Bodrum nightlife

Bodrum: nightlife and clubs

Bodrum Nightlife: Among the most beautiful tourist resorts on the Turkish coast, Bodrum is known for its worldliness and active nightlife. It is one of the most popular for young people looking for sun, sea, nightlife and fun for their holiday. With discos, beach bars and many events, Bodrum never stops during the summer season!

Bodrum nightlife

Nicknamed the "Turkish Monte Carlo" , Bodrum is one of the main tourist centers of Turkey and attracts tourists throughout the year, thanks to the warm and sunny climate. Bodrum offers numerous options for a summer holiday, from beaches overlooking the clear waters of the Aegean Sea, to the remarkable cultural and archaeological heritage. If during the day tourists can explore the numerous archaeological sites of ancient Halicarnassus, or sail along the coast on a caique, at nightfall, Bodrum's nightlife lights up in the discos and pubs of the Turkish town, among many parties and events.

Nightlife Bodrum party
Nightlife Bodrum: parties and summer events

Considered the summer nightlife capital of Turkey, it is in Bodrum that the nightlife becomes incandescent . Here you will find fun and parties at any time of the day or night. The nightlife begins at aperitif time, when a swarm of people of all ages pours into the narrow streets of the historic center to keep going until dawn, among restaurants, cocktail bars and discos. The town, especially in summer, is frequented above all by the wealthy of Istanbul, who come here to spend their holidays, between luxury and parties that last all night.

Where to party in Bodrum

Bodrum's nightlife is concentrated in the old town, the seafront and the resort of Gumbet .

Most of the nightlife in Bodrum takes place on Bar Street in the heart of the old town, awash with the biggest and most extravagant nightclubs. It is the favorite destination for young people who want to party until dawn, a long cobbled path flanked on both sides by numerous bars. Each establishment has its own decor and theme, but the general similarities revolve around exotic cocktails and the latest dance music, whether it's Western or Turkish pop. Here you will also find some pubs and raki-bars where you can meet after dinner before going to the disco. You can spend the evening here dancing, drinking and bar hopping. Most of Bodrum's bars and nightclubs do not have a specific dress code, only a few require smart attire.

Nightlife Bodrum nightlife
Bodrum nightlife

An authentic Turkish experience can be combined with a wild evening drinking in one of the Turkish meyhanas . These taverns serve raki (a popular anise-flavored liqueur), beer and wine, along with an outstanding selection of mezes (appetizers), succulent kebabs and seasonal fruit. As the hours go by, the atmosphere gets louder and more cheerful. The festive spirit that reigns in the meyhanas is absolutely unique: everyone sings and drinks, in an absolutely incredible party, it will not be difficult to make new friends. the most famous meyhanas of Bodrum are located near Bar Street: among the most famous are Kaptan Mahmut and Deniz Feneri.

Nightlife Bodrum meyhane
Nightlife Bodrum: the Turkish meyhane

Very popular places among young Turks are hookah bars , where you can smoke hookah. In these places, alcohol is not typically served and instead tea and Turkish coffee are the accompanying beverages. Since smoking laws came into force in Turkey, bars have expanded their outdoor spaces and many now have roof terraces, where you can experience shisha smoking under the stars.

Bodrum's seafront also offers a lively nightlife . There are many bars, cafes, restaurants and disco bars here, each with a different theme. Beachside beach clubs offer relaxation and swimming during the day, and transform into party spots when the sun goes down. Meanwhile, the local Turkish bourgeoisie goes wild in the exclusive parties organized in the many yachts moored in the port of Bodrum.

Located 3 kilometers from the center of Bodrum, the village of Gumbet instead offers a night entertainment more oriented to the average tourist with much lower prices. Nightclubs are concentrated on the classic Bar Street and are open until late at night. The place is mainly frequented by British tourists.

Nightlife Bodrum Gumbet
Nightlife Bodrum: Gumbet

For a more chic alternative, head to Turkbuku , north of Bodrum, the gathering and partying place of Istanbul's wealthy, as you can see from the mega yachts moored in the harbour. In the nightclubs, VIP rooms are booked months in advance, exotic cocktails flow generously and overpriced champagnes are uncorked in abundance.

Nightlife Bodrum Turkbuku
Nightlife Bodrum: Turkbuku

Among the events not to be missed in Bodrum there is undoubtedly the Chill Out Festival , which transforms the town into a big beach party with artists from all over the world. Not to be missed!

Nightlife Bodrum Chill Out Festival
Nightlife Bodrum: Chill Out Festival

Clubs and discos in Bodrum

Halikarnas Club fb_icon_tiny
(Dr.Alimbey Cad.Barlar Sokagi No:10, Bodrum) Open daily from 22.30 to 5.00.
Located on the seafront and with a breathtaking view of the bay, the Halikarnas Club is the most famous nightclub in Bodrum . This place is known to be the largest club in Turkey , wonderful decorations, professional dancers and breathtaking shows, accompanied by the best national and international DJ sets. The club is always careful to maintain a high level of quality and elegance, and offers always different theme parties for each day of the week. Definitely a stop not to be missed if you want to immerse yourself in the nightlife of Bodrum .

Nightlife Bodrum Halikarnas Club
Nightlife Bodrum: Halikarnas Club

Club Catamaran fb_icon_tiny
(Dr.Alimbey Cad.Barlar Sokagi No:10, Bodrum) Open daily from 11.15pm to 6am.
Cited as the largest floating nightclub in Europe, the Catamaran is an original way to party in Bodrum until the morning. Anchored right next to the historic castle of San Pietro, this floating club is a real catamaran turned nightclub that glides along the coast during the warm summer nights as the people on board dance to international DJs and Turkish pop music.

Around midnight, the beat of the music picks up speed and, at 1.30am the Catamaran party boat leaves the shore with its four onboard bars, VIP cabins, traditional dance performances, glamorous dancers and famous DJs, as the night comes on and the party goes wild on board. The ballroom's transparent floor can accommodate 1500 people, while the entire club has a total capacity of 2500 people. A shuttle service connects the club to the eastern shore of the bay every 15 minutes.

Nightlife Bodrum Club Catamaran
Nightlife Bodrum: Club Catamaran

Club Fink fb_icon_tiny
(Çarsi Mahallesi, Neyzen Tevfik Cad. No:32, Bodrum) Open daily from 10pm to 4am.
Open since 2002, the Fink is a popular outdoor club in Bodrum and is located in a historic building, with a golden gate and a giant chandelier that rotates on the dance floor. The Fink nightclub has become one of Bodrum's classics and is particularly popular with young Turks. With a capacity of 800 people, the club is always full and very active every night during the summer, offering music, drinks and exotic cocktails. The selection at the entrance is very strict.

Nightlife Bodrum Club Fink
Nightlife Bodrum: Club Fink

White House fb_icon_tiny
(Cumhuriyet cadesi no147, Bodrum) White House Bar & Club The guide was updated: 2018-12-04
The White House is a lounge bar and a restaurant that in the evening turns into a disco with djs playing the hits of the moment and delicious drinks served all night long. There is also live music.

Nightlife Bodrum White House
Nightlife Bodrum: White House

Marina Yacht Club fb_icon_tiny
(Milta Bodrum Marina Neyzen Tevfik Caddesi No:5, Bodrum) Open daily 9am-2am.
Located in the marina of Bodrum, the Marina Yacht Club houses three restaurants offering an excellent culinary choice and four bars with an interesting musical program, with artists and live music. The place is frequented by a relaxed and party-loving clientele who come together to attend cover band concerts. Excellent cocktails and themed parties all year round.

Nightlife Bodrum Marina Yacht Club
Nightlife Bodrum: Marina Yacht Club

Vittoria Club fb_icon_tiny
(Çarsi Mahallesi, No:1, Cevat Sakir Cad Ticaret Ve Kültür Merkez No:4, Bodrum) Open daily from 10.00 to 5.00.
Popular for over 20 years, Vittoria is an Italian restaurant during the day that transforms into a stylish club at night, with cocktails and good music until the early hours of the morning.

Nightlife Bodrum Vittoria Club
Nightlife Bodrum: Vittoria Club

Mandalin Sound fb_icon_tiny
(Dr. Alim Bey Caddesi 1025 Sokak, Bodrum) Open Wednesday 21.00-5.00, Friday and Saturday 21.00-6.00.
Very popular club offering live music concerts and DJ nights. Always very crowded, the club enjoys a splendid view of the castle.

Nightlife Bodrum Mandalin Sound
Nightlife Bodrum: Mandalin Sound

Karpuz Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Çarsi Mahallesi, 5, Bodrum) Open Friday and Saturday from 11.00pm to 4.00am.
Open all year round, the Karpuz is a cocktail bar and disco that hosts live music every weekend.

Nightlife Bodrum Karpuz Bar
Nightlife Bodrum: Karpuz Bar

Nikki Beach fb_icon_tiny
(Torba Mah., Kaynar Cad. No:15, Bodrum) Open daily from 11.00 to 20.00.
Located in the picturesque area of ​​Torba in the Bodrum Peninsula, Nikki Beach Resort & Spa offers guests the chance to unwind. With three restaurants, including a rooftop bar, a pool and spa. Frequented by many beautiful girls.

Nightlife Bodrum Nikki Beach
Nightlife Bodrum: Nikki Beach
Nightlife Bodrum Nikki Beach girls
Beautiful girls at Nikki Beach CLub in Bodrum

Pasha Club fb_icon_tiny
(Gümbet Mahallesi, Ayaz Cad. No:11, Bodrum) Open daily from 10.30pm to 4am.
Pasha Club is one of the most popular live music venues in Bodrum. A good alternative to immerse yourself in the nightlife of Bodrum.

Nightlife Bodrum Pasha Club
Nightlife Bodrum: Pasha Club

Posh Club fb_icon_tiny
(Gümbet Mahallesi, Bodrum) Open daily from 10pm to 4am.
Club Posh is one of Gumbet's most popular nightclubs , offering great shows, live music and DJs.

Nightlife Bodrum Posh Club
Nightlife Bodrum: Posh Club

W Club fb_icon_tiny
(tepecik mh, Neyzen Tevfik Cd. no:60/b, Bodrum) This trendy nightclub is one of the most popular clubs in Bodrum . Always very busy.

Nightlife Bodrum W Club
Nightlife Bodrum: W Club

Club Sapphire fb_icon_tiny
(Gümbet Mahallesi, Yarbay Sabri Ergüden Sk. No:8, Bodrum) Another disco bar in Bodrum. Lots of music, cocktails and parties until late at night!

Nightlife Bodrum Club Sapphire
Nightlife Bodrum: Club Sapphire

Alora Beach Club fb_icon_tiny
(Gümbet, Bodrum) Open daily from 8.00 to 24.00.
A great place if you want to party during the day and at the same time relax by the pool with a good cocktail.

Nightlife Bodrum Alora Beach Club
Nightlife Bodrum: Alora Beach Club

Sail Loft Surf Shack fb_icon_tiny
(Sahil Seridi kume evleri No:39 Gundogan, Bodrum) Open daily 9am-3am.
The Sail Loft Surf Shack is a windsurfing hangout during the day that hosts parties and lots of music at night.

Nightlife Bodrum Sail Loft Surf Shack
Nightlife Bodrum: Sail Loft Surf Shack

Xuma Village fb_icon_tiny
(Merkez Mahallesi Küdür Caddesi No:81, Yalikavak, Bodrum) Open daily from 10.00 to 20.30.
Located in Yalikavak, the Xuma Village is a beach club in Bodrum , very popular thanks to its location and parties with resident DJs every night of the week. There are two restaurants inside, one of which specializes in fish dishes.

Nightlife Bodrum Xuma Village
Nightlife Bodrum: Xuma Village

TAY Beach Club fb_icon_tiny
(Salmakis cadesi no 18, Bodrum) Open Sunday to Friday 10.00-24.00, Saturday 10.00-1.30.
TAY Beach Club has become one of Bodrum's most popular clubs with its boutique beach, grand views and expansive waterfront terrace. You will have the luxury of relaxing on the comfortable chairs, enjoying the sea and the wonderful Mexican, Italian and Turkish specialties, or trying the many water sports available. The real party starts at sunset, when the DJ turns up the volume and people start dancing.

Nightlife Bodrum TAY Beach Club
Nightlife Bodrum: TAY Beach Club

Moon Beach fb_icon_tiny
(Merkez Mahallesi Küdür Caddesi No:81, Yalikavak, Bodrum) Another Bodrum beach club where you can relax under the sun by day and dance at night. When the moon begins to rise in the evening sky, the party begins and lasts well into the night.

Nightlife Bodrum Moon Beach
Nightlife Bodrum: Moon Beach

Sebastian Beach Club fb_icon_tiny
(Bitez Mh. Çökertme Cd. Bitez, Bodrum) With its white sand beach and great location, Sebastian spoils its guests not only with its extensive water sports menu but also with the sophisticated designed decor by the famous Turkish architect Mahmut Anlar. The place serves as a beach club during the day, while in the evening it is an exclusive club with disco, funky, Turkish pop, 90s, Jazz House and Deep House music.

Nightlife Bodrum Sebastian Beach Club
Nightlife Bodrum: Sebastian Beach Club

The bars and pubs of Bodrum

Veli Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Dr. Alimbey Cad. No:9, Bodrum) Open daily from 9.00 to 4.00.
Founded in 1977, the Veli Bar is a real institution of the Bodrum nightlife and is the oldest bar in the city. Quality live music and a wonderful ambiance make it one of the most popular bars.

Nightlife Bodrum Veli Bar
Nightlife Bodrum: Veli Bar

Kule Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Çarsi Mahallesi, Çarsi Mh Cumhuriyet Caddesi, Barlar Sokagi No:55, Bodrum) Open daily from 20.00 to 5.00.
Located on Bodrum's Bar Street, Kule Bar hosts regular rock music concerts, one after another every night, as well as live Turkish music and a great view of the medieval tower. This nightclub is one of the most popular in Bodrum nightlife and is always very popular with young Turks.

Nightlife Bodrum Kule Bar
Nightlife Bodrum: Kule Bar

Körfez fb_icon_tiny
(Neyzen Tevfik Cad. No:2, Bodrum) Open daily from 10.00 to 24.00.
An unpretentious nightclub where you can attend rock music concerts immersed in a typical pub atmosphere, characterized by dark wooden walls. Every Sunday there is an evening with 80s music.

Nightlife Bodrum Korfez
Nightlife Bodrum: Körfez

Gekko Cocktail & Whiskey fb_icon_tiny
(Çarsi Mahallesi Dr Alimbey Caddesi 1025 sokak No:1/1, Bodrum) Open daily from 20.00 to 4.00.
Opened in 2016, Gekko Cocktail & Whiskey has quickly become one of Bodrum's most popular bars . The place owes this success to its authentic architecture, its hipster style and its handcrafted cocktails. Located in Barlar Sokagi, the bar is housed in an old sponge warehouse. Whiskey and gin cocktails stand out on the menu. The night in Gekko starts with soft tones and progresses with more cheerful and catchy tones to make you dance until the sun comes up.

Nightlife Bodrum Gekko Cocktail & Whisky
Nightlife Bodrum: Gekko Cocktail & Whisky

Discetto Bodrum fb_icon_tiny
(Yalikavak Mahallesi, Dirmil Mahallesi, Balyek Cd. No:5A, Bodrum) Open Friday and Saturday 18.00-1.00.
With both indoor and outdoor seating, Il Discetto features a menu of food and cocktails designed to be shared, as well as a great music selection.

Nightlife Bodrum Discetto
Nightlife Bodrum: Discrete

Kösem Pub fb_icon_tiny
( Çarsi Mah. Terzi Ibrahim Özkeskin Meydani No 16, Bodrum) Open daily from 10.00 to 23.00.
Located next to Bodrum Castle, this trendy pub is prized for its delicious beer. Great value for money and informal atmosphere.

Nightlife Bodrum Kösem Pub
Nightlife Bodrum: Kösem Pub

Chico's Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Gümbet Mahallesi, Adnan Menderes Cd., Bodrum) Open daily 8am-2.30pm.
Chico's Bar is a small bar located on the beach in Bodrum. A fun pub that is mentioned often for its great cocktails and excellent staff. The atmosphere is brilliant and the prices are very reasonable, with a good variety of music.

Nightlife Bodrum Chico's Bar
Nightlife Bodrum: Chico's Bar

Maçakizi fb_icon_tiny
(Göltürkbükü Mahallesi, Narçiçegi Sokak, Bodrum) Maçakizi is a bar along the beach that offers good evening cocktails and an incomparable view.

Nightlife Bodrum Maçakizi
Nightlife Bodrum: Maçakizi

Bati Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Gümüslük yali mevkii, Bodrum) A cute little bar with great vibes offering a great sunset view from the coast of Gümüslük.

Nightlife Bodrum Bati Bar
Nightlife Bodrum: Bati Bar

Roy's Place Karaoke Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Gümbet Mahallesi, Plaj Sk. No:9, Bodrum) Open daily from 8.00 to 2.00.
Roy's Place is a quality karaoke bar open until late at night. This place is ideal if you are a karaoke fan.

Nightlife Bodrum Roy's Place Karaoke Bar
Nightlife Bodrum: Roy's Place Karaoke Bar

Moonlight Cafe Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Cumhuriyet cad.60/B, Bodrum) Open daily from 10.00 to 3.00.
Open since 1989, the Moonlight Cafe & Bar is one of the most popular bars in Bodrum , thanks to its position overlooking the sea. It is mainly frequented by tourists during the summer period, while during the winter months it is particularly popular with Bodrum residents. A good place to drink, chat and relax, sipping a drink with a sea view.

Nightlife Bodrum Moonlight Cafe Bar
Nightlife Bodrum: Moonlight Cafe Bar

Dada Salon fb_icon_tiny
(Çarsi Mahallesi, Dr. Alim Bey Cd. No:44, Bodrum) Open daily from 21.00 to 4.00.
Entering the Dada Salon brings to mind the glamorous era of the 1920s when the Dada art movement was flourishing and the place wants to pay homage to this era by serving as a meeting place for culture lovers with a program event filled with live music, performances and curated exhibits. Dada certainly stands out among the other bars on Bodrum's Bar Street, offering a refined environment, elegant music and signature cocktails, whose name is inspired by the various exponents of the Dada movement. The ambiance of the two-story space is complemented by a copper bathtub that occupies the center of the lounge area.

Nightlife Bodrum Dada Salon
Nightlife Bodrum: Dada Salon

Map of discos, pubs and bars in Bodrum