Nightlife San Antonio

San Antonio: Nightlife and Clubs

San Antonio Nightlife: San Antonio is a city full of culture, history and excitement, but it's also a great place to visit if you're looking for some incredible nightlife! Whether you're looking for a relaxing night out or an exciting night of dancing and drinking, here's your complete guide to the best bars and nightclubs in San Antonio, Texas.

Nightlife San Antonio

San Antonio is the seventh largest city in the United States with a population of approximately 1.5 million. The city has experienced tremendous growth over the last few decades. In fact, it is the fastest growing of the 10 largest cities in the United States. Due to its historical association, the city has many cultural sites and attractions. Some of the city's major attractions include the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park , The Alamo , Tower of the Americas, and Marriage Island .

San Antonio nightlife offers many exciting bars, nightclubs, dance halls and performing arts venues for an exciting night out. San Antonio has everything from symphonies to ballets, improv comedy to stand-up comedy. The best thing about San Antonio nightlife is that it's always changing. So you can discover exciting new shows and events and take advantage of everything this vibrant city has to offer.

Nightlife San Antonio by night
San Antonio by night

San Antonio also hosts several annual events, trq of which Fiesta San Antonio and Fiesta Noche del Rio provide residents and visitors with a wide variety of entertainment and stimulate the economy. Fiesta San Antonio event alone has a huge economic impact of $340 million annually. The city also hosts the SAFILM San Antonio Film Festival every summer in August, the largest film festival in South Texas.

Nightlife San Antonio Fiesta San Antonio
Nightlife San Antonio: Fiesta San Antonio

San Antonio nightlife has seen a notable boom in nightclubs in recent years, attracting locals and tourists alike. Stone Oak area has attractions and tourists, but downtown is the city's main nightlife attraction .

San Antonio offers a wide variety of nighttime fun activities. There are several popular bars, lounges and nightclubs in San Antonio where you can party or have a relaxing chat with your significant other over drinks.

San Antonio is known for its great Tex-Mex cuisine, the Spurs, the Alamo, the River Walk, and its famous heavy metal and hardcore music scene. For this reason it is loved for the fantastic nightlife it offers to tourists and locals alike. Enjoy the following activities or visit the sites to enrich your tour with a true experience of San Antonio culture.

Nightlife San Antonio nightclubs
San Antonio nightclubs

Where to go out at night in San Antonio

River Walk

Also known as the Paseo del Rio, this major tourist attraction attracts more than 5 million visitors a year. Enjoy a relaxing dinner at one of the many riverside restaurants and cafes. Spice it up by visiting one of its many nightclubs or listening to the sounds of mariachis and other live music.

Adults and children alike enjoy swimming on the river boats operated by fun San Antonio tour guides. The River Walk is a great place to spend time with the family or just sit quietly on a date while enjoying the babbling waterfall.

Recommended for the best nightlife in San Antonio , the River Walk is a must for good food, great drinks, and fun times with friends new and old. With an abundance of riverfront restaurants, bars, clubs and more, it's the perfect place for a night out in San Antonio.

Nightlife San Antonio River Walk
Nightlife San Antonio: River Walk

Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club

If you plan to visit San Antonio, make sure Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club is high on your to-do list. Each week, LOL brings together acclaimed comedians from around the country, including The Vegas Showroom, The Tonight Show and Comedy Central.

The LOL Club in the heart of town offers free parking and is next door to the Drafthouse , so you can enjoy a good movie and dinner before heading to the LOL show for funny gags and great cocktails.

Majestic Theatre

If you're planning a romantic evening, check out who's performing at the Majestic Theater in San Antonio. The Majestic Theater is the city's oldest and largest atmospheric theater. The theater he designed in 1929 seats 2,311. This beautiful and opulent theater hosts all the best artists, from musicians like Willie Nelson, to comedians like Aziz his Ansari, to his Broadway shows like Wicked. They also have a very talented San Antonio Symphony Orchestra.

The Majestic Theater San Antonio was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975 and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1993. It will be a great source of entertainment for tourists and locals alike. Plus, visiting these places will give you a better understanding of the local culture of San Antonio.

Nightlife San Antonio Majestic Theater
Nightlife San Antonio: Majestic Theater

Nightly spirits

Dive in and get a little spooky on San Antonio's first ghost tour and pub crawl, Night Spirits. Explore the cursed history of San Antonio's historic sites as costumed guides lead you through downtown San Antonio.

Nightlife San Antonio Nightly Spirits
Nightlife San Antonio: Nightly Spirits

The Bar Walk

The Bar Walk is a walking tour of the pubs and nightlife of downtown San Antonio with stops at historic and unique bars and taverns. This tour is a fun way to learn about the city's history and culture while having a drink in one of the city's coolest bars.

Clubs and discos in San Antonio

In addition to the culinary scene and restaurants, you can also dance to a great beat and enjoy a drink. Or maybe you just want to hang out with friends in beautiful places and make new friends. No problem, San Antonio's nightlife is perfect for everyone. From dates to hanging out with friends, San Antonio's nightclubs are a great place to party. With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose or identify the best option.

Here is the list of the best nightclubs in San Antonio :

1902 Nightclubs

Located in the heart of downtown East Side in the historic St. Paul Square neighborhood, 1902 Nightclub is one of San Antonio's newest nightlife hotspots . This glamorous nightclub is housed in the over 100-year-old former train depot of Sunset Station and features fresh beats from DJs, sexy dancers, world-class musicians, rousing cocktails and jaw-dropping entertainment.

It features a huge dance floor surrounded by balconies on its second floor in an ornate Spanish-style building with stucco walls, archways and a clay tiled roof, and sweeping stairways within the club. If you're looking for a world-class clubbing experience, this is the place.

Nightlife San Antonio 1902 Nightclub
Nightlife San Antonio: 1902 Nightclubs

Hotel Discotheque
Located in the northern suburb of the city, Hotel Discotheque is one of the most popular nightclubs in San Antonio . Frequented by a young and trendy clientele, this club is always a good option for a party night on the town.

Nightlife San Antonio Hotel Discotheque
Nightlife San Antonio: Hotel Discotheque
Nightlife San Antonio Hotel Discotheque American girls
Hotel Discotheque, San Antonio

Cowboys Dancehall

Cowboys Dancehall is one of San Antonio's most popular nightclubs : a country-themed dancehall with live music and dance lessons. Located on the Northeast Interstate 410 Loop, this dance hall immerses you in the spirit of the West with live country music most nights and group dance lessons.

Other attractions include mechanical bulls that test your equestrian skills, themed dance nights and an indoor rodeo arena. Live rodeos can be seen at the Cowboys Dancehall during the season. They offer perhaps the largest and most impressive music scene in the city. In addition to beautiful music and dancing, a DJ plays his own country and western tunes as you party all night long on the large dance floor.

Nightlife San Antonio Cowboys Dancehall
San Antonio Nightlife: Cowboys Dancehall
Nightlife San Antonio Cowboys Dancehall Texan girls
Texas girls at the Cowboys Dancehall nightclub in San Antonio

Jazz TX

Jazz, TX is an exciting live music venue known for its underground music. Located in the basement of the historic Pearl Brewery bottling floor on Pearl Parkway, Jazz TX is a favorite San Antonio nightclub featuring new and exciting music .

Jazz, TX is famous for its jazz music but hosts a variety of live music throughout the month. Listen to blues, Texas swing music, Latin jazz, authentic big band, salsa and more for an unforgettable city experience.

Nightlife San Antonio Jazz TX
San Antonio Nightlife: Jazz TX

Howl at the Moon

One of the most popular nightclubs in San Antonio , Howl at the Moon is a live music venue that focuses on exciting and energetic acts with a variety of themed parties. The Howl at the Moon, just off the San Antonio River Walk, is a popular nightlife and party spot.

In addition to corporate events, its private parties and other events, Howl at the Moon hosts novelty shows on one-of-a-kind nights. Here are some examples of past performances such as duel pianos, public dance parties, cover band parties and concerts.

Nightlife San Antonio Howl at the Moon
Nightlife San Antonio: Howl at the Moon

Bonham Exchange

One of the most exciting nightclubs in San Antonio , the Bonham Exchange is the perfect way to spend an exciting night. Located in Bonham near the Alamo, Bonham Exchange is a trendy venue set in a historic ballroom, featuring karaoke nights and nightly dance parties with decades of themes. One of the highlights of the venue is the drag show. In addition to the theme, the venue has a 3-level dance floor, a huge terrace, a DJ playing a variety of music and its own 10+ cocktail bar stations.

Prepare for weekend crowds with a wide variety of popular music. The club has three tiers, offering different 'specials' each day of the week.

Nightlife San Antonio Bonham Exchange
Nightlife San Antonio: Bonham Exchange


Grab a craft cocktail and enjoy live music at Merkava, one of San Antonio's most popular nightclubs . DJs and live music are on stage Thursday through Sunday, and there are plenty of happy hours each day.

Nightlife San Antonio Merkaba
Nightlife San Antonio: Merkaba


Located near Trinity University, Rebar is one of the trendiest nightclubs in San Antonio, frequented by students and travelers. Local San Antonio and touring bands visit Rebar for great live music and drinks.

Nightlife San Antonio Rebar
Nightlife San Antonio: Rebar

Blue Bonnet Palace

Just outside the city, the Blue Bonnet Palace is a San Antonio nightclub that hosts a variety of concerts. The venue has a bar, two dance floors, and indoor and outdoor concert stages. A great place to meet up with friends and enjoy your favorite drink while listening to live music.

Nightlife San Antonio Blue Bonnet Palace
Nightlife San Antonio: Blue Bonnet Palace

502 bars

502 Bar is the place for a truly unique night out in San Antonio. The bar offers eclectic cocktails, over 20 beers on tap, and live music most nights. Open mics every Sunday, usually featuring local and regional musicians. If you like karaoke, Mondays are recommended.

Nightlife San Antonio 502 Bar
Nightlife San Antonio: 502 Bars

Pegasus Night Club

Pegasus is a cozy nightclub in San Antonio where gays, lesbians and straight people can dance the night away. A bar where you can taste quality branded spirits and beers.

Nightlife San Antonio Pegasus Night Club
San Antonio Nightlife: Pegasus Night Club

The Martini Club

Enjoy a creative martini or enjoy a karaoke night and live entertainment. Any musical need can be satisfied at the Martini Club. Experienced staff will prepare the most exotic martinis and advise you on your choice.

Nightlife San Antonio The Martini Club
San Antonio Nightlife: The Martini Club

The bars and pubs of San Antonio

The Esquire Tavern

One of the oldest bars in San Antonio , Esquire Tavern features historic decor and era-inspired drinks. Located on the San Antonio River Walk, Esquire Tavern opened in 1933 to celebrate the end of Prohibition and has been a staple of San Antonio nightlife ever since.

Esquire Tavern holds the title of Texas' longest-running wooden bartop, featuring a range of innovative Prohibition-inspired drinks and simple, delicious dishes. The bars cater for a variety of tastes, whether you're looking for an old-fashioned pub experience or a trendy, hip spot in the city centre.

Nightlife San Antonio The Esquire Tavern
San Antonio Nightlife: The Esquire Tavern

Candlelight Coffeehouse and Wine Bar

The Candlelight Coffeehouse and Wine Bar is a fun nightclub with coffee, wine, live local music and a relaxed atmosphere. The Candlelight Coffeehouse and Wine Bar is located on St. He Mary's Strip, close to the bustling downtown but away from the hustle and bustle.

Visiting the bar, you will notice the candlelit atmosphere and cozy atmosphere. The walls are lined with exhibits from local artists, and local bands grace the stage most nights. You can also relax on the terrace and taste a selection of wines and specialty coffees.

Nightlife San Antonio Candlelight Coffeehouse and Wine Bar
San Antonio Nightlife: Candlelight Coffeehouse and Wine Bar

The Cove

The Cove is a local restaurant serving organic food and live music, perfect for a night out. The Cove has a number of delicious and sustainable restaurants, a beer garden and a dog-friendly terrace with live music.

Located on West Cypress Street, The Cove offers a consistently exciting nightlife and community amenities such as a laundromat and car wash. If you have kids, The Cove has a playground where you can let off some energy while enjoying a cocktail or beer and listening to a band.

Nightlife San Antonio The Cove
Nightlife San Antonio: The Cove

Pat O'Brien's

Enjoy the view of downtown San Antonio while enjoying the sounds at Pat O'Brien's. They'll get your blood pumping with live music and an incredible selection of cocktails and authentic Cajun cuisine.

Nightlife San Antonio Pat O'Brien's
San Antonio nightlife: Pat O'Brien's

Burleson Yard Beer Garden

The Burleson Yard Beer Garden offers intimate indoor and outdoor seating, food trucks, and a wide variety of beers and cocktails. The Beer Garden is known for its selection of international beers, craft cocktails, and food trucks parked outside.

On warm evenings, the garden is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a cocktail with friends. The venue also hosts regular live music performances, so you can catch local acts.

Nightlife San Antonio Burleson Yard Beer Garden
San Antonio Nightlife: Burleson Yard Beer Garden

High Street Wine Co.

High Street Wine Co. has a wide variety of delicious and exotic options for your favorite tipple. The team at High Street Wine Co. make or handpick hard-to-find wines by the glass or bottle, offering comprehensive knowledge without being pretentious.

Do you want to shop outside, sip wine, enjoy a relaxing evening at the bar and enjoy some cherries? No problem. The crew will do their best to support you and make sure your evening is a great one for you. If you want to know more about the wine city or a particular type of wine or just want to know more about wine, that is also possible.

Nightlife San Antonio High Street Wine Co
San Antonio Nightlife: High Street Wine Co.

Sparky's Pub

Sparky's Pub is a popular gay-friendly pub for the entire San Antonio LGBT community, but it's also very popular with professionals. A perfect place to have a good glass of wine after a long day. Their wine selection is impressive, and there's a little cafe off the bar that serves good food, including sandwiches, homemade soups, fresh salads, and desserts. There is a small covered patio in front, another large private terrace is in the back and the interior is spacious and welcoming. Sparky's Pub is the perfect place for a nice, relaxing evening with good conversation and great drinks.

Nightlife San Antonio Sparkys Pub
Nightlife San Antonio: Sparky's Pub

Bar America

Born as a café in 1942, Bar America has undergone numerous changes of menu, format and location over the years. The setting and atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, attracting guests from all walks of life. This bar has an extensive wine list. Pull up a stool, follow the rules, enjoy dozens of craft beers on tap or by the bottle, and enjoy the music from the jukebox.

Nightlife San Antonio Bar America
Nightlife San Antonio: Bar America

Bar 1919

One of San Antonio's best speakeasies , 1919 is a favorite bar for a cool, relaxed evening. The intimate atmosphere of this place allows guests to relax after a hard day's work. The professional staff work hard and maintain a positive attitude. That's what makes this place great.

It is a place where historical mixology is practiced, creating a one-of-a-kind environment.

Nightlife San Antonio Bar 1919
Nightlife San Antonio: Bar 1919

The Menger Bar

Step into history with a fun journey to the Menger Bar at the Historic Menger Hotel. The Menger Bar has great historical significance as the place where President Teddy Roosevelt recruited the Rough Riders in the late 1800s. A great place to grab a beer or drink and ask the bartender about the bullet holes and the story behind them.

Nightlife San Antonio The Menger Bar
San Antonio Nightlife: The Menger Bar

Mad Dogs British Pub

MadDog's English pub has been a Riverwalk nightlife staple for nearly 30 years. The combination of great food and drink and nightly entertainment has made it a “must see” for tourists and locals alike. As the name suggests, this English-inspired pub serves imported beers on tap and in bottles, exotic cocktails and is sure to make you want to party.

MadDogs offers 24/7 entertainment including live bands, karaoke and fun DJs. If you're looking for a night out on the Riverwalk, Mad Dogs is definitely the place for you!

Nightlife San Antonio Mad Dogs British Pub
San Antonio Nightlife: Mad Dogs British Pub

The Modernist

The Modernist offers exotic cocktails along with retro-style decor and furnishings, making it a dream come true. Like jazz music coming out of your speakers, the team love riffs, and when they learn of a particular flavor, style, or information about a drink, they'll concoct something bespoke just for you and price you, too. . Less than comparable bars. To satisfy your food cravings, order food at the restaurant across the street and it will be taken to the cafe to eat.

Nightlife San Antonio The Modernist
Nightlife San Antonio: The Modernist

Southerleigh Fine Food & Brewery

For an authentic taste of Texas, topped off with quality brews, visit Southerleigh Fine Food & Brewery. Here, you'll find more than 20 beers, a seasonal menu, and lots of Southern charm.

Nightlife San Antonio Southerleigh Fine Food & Brewery
San Antonio Nightlife: Southerleigh Fine Food & Brewery

Durty Nelly's Irish

Enjoy pints and peanuts as you sing along to top-notch piano entertainment. Durty Nelly's is probably the closest thing to a true Irish experience on San Antonio's River Walk.

Nightlife San Antonio Durty Nelly's Irish
San Antonio Nightlife: Durty Nelly's Irish

Maddy McMurphy's Irish Sports Bar

Just off the Riverwalk on Houston Street, Muddy McMurphy's Irish Sports Bar is the place to be for sports of all kinds, great lunches and dinners, and lots of fun. 15 draft beers, all day happy hour, and delicious wings and sandwiches. If you're looking for a fun place to meet friends, Maddy's is the place!

Nightlife San Antonio Maddy McMurphy's Irish Sports Bar
San Antonio nightlife: Maddy McMurphy's Irish Sports Bar

On The Bend Oyster Bar and Lounge

Located next door to MadDogs, the Oyster Bar and Lounge On the Bend has a great selection of seafood, sandwiches, salads, desserts, and of course, amazing oysters. On the Bend also features fun afternoons of live music, giant big screen TVs for sports and events, and some of the best river views imaginable.

Nightlife San Antonio On The Bend Oyster Bar and Lounge
San Antonio Nightlife: On The Bend Oyster Bar and Lounge

Devils River Whisky

Located in the heart of downtown San Antonio, Devil's River Whiskey is a prime destination for booze lovers. In addition to serving top-notch cocktails, cigars, food, and live music, the distillery also offers tours of the brewery.

Nightlife San Antonio Devils River Whiskey
San Antonio Nightlife: Devils River Whiskey

The Bang Bang Bar

Bang Bang Bar is a small, unpretentious dive bar in the North Shearer Hills with live music most Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. They also serve tacos on Tuesdays and brunch on Sundays.

Nightlife San Antonio The Bang Bang Bar
San Antonio Nightlife: The Bang Bang Bar

Freetail Brewing Company

This local San Antonio brewery in Shavano Park offers the best views, beer and pizza in town, covering all your needs under one roof. Known for its brewed beers, which are available for tasting at the company's Southtown Brewhouse, include the ever-growing Butt Outta Jerez Lager, Bourbon Barrel Aged Local Coffee Stout, and summer-only Peach Vexarliner.

Nightlife San Antonio Freetail Brewing Company
Nightlife San Antonio: Freetail Brewing Company

Alamo Beer Brewery

San Antonio's East Side freshened up in this great indoor/outdoor space with picnic tables, draft beer, and live music. Located next to the iconic Hayes Street Walking Bridge, this bar is one of the most interesting places in San Antonio to have a drink with friends.

Nightlife San Antonio Alamo Beer Brewery
Nightlife San Antonio: Alamo Beer Brewery

The Beer Garden Riverwalk

Located on Paseo del Alamo, The Bier Garten Riverwalk serves authentic German food and drink in a very pleasant atmosphere. Their menu features delicious sausages and bratwurst, wonderful German sauerkraut and potato salad, and more. They also have live music every day and staff in very pleasant German costumes.

Nightlife San Antonio The Bier Garten Riverwalk
San Antonio Nightlife: The Bier Garten Riverwalk

Blue Star Brewing Company

Built in a warehouse complex next to the river, Brew Star Brewing Company offers a wide variety of craft beers and delicious food. Be sure to drink a flying pig while eating a plate of Bratwurst.

Nightlife San Antonio Blue Star Brewing Company
San Antonio Nightlife: Blue Star Brewing Company

Waxy O'Connor's Irish Pub

Take a seat in the dark mahogany pub and relax in a booth with an Irish pint. If sitting inside is too tight, there's also a stone terrace overlooking the river.

Nightlife San Antonio Waxy O'Connor's Irish Pub
Nightlife San Antonio: Waxy O'Connor's Irish Pub

Mariachi Bar

Mariachi Bar is a fairly new but small gem in San Antonio with a wide variety of drinks and food to choose from. This place definitely exudes the mix of Mexican culture that walks the streets of San Antonio.

Nightlife San Antonio Mariachi Bar
San Antonio Nightlife: Mariachi Bar


Barbaro is an Italian restaurant with a full bar that serves wood-fired pizzas and interesting toppings. Great for happy hours, brunches and late night dinners. The decor and atmosphere is very calm and modern.

With a bar and a large selection of wines, it's the perfect place to meet up with friends. It's also a cozy place perfect for a date or just a nice, relaxing evening.

Nightlife San Antonio Barbaro
Nightlife San Antonio: Barbarian

Pearl Brewery

The Pearl Brewery Complex now features a farmers market, food outlets and event space. Adjacent to the Riverwalk and an easy walk to downtown.

Nightlife San Antonio Pearl Brewery
Nightlife San Antonio: Pearl Brewery

Map of discos, pubs and bars in San Antonio