vilnius breweries

Vilnius breweries and Lithuanian beer

Vilnius breweries and Lithuanian beer. How not to take advantage of a trip to Vilnius to taste the excellent Lithuanian beer? Let's find out which are the best breweries and breweries in Vilnius where you can taste good craft beer and not.

Vilnius breweries and Lithuanian beer

A nice mug of beer in company in one of the many brewpubs is a must in Lithuania, especially during the harsh winter evenings.

vilnius breweries svyturys beer
Svyturys beer

The choice of local beers is vast. Ubiquitous, in pubs and restaurants of Lithuanian cities, are Švyturys and Kalnapilis , the most nationally known beer brands across the country. However, these are industrial beers, produced on a large scale.

The local beer scene is dominated instead by Kaimiškas Alus , or traditional farm beers, brewed according to ancient traditions, with artisanal procedures and native ingredients.
These represent what remained of the country's traditional beers before the advent of industrial beers. They are very craft beers, of fluctuating quality, often made with local hops and malt and with their own yeast strains.

Lithuanian beer of this type is especially produced in the city of Biržai , located in the north of the country, a few kilometers from the Latvian border (a dedicated beer festival is organized here every year). Biržai beers ( Biržų alus ) are lightly or even unfiltered, and fermented with local hops and malt. The fruity flavors and tastes are reminiscent of German wheat beers. To try this kind of beers in Vilnius you have to go to the breweries: among which Bambalynė , Alaus Namai and Šnekutis .

In general, both craft and industrial beers produced in Lithuania are of excellent quality and inexpensive. The average price for a pint of beer is around €1.50.

In Lithuania there is another type of beer, the " Gira " (known in Russia as Kvass), a drink with a sweet taste and a very low alcohol content, produced by fermenting rye.

vilnius breweries beer lithuania Kaimiškas Alus
Some Kaimiškas Alus

Vilnius breweries

Vilnius is a culturally active and very young city, thanks to the presence of the university in the historic centre.
The city's nightlife is consequently very lively and there are many pubs and breweries where you can sip good Lithuanian beer. If you are looking for handcrafted products, you can go to some brewpubs or go in search of " farmhouse ales " , the beers of the farms. disco animals and beer is your thing, here is a list of breweries in Vilnius not to be missed:

Alynas fb_icon_tiny
(Jogailos 6, Vilnius) open from 11.00 to 24.00, Fridays and Saturdays from 11.00 to 2.00
This place serves a large variety of beers. It is a chain of breweries where they serve traditional Lithuanian beer. The other pubs of the same chain are located in Klaipeda, Palanga and Kaunas.

vilnius alynas breweries
Alynas Brewery – Vilnius

Alaus Namai (Beer House) fb_icon_tiny
(A. Goštauto 8, Vilnius) open from 11.00 to 24.00, Fridays and Saturdays from 11.00 to 5.00
. of craft beers from various parts of Lithuania. Wooden planks on barrels as benches, Lithuanian specialty menus, cheap beers and live rock music. Among the dishes we mention the beer soup and the soup of peas and pig's ears. Recommended for beer and rock music lovers. There is a large selection of good, low-priced beers.

Bambalynė fb_icon_tiny
(Stiklių 7, Vilnius) open daily from 11.00 to 24.00
If you like beer you can't miss this place!
Bambalynė is a charming, cozy and quiet little brick cellar-style beer hall with great service. The wonderful atmosphere of the brick cellar makes it the perfect place for a small group, a quiet chat, solitary reflection or reading. Here I offer a wide range of excellent beers (almost 100 different types) from nearby microbreweries – including some unpasteurised and unfiltered beers (unfortunately hard to find in other countries). In fact, here you will find the farmhouse ales. The place is a little more luxurious than its counterparts, the bar is fashionable among the capital's beer consumers. Plus there's an onsite shop and a beer tasting room for the real ale enthusiast. Remember: a sincere smile always opens the hearts of the waitresses here, who are often annoyed by too many drunken idiots with no manners.

Bambalynė breweries in Vilnius
Bambalynė – Vilnius

Būsi Trečias fb_icon_tiny
(Totorių 18, Vilnius) open daily from 11.00 to 24.00, Fridays and Saturdays from 11.00 to 2.00
Busi Trečias is perhaps the only real microbrewery in the capital as well as a good place to eat local dishes. The lower level is a genuinely good bar, while the large upper level is reminiscent of a German beer hall complete with locals singing patriotic songs and tumbling off wooden benches. The house beer is good, although it is advised to steer clear of the flavored versions.

vilnius breweries Būsi trečias
Būsi trečias – Vilnius

Šnekutis fb_icon_tiny
(Polocko 7a, Šv. Stepono 8, Šv. Mikalojaus 15, Vilnius) open daily from 11.00 to 23.30
. The Šnekutis brewery is located in the picturesque Užupis , at Polocko 7a (but there are also two other pubs in town) . The place is definitely charming and farm style. The excellent offer of craft beers offers a wide range of farmhouse ales. At Snekutis you can find beers produced by micro-breweries from every corner of Lithuania. Try getting drunk with Stačias beer from Panevėžys (12% alcohol content). A couple of these large beers and you can find yourself tumbling down the ladder to the toilet. The barman is a bizarre-looking gentleman with a theatrical moustache. Snekutis does not have table service and you must therefore order at the bar. Highly recommended and extremely popular, if you come to Vilnius you have to come and drink here!

Vilnius Šnekutis breweries
The picturesque Barman of Šnekutis – Vilnius

Vilniaus Alus fb_icon_tiny
(Šv. Pilies 6, Vilnius) open daily from 12.00 to 23.30
a small pub located in a small courtyard, specializing in serving good beer and at good prices. They also organize beer tasting sessions here.

Alaus Studija fb_icon_tiny
(S.Žukausko g. 20, Vilnius) open daily from 11.00 to 1.00
The Alaus Studija is interesting because it is not in the center and therefore not frequented by normal tourists. The place is located in an old Soviet police building renovated and adapted to accommodate the bar. The place consists of a huge room where the beer flows freely and excellent hamburgers are served.

vilnius breweries Alaus studija
Alaus studija – Vilnius

Prie Katedros fb_icon_tiny
(Gedimino pr. 5, Vilnius) open every day from 11.00 to 24.00
It is a restaurant and brewery, with an open layout on two levels, not far from the Cathedral. It produces three types of beers: a light one, a dark one and a honey one.

Restoranas Lokys fb_icon_tiny
(Stikliu gatve 8, Vilnius) open every day from 12.00 to 24.00
This restaurant offers the "traditional Biržai beer": very good beer even if with a rustic flavour.