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Podgorica: nightlife and clubs

Podgorica Nightlife: Less well known than the seaside resorts of Montenegro, the capital Podgorica surprises with its unique and exciting atmosphere and a multitude of trendy cafes and nightclubs in which to drink and dance late into the night.

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Pristina: nightlife and clubs

Pristina Nightlife: With Europe's youngest population and many international students, it's not hard to see why Pristina is one of the liveliest capitals in the Balkans. Between cozy cafes in the city center and romantic jazz bars located near historical monuments, here are the best nightclubs in the capital of Kosovo.

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Kiev: nightlife and clubs

Nightlife Kiev: trendy nightclubs, cheap prices and beautiful girls. The icy Ukrainian capital warms up as the sun goes down and guarantees really hot evenings!

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Tbilisi: nightlife and clubs

Tbilisi nightlife: in the last two years, the nightlife in Tbilisi has changed a lot. Expect a vibrant city that offers everything from live music to themed bars to nightly raves. Whether you are a party animal or prefer a quiet drink, this guide to nightlife in the capital of Georgia can help you find the right place for you.

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Reykjavik: nightlife and clubs

Reykjavik Nightlife: Famous for its natural beauty and long summer nights, the Icelandic capital also offers fantastic nightlife. It's a small town, but Reykjavik has been named for having one of the craziest nightlife scenes in the world, imbued with the magical energy of its vibrant people.

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