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An unforgettable nightlife experience on holiday: Croatia, the pearl of the Mediterranean

Croatia, with its wonderful coasts and islands, offers a unique travel experience, especially on board a superyacht. This type of holiday, which guarantees privacy and luxurious comfort, allows you to explore the natural beauty and historic cities of the region in an exclusive way. Immersing yourself in 's luxury nightlife experiences , from secluded beaches to star-studded dinners, elevates every moment spent in these crystal-clear waters.

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Split: Nightlife and Clubs

Nightlife Split: The largest city in Dalmatia has a lively nightlife with a good variety of options for nightlife, whether you are looking for a relaxing al fresco after-dinner drink, late-night partying, guided pub crawls or clubbing with live music. Here is the complete guide to the best bars and clubs in Split.

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Rovinj: Nightlife and Clubs

Nightlife Rovinj: Even if the nightlife of Rovinj is not the most exciting in Croatia, the historic center of the city is full of bars where you can go out in the evening, sip cocktails and wine while enjoying the atmosphere of Croatian summer nights. Here is the complete guide to the best bars and clubs in Rovinj.

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Island of Pag: Nightlife and clubs in Novalja and Zrce Beach

Nightlife Pag: The island of Pag is one of the favorite destinations for young people from all over Europe. The ingredients are: crystal clear sea, cheap prices and an exaggerated nightlife that is unleashed 24 hours a day in the clubs located on the famous Zrce Beach

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Club Vanga fb_icon_tiny
(Stara Riva, Pag) Club Vanga is the only nightclub in the city of Pag and is located near the bridge. The evenings offer rotating musical genres: R&B, house music and music from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Cocomo Club fb_icon_tiny
(Obala kralja Petra Kresimira IV 16, Novalja – Pag) Open daily from 8.00 to 4.00
Cocomo Club is located in the center of Novalja and is the ideal place to start the night before moving on to the clubs of Zrce Beach : the buses leading to Zrce stop in front of the entrance. The restaurant is located in an area full of restaurants and pubs: it is therefore an obligatory stop after dinner and the ideal place to meet some beautiful girls. Commercial music of the moment, played by local djs. The place is not big but it has a beautiful terrace where the music is softer and you can take a breath of fresh air, ordering a drink and admiring the wonderful sea view.

Euphoria Club fb_icon_tiny
(Zrće beach, Pag) The Euphoria Club , one of the historic clubs on Zrce beach, is also an open air club that combines different styles of music with Croatian and foreign DJs. The Euphoria club prides itself on having the lowest prices on the beach, offering low-cost drinks and a healthy, widespread revelry on the beach: every evening for just a few euros you can drink unlimited beer and Redbull vodka. During the day it looks more like a beach bar, but in the evening the place transforms into a real nightclub.

Kalypso fb_icon_tiny
(Zrće beach, Pag) Kalypso the first club that opened on Zrce beach, about 30 years ago. The venue, born as a sports-bar on the beach, has a large outdoor dance floor, different areas and levels and a lot of different bar areas, all arranged around a circular pool with comfortable sunbeds where you can relax with a drink or a beer. An excellent mix of relaxation and fun, in this place you can both dance and take a break on one of the many sofas scattered around the club.

Among the events hosted at Kalypso are: Hideout, Sonus, Barrakud, Fresh Island Festival and the Stereo Forest Festival .

Noa Beach Club fb_icon_tiny
(Zrće beach, Pag) Another club located on Zrce beach, the Noa Beach Club is an elegant nightclub located on a stilt overlooking the sea. Inside there are dance floors under large gazebos, sofas, swimming pools, VIP spaces, massage areas, 3D projectors and a pier for yachts. The musical proposal is focused on commercial music but varies depending on the evening.

Papaya Club fb_icon_tiny
(Zrće beach, Pag) Described as one of the best open-air clubs in the world, Papaya is an exotic-style nightclub with a bar, restaurant, VIP area, swimming pool, water slides and hydromassage area with jacuzzi. Cocktail parties and foam parties are organized daily here, and the place hosts internationally renowned DJs including Tiesto, Van Buren, Swedish House Mafia and many others. The club, located on the famous Zrce beach and open since 2002, is now an institution of Croatian summer nightlife, with thousands of young people who come here to dance and party, including many beautiful Croatian and Slovenian girls. The music is fantastic and the club is always full. Absolutely not to be missed.

Aquarius fb_icon_tiny
(Zrće beach, Pag) Located on the bustling Zrce beach , Aquarius is a bar, disco and outdoor pool where the party never ends and music plays 24/7. The club works around the clock as a beach bar. beach and a restaurant, while every afternoon it turns into a real club, with an after-beach and foam-party in the large central pool, while in the evening the place goes wild with theme parties, events and concerts with the best world djs. In addition to the large swimming pool, the club has indoor and outdoor rinks, lounge and VIP spaces, consoles, several bar areas and terraces with a wonderful view of Zrce beach. Ideal place to dance or sip a good drink watching the sun set and rise on the beach, while the best djs in the world pump their music at full volume.

Among the events organized by Aquarius, the Hideout Festival , the most famous festival on the island of Pag, which takes place every year between June and July. The Aquarius also hosts the season's inaugural event “Zrce Spring Break” and many other festivals and events that take place throughout the summer, between June and September.
Together with Papaya Club , it is one of the best known and hottest clubs in Pag.

Dubrovnik: nightlife and clubs

Dubrovnik nightlife: The Croatian city has established itself in recent years as one of the most popular summer tourist destinations and offers a fairly lively nightlife, which is concentrated in the numerous bars of the old city. Here are the best places to spend your nights in Dubrovnik!

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360 (Sv. Dominika bb, Dubrovnik)

Cafe Mirage fb_icon_tiny (Bunićeva poljana 3, Dubrovnik)

Buzz Bar fb_icon_tiny (Prijeko ul. 21, Dubrovnik)

Matuško Wine Bar fb_icon_tiny (Prijeko ul. 11, Dubrovnik)

Razonoda Wine Bar fb_icon_tiny (Ul. od Puča 1, Dubrovnik)

Art Cafe fb_icon_tiny (Ul. branitelja Dubrovnika 25, Dubrovnik)

La Bodega fb_icon_tiny (Luža ul. 4, Dubrovnik)

D'Vino Wine Bar fb_icon_tiny (Palmotićeva ul. 4A, Dubrovnik)

Cave Bar More fb_icon_tiny (Nika i Meda Pucića 13, Dubrovnik)

Karaka Pub fb_icon_tiny (Ul. Između Polača 5, Dubrovnik)

Captain Bar fb_icon_tiny (Ul. Između vrta, Dubrovnik)

Beach Bar Buza fb_icon_tiny (Crijevićeva ul. 9, Dubrovnik)

Irish Pub The Gaffe fb_icon_tiny (Ul. Miha Pracata 4, Dubrovnik)

Katie O'Connor's Irish Pub fb_icon_tiny (Dropčeva ul. 4, Dubrovnik)

Gil's fb_icon_tiny (Petilovrijenci 4, Dubrovnik)

Troubadur Hard Jazz Café fb_icon_tiny (Bunićeva poljana 2, Dubrovnik)

Nonenina Bar fb_icon_tiny (Poljana Marina Držića 1, Dubrovnik)

Park Orsula fb_icon_tiny (Magistralni put 2, Dubrovnik)

Casablanca fb_icon_tiny (Zamanjina ul. 7, Dubrovnik)

Exit Rock Café fb_icon_tiny (Ul. Između Polača 5, Dubrovnik)

Sky Bar fb_icon_tiny (Brsalje 3, Dubrovnik)

Klub Orlando fb_icon_tiny (Ul. dr. Ante Starčevića 41)

Lazareti Club fb_icon_tiny (Ul. Frana Supila 8, Dubrovnik)

Banje Beach Club fb_icon_tiny (Ul. Frana Supila 10A, Dubrovnik)

Club Revelin fb_icon_tiny (Ul. Svetog Dominika 3, Dubrovnik)

Sun, sea and wild parties: The destinations for young summer 2015

Young Summer Destinations 2015: Are you still undecided about where to go on vacation? here are our suggestions for your 2015 summer holidays, full of sun, sea and fun!

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Island of Brač - Croatia

Called the pearl of the Adriatic for its beauty, the island of Brac is famous above all for its enchanting beaches and for its white stone with which the Diocletian's Palace and the White House in Washington were built. With its perfect climate, lush nature, picturesque villages and excellent gastronomy, the island of Brac has all the ingredients to satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

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Škrip is the oldest settlement on the island of Brac. This village is a visited destination for the numerous archaeological and craft finds of ancient Brač, dating back to Roman and medieval times.

Pražnice is a small medieval town located on a plateau, about 7 kilometers away from Pučišća , known for traditional animal husbandry.

The village of Nerežišća , located at the crossroads of the main roads of Brač , was in the past the administrative and commercial center of the island, and seat of the princes of Brač. In the center of the village, surrounded by stone houses, stands the church of Nostra Signora del Carmelo , from which the fascinating narrow alleys that characterize the village unfold. During the celebrations of St. Margaret's Day, it is worth watching the game held in Nerežišća , called “balun or ruke” (handball), an ancient game that was played in the past on the Mediterranean islands.

the village of Ložišća is located 2 kilometers away from the sea, in the western part of Brač . In the center stands the bell tower of the church of Saints John the Baptist and Paul. It is a classic Dalmatian .

Dračevica is a small village located not far from Donji Humac . In the center of the village there is a water well, around which the houses are arranged. What amazes is its lush nature, with gardens full of almond trees, fields that smell of lavender and numerous olive trees.

Gornji Humac
Characterized by stone houses, narrow alleys and surrounded by pristine nature, the village of Gornji Humac is the highest village on Brac , located 500 m above sea level and 10 kilometers from Pucisca . The triptych by Giorgio da Sebenico is preserved inside the church of S.Nicola.

Donji Humac
Donji Humac , located on a hill 7 kilometers from Supetar , is one of the oldest villages on the island of Brač . Here there are some stone houses and Roman mausoleums built with Brač stone. The church of S. Fabiano and Sebastiano dominates the center of the village, with its baroque bell tower.

Dol is a typical Dalmatian village, located in a deep valley, about 2 km from the sea. Today the town is sparsely inhabited, and mostly attracts lovers of rural tourism, fascinated by its stone houses, and its cellars, in which you can taste local dishes such as lamb, accompanied by olive oil and local wines .

The village of Bobovišća is located on the western coast of the island, in the bay that branches into the port of Bobovišća and the port of Vičja . The port of Bobovišća is preferred by many yachtsmen, while the bay of Vičja luka is a historical site.

Murvica is located near Bol , on a rocky cliff surrounded by beautiful vineyards. Here you absolutely must visit the nearby Zmajeva špilja (Dragon cave) and the Dračeva luka bay , which preserves the remains of monastic houses dating back to the 15th century. the sandy beaches near Murvica are among the most beautiful on the south coast of Brač .

Selca is a village located inside the island in the eastern area of ​​Brac , about 1 km from the sea. On the coast there are the tourist areas of Punitnak and Ruzmarin , and the beaches of Radonja , Spilice and Zirje . Selca delights visitors with the beauty of its stonework, the tradition of which has been preserved to this day. The buildings in Selca were built using white Brač stone, which gives the town a charm and harmonious beauty.


Sutivan is a small village located on the north-west coast of the island of Brac , exactly opposite Split (from which it is 13 kilometers away). The foundation of Sutivan dates back to the times of Diocletian, which is why today it can be said that the village has around 1700 years of history. The town takes its name from the church of San Giovanni Battista , built on the foundations of an early Christian basilica from the 6th century. Throughout Sutivan there are splendid Renaissance palaces and Baroque-style villas surrounded by typical Dalmatian stone houses.


Sumartin is a village of 600 inhabitants, located on the eastern promontory of the island of Brac , and represents an important port connecting with the mainland, thanks to ferries heading to Makarska . Sutivan-Makarska shipping lines (with 5 daily ferries), many tourist yachts and local boats also arrive port of Sutivan


Splitska is located on the north coast of Brac , between Supetar and Postira , nestled in a beautiful bay, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and azure sea. Thanks to the beauty of the village and the beautiful bays of Splitska and Zastup , with beaches surrounded by pine forest, family tourism has developed in recent years, alongside traditional professions, such as agriculture, the cultivation of vines and olive trees.

Pucisca – Brac

Pucisca is also located in a bay on the north coast of the island of Brac , at the point where the inlet bifurcates into two smaller ones: Puciski dolac and Stipanska luka .
In the village there are two small beaches, a few steps from the port. Pucisca is famous for Brac stone , which was extracted from the nearby Veselje , located south-east of the village, and still worked today thanks to an important stonemasonry tradition. Pucisca was called "The port of castles" , as in the Middle Ages there were 13 castles, around which today's village developed.

Povlja – Brac

Povlja is located in the gulf of the same name, 10 kilometers east of Sumartin , in the northern part of the island of Brac . Proclaimed the most beautiful tourist place by the tourist community of the region, Povlja offers numerous attractive bays, ideal for enjoying the bright sun and crystal clear waters, long walks and cultural beauties, good Dalmatian cuisine, along with numerous bars, pizzerias and restaurants. Povlja is surrounded by numerous coves with several beaches, and the port is located in the gulf itself. The tranquility of the place is ideal for a relaxing holiday.

Postira – Brac

Postira , located on the northern coast of the island of Brac between Splitska and Pucisca , was originally a small fishing village, today a vacation spot for many tourists during the summer period, with a rich offer of hotels and apartments for rent. The village is characterized by narrow streets that branch out among a multitude of stone houses, typical of Dalmatia.

Mirca – Brac

Mirca is a small village located about 3 kilometers west of Supetar , in the direction of Sutivan , on the northern coast of the island of Brac . In Mirca you can breathe the atmosphere of small coastal villages. The beautiful sandy beaches and in the shade of lush pine forests, far from the crowds and confusion of the cities, the traditional cultivations of vines and olive trees, make Mirca an ideal destination for families and for anyone looking for relaxation and beach life.


Milna (its name means “Valley of a Thousand Ships” ) is located on the western coast of the island of Brac , 18 kilometers away from Supetar . It is a favorite destination for yachtsmen thanks to its hospitable bays: in fact Milna is also a natural port (the latter was a safe landing place for the imperial fleet during the construction of Diocletian's Palace in Split) and is considered one of the most beautiful ports and protégés of Brač . The village has two well-equipped ports, which can satisfy even the most demanding boaters.


Bol , located on the south coast of Brac , represents the most tourist destination on the island. Located at the foot of Mount Vidova Gora (778 m), the highest peak of the Adriatic islands, the town of Bol is known for the Zlatni rat , also called the "Golden Horn" , due to its triangular shape jutting out into the sea .


The town of Supetar (in Italian, San Pietro di Brazza ), with 3500 inhabitants, is the main city and capital of the island of Brac . Located in the northern part of the island, inside the bay of Sv. Petar (from which it takes its name), its port is connected to the city of Split by frequent ferries (the journey time is approximately 40 minutes).