Wine and dinner: tips for the perfect afterparty

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When the evening comes to an end and it's time for nachspiel, there's nothing like a tasty dinner served with a good glass of wine. Whether you want to last with just simple snacks, or more elaborate small chopped dishes, the right wine can really elevate the experience.

At Wineandbarrels we provide everything you need for wine accessories. In the selection you will find products for both conservation and service. We know wine, and in this article we give you some good advice on how to choose the right wine for your favorite dinner. We hope it can contribute to a pleasant nachspiel for you and your guests.

Choose the right wine for your favorite snacks

At the nachspiel it is often enough to prepare some snacks for your guests, so you don't have to stay in the kitchen after a pleasant evening out. For lovers of chips we can recommend a glass of champagne as the perfect accompaniment. The fresh, tart champagne is a perfect contrast to the salty chips.

You can also serve the sparkling wine with cheese crisps. Then you can set up bowls with both sides, and then let your guests choose their favorite snack while sipping champagne from their glasses.

For those who love sweets we recommend dark chocolate and port wine as a delicious pairing at the end of the evening. The slightly bitter chocolate pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the Port wine. A small bowl of nuts is another delicious snack to enjoy with port wine.

Wine recommendations for a delicious dinner

When it comes to small plates that are a little fancier, a charcuterie board with cured meats, various cheeses, olives and nuts is a safe choice as a late-night snack. A light pinot noir is great as a drink. The acidity and fruitiness of the wine pleasantly complement the different flavors of the platter.

Mini-burgers are another delicious type of late night food to enjoy after a night out on the town. Mini burgers go very well with a strong malbec. The dark fruit aromas of the wine and the slightly smoky aftertaste perfectly enhance the flavor of the hamburger meat. Spoon some blue cheese on mini-burgers just before serving for an extra-rich flavor experience that complements the complexity of the wine.

Nothing says nachspiel like a pizza. Late in the evening, you may want to settle for a light and delicious Pizza Margherita. It goes perfectly with a robust Chianti. The acidity of the wine complements the tomato sauce, while the bitterness balances the rich flavor of the cheese. Those who are very hungry late at night and prefer a spring-like pepperoni pizza can enjoy it with a fresh, dry Riesling.

Tips for serving wine and snacks at the nachspiel

It's wise to keep it simple when serving food and wine at the nachspiel. Choose the dinner foods and wines you like individually and experiment with pairings to find what works best for you and your guests. No matter what type of dinner and what type of wine you serve, it is important that the serving temperature is optimal.

Even if you offer both champagne, red wine and white wine, which should be served at different temperatures, this can be done easily.

At Wineandbarrels we have a range of wine cellars with two zones . This means that wine can be stored at different temperature zones in the same cabinet. Perfect when you invite to a nachspiel and want to serve a selection of different types of wine, for example both red wine and white wine.

By combining delicious late-night food with the right wine at the nachspiel, you can give every night out a memorable and enjoyable ending. Our most important advice is to relax and remember to enjoy the experience. For a welcoming and successful evening, nothing is more important than a guest having fun.