up of boys and girls from all over Europe, especially from the countries of the north and east.

Located a short distance from the town of Burgas, Sunny Beach is certainly the most popular holiday resort on the Black Sea, with a long sandy beach, equipped and lined with hundreds of hotels and clubs of all kinds.

Sunny Beach beach nightlife
Sunny Beach, the most famous summer destination in Bulgaria

This place is considered as the Ibiza of the east , thanks to the presence of many clubs and discos that animate the crazy nightlife of Sunny Beach . Here, however, unlike the famous Ibiza , the prices are much cheaper! Sunny Beach is a real agglomeration of bars, discos, restaurants and hotels distributed along 8 kilometers of sandy beach: in a nutshell, the land of toys!

Here you can participate in parties and events every day and at any time of day, from the aperitif until the morning, and make friends with many young people, especially from northern countries and many beautiful girls from Eastern Europe.

The vast offer for night entertainment ranges from numerous discos where you can dance the night away, bars and discopubs scattered around every corner, as well as casinos, restaurants with live music, taverns and cafes. All at very cheap prices : an entrance to the disco costs between 1 and 3 euros, and cocktails can also cost 1 or 2 euros. Thanks to the low cost of living, Sunny Beach is the ideal destination for young people looking for fun without breaking the bank.

Sunny Beach nightlife night
The nightlife of Sunny Beach is concentrated around its numerous bars and nightclubs

But Sunny Beach does not only offer a lively nightlife: on its beach it is possible to carry out countless different activities, including boat trips, diving, bungee jumping, go-karting and paintball competitions, numerous water sports such as water skiing. and wind-surfing. In addition to all this, you can also find tennis courts, bowling alleys and mini-golf courses, beach volleyball courts, archery and many other leisure options.

Sunny Beach is also a destination known for its renowned concerts at the best clubs, which host the greatest artists and DJs in the world, including Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta, Tiesto Nick Warren and many others. Sunny Beach is definitely a destination not to be missed!

Sunny Beach nightlife concerts
Sunny Beach hosts many concerts

Sunny Beach clubs and discos

Cacao Beach fb_icon_tiny
(Sunny Beach) A real point of reference for the nightlife of Sunny Beach , the CACAO BEACH is certainly the most famous nightclub in this location. Every week there is a different event attended by the greatest international artists and DJs, such as Carl Cox, Tiesto, Armin and many others.

Sunny Beach nightlife Cacao Beach
Sunny Beach nightlife: Cacao Beach

Lazur Dance Club fb_icon_tiny
Slanchev bryag, Sunny Beach)
Open every day 24/7. two entire floors and a large outdoor terrace. This club, frequented mainly by very young people, offers commercial music, House, Tecno, Soul, R'N'B, Pop and Dance 90s.

The club organizes a different event every week, including themed parties and international parties. There is also a nice swimming pool, so bring your swimsuit!

Sunny Beach Lazur Dance Club nightlife
Sunny Beach nightlife: Lazur Dance Club

Disco Den Glade Viking fb_icon_tiny
(Tsentralna aleya, Sunny Beach) The Viking is one of the most popular clubs in Sunny Beach . As the name suggests, the place is mostly frequented by Scandinavian teenagers and offers 90s commercial, techno, Pop and Dance music.

During the day, its beach bar is the ideal place to relax on their giant cushions and enjoy a good cocktail, while at night this beach bar transforms into a crazy party place where you can dance until the early hours of the morning: with the best DJs and a capacity of around 2500 people, this is the ideal place to spend a fun evening in Sunny Beach. The drinks are good and inexpensive.

Sunny Beach Disco Den Glade Viking nightlife
Sunny Beach Nightlife: Disco Den Glade Viking

Party Club ICEBERG fb_icon_tiny
(Sunny Beach resort, Sunny Beach) Open every day.
The Iceberg club is one of the most famous clubs in Sunny Beach . With DJs from Denmark, England and Germany, this international club mainly offers commercial and 80s and 90s music, with many exclusive parties.

Sunny Beach Party Club ICEBERG nightlife
Sunny Beach Nightlife: ICEBERG Party Club

Graffiti Dance Club fb_icon_tiny
(Flower Street, Sunny Beach) Open every day from 18.00 to 8.00.
Trendy disco bar located near the Royal Beach Mall Barcelo .

Sunny Beach Dance Club Graffiti nightlife
Sunny Beach Nightlife: Graffiti Dance Club

Bedroom Beach fb_icon_tiny
(The Beach, Sunny Beach) Always open.
The Bedroom is a very elegant beach bar located on the beach and belonging to Cacao Beach. Here you can relax on the comfortable sofas by the sea and enjoy a good cocktail listening to the dance music in the background. Ideal place to meet many beautiful Bulgarian girls.

Sunny Beach Bedroom Beach nightlife beautiful Bulgarian girls
Sunny Beach nightlife: beautiful Bulgarian girls at Bedroom Beach

Candy Club fb_icon_tiny
(7711 flower street, Sunny Beach) Open every day from 11.30pm to 6.00am.
Located in the heart of the Flower street of Sunny Beach, the Candy Club is a nightclub capable of hosting about 800 people, with excellent DJs and with an incomparable sound system and light shows that will make you dance until the early hours of the morning.

Sunny Beach Candy Club nightlife
Sunny Beach nightlife: Candy Club

The Flying Dutchman fb_icon_tiny
(Tsentralna aleya 2, Sunny Beach) Open daily from 2.00pm to 5.00am.
Located a short distance from the Iceberg club, the Flying Dutchman is a Dutch disco, an ideal place to dance, drink and frolic to the music of the best Dutch singers and DJs.

Sunny Beach nightlife The Flying Dutchman
Sunny Beach Nightlife: The Flying Dutchman

Club Cabana Beach fb_icon_tiny
(Sunny Beach) Open daily from 9.00 to 4.00.
Chic atmosphere and excellent cocktails. The stunning beauty of the place makes Cabana Beach a great place to sit back, relax and enjoy a cocktail or two. They are so delicious that you will order more. You can also smoke shisha here, so sit down or party and let the music suit your mood.

The nightlife of Sunny Beach Club Cabana Beach
Sunny Beach Club nightlife: Cabana Beach
The nightlife of Sunny Beach Club Cabana Beach girls bulgaria
Bulgarian girls at Sunny Beach's Cabana Beach club

Die Party Huette fb_icon_tiny
(Beach Road, Sunny Beach) Open daily from 9.00 to 2.00.
Disco with a very easy and party atmosphere, the classic place to get drunk and dance until morning! Frequented mainly by Germans.

Sunny Beach Die Party Huette nightlife
Sunny Beach nightlife: Die Party Huette

Hollister Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Flower Street, next to Hotel Kuban, Sunny Beach) Always open.
Open 24 hours a day, at the Hollister Bar the party never stops, always attracting lots of people and always hosting the best DJs.

Sunny Beach Hollister Bar nightlife
Sunny Beach nightlife: Hollister Bar

Guava Beach Club fb_icon_tiny
(Beach Road 3, Sunny Beach) Open daily from 9.30am to 2.00am.
With a capacity of more than 1500 people, the Guava Beach Club hosts some of the largest parties in the city, as well as numerous themed parties. In addition, the Guava is not only a place of night entertainment, but you can also relax all day and recover from the previous night.

The nightlife of Sunny Beach Guava Beach Club
Sunny Beach nightlife: Guava Beach Club

The 1 Club fb_icon_tiny
(Cacao Beach, Sunny Beach) Sunny Beach's nightlife scene , The 1 Club follows the example of Cacao Beach for its sophisticated style and exclusive events.

The nightlife of Sunny Beach The 1 Club
Sunny Beach nightlife: The 1 Club

The Bounce Club fb_icon_tiny
(Sunny Beach) Open every day.
The Bounce is a club with hiphop and commercial music, with not very cheap cocktails. Inside you can dance, while outside you can enjoy a good drink and smoke shisha. The place really comes alive after midnight, so come late.

The nightlife of Sunny Beach The Bounce Club
Sunny Beach nightlife: The Bounce Club

Sunny Beach: bars and pubs

Bubbles Beach Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Sunny Beach) Always open.
Located right on the beach in the central promenade area, Bubbles is one of the most famous beach bars in Sunny Beach: relaxed by day and unleashed at night.

Sunny Beach Bubbles Beach Bar nightlife
Sunny Beach nightlife: Bubbles Beach Bar

Amigo Bar fb_icon_tiny
(8240 Sunny Beach) Always open.
The Amigo is a bar located on the seafront, characterized by its always party atmosphere and the crazy and funny bartenders who entertain the customers. The bar offers a wide choice of over 200 different cocktails and various offers on drinks, including 5 liters of cocktails! Every night the DJ plays the latest hits of the moment to make you dance all night long.

Sunny Beach Amigo Bar nightlife
Sunny Beach nightlife: Amigo Bar

La Cubanita Beach Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Cacao Beach, Sunny Beach) Open every day from 18.00 to 4.00.
Elegant beach club that is part of Cacao Beach. Great music and entertainment shows with beautiful cubistas. Recommended both during the day and in the evening.

The nightlife of Sunny Beach La Cubanita Beach Bar
Sunny Beach nightlife: La Cubanita Beach Bar

Cocoon Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Sunny Beach) Always open.
Lively and trendy bar offering excellent cocktails and sushi-based cuisine, all this together with good music, cubist shows and non-stop fun.

Sunny Beach Cocoon Bar nightlife
Sunny Beach nightlife: Cocoon Bar

Mexo Beach Bar fb_icon_tiny
(8240 Sunny Beach) Non-stop partying from dusk to dawn… and from dawn to dusk. Located in the center of Sunny Beach, Mexo is a very popular beach bar thanks to its wonderful sea views, perfect service and delicious cocktails. Let yourself be carried away by the party atmosphere, while the barman entertains you with incredible fire shows on the bar and the DJs play the latest musical hits of the moment.

Sunny Beach Mexo Beach Bar nightlife
Sunny Beach nightlife: Mexo Beach Bar

Jack's Restaurant and Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Tsentralna aleya, Sunny Beach) Open daily from 9.00 to 3.00.
Halfway between a pub and a club, Jack's Restaurant and Bar is a great place to watch your favorite sports live while sipping a cold beer, with over 12 screens placed around the bar. The bar also offers a menu prepared by British chefs.

Sunny Beach nightlife Jack's Restaurant and Bar
Sunny Beach nightlife: Jack's Restaurant and Bar

Sea Star Bar and Food fb_icon_tiny
(Sunny Beach) The Sea Star Bar and Food is a great place to dine, with a great view of the beach and live music. The menu ranges from European, Italian, international and Swedish dishes. Late in the evening the place turns into a cocktail bar with lots of good music to dance until dawn.

The nightlife of Sunny Beach Sea Star Bar and Food
Sunny Beach Nightlife: Sea Star Bar and Food

The Fat Cat fb_icon_tiny
(Beach Road 1, Sunny Beach) Open daily from 9.00 to 3.00.
Located next to the Glarus Hotel , the Fat Cat is a renowned British-style building that offers everything you need for a decent time pass: endless beer and drinks, great snacks, numerous sporting events on the big screens and fabulous entertainment. If you want to come and watch your favorite sporting event, don't forget to book your table in advance.

The nightlife of Sunny Beach The Fat Cat
Sunny Beach Nightlife: The Fat Cat

Sunny Beach: map of clubs, pubs and bars