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Experience the nightlife in 5 of the most famous big cities

When darkness falls and satisfied shoppers leave the streets, the rest of the city wakes up.
The pulse increases and nightlife resumes. Whether it's the many hours on the dance floor, the delicious cocktails in a trendy bar or the authentic experience that beckons, these five great cities have something for every taste. Continue reading Experience the nightlife in 5 of the most famous big cities

What to see in Stuttgart - what to visit in Stuttgart

What to see in Stuttgart. The capital of Baden-Württemberg in southwestern Germany, regarded as a city full of well-dressed and extremely competitive businessmen, is actually a very pleasant town to visit. Here are the best things to do and see in Stuttgart.

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Wilhelma 13, 70376 Stuttgart, Germany

Mercedes Benz Museum

How to get to Stuttgart: connections between Stuttgart airport and the city center

Essential tips on how to get to Stuttgart and how to get to the center of Stuttgart from the airport. Connections to shuttles, trains, buses, ferries and taxis.

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Stuttgart: nightlife and clubs

Nightlife Stuttgart: the quiet town in the south-west of Germany hosts a lively nightlife among lively beer bars, refined wine bars, elegant discos and clubs with jazz music. The complete guide to Stuttgart nightlife.

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Calwer-Eck-Bräuerei fb_icon_tiny (Calwer Str. 31, Stuttgart)

Sophie's Brauhaus fb_icon_tiny (Marienstraße 28, Stuttgart)

California Bounge fb_icon_tiny (Börsenplatz 1, Stuttgart)

Schwarz Weiß Bar fb_icon_tiny (Wilhelmstraße 8A, Stuttgart)

Platzhirsch fb_icon_tiny (Geißstraße 12, Stuttgart)

Bonnie & Clyde fb_icon_tiny (Heinrich-Baumann-Straße 24, Stuttgart)

Mos Eisley fb_icon_tiny (Fritz-Elsas-Straße 20, Stuttgart)

Marshall Matt fb_icon_tiny (Eberhardstraße 6A, Stuttgart)

Amadeus fb_icon_tiny (Charlottenpl. 17, Stuttgart)

Ackermanns fb_icon_tiny (Bebelstraße 20, Stuttgart)

Palast der Republik fb_icon_tiny (Friedrichstraße 27, Stuttgart)

Sky Beach Stuttgart fb_icon_tiny (Königstraße 6, Stuttgart)

Paulaner am alten Postplatz fb_icon_tiny (Am Schlossgarten 18, Stuttgart)

Biergarten im Schlossgarten fb_icon_tiny (Am Schlossgarten 18, Stuttgart)

Bar Fou Fou fb_icon_tiny (Leonhardstraße 13, Stuttgart)

Classic Rock Cafe fb_icon_tiny (Eberhardstraße 22, Stuttgart)

Biddy Early's Irish Pub fb_icon_tiny (Marienstraße 28, Stuttgart)

Mata Hari fb_icon_tiny (Geißstraße 3, Stuttgart)

Deli Stuttgart fb_icon_tiny (Geißstraße 7, Stuttgart)

Waranga Club & Lounge fb_icon_tiny (Kleiner Schloßplatz 15, Stuttgart)

BIX Jazzclub fb_icon_tiny (Leonhardspl. 28, Stuttgart)

Jazz Club Kiste fb_icon_tiny (Hauptstätter Str. 35, Stuttgart)

Rohbau fb_icon_tiny (Theodor-Heuss-Straße 26, Stuttgart)

Mash Stuttgart fb_icon_tiny (Forststraße 7, Stuttgart)

The Oasis fb_icon_tiny (Theodor-Heuss-Straße 21, Stuttgart)

Laboratorium fb_icon_tiny (Wagenburgstraße 140, Stuttgart)

Im Wizemann fb_icon_tiny (Quellenstraße 7, Stuttgart)

Universum fb_icon_tiny (Charlottenpl. 1, Stuttgart)

Dilayla fb_icon_tiny (Eberhardstraße 49, Stuttgart)

Vivally Club fb_icon_tiny (Stammheimer Str. 45, Stuttgart)

Pure Club fb_icon_tiny (Friedrichstraße 13, Stuttgart)

0711 Club fb_icon_tiny (Marienstrasse 37, Stuttgart)

City Department Club fb_icon_tiny (Königstraße 51, Stuttgart)

HI LIFE Club fb_icon_tiny (Rotebühlpl. 11, Stuttgart)

Corso Bar fb_icon_tiny (Geißstraße 5, Stuttgart)

Climax Institutes fb_icon_tiny (Calwer Str. 25, Stuttgart)

AER Club fb_icon_tiny (Büchsenstraße 10, Stuttgart)

Schankstelle fb_icon_tiny (Jägerstraße 19, Stuttgart)

Marquardts fb_icon_tiny (Königstraße 22, Stuttgart)

Schräglage Club fb_icon_tiny (Hirschstraße 14, Stuttgart)

Kowalski (Kriegsbergstraße 28, Sattugart) fb_icon_tiny

Freund & Kupferstecher fb_icon_tiny (Fritz-Elsas-Straße 60, Stuttgart)


7 Grad fb_icon_tiny (Theodor-Heuss-Straße 32, Stuttgart)

Proton The Club fb_icon_tiny (Königstraße 49, Stuttgart)

Perkins Park fb_icon_tiny (Stresemannstraße 39, Stuttgart)

Schocken fb_icon_tiny (Hirschstraße 36, Stuttgart)

Frankfurt: nightlife and clubs

Nightlife Frankfurt: cradle of techno music, the financial capital of Germany offers a good nightlife. from clubs with concerts and live music to temples of electronic music, discover the young and sparkling nightlife of Frankfurt!

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Frankfurt Art Bar fb_icon_tiny (Ziegelhüttenweg 221, Frankfurt am Main)

Mantis Roofgarden (Katharinenpforte 6, Frankfurt am Main)

The Fox and Hound fb_icon_tiny (Niedenau 2, Frankfurt am Main)

Naïv fb_icon_tiny (Brönnerstraße 17, Frankfurt am Main)

Mainstrand fb_icon_tiny (Schaumainkai 5, Frankfurt am Main)

The Anglo Irish Pub fb_icon_tiny (Kleine Rittergasse 1, Frankfurt am Main)

O'Reilly Irish Pub fb_icon_tiny (Am Hauptbahnhof 4, Frankfurt am Main)

Jimmy's Bar fb_icon_tiny (Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 40, Frankfurt am Main)

22nd Lounge & Bar fb_icon_tiny (Neue Mainzer Str. 66, Frankfurt am Main)

Luna Bar fb_icon_tiny (Stiftstraße 6, Frankfurt am Main)

Dauth-Schneider fb_icon_tiny (Neuer Wall 5-7, Frankfurt am Main)

Spritzehaus fb_icon_tiny (Große Rittergasse 41, Frankfurt am Main)

Ponyhof fb_icon_tiny (Klappergasse 16, Frankfurt am Main)

Brotfabrik fb_icon_tiny (Bachmannstraße 2-4, Frankfurt am Main)

Velvet Club fb_icon_tiny (Weißfrauenstraße 12-16, Frankfurt am Main)

Final Destination fb_icon_tiny (Holzgraben 9, Frankfurt am Main)

Das Bett fb_icon_tiny (Schmidtstraße 12, Frankfurt am Main)

Clubkeller fb_icon_tiny (Textorstraße 26, Frankfurt am Main)

Chango Latin Palace fb_icon_tiny (Münchener Str. 57, Frankfurt am Main)

Elfer Music Club fb_icon_tiny (Klappergasse 5, Frankfurt am Main)

Silbergold fb_icon_tiny (Heiligkreuzgasse 22, Frankfurt am Main)

Musiklokal Südbahnhof fb_icon_tiny (Hedderich Straße, Frankfurt am Main)

Club Travolta fb_icon_tiny (Brönnerstraße 17, Frankfurt am Main)

Cooky's Club fb_icon_tiny (Am Salzhaus 4, Frankfurt am Main)

The Cave Club fb_icon_tiny (Brönnerstraße 11, Frankfurt am Main)

Club Voltaire fb_icon_tiny (Kleine Hochstraße 5, Frankfurt am Main)

Jazzlokal Mampf fb_icon_tiny (Sandweg 64, Frankfurt am Main)

Zoom Club fb_icon_tiny (Brönnerstraße 5-9, Frankfurt am Main)

Dreikönigskeller fb_icon_tiny (Färberstraße 71, Frankfurt am Main)

Jazzkeller fb_icon_tiny (Kleine Bockenheimer Str. 18a, Frankfurt am Main)

U60311 fb_icon_tiny (Am Salzhaus 4, Frankfurt am Main)

o25 Club (Ostparkstraße 25, Frankfurt am Main)

Hafen 2 fb_icon_tiny (Nordring 129, Frankfurt am Main)

Batschkapp fb_icon_tiny (Gwinnerstraße 5, Frankfurt am Main)

Tanzhaus West fb_icon_tiny (Gutleutstraße 294, Frankfurt am Main)

Robert Johnson fb_icon_tiny (Nordring 131, Frankfurt am Main)

Hamburg: nightlife and clubs

Nightlife Hamburg: young, dynamic and transgressive, the Hanseatic city has a lot to offer in terms of nightlife. From the wild nightlife on the famous Reeperbahn , to the jazz clubs and historic venues that hosted the legendary Beatles, here's where to spend your nights in Hamburg!

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Pony Bar fb_icon_tiny (Allende-Platz 1, Hamburg)

Cascadas fb_icon_tiny (Ferdinandstraße 12, Hamburg)

White Lounge fb_icon_tiny (Barmbeker Str. 2, Hamburg)

Gröninger Privatbrauerei fb_icon_tiny (Willy-Brandt-Straße 47, Hamburg)

Tower Bar fb_icon_tiny (Seewartenstraße 9, Hamburg)

Le Lion fb_icon_tiny (Rathausstraße 3, Hamburg)

Familien-Eck fb_icon_tiny (Friedensallee 2-4, Hamburg)

Café Knuth fb_icon_tiny (Große Rainstraße 21, Hamburg)

Bar M & V fb_icon_tiny (Lange Reihe 22, Hamburg)

Bar Hamburg fb_icon_tiny (Rautenbergstrasse 6-8, Hamburg)

Amphore fb_icon_tiny (St. Pauli Hafenstraße 140, Hamburg)

Deutsches Schauspielhaus fb_icon_tiny (Kirchenallee 39, Hamburg)

Laeiszhalle fb_icon_tiny (Johannes-Brahms-Platz, Hamburg)

Waagenbau fb_icon_tiny (Max-Brauer-Allee 204, Hamburg)

Terrace Hill Club fb_icon_tiny (Feldstraße 66, Hamburg)

Souledge fb_icon_tiny (Stresemannstraße 112, Hamburg)

Stellwerk fb_icon_tiny (Hannoversche Str. 85, Hamburg)

Stage Club fb_icon_tiny (Stresemannstraße 163, Hamburg)

Rote Flora fb_icon_tiny (Achidi-John-Platz 1, Hamburg)

Park Café Schöne Aussichten fb_icon_tiny (Gorch-Fock-Wall 4, Hamburg)

Moondoo fb_icon_tiny (Reeperbahn 136, Hamburg)

Mojo Club fb_icon_tiny (Reeperbahn 1, Hamburg)

Markthalle fb_icon_tiny (Klosterwall 11, Hamburg)

Hamburg Logo fb_icon_tiny (Grindelallee 5, Hamburg)

Kulturhaus 73 fb_icon_tiny (Schulterblatt 73, Hamburg)

Knust fb_icon_tiny (Neuer Kamp 30, Hamburg)

Bergedorf Jazz Club (Weidenbaumsweg 13-15, Hamburg)

Honigfabrik fb_icon_tiny (Industriestraße 125-131, Hamburg)

Headcrash fb_icon_tiny (Große Elbstraße 276, Hamburg)

Halo Club fb_icon_tiny (Große Freiheit 6, Hamburg)

Hafenklang fb_icon_tiny (Große Elbstraße 84, Hamburg)

Hafenbahnhof fb_icon_tiny (Große Elbstraße 276, Hamburg)

Grüner Jäger fb_icon_tiny (Neuer Pferdemarkt 36, Hamburg)

Freundlich + Kompetent fb_icon_tiny (Hamburger Str. 13, Hamburg)

The party boat – Ms Hedi fb_icon_tiny (St. Pauli-Landungsbrücken Brücke 10, Hamburg)

Edelfettwerk fb_icon_tiny (Schnackenburgallee 202, Hamburg)

Buddy's fb_icon_tiny (Friedrichstraße 7A, Hamburg)

Bar 227 fb_icon_tiny (Max-Brauer-Allee 227, Hamburg)

Baalsaal Club fb_icon_tiny (Reeperbahn 25, Hamburg)

Bambi Galore fb_icon_tiny (Öjendorfer Weg 30, Hamburg)

Mandalay fb_icon_tiny (Ecke, Neuer Pferdemarkt, Hamburg)

Drafthouse fb_icon_tiny (Hans-Albers-Platz 20, Hamburg)

Bar Morphine fb_icon_tiny (Reeperbahn 136, Hamburg)

Astra-Stube fb_icon_tiny (Max-Brauer-Allee 200, Hamburg)

Club Du Nord fb_icon_tiny (Dorotheenstraße 33, Hamburg)

Indra Musikclub fb_icon_tiny (Große Freiheit 64, Hamburg)

Uebel und Gefährlich fb_icon_tiny (Feldstraße 66, Hamburg)

Music Club Live fb_icon_tiny (Fruchtallee 36, Hamburg)

Fabrik fb_icon_tiny (Barnerstraße 36, Hamburg)

Downtown Bluesclub fb_icon_tiny (Otto-Wels-Straße 2, Hamburg)

Birdland fb_icon_tiny (Gärtnerstraße 122, Hamburg)

Prinzenbar fb_icon_tiny (Kastanienallee 20, Hamburg)

Cotton Club fb_icon_tiny (Alter Steinweg 10, Hamburg)

Blankenese Kiez Internat fb_icon_tiny (Große Freiheit 10, Hamburg)

Bar Rossi fb_icon_tiny (Max-Brauer-Allee 279, Hamburg)

Gruenspan fb_icon_tiny (Große Freiheit 58, Hamburg)

Fundbureau fb_icon_tiny (Stresemannstraße 114, Hamburg)

Molotow Club fb_icon_tiny (Nobistor 14, Hamburg)

H1 Club & Lounge fb_icon_tiny (Conventstraße 8-10, Hamburg)

Docks fb_icon_tiny (Spielbudenpl. 19, Hamburg)

Angie's Nightclub fb_icon_tiny (Spielbudenpl. 27, Hamburg)

Grosse Freiheit 36 fb_icon_tiny ​​(Große Freiheit 36, Hamburg)

Erika's Eck (Sternstraße 98, Hamburg)

Altes Mädchen (Lagerstraße 28b, Hamburg)

How to get to Munich: connections between Munich's Franz Josef Strauss airports, Memmingen and the city center

Essential tips on how to get to the center of Munich from Franz Josef Strauss Airport (MUC) and Memminger Airport (Allgäu Airport). Underground connections, shuttles, trains, buses, taxis, where to rent bicycles in Munich and how much the CityTour Card costs.

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Berlin: nightlife and clubs

Berlin nightlife: complete guide to Berlin nightlife districts, the best nightclubs in the German capital and pubs where you can party until the morning!

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John Muir fb_icon_tiny (Skalitzerstraße 51, Berlin)

Dr. Pong fb_icon_tiny (Eberwalderstrasse 21, Berlin)

Fuchs & Elster fb_icon_tiny (Weserstr. 207, Berlin)

Soylent bar (Gabriel-Max-Straße 3, Berlin)

Lebowski Kneipe Berlin fb_icon_tiny (Niederbarnimstr. 23, Berlin)

Union Jack Berlin fb_icon_tiny (Schlüterstrasse 15, Berlin)

Wild at Heart fb_icon_tiny (Wiener Str. 20, Berlin)

Galander (Stuttgarter Pl. 15, Berlin)

Victoria Bar fb_icon_tiny (Potsdamer Str. 102, Berlin)

Monarch Bar fb_icon_tiny (Skalitzer Str. 134 / 1.Stock, Berlin)

Neue Odessa Bar fb_icon_tiny (Torstraße 89, Berlin)

Würgeengel (Dresdener Str. 122, Berlin)

August Fengler fb_icon_tiny (Lychenerstr. 11, Berlin)

Becketts Kopf fb_icon_tiny (Pappelallee 64, Berlin)

Place Clichy (Simon-Dach-Straße 22, Berlin)

Deck 5 fb_icon_tiny (Schönhauser Allee 79, Berlin)

Berliner Republik fb_icon_tiny (Schiffbauerdamm 8, Berlin)

Home – World Beer Bar fb_icon_tiny (Neue Bahnhofstraße 23, Berlin)

The Pub – Mopse Trinken Bier – Eat or Die fb_icon_tiny (Rochstrasse 14, Berlin)

Raumfahrer fb_icon_tiny (Hobrechtstr. 54, Berlin)

Ankerklause fb_icon_tiny (Kottbusser Damm 104, Berlin)

Zu mir oder zu dir fb_icon_tiny (Lychener Str. 15, Berlin)

Strandbar Mitte fb_icon_tiny (Kleine Hamburger Str. 16, Berlin)

Prater Garten fb_icon_tiny (Kastanienallee 7 – 9, Berlin)

Delicious Doughnuts fb_icon_tiny (Rosenthaler Str.9, Berlin)

Harry New York Bar fb_icon_tiny (Lützowufer 15, Berlin)

Oscar Wilde Irish Pub fb_icon_tiny (Friedrichstraße 112A, Berlin)

Alt-Berliner Wirtshaus fb_icon_tiny (Onkel Tom Straße 2, Berlin)

Zwiebelfisch (Savignypl. 7, Berlin)

Zoulou Bar fb_icon_tiny (Hauptstr. 4, Berlin)

Zosch (Tucholskystraße 30, Berlin)

Eschschloraque (Rosenthaler Str. 39, Berlin)

Soulcat fb_icon_tiny (Pannierstrasse 53, Berlin)

Yaam fb_icon_tiny (An der Schillingbrücke 3, Berlin)

Silver Wings fb_icon_tiny
  (Columbiadamm 10, Berlin)

The Casa Buena Vista fb_icon_tiny (Bizetstrasse 136, Berlin)

Chester's Music Inn fb_icon_tiny (Glogauerstr. 2, Berlin)

Golgatha fb_icon_tiny (Dudenstr. 40, Berlin)

Schwarzes Café (Kantstraße 148, Berlin)

Ä club (weserstrasse 40, Berlin)

Madame Claude fb_icon_tiny (Lübbener Straße 19, Berlin)

Luzia Bar fb_icon_tiny (Oranienstr. 34, Berlin)

Yorckschlösschen fb_icon_tiny (Yorckstr.15, Berlin)

Honolulu Bar (Michelberger Hotel) fb_icon_tiny (Warschauer Str. 39/40, Berlin)

K17 (Pettenkoferstraße 17A, Berlin)

Duncker Club fb_icon_tiny (Dunckerstr. 64, Berlin)

Roadrunner's Paradise fb_icon_tiny (Saarbrücker Str. 24, Berlin)

Sage Club fb_icon_tiny (Köpenicker Straße 76, Berlin)

Das Hotel fb_icon_tiny (Mariannenstrasse 26a, Berlin)

Eastwood Berlin fb_icon_tiny (Rosmarinstraße 8, Berlin)

Soda Club fb_icon_tiny (Schönhauser Allee 36, Berlin)

Traffic Club fb_icon_tiny (Alexanderstraße 7, Berlin)

Avenue Club fb_icon_tiny (Karl-Marx-Allee 34, Berlin)

Connection Club fb_icon_tiny (Fuggerstr. 33, Berlin)

Crack Bellmer fb_icon_tiny (Revaler Straße 99, Berlin)

Puro Sky Lounge Berlin fb_icon_tiny (Tauentzienstr. 11, Berlin)

FELIX ClubRestaurant fb_icon_tiny (Behrenstraße 72, Berlin)

Bohannon fb_icon_tiny (Dircksenstraße 40, Berlin)

The Pearl fb_icon_tiny (Fasanenstr. 81, Berlin)

Clärchens Ballhaus fb_icon_tiny (Auguststraße 24, Berlin)

Prince Charles fb_icon_tiny (Im Aufbauhaus, Prinzenstrasse 85F, Berlin)

Gretchen Club fb_icon_tiny (Obentrautstr. 19-21, Berlin)

KitKat Club fb_icon_tiny (Köpenicker Str. 76, Berlin)

Potsdamer Straße 96, Berlin

Suicide Circus fb_icon_tiny (Revalerstr. 99, Berlin)

Sisyphos fb_icon_tiny (Hauptstr.15, Berlin)

://About Blank (://About Party) fb_icon_tiny (Markgrafendamm 24c, Berlin)

Kumpelnest 3000 fb_icon_tiny (Lützowstraße 23, Berlin)

SchwuZ Kulturveranstaltung fb_icon_tiny (Rollbergstr. 26, Berlin)

Pavillon im Volkspark fb_icon_tiny (Friedenstrasse 101, Berlin)

Golden Gate fb_icon_tiny (Dircksen-Ecke Schicklerstr., Berlin)

Frannz in der Kulturbrauerei fb_icon_tiny (Schönhauser Allee 36, Berlin)

Alte Kantine in der Kulturbrauerei (Knaackstraße 97, Berlin)

Tube Station fb_icon_tiny (Friedrichstrasse 180-184, Berlin)

Maxxim Club fb_icon_tiny (Joachimstaler Str.15, Berlin)

Havanna fb_icon_tiny (Hauptstr.30, Berlin)

Cassiopeia fb_icon_tiny (Revaler Str. 99, Berlin)

Tresor club fb_icon_tiny (Köpenicker Strasse 70, Berlin)

Club der Visionaere fb_icon_tiny (Am Flutgraben 1, Berlin)

Am Flutgraben 2, Berlin

Vor dem Schlesischen Tor 3, Berlin

Alt-Stralau 70, Berlin

Wissmannstraße 32, Berlin

Ecke Torstr. 125, Berlin

Skalitzerstr. 114, Berlin

Oranienstr. 190, Berlin

Alexanderstr.7, Berlin

Ritterstraße 26 Berlin, Germany

Warschauer Platz 18, Berlin

Torstrasse 60, Berlin

Falckensteinstr. 49, Berlin

Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Berlin

Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 1, Berlin