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Island of Pag: Nightlife and clubs in Novalja and Zrce Beach

Nightlife Pag: The island of Pag is one of the favorite destinations for young people from all over Europe. The ingredients are: crystal clear sea, cheap prices and an exaggerated nightlife that is unleashed 24 hours a day in the clubs located on the famous Zrce Beach

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Pag is one of the most touristic islands in Northern Dalmatia and without a doubt the summer entertainment capital of Croatia. Many call it "Croatian Ibiza" due to the large influx of young European tourists, the numerous clubbing proposals and the cheap prices.


The village of Novalja attracts young people looking for recreation, relaxation and a wild desire to have fun by combining life on the beach with that in the disco. In fact, the city of Novalja, due to its central location, is an excellent starting point for excursions to other places on the island and is the closest place to Zrce beach , one of the liveliest and most active party beaches in Europe , where almost all of Pag's nightlife : along this beautiful beach there are five discos ( Acquarius, Papaya, Noa, Kalypso and Euphoria , open only during the summer season) that enliven the place day and night to the rhythm of music and foam parties, with parties that last until the morning. These clubs alternate the performances of electronic music DJs famous throughout Europe such as Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, David Morales, Chemical Brothers and many others. Entrance to the clubs is almost always free except when there are special events, during which prices vary between 8 and 30 Euros.

Zrće is a beach composed mainly of gravel and is easily accessible as it is about 4 km from the center of Novalja : you can easily reach Zrce Beach in a half-hour walk on foot, by bus from the center of Novalja (price 10 kuna) or in a few minutes by car (there are paid parking lots in front of the Zrce beach . Cost 5 kuna per hour, about 0.70 Euros). The beach, which is one of the 100 Blue Flag beaches in Croatia, has a fabulous crystal clear sea, thanks to the seabed made up of pebbles and not sandy.


On Zrce beach you can try the most diverse activities: bungee jumping, jet skis, party boats , inflatable catapults, beach volleyball courts and swimming pools: all surrounded by top-level clubs and a fabulous sea . You have to go there at least once in your life!

nightlife Pag Zrce Beach
Zrce beach, near Novalja – Pag, Croatia

Clubs and Discos in Pag: Novalja and Zrce beach

Aquarius fb_icon_tiny
(Zrće beach, Pag) Located on the bustling Zrce beach , Aquarius is a bar, disco and outdoor pool where the party never ends and music plays 24/7. The club works around the clock as a beach bar. beach and a restaurant, while every afternoon it turns into a real club, with an after-beach and foam-party in the large central pool, while in the evening the place goes wild with theme parties, events and concerts with the best world djs. In addition to the large swimming pool, the club has indoor and outdoor rinks, lounge and VIP spaces, consoles, several bar areas and terraces with a wonderful view of Zrce beach. Ideal place to dance or sip a good drink watching the sun set and rise on the beach, while the best djs in the world pump their music at full volume.

Among the events organized by Aquarius, the Hideout Festival , the most famous festival on the island of Pag, which takes place every year between June and July. The Aquarius also hosts the season's inaugural event “Zrce Spring Break” and many other festivals and events that take place throughout the summer, between June and September.
Together with Papaya Club , it is one of the best known and hottest clubs in Pag.

Nightlife Pag Aquarius Club Zrce Beach Novalja
Aquarius Club, Zrce Beach – Novalja, P

Papaya Club fb_icon_tiny
(Zrće beach, Pag) Described as one of the best open-air clubs in the world, Papaya is an exotic-style nightclub with a bar, restaurant, VIP area, swimming pool, water slides and hydromassage area with jacuzzi. Cocktail parties and foam parties are organized daily here, and the place hosts internationally renowned DJs including Tiesto, Van Buren, Swedish House Mafia and many others. The club, located on the famous Zrce beach and open since 2002, is now an institution of Croatian summer nightlife, with thousands of young people who come here to dance and party, including many beautiful Croatian and Slovenian girls. The music is fantastic and the club is always full. Absolutely not to be missed.

nightlife Pag Papaya Club Zrce Beach Novalja party on the beach
Papaya Club, Zrce Beach – Novalja, Pag

Noa Beach Club fb_icon_tiny
(Zrće beach, Pag) Another club located on Zrce beach, the Noa Beach Club is an elegant disco located on a stilt house jutting out into the sea. Inside there are dance floors under large gazebos, sofas, swimming pools, VIP areas, massage areas, 3D projectors and a dock for yachts. The musical proposal is centered on commercial music but varies depending on the evening.

nightlife Pag Noa Beach Club Zrce Beach Novalja
Noa Beach Club, Zrce Beach – Novalja, Pag

Kalypso fb_icon_tiny
(Zrće beach, Pag) Kalypso the first club that opened on Zrce beach, about 30 years ago. The venue, born as a sports-bar on the beach, has a large outdoor dance floor, different areas and levels and a lot of different bar areas, all arranged around a circular pool with comfortable sunbeds where you can relax with a drink or a beer. An excellent mix of relaxation and fun, in this place you can both dance and take a break on one of the many sofas scattered around the club.

Among the events hosted at Kalypso are: Hideout, Sonus, Barrakud, Fresh Island Festival and the Stereo Forest Festival .

nightlife Pag Kalypso Club Zrce Beach Novalja
Kalypso Club, Zrce Beach – Novalja, P

Rocks Beach Club fb_icon_tiny
(Zrće beach, Pag) Open daily from 9.00 to 5.00.
Directly next to Noa, Rocks Beach Club is a recent addition to the Zrce Beach clubbing scene . In recent summer seasons, the club has grown in popularity and guarantees crazy pool parties day and night, and attracts crowds of kids thanks to the loud music and its tropical lagoon style setting. We can recommend this club as an excellent alternative in case you are tired of partying in other Pag clubs .

Nightlife Pag Rocks Beach Club
Nightlife Pag: Rocks Beach Club
Nightlife Pag Rocks Beach Club party
Crazy parties and pool parties at Rocks Beach Club in Zrce Beach on Pag Island

Cocomo Club fb_icon_tiny
(Obala kralja Petra Kresimira IV 16, Novalja – Pag) Open daily from 8.00 to 4.00
Cocomo Club is located in the center of Novalja and is the ideal place to start the night before moving on to the clubs of Zrce Beach : the buses leading to Zrce stop in front of the entrance. The restaurant is located in an area full of restaurants and pubs: it is therefore an obligatory stop after dinner and the ideal place to meet some beautiful girls. Commercial music of the moment, played by local djs. The place is not big but it has a beautiful terrace where the music is softer and you can take a breath of fresh air, ordering a drink and admiring the wonderful sea view.

nightlife Pag Cocomo Club Novalja
Cocomo Club – Novalja, P

Nightlife Pag: Music festivals

music festivals take place on Zrce beach in Pag . Among these are:

“Hideout Festival” : established as one of the best dance music festivals in Croatia, a sold out event which sees the participation of numerous world famous DJs)

nightlife Pag Zrce Beach Hideout Festival
Hideout Festival – Zrce Beach, P

“Fresh Island Festival” : Festival dedicated to hip hop and rap music and hosted in the Papaya and Aquarius clubs. This too sees the presence of great artists such as Snoop Dogg, Eve, Iggy Azalea, Nas, A$AP Rocky, Rick Ross and Method Man and Redman.

nightlife Pag Zrce Beach Fresh Island Festival
Fresh Island Festival – Zrce Beach, P

“Sonus Festival” : 5 days of music and delirium on Zrce beach and boat parties, starting from August 15th. With the likes of Sven Väth, Dixon, Joseph Capriati, Ricardo Villalobos and Richie Hawtin.

nightlife Pag Zrce Beach Sonus Festival
Sonus Festival – Zrce Beach, P

“Barrakud Croatia” (sister of “Barrakud Corfu” ) with techno music, and the new festival called “Croatia Rocks”

nightlife Pag Zrce Beach Croatia Barrakud Festival
Croatia Barrakud Festival – Zrce Beach, P