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Sun, sea and wild parties: The destinations for young summer 2015

Young Summer Destinations 2015: Are you still undecided about where to go on vacation? here are our suggestions for your 2015 summer holidays, full of sun, sea and fun!

Youth destinations Summer 2015: Where to go

Summer is upon us and it's time to think about where to go on vacation ! Below we propose some of the most popular summer destinations of the moment for young people . Common denominator: Beaches, sea, discos and lots of guaranteed fun!

Let's see what are the destinations for young summer 2015 :

Summer 2015 youth destinations: SPAIN


Ibiza has been at the top of the list of destinations dedicated to unbridled fun and the sea for decades. Famous for its nightlife and numerous trendy nightclubs, Ibiza is the number 1 destination for those looking for the sea and nightclubs . In addition to its wonderful beaches, the island offers a large choice of bars and clubs where many internationally renowned DJs play every night. Among the most famous clubs: Privilege , Pacha , Eden , Paradis , Amnesia , Space , Bora Bora . The Balearic island can be easily reached via direct flights from low cost airlines, including Ryanair .


youth destinations summer 2015 Ibiza discos and wonderful beaches
youth summer destinations 2015: Ibiza means clubs and wonderful beaches


A favorite destination every year for hundreds of tourists ready to get high and have fun, Formentera , located near Ibiza, offers discos and bars open all night long and beautiful beaches where you can lie down in the sun and swim during the day. The evening begins with a few aperitifs and a few cocktails in the town of Es pujol , the vital center of the island, full of very popular clubs and bars located along the seafront.

Some trendy clubs and bars in Formentera: Fonda Pepe, Big Sur, Blue Bar , Bananas , Xueño, Pachanka, Vivi Club , Pineta Club .


summer youth destinations 2015 Spain Formentera happy hour aperitifs
Destinations for young summer 2015: Formentera and its aperitifs in front of the sunset

Youth summer destinations 2015: MAGALUF – Palma de Mallorca

Magaluf is a center located a few kilometers west of Palma which has seen the influx of thousands and thousands of tourists grow in recent years, attracted by the fantastic beaches but above all by its amazing nightlife . Magaluf is considered the discotheque capital of Majorca : Some of the best-known clubs in Europe are concentrated in its center (located in the central street, "Carrer Punta Balena" ), which organize wild parties throughout the summer to the sound of some of the most popular DJs in the world. Standing out among these is the BCM Planet Dance , a large disco with two floors, the largest on the island and among the first in Europe by size. The prices of a holiday in Magaluf are decidedly affordable, thanks to the numerous offers and discounts on drinks offered by the locals to grab as many customers as possible.


youth destinations summer 2015 Magaluf
Youth summer destinations 2015: Magaluf – Palma de Mallorca

Youth summer destinations 2015: CROATIA – Pag and Dubrovnik

Croatia is increasingly chosen by thousands of young people from all over Europe thanks to the excellent value for money . On the island of Pag , precisely on the Zrce , the most popular and most popular discotheques are concentrated. The discos are free and are open both during the day and in the evening with aperitifs, parties, DJ sets and foam parties in the pool that attract a lot of young people. The main clubs are Papaya Club and Aquarius , located right in front of the beautiful Zrce beach.


youth destinations summer 2015 Croatia Pag zrce Aquarius club discos
Youth summer destinations 2015: Croatia, Pag – Disco Aquarius at Zrce Beach

Dubrovnik , on the other hand, is a town located in southern Croatia. The city is crowded during the summer months and its nightlife is concentrated in the pubs and discos that are located in the historic center of Dubrovnik ( Stari Grad ). The best way to visit Croatia is by car, staying in the numerous b&b and apartments which are very cheap and can be easily found even without booking.

youth destinations summer 2015 Croatia Dubrovnik Culture Club
Youth Summer Destinations 2015: Culture Club – Dubrovnik, Croatia

Youth summer destinations 2015: BUDAPEST and the SZIGET FESTIVAL

Budapest is also an interesting destination for young people during the month of August as it hosts the famous Sziget Festival . Sziget is a music festival held every August and during this event, thousands of young people from all over Europe storm Margaret Island, located in the middle of the Danube. Two weeks of delirium during which rivers of beer and music flow. During the festival it is possible to camp with tents in specially equipped areas of the island. For information, visit the official website of the Sziget Festival .

youth destinations summer 2015 Sziget Festival Budapest
Youth summer destinations 2015: Sziget Festival – Budapest

Youth summer destinations 2015: GREECE

Greece for years been a favorite destination for many young people from all over Europe, attracted here by its wonderful landscapes, its crystal clear waters and its unforgettable nightlife. Greece English , Scandinavian, German and Italian tourists. At the top of the ranking of the most festive islands the Cyclades islands stand out: Ios , Santorini and Mykonos . This does not mean that the other islands have less nightlife: among the islands of the Dodecanese (the Greek islands close to Turkey) Rhodes and Kos , while among the Greek islands of the Ionian (those facing Italy) we find Corfu and Zakynthos , became famous for its beach surrounded by cliffs and with the wreck of a ship in the center, one of the most photographed beaches in the world. To reach the Greek islands there are direct flights from the main Low Cost ( Ryanair and Easy Jet connect the most touristic islands with the main European capitals) or via fast ferries that depart from the port of Athens - Piraeus . For information on ferries connecting the various islands of Greece :

youth summer destinations 2015 Greece Zakynthos beach wreck
Youth destinations summer 2015: Zakynthos – Greece

Summer 2015 youth destinations: SUNNY BEACH

Sunny Beach is the largest and busiest tourist resort in Bulgaria , located on the shores of the Black Sea about 35 km north of Burgas and near the resorts of Golden Sands and Varna . Here the hotel and entertainment offer is vast, with over 800 hotels, 130 restaurants and many bars, pubs and discos of all kinds. During the winter the resort is a dead end, but in the summer thousands and thousands of tourists arrive: Most of them come from Russia, Germany and the Scandinavian countries, but in recent years Sunny Beach has seen an increase in the presence of English and Italians, who arrive mainly in the month of August. The strong point of Sunny Beach are the cheap prices: you can drink and eat for very little! The most popular discotheques are Orange , Lazur , Mania Disco Club and above Cacao Beach : the greatest djs in the world come here to perform every summer (Carl Cox, Armin, Tiesto, Roger Sanchez and many others), in events which see participation of tens of thousands of people. Recommended for young people between 18 and 25!

To reach Sunny Beach there are direct flights to Burgas or Varna . Or there are comfortable shuttles that connect Sofia with Sunny Beach: the journey by bus takes about 3-4 hours.


youth summer destinations 2015 Sunny Beach Bulgaria
Youth summer destinations 2015: Sunny Beach – Bulgaria

Youth summer destinations 2015: BUDVA – Montenegro

Budva , located about 60km from the capital Podgorica , is considered one of the liveliest and most sought-after places on the Montenegrin coast. The old city is enclosed in a fortified historic center which stands on a small island, connected to the mainland by a strip of sand and which encompasses pretty alleys and small squares. The "Budva Riviera" stretches for 40 km and has 17 beaches, mainly sandy, including Becici, Milocer, Sveti Stefan, Petrovac, Jaz, Mogren and Slovenska Plaza . During the summer months Budva is quite literally the nightlife capital of the Balkan coast. The party never ends and every year more and more tourists come here, attracted by the beauty of its beaches and its intense nightlife. Outdoor parties on the beaches, electronic music, concerts, bars and discos: there is something for all tastes. When evening falls, the night life takes place between the traditional bars and pubs, both indoors and outdoors, and traditional clubs, among which the Top Hill , the largest disco in Budva, stands out.

How to reach Budva : From Podgorica or Dubrovnik, by car or bus.


youth summer destinations 2015 Budva Montenegro beach
Youth summer destinations 2015 The beach of Budva – Montenegro

Youth summer destinations 2015: ITALY

SALENTO - Gallipoli

Salento fantastic land where to have fun and relax. In addition to wonderful beaches, the region also offers many places suitable for young people to combine beach life with night life: from Gallipoli , to Torre San Giovanni , passing through Lecce , Salento is teeming with clubs and discos frequented by many young people during the summertime.
In the summer months, one of the most beautiful folk events in Italy also takes place here, not to be missed: the Notte della Taranta .


Destinations for young summer 2015: Salento Gallipoli


Sardinia is an island with a thousand resources and a frenetic nightlife, a favorite summer destination for exclusive tourism , for its kilometers of beaches that are among the most beautiful in the world
. The most renowned locations are: Baja Sardinia , refined, elegant and with the most beautiful beaches in Gallura, Porto Cervo , where the most famous nightclubs in Sardinia are located, Porto Rotondo and San Teodoro , adorned with Caribbean beaches and bathed by blue and transparent waters with spectacular backdrops. All these locations boast a great nightlife and the coolest clubs on the island, including Billionaire , Ritual , Pepero and Hollywood International Beach .

Destinations for young people in summer 2015: the beaches of Sardinia

Youth destinations summer 2015: ISLAND OF MALTA

Malta is an incredible place that fascinates with its history and its wonderful crystal clear waters: the island has a great mix of sea, sun, fun and nightlife. The best area for nightlife in Malta is located in the village of St. Julian/ Sliema , where there is a boulevard with many discos, facing each other, where the music does not stop until dawn. It is here that the numerous boys and girls who arrive in Malta from every European country flock to study English and have fun. Fun is guaranteed!


youth summer destinations 2015 Malta by night
Youth summer destinations 2015: Malta is a popular destination for its nightlife