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Sardinia: nightlife and clubs in Porto Cervo, Baja Sardinia, Porto Rotondo and the rest of Gallura

Nightlife Sardinia: Gallura, in the north east of Sardinia, and its surroundings are famous not only for the beautiful beaches but also for the nightlife and exclusive clubs. Here the nights are animated by music and tourists who fill the discos enjoying the summer air and fun. Here is the guide to the best nightclubs and discos in Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, Baja Sardinia, Santa Teresa di Gallura and surrounding areas.

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Palermo: nightlife and clubs

Nightlife Palermo: Sicily's largest city gets very hot as the sun goes down. Not only because of the climate, but in recent years there are many bars throughout the city, especially in the center which is always full of people. Between the areas of Piazza Sant'Anna, Vucciria, Politeama and Mondello, here's where to find the best bars and nightclubs in Palermo.

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Naples: nightlife and clubs

Nightlife Naples: capital of the Campania region and one of the largest cities in southern Italy, Naples is not only known only for being the home of Neapolitan pizza, but also boasts a very lively nightlife. The options for nightlife range from bars, wineries, pubs and nightclubs where you can sip a good drink. Here is the guide of the best bars and discos in Naples.

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Venice: nightlife and clubs

Nightlife Venice: magical during the day and mysterious in the evening. When the sun goes down, Venice reveals a quiet but great atmosphere, characterized by refined wine bars and traditional taverns where you can sip a good wine or a classic spritz and tasty aperitifs. Here's where to go out during your nights in Venice.

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Salento: nightlife and clubs in Gallipoli, Otranto, Lecce and in the rest of Salento

Salento nightlife: from Gallipoli to Lecce, up to Otranto and Santa Cesarea, the Salento nights light up every summer to the rhythm of music, beach parties, top events with international DJs and Ibiza-style discos. Welcome to Salento, the new favorite summer destination for young people!

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Corto Maltese Jazz Club fb_icon_tiny (Via Giuseppe Giusti, 13, Lecce)

Towards the South fb_icon_tiny (Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, 8, Lecce)

Quarantacinque Cocktail Bar fb_icon_tiny (Via Marco Basseo, 24, Lecce)

Live Events Area fb_icon_tiny (Piazza Falconieri, 21, Monteroni di Lecce)

Outline Pool and Disco fb_icon_tiny (Via Adriatica Km 2, Lecce)

Boogaloo Disco fb_icon_tiny (Via Lecce, 184, Surbo)

Divina Club fb_icon_tiny (Via dell'uva 8, Lecce)

Officine Cantelmo fb_icon_tiny (Viale Michele de Pietro, 12, Lecce)

Lido Caicco (Viale Terme, 1, Santa Cesarea Terme)

Discoteca Guendalina fb_icon_tiny (Provincial Road 259, 1, Santa Cesarea Terme)

Babylon fb_icon_tiny (Location Sant'Andrea, Torre Sant'Andrea)

Mistral fb_icon_tiny (Molo SS Martiri, Otranto)

Turning point fb_icon_tiny (Via Padre L. Scupoli, 37, Otranto)

Bar del Porto fb_icon_tiny (Via del Porto, 6, Otranto)

Stardust fb_icon_tiny (Provincial road 277, Giurdignano, Otranto)

Music Industries fb_icon_tiny (Industrial Area, Maglie, Otranto)

Balnearea Beach fb_icon_tiny (Contrada Alimini, Otranto)

BluBay Disco fb_icon_tiny (Via Sant'Antonio, Castro, Otranto)

Bahia Club fb_icon_tiny (Alimini, Otranto)

Bar Del Porto fb_icon_tiny (Via Doppia Croce, 65, Leuca)

Gibò Club fb_icon_tiny (Litoranea Santa Maria di Leuca Otranto, km 5, Ciolo, Gagliano del Capo)

Bar Principe fb_icon_tiny (Piazza Nazario Sauro, 1, Porto Cesareo)

Bahia Porto Cesareo fb_icon_tiny (Via Torre Lapillo, 97-99, Porto Cesareo)

Le Dune Beach Club fb_icon_tiny (Via Dei Bacini 89, Porto Cesareo)

Tabù Fashion Beach fb_icon_tiny (Strada dei Bacini, Località l'approdo, Porto Cesareo)

Isola Beach fb_icon_tiny (Isola della Scoglio 5, Porto Cesareo)

Oasi Quattro Colonne fb_icon_tiny (Via Alfonso Lamarmora, 3, Santa Maria Al Bagno, Nardò, Gallipoli)

Amamè fb_icon_tiny (Lungomare G. Galilei km 2, Gallipoli)

Blanc Cafè fb_icon_tiny (Via XXIV Maggio, 19, Gallipoli)

Trésor fb_icon_tiny (Lungomare Galilei, Gallipoli)

Ten Club Gallipoli fb_icon_tiny (Provincial Road 215, Loc Li Foggi, Gallipoli)

Postepay Sound Parco Gondar fb_icon_tiny (Lungomare Galilei, Gallipoli)

Cave Disco fb_icon_tiny (Lungomare G. Galilei, Baia Verde, Gallipoli)

Praja Gallipoli fb_icon_tiny (Lungomare G. Galilei, Baia Verde, Gallipoli)

Rio Bo Fashion Club fb_icon_tiny (Strada Prov.le Lido Conchiglie-Sannicola, Gallipoli)

Zeus Beach fb_icon_tiny (Gallipoli-Leuca coast road, Gallipoli)

Lido Zen Beach fb_icon_tiny (Litorana Gallipoli, Baia Verde, Gallipoli)

Samsara Beach fb_icon_tiny (Lungomare Galileo Galilei, Baia Verde, Gallipoli)

Riccione: nightlife and clubs

Riccione nightlife: among the best destinations for nightlife on the Romagna Riviera are Riccione and Misano Adriatico, with their numerous super-equipped bathing establishments to ensure maximum fun for young people. But it is at night that the Riviera lights up with discos, beach parties and aperitifs: here's where to go out and dance during your nights in Riccione.

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Jbar fb_icon_tiny (Viale Dante, 84, Riccione)

Caffe del Porto fb_icon_tiny (Viale Gabriele D'Annunzio, 4, Riccione)

Drinks fb_icon_tiny (Viale Filippo Corridoni, 37, Riccione)

Moscabianca Beach fb_icon_tiny (Piazzale Salvator Allende, 7, Riccione)

Ceccarini Cafè fb_icon_tiny (Lungomare della Repubblica 2, Riccione)

Wave Alternative Club fb_icon_tiny (Via Conca 4, Misano Adriatico)

Living Disco fb_icon_tiny (Via Litoranea Nord 30, Misano Adriatico)

Prince Club fb_icon_tiny (Via Tre Baci, 49, Riccione)

Opera Beach Club fb_icon_tiny (Viale Gabriele D'Annunzio, 150, Riccione)

Mojito Beach fb_icon_tiny (Passeggiata Goethe, 52, Riccione)

Byblos Club fb_icon_tiny (Via Pozzo Castello, 24, Misano Adriatico)

Villa delle Rose fb_icon_tiny (Via Camilluccia, 16, Misano Adriatico)

Peter Pan Club fb_icon_tiny (Via Scacciano, 161, Misano Monte, Misano Adriatico)

Baia Imperiale fb_icon_tiny (Via Panoramica, 36, Gabicce Mare)

Pascià fb_icon_tiny (Viale Sardegna, 30, Riccione)

Cocoricò fb_icon_tiny (Via Chieti, 44, Riccione)

Aquafan of Riccione

Rimini: nightlife and clubs

Rimini nightlife: the Romagna Riviera is synonymous with summer fun and Rimini is its epicenter! A city where the night is always young and where the fun lasts from dusk to dawn. Here's where to spend your evenings in Rimini.

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Enoteca del Teatro fb_icon_tiny (Via Ortaggi, 12, Rimini)

Darsena Sunset Bar fb_icon_tiny (Viale Ortigara, 78/80, Rimini)

NoMi Club fb_icon_tiny (Via Giordano Bruno, 28, Rimini)

Basilico Beach Club fb_icon_tiny ( Lungomare Augusto Murri, 24 , Rimini)

Barafonda fb_icon_tiny (Viale Ortigara, 72F, Rimini)

Kiosko Rimini fb_icon_tiny (Via Block-notes of a director, 6, Rimini)

Barrumba fb_icon_tiny (Lungomare Augusto Murri, 79, Rimini)

Fob fb_icon_tiny (Via Castracane, 17, Rimini)

The Rose and Crown fb_icon_tiny (Viale Regina Elena, 2, Rimini)

The Barge Irish Pub fb_icon_tiny (Lungomare Claudio Tintori, 13, Rimini)

Long Street Bar 127 fb_icon_tiny (Viale Regina Elena, 127, Rimini)

House of Rock fb_icon_tiny (Via Dario Campana, 69, Rimini)

Bounty Rimini fb_icon_tiny (Via la Strada 6, Rimini)

Classic Club fb_icon_tiny (Via Feleto, 15, Rimini)

Newport Rimini fb_icon_tiny (Viale Antonio Beccadelli, 17, Rimini)

Mon Amour Rimini fb_icon_tiny (Viale Principe di Piemonte, 30, Miramare, Rimini)

Bagno Tiki 26 fb_icon_tiny (Lungomare Claudio Tintori, 30/A, Rimini)

Terrasamba Beach fb_icon_tiny (Lungomare Claudio Tintori, 34, Rimini)

Rock Island fb_icon_tiny (Largo Ruggero Boscovich, 1, Rimini)

Life Club fb_icon_tiny (Viale Regina Margherita, 11, Rimini)

Io Street Club fb_icon_tiny (Viale Amerigo Vespucci, 77, Rimini)

Coconuts fb_icon_tiny (Lungomare Claudio Tintori, 5, Rimini)

Carnaby Club fb_icon_tiny (Viale Brindisi, 20, Rimini)

Altromondo Studio fb_icon_tiny (Via Flaminia 358, Rimini)