Nightlife Naples

Naples: nightlife and clubs

Nightlife Naples: capital of the Campania region and one of the largest cities in southern Italy, Naples is not only known only for being the home of Neapolitan pizza, but also boasts a very lively nightlife. The options for nightlife range from bars, wineries, pubs and nightclubs where you can sip a good drink. Here is the guide of the best bars and discos in Naples.

Nightlife Naples

Naples is a Mediterranean paradise in southern Italy that has a significant history with respect to Hellenistic culture. The beautiful coastal land is surrounded by stunning mountain landscapes and iconic ruins which only add to its beauty. It is impossible to deny that Naples is a lively city, full of life, energy and with a warm spirit. You can spend the day exploring the city's many museums, churches and let yourself be captivated by the charm of Naples.

The nightlife of Naples takes place mainly outdoors, both on weekends and during the days of the week, especially in the numerous small bars and night clubs, where the locals meet up with friends to have a beer or a Spritz .

Nightlife Naples by night
Nightlife Naples

The nightlife of the Neapolitan city is always very lively and offers many places to spend evenings in company between live music and a few drinks. Travelers looking for a quiet evening after a hard day's sightseeing in Naples might be dismayed; the city is as busy and busy at night as it is during the day. But that's great news for those who want to party until the wee hours of the morning! Irrepressible, boisterous and with a real passion for life, a night out in Naples reveals a city that is happy just the way it is.

Most of Naples' nightclubs are actually "disco bars," located in the narrow alleyways of the historic center, which are part bar, part club. However, there is no shortage of discos, restaurants or cultural events of all kinds.

Nightlife Naples discos
The discos of Naples

The districts of Naples and the nightlife

The Neapolitan nightlife ranges from the historic center of Naples to the Vomero hill, passing through the small bars of Chiaia up to nearby Pozzuoli. Here's where to go out in the evening in Naples:

Piazza Bellini
One of the busiest areas of Naples nightlife is Piazza Bellini , full of cafes and bars and ideal for a summer evening outdoors and for chatting over a good cocktail.

The square is one of the cultural meeting places of Naples and there are also some literary cafés, as well as a fascinating location due to the presence of archaeological excavations which have brought to light the ancient Greek walls. The nightclubs in Piazza Bellini offer live music with local artists and are always very crowded and lively on weekends.

Nightlife Naples Piazza Bellini
Nightlife Naples: Piazza Bellini

Piazza San Domenico Maggiore
Piazza San Domenico Maggiore is also another very popular place for the Neapolitan nightlife.
Here young people meet to spend a pleasant evening sitting in one of the many bars or in the adjacent alleys, in the numerous shops offering exquisite street food. Music reviews or Silent Disco evenings are often organized here, where people dance with headphones.

Piazza del Gesù and Calata Trinità Maggiore
Located a few steps from Piazza San Domenico Maggiore and Piazza Bellini, Piazza del Gesù is frequented in spring and summer by students, especially Erasmus students who live in the historic center of Naples. The numerous outdoor bars are the ideal meeting place for a beer or a cocktail. Here are some bars that offer cheap shots.

If you want to immerse yourself in the true soul of Naples, take a stroll around Piazza Sannazaro , with its restaurants open until late at night, and enjoy a delicious traditional Neapolitan pizza, with a cold beer.

Nightlife in the Chiaia area takes place mainly in the numerous chic bars , where it is possible to stop for a glass of wine or a cocktail. Vico Belledonne and via Cavallerizza are the busiest streets, while in Piazza San Pasquale you can find many bars and takeaways.

The elegant wine bars in the neighborhood offer quality wines that go well with cheeses and cured meats, and there are also lounge bars where you can drink all kinds of cocktails, frequented by young people and with pleasant music. This is a point of reference for the good nightlife of Naples .

Nightlife Naples Chiaia
Nightlife Naples: Chiaia

Lungomare di Napoli
For a romantic evening, a walk on the Lungomare di Napoli is a fascinating option even in the evening for its splendid panorama. Near via Partenope some of the most famous pizzerias in Naples such as Sorbillo and Fresco , as well as numerous lounge bars for a drink overlooking the sea.

Nightlife Naples Waterfront of Naples
Nightlife Naples: Naples waterfront

Located at the foot of the Posillipo hill along the sea, the Mergellina area hosts numerous very popular chalets, very crowded on weekends, where people of all ages gather for a coffee or a drink. Among the best known, the Chalet Ciro .

Here you can admire the Gulf of Naples in all its splendour, tasting taralli in the kiosks of the area or an ice cream on the benches by the sea.

Vomero is the hilly and elegant district of Naples and is connected to the historic center with the funicular and the subway. Here, too, mostly more fashionable guys meet and there are many bars and pubs where you can drink a few beers with friends.

The highest part of Vomero, San Martino , is known for its wonderful Belvedere. A romantic place where couples love to look out to admire all of Naples from above. Here too there are some bars and takeaways and it is one of the favorite places to celebrate a birthday toasting under the stars.

Also located in Vomero, via Aniello Falcone is one of the chicest and trendiest streets in Naples, frequented at the weekend by many young people who come here to drink a cocktail. It is a very popular area to have an aperitif in Naples as there are so many bars where you can sit both inside and outside.

Nightlife Naples Vomero
Nightlife Naples: Vomero

Bordering Naples, Pozzuoli is a small town with a good nightlife in spring and summer. The place is full of pubs, pizzerias, ice cream parlors and restaurants that are always very busy. Plus, the waterfront fills with couples, groups, and families, and boasts great views of the Bay of Naples.

During the summer, however, Bagnoli turns into one of the main places of night entertainment in Naples , thanks to the many lidos that are transformed into crowded discos with theme nights, where you can dance and drink a cocktail by the sea. The music ranges from reggae, hip hop, commercial music and electronic music.

Nightlife Naples Bacoli
Nightlife Naples: Bacoli

Clubs and discos in Naples

Ambasciatori fb_icon_tiny
(Via Francesco Crispi, 33, Naples) Open from Thursday to Sunday from 20.00 to 2.00.
Located inside a famous cinema, Ambasciatori is one of the most famous nightclubs in Naples . This multifunctional space is both a club and a fine restaurant with a bar. Thanks to its evenings with DJ sets, the club has become a point of reference for the nightlife of Naples .

Nightlife Naples Ambassadors
Nightlife Naples: Ambassadors

fb_icon_tiny Arenile di Bagnoli (Via Coroglio, 14/B, Napoli)Open every day.
Located in Bagnoli, the Arenile is a seaside resort that in the evening transforms into one of the most famous nightclubs in Naples . Always very popular both day and night, the club organizes brunches, pool parties and many events. At night, internationally renowned DJs here dictate the rhythm of the busiest evenings of Naples' nightlife .

Every week there is an appointment with black music, such as hip hop, R'n'B and reggaeton. This event is now a tradition and has hosted famous artists such as Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg and Daddy Yankee. An obligatory destination for music and nightlife lovers!

Nightlife Naples Beach of Bagnoli
Naples nightlife: Bagnoli beach

fb_icon_tiny Neasy (Via Coroglio, Napoli)Complete with a swimming pool and daytime aperitif, Neasy is one of the most popular nightclubs in Naples' summer nightlife . Come here for an aperitif at sunset with a DJ set. The club is open every day starting in May.

Nightlife Naples Neasy
Nightlife Naples: Neasy
Nightlife Naples Neasy girls
Neasy Club, Naples

fb_icon_tiny Hbtoo (Via Coroglio, 156, Napoli)Open all year round, Hbtoo is one of the most fashionable nightclubs in Naples , and is together a nightclub, a restaurant and sushi bar in a single modern and trendy concept. The structure is very elegant, with a refined design and offers international cuisine, cultural and artistic events together with musical evenings and entertainment.

Every Saturday they organize dance nights with great DJs playing commercial music. The whole structure is very large, in fact it consists of two open space lofts of about 1000 square meters each. The selected environment is ideal for a glamorous evening in Naples.

Nightlife Naples Hbtoo
Nightlife Naples: Hbtoo

fb_icon_tiny Club Partenopeo (Via Coroglio, 144, Napoli)This spacious open-air nightclub is equipped with comfortable sofas and loungers and has a huge lawn where you can relax and sip your drink between dances. This nightclub in Naples stands out for its commercial music and a strict selection at the entrance. The right place to meet beautiful girls from Naples .

Night life Naples Club Partenopeo
Nightlife Naples: Club Partenopeo
Nightlife Naples Club Partenopeo girls
Girls party at Club Partenopeo, Naples

fb_icon_tiny Teatro Posillipo (Via Posillipo, 66, Napoli)Despite its name, the Posillipo Theater is a real nightclub frequented mainly by the most elegant and wealthy Naples. Once a cinema, then a theater and cabaret, it is currently a completely renovated nightclub divided over three levels.

The club covers 1800 square meters, with an audience of 750 square meters, a restaurant-lounge and a roof garden, and is able to accommodate over 500 people. At the lounge bar there are very friendly and competent barmen who can advise the customer on the most suitable cocktail for the evening and his needs. Private parties can also be organized at the Posillipo Theater and themed events are held during the celebrations.

With its exclusive evenings and a busy program of events, this disco is proposed as a reference night club for the Neapolitan nightlife .

Nightlife Naples Posillipo Theater
Nightlife Naples: Posillipo Theater

fb_icon_tiny Common Ground (Via Eduardo Scarfoglio, 7, Napoli)Open Friday and Saturday from 8pm to 3am, Sunday from 8pm to midnight.
Located in Bagnoli, the Common Ground is an open space nightclub with catering, live music and DJ sets. The club hosts excellent events every weekend, and despite the distance from the city center it always manages to attract lots of people.

Nightlife Naples Common Ground
Nightlife Naples: Common Ground

fb_icon_tiny Lanificio 25 (Piazza Enrico de Nicola, 46, Napoli)Open from Thursday to Saturday from 7.00pm to 12.00am.
Lanificio 25 is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the nightlife of Naples. Industrial in style and located in an old woolen mill, this place is not a conventional venue but rather a meeting place in the heart of the city that is also a bar, open-air theater and public place for art exhibitions.

The courtyard transforms into an open-air dance floor where people frolic to various music genres while sipping beer and cocktails. There are often concerts by local bands, as well as DJ sets with international guests.

Nightlife Naples Lanificio 25
Naples nightlife: Wool mill 25

fb_icon_tiny Bruttini Social Club (Gradini Amedeo, 12, Napoli)Open from Wednesday to Sunday from 9.00pm to 2.00am.
Located in the Chiaia district, Bruttini Social Club is one of the most popular nightclubs in Naples . The club is both a restaurant and a venue with live music, a favorite meeting point for young people in the area.

Nightlife Naples Bruttini Social Club
Nightlife Naples: Bruttini Social Club

fb_icon_tiny Scirocco Bay (Via Coroglio, 90, Napoli)Very popular summer venue and point of reference for an aperitif by the sea in Naples every Sunday evening. The evenings are animated by music and DJ sets.

Nightlife Naples Scirocco Bay
Nightlife Naples: Scirocco Bay

fb_icon_tiny Riva Club (Via Coroglio, 154, Napoli)Located in the Coroglio area directly on the beach facing the island of Nisida, the Riva Club is one of the best summer discos in Naples . Here you can spend an evening of fun and relaxation, with commercial music and themed parties, as well as an aperitif with buffet from 9pm.

Nightlife Naples Riva Club
Nightlife Naples: Riva Club

fb_icon_tiny Nabilah Club (Via Spiaggia Romana, Bacoli, Napoli)Located in the Bacoli area, Nabilah is a nightclub on the beach with lounge music, stone sofas, candles, framed by a breathtaking natural location. Even though the restaurant is located outside the center, the view and the splendid location on the beach are worth the trip!

In the summer nights it is always very crowded and there are Italian and international DJs who play music of all genres, including dance, house and revival. You can often find pool parties as well.

Nightlife Naples Nabilah Club
Nightlife Naples: Nabilah Club

fb_icon_tiny Bourbon Street Jazz club (Via Vincenzo Bellini, 52/53, Napoli)Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 7.00pm to 2.00am.
This fantastic jazz club in Naples is inspired by the famous Bourbon Street Jazz Club in New Orleans . The club has managed to win over some true blue jazz fans in the charming city of Naples.

This amazing club is small but cozy with excellent jazz tunes played throughout the night. The club not only puts on live entertainment but also conducts short jam sessions every few days of the week. Budding and avid artists can sign up for sessions and enjoy an evening reminiscent of the 1920s. The club also offers delicious food and super cheap cocktails to the guests.

Nightlife Naples Bourbon Street Jazz club
Naples nightlife: Bourbon Street Jazz club

fb_icon_tiny Duel Club (Via Antiniana, Napoli)Open Friday and Saturday from 11pm to 3am.
Located inside an old cinema, Duel Beat is both a nightclub and a venue for concerts of all musical genres and events. There are often international DJs playing disco, house, hip hop, reggae or revival music. Being one of the main nightclubs in Naples , the place always attracts many young people.

Nightlife Naples Duel Club
Nightlife Naples: Duel Club

fb_icon_tiny Flame Napoli (Via Aniello Falcone, 378, Napoli)Open from Tuesday to Thursday from 7.00pm to 1.00am, Friday and Saturday from 8.00pm to 2.00am, Sunday from 7.00pm to 12.00am.
Flame is a high-end club, among the most famous in Neapolitan nightlife, which remains a favorite among young Neapolitans. This place is a perfect start to bar hopping in Naples. The club has a huge cocktail bar serving the most sensational drinks mixed by professional bartenders. The best DJs in the country play here when they are on tour and the club stays open until dawn on these nights.

Nightlife Naples Flame
Nightlife Naples: Flame

fb_icon_tiny Imperial Club (Via San Romualdo, 33, Napoli)Located on the highest hill in the city, the Imperial Club is one of the most famous nightclubs in Naples , and is especially focused on Latin music evenings. The club is elegant and pleasant, and is a good option to spend an evening with a good selection of music. Come here if you want to let loose to the sounds of South American music, including salsa, bachata and cha cha cha.

Nightlife Naples Imperial Club
Nightlife Naples: Imperial Club

fb_icon_tiny Lido Turistico (Via Lido Miliscola, 21, Bacoli, Napoli)Lido Turistico in Bacoli offers the best nightlife in Naples , and is one of the places not to be missed when in the city. Especially during the summer months, tourists flock to this beach club which is also one of the best beach nightclubs in Naples to enjoy happy hour and dance the rest of the night.

Its open-air dance floor right on the shore is an unforgettable sight. The club's DJ plays local and international music. Beware of the selection at the entrance.

Nightlife Naples Tourist Lido
Nightlife Naples: Lido Turistico

fb_icon_tiny Dejavu Pozzuoli (Via Campi Flegrei, 1, Pozzuoli)Open every day from 5pm to 3am.
Dejavu is a lounge bar and nightclub in Pozzuoli, a few kilometers from Naples, which is very popular among tourists and local young people. The setting is chic and contemporary with a garden terrace and low ceiling lights.

The bar serves sensational drinks and food which go well with the high quality music played by the DJ. The lounge bar also organizes private events to offer one of the best evenings. Emerging musicians also perform every Saturday. Even though the bar is a little pricey, it's definitely worth a visit for a fun night out in Naples.

Nightlife Naples Dejavu Pozzuoli
Nightlife Naples: Dejavu Pozzuoli

fb_icon_tiny Lost Paradise (Via Castello, 95, Bacoli, Napoli)Lost Paradise is a beach club in Bacoli, an ideal destination for dancing in Naples during the summer evenings. Terraced gardens leading to the sea and every possible comfort make it a wonderful place. Not only is it one of the most fascinating beach clubs in Naples , but it is also one of the most loved.

Relax on a sofa on the edge of a dream garden with a cocktail in hand, or sip a mojito with your feet practically in the water and the lights that seem to smile at you from afar. Plus, the gorgeous sunset over the sea is unmatched.

Nightlife Naples Lost Paradise
Nightlife Naples: Lost Paradise

fb_icon_tiny Living (Via Ripuaria, 257, Varcaturo, Napoli)Open from Sunday to Friday from 5pm to 8.30pm, Saturday from 5pm to 4am.
Located in Varcaturo, Living is a place that works both as a nightclub and as a restaurant. People come here to have dinner and then hit the dance floor late in the evening. The decor is elegant, with collectible lamps, refined sofas and tables. The musical selection ranges from 70s and 80s revival to modern and electronic dance music.

Nightlife Napoli Living
Nightlife Naples: Living

fb_icon_tiny Momah (Via Vito Fornari, 15, Napoli)Inspired by the atmosphere of the MoMA in New York, this Neapolitan club gives a touch of class to the nightlife of central Naples.

Nightlife Naples Momah
Nightlife Naples: Momah

fb_icon_tiny Mama Ines Club (Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, Pollena Trocchia, Napoli)Although located outside the center of Naples, Mama Ines is a very popular nightclub that offers Latin and disco music with entertainment shows. On Saturdays there is Latin American and Caribbean music, with professional dancers and dance instructors, while on Fridays and Sundays the music ranges from the disco club genre.

Nightlife Naples Mama Ines Club
Nightlife Naples: Mama Ines Club

fb_icon_tiny Bukumba Luxury Club (Via Appia Sud, Km. 18.100, Sant’Antimo, Napoli)Bukumba is an elegant and trendy nightclub that combines refined dining with disco, with themed evenings and special events with live shows and entertainment.

Nightlife Naples Bukumba Luxury Club
Nightlife Naples: Bukumba Luxury Club

fb_icon_tiny Joia Restaurant & Club (Corso Europa, 45, Sant’Antimo, Napoli)Open from Friday to Sunday from 9pm to 4am.
This eclectic club stands out for its original programming and music selection, with engaging dinner shows and other events. Come here to drink a good cocktail, admire the spectacular performances and dance with their sophisticated DJ sets.

The cuisine is Mediterranean and native, thanks to the use of simple and genuine products. The venue also organizes exhibitions, photographic exhibitions, private parties and DJ sets.

Nightlife Naples Joia Restaurant & Club
Nightlife Naples: Joia Restaurant & Club

fb_icon_tiny ACCADEMIA Club (Via Piave, 183, Napoli)Located in the Vomero area and frequented by a more mature audience, Accademia Club is a nightclub on two internal levels and large outdoor spaces. Inside there are two ballrooms with the music of the moment, and a private room upstairs where you can sit comfortably on the sofas, sipping a drink and making new acquaintances. Every Friday there is also Caribbean music and Cuban and Puerto Rican style salsa, bachata and merengue, as well as reggaeton. A point of reference for evenings with Latin American music in Naples .

Nightlife Naples ACCADEMIA Club
Nightlife Naples: ACCADEMIA Club

fb_icon_tiny Discoteca Il Fico (Via Torquato Tasso, 466, Napoli)Discoteca Il Fico
Located inside an ancient nineteenth-century villa in the center of Naples, the Discoteca Fico is furnished with modern and welcoming interiors, and boasts a large terrace with a beautiful view of the gulf. The evenings are unleashed to the rhythm of revival and dance music.

Nightlife Naples Discotheque Il Fico
Nightlife Naples: Disco Il Fico

fb_icon_tiny Flava Beach (Viale Dante Alighieri, Castel Volturno)Near Castel Volturno, Flava Beach is a summer disco that hosts musical events ranging from techno, pop, dance music and various concerts. There is a stage and a huge outdoor dancefloor, with several bars around. This club is the perfect setting for the best outdoor summer parties on the Neapolitan coast.

Nightlife Naples Flava Beach
Nightlife Naples: Flava Beach

fb_icon_tiny Basic Club (Viale Giovanni Boccaccio, 9, Napoli)Open Friday and Saturday from 11pm to 6am.
Basic is an underground style club, with few lights, great drinks and electronic music.

Nightlife Naples Basic Club
Nightlife Naples: Basic Club

fb_icon_tiny Navidad (Via Montenuovo Licola Patria, 99, Napoli)This modern nightclub in Naples hosts evenings with dance, Caribbean and revival music from the 70s, 80s and 90s. The club is characterized by a very select environment and is frequented by an audience aged around 30-40 years, and is also a luxurious restaurant.

Nightlife Naples Navidad
Nightlife Naples: Navidad

fb_icon_tiny Swig Bar (Via Giuseppe Martucci, 67, Napoli)Open every day from 7.30pm to 2am.
Located in one of the most elegant locations in Naples, Swig Chiaia is undoubtedly one of the trendiest clubs in the city. The club is known for its eclectic selection of cocktails and bar food. The atmosphere of the club is very welcoming and vibrant with neon signs around and bright music playing in the background. The dance floor is huge and the bar caters for all types of music to dance to. Swig Chiaia is a good place to end the evening after bar-hopping.

Nightlife Naples Swig Bar
Nightlife Naples: Swig Bar

The bars and pubs of Naples

fb_icon_tiny El Krella (Via Francesco Saverio Gargiulo, 27, Napoli)Open Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10.30pm to 1.30am, Thursday from 10.30pm to 2.30am, Friday and Saturday from 10.30pm to 3.30am.
Located near the Oriental University, El Krella is one of the busiest lounge bars in Naples and the drink prices are very affordable. Always very populated thanks to its fame and good music, El Krella is the right place to dance, party all night and drink with friends. Next to this place there are also other lounge bars with different music genres.

Nightlife Naples El Krella
Nightlife Naples: El Krella

fb_icon_tiny Alter Ego (Via Santa Maria di Costantinopoli, 105, Napoli)Open from Sunday to Friday from 6.00pm to 2.00am, Saturday from 6.00pm to 3.00am.
This lounge bar is located in the heart of the historic center, one of the most fashionable areas of the city. Alter Ego has become a meeting point for young people who love to have fun and stay up late at night. Come here for an aperitif, live music and lots of fun.

With scenic lights and decorated cocktails, this lounge bar can be the right place for an elegant evening in the center of Naples , with its ideal location near Piazza Bellini.

Nightlife Naples Alter Ego
Nightlife Naples: Alter Ego

fb_icon_tiny Chandelier (Vico Belledonne a Chiaia, 34/35, Napoli)Open every day from 8.00 to 3.00.
The fresh and simple interior of this popular Naples bar allows its signature bacchanal buffet to take center stage during aperitif hour. Mingle with elegant Neapolitans on the street, sipping an ice-cold margarita. Try to resist overindulging before dinner on the hearty spread of regional specialties ranging from freshly fried anchovies to slow-cooked meat sauce.

Nightlife Naples Chandelier
Nightlife Naples: Chandelier

fb_icon_tiny 66 Fusion Bar (Via Bisignano, 58, Napoli)Open from Sunday to Wednesday from 6.00pm to 2.00am, from Thursday to Saturday from 6.00pm to 3.00am.
With a fabulous variety of drinks at economical prices, 66 Fusion Bar always attracts a large number of tourists and visitors. A modern bar, located in one of the streets most frequented by Neapolitan nightlife , and is a good starting point for a night out in Naples. The 66 stands out for its excellent music, quality wine and cocktails, and a party atmosphere, thanks to the numerous themed evenings and DJ sets.

Nightlife Naples 66 Fusion Bar
Nightlife Naples: 66 Fusion Bars

fb_icon_tiny Fonoteca (Via Raffaele Morghen, 31, Napoli)Open from Monday to Saturday from 12.00 to 24.00, Sunday from 18.00 to 24.00.
Originally a record shop located in the Vomero district, La Fonoteca is currently one of the most popular meeting places in Naples. Here you can taste excellent beers and cocktails while listening to good music. Here you can find vinyl records, headphones and a space for live music.

Nightlife Naples Sound Archives
Nightlife Naples: Fonoteca

fb_icon_tiny Ba-Bar (Via Bisignano, 20, Napoli)Open Monday from 5pm to 2am, Tuesday to Thursday from 11am to 2am, Friday and Saturday from 11am to 3am, Sunday from 11am to 2am.
This top-shelf bar in Chiaia is a solid all-rounder: dotted with quirky vintage items, the place attracts a friendly, mixed crowd. It's the best place for an aperitif in Naples before dinner , a long meeting in the cozy back room or a game of foosball in the basement.

Cocktails are well mixed, with a rotating list of interesting Italian wines, as well as local and foreign beers. On the food front, the tidbits range from platters of quality regional cheeses and cold cuts, to sandwiches, first courses, salads and a handful of second courses.

Nightlife Naples Ba-Bar
Nightlife Naples: Ba-Bar

fb_icon_tiny Cantine Sociali (Piazza Giulio Rodinò, Napoli)Open Monday to Wednesday from 6.00pm to 1.00am, Thursday from 6.00pm to 2.00am, Friday and Saturday from 6.00pm to 3.00am, Sunday from 6.30pm to 2.00am.
Cantine Sociali is a popular Naples bar that attracts an elegant, mixed-age crowd to its wooden patio every evening. The wine list is extensive and competent, the cocktails well mixed and there is an excellent aperitif buffet which usually includes couscous, vegetables and mini pizzas. Overall, this is a good bar to drink and have an aperitif in Naples .

Nightlife Naples Cantine Sociali
Nightlife Naples: Cantine Sociali

fb_icon_tiny Versa in Drogheria (Via Giuseppe Fiorelli, 10, Napoli)Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 18.00 to 0.30.
This refined and elegant wine bar boasts a rustic, yet warm and engaging atmosphere. The place is never too crowded and is therefore a great option for those who prefer intimate conversations over loud music.

Nightlife Naples Pour in the grocery store
Nightlife Naples: Pour into the grocery store

fb_icon_tiny Bar del Mare Posillipo (Via Ferdinando Russo, 18, Napoli)Open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5pm to midnight, Friday and Saturday from 9am to 11.30pm.
This bar is a very popular place for a Neapolitan aperitif by the sea thanks to the fantastic location in Posillipo. Recommended on summer Sundays.

Nightlife Naples Bar del Mare Posillipo
Nightlife Naples: Bar del Mare Posillipo

fb_icon_tiny Caffé Letterario Intra Moenia (Piazza Bellini, 67/70, Napoli)Open every day from 10.00 to 2.00.
Intra Moenia is one of the most famous literary cafés in Naples and is a meeting place for young artists and art enthusiasts, and hosts numerous cultural events, exhibitions and concerts. Here you will also find delicious drinks and delicious Neapolitan cuisine.

Nightlife Naples Literary Café Intra Moenia
Nightlife Naples: Literary Café Intra Moenia

fb_icon_tiny Enoteca Belledonne (Vico Belledonne a Chiaia, 18, Napoli)Open from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 to 1.30 and from 16.30 to 24.00, Sunday from 16.30 to 24.00.
A true institution for the nightlife of the Chiaia area of ​​Naples, this small wine bar boasts a very rich list of wines and culinary specialties of the day. A chic and peaceful place where you can spend a pleasant evening with friends, sipping excellent wines.

Nightlife Naples Enoteca Belledonne
Nightlife Naples: Belledonne Enoteca

fb_icon_tiny Rotonda Belvedere (Via di Pozzuoli, 15, Napoli)Located not far from the center of Naples, Rotonda Belvedere offers a refined environment with warm colors and an original design. Inside there is a beautiful central bar and tables where you can drink and dine. Thanks to the elegant and tasteful location, it is the ideal place for an evening with friends, listening to beautiful music and sipping excellent cocktails.

Nightlife Naples Rotonda Belvedere
Nightlife Naples: Rotonda Belvedere

fb_icon_tiny Cammarota Spritz (Vico Lungo Teatro Nuovo, 31, Napoli)Open Monday to Saturday from 4pm to 1am.
The Cammarota Spritz offers excellent value for money and is much appreciated by young people. The bar is also located next to a pizzeria, so don't worry: there's always somewhere to go when you need to eat.

Nightlife Naples Cammarota Spritz
Nightlife Naples: Cammarota Spritz

fb_icon_tiny Frank Malone Pub (Via Tito Angelini, 13b, Napoli)Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 6.00pm to 1.00am, Sunday from 7.30pm to 1.00am.
With the typical style of English pubs, Frank Malone Pub offers refreshing beers, delicious cocktails and spirits from all over the world. The ideal place for a drink with friends.

Nightlife Naples Frank Malone Pub
Nightlife Naples: Frank Malone Pub

fb_icon_tiny Archeobar (Via Mezzocannone, 101/Bis, Napoli)Open Monday to Wednesday from 5pm to 1am, Thursday from 6pm to 2am, Friday and Saturday from 6pm to 3.30am, Saturday from 6pm to 2am.
For a glass of wine and happy hours in a relaxed intellectual environment, head to this café-bar located near the University. The walls are covered with books that you can rent and there are often live music events

Nightlife Naples Archeobar
Nightlife Naples: Archeobar

fb_icon_tiny O’ Barett (Via Benedetto Croce, 15, Napoli)Open Sunday and Tuesday to Thursday from 5pm to 2am, Friday and Saturday from 5pm to 3am.
O' Barett is a small lounge bar where you can dance, listen to good music and enjoy one of their many shots. The peculiarity of this bar is precisely the shots from the lightest to the strongest, each with a different taste and alcohol content.

Nightlife Naples O' Barett
Nightlife Naples: O' Barett

fb_icon_tiny Archivio Storico (Via Alessandro Scarlatti, 30, Napoli)Open from Sunday to Thursday from 7.00pm to 2.30am, Friday and Saturday from 7.00pm to 3.30am.
Archivio Storico is a fantastic café, restaurant and lounge bar with Philippe Starck-inspired interiors and walls lined with Bourbon paintings. Particularly innovative for Neapolitan nightlife, it offers everything you need for a pleasant evening: live music, a good wine list and excellent cocktails.

Maybe it gets too busy on the weekends, so stop by during the week to enjoy some live music with a good glass of wine or a fantastic cocktail.

Nightlife Naples Historical Archive
Nightlife Naples: Historical Archive

fb_icon_tiny Le Stanze (Piazza Capo di Posillipo, 20a, Napoli)Open Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8pm to 1am, Friday and Saturday from 8pm to 2am.
This venue is ideal for an intimate and welcoming evening. The background of jazz music accompanies you while you enjoy excellent quality food. There is also a large outdoor area where you can smoke or chat with friends.

Nightlife Naples Le Stanze
Nightlife Naples: The Rooms

fb_icon_tiny Barril Napoli (Via Giuseppe Fiorelli, 11, Napoli)Located in a super busy area, this cozy bar is a good starting point for a lively night out in Naples, and also a great place to spend an evening chatting with friends. Barril is a place with everything you need: a fantastic happy hour, great cocktails and delicious food. Locals come here to enjoy drink after drink before moving on to Naples' nightclubs.

Nightlife Naples Barril
Nightlife Naples: Barril

fb_icon_tiny Happening Cocktail Bar (Via Giuseppe Fiorelli, 11, Napoli)Open from Sunday to Wednesday from 6.00pm to 2.00am, from Thursday to Saturday from 6.00pm to 3.00am.
In the Chiaia district, one of the most popular areas of Neapolitan nightlife, you will find this small but particular cocktail bar, very popular during the happy hour with buffet.

Nightlife Naples Happening Cocktail Bar
Nightlife Naples: Happening Cocktail Bar

fb_icon_tiny Antica Cantina Sepe (Via Vergini, 55, Napoli)This pocket-sized winery and grocery store has become an unlikely gathering spot thanks to the owner and his local wine on tap, selling for €1.50 a glass. The more elaborate wines cost no more than 3.50 euros, while on Thursday evenings there is the weekly aperitif, which includes DJ sets, live music or other cultural events. The cuisine is also excellent, absolutely worth trying.

Nightlife Naples Antica Cantina Sepe
Nightlife Naples: Antica Cantina Sepe

fb_icon_tiny Bucopertuso (Via Giovanni Paladino, 21, Napoli)Open from Sunday to Thursday from 6.00pm to 1.00am, Friday and Saturday from 6.00pm to 2.00am.
The northern Italian aperitif tradition is slowly spreading to southern Italy. Every evening inside the cavernous Buco Pertuso, trays of sartú rice and eggplant parmigiana are laid out as Neapolitans wander the narrow cobbled alley outside. Wednesdays are especially busy, as the young owners invite local musicians to play small, ramshackle live music concerts.

Nightlife Naples Bucopertuso
Nightlife Naples: Bucopertuso

fb_icon_tiny Il Mosto (Vico II Alabardieri, 28, Napoli)Open from Sunday to Thursday from 6.00pm to 2.00am, Friday and Saturday from 6.00pm to 3.00am.
Beer fanatics will find their happy place at this intimate Chiaia bar. Its ten taps and rotating selection of bottled beers showcase unique brews from Italy, such as beers from Campania microbreweries like Birrificio dell'Aspide, Birrificio Sorrento, and Piccolo Birrificio Napoletano from Naples. The place also offers a good selection of gins.

Nightlife Naples Il Mosto
Nightlife Naples: The Mosto

fb_icon_tiny Gran Caffè Gambrinus (Via Chiaia, 1, Napoli)Open from Sunday to Friday from 7.00 to 24.00, Saturday from 7.00 to 1.00.
Gambrinus is Naples' oldest and most revered café, serving superlative Neapolitan coffee under frilled chandeliers. Oscar Wilde repelled some here and Mussolini had some rooms closed to keep left-wing intellectuals out. The prices at the table are high, but the aperitif nibbles are decent and sipping a spritz or a tasty hot chocolate in its belle-époque rooms is something worth savouring.

Nightlife Naples Gran Caffè Gambrinus
Nightlife Naples: Gran Caffè Gambrinus

fb_icon_tiny L’Antiquario (Via Vannella Gaetani, 2, Napoli)Open every day from 7.30pm to 3am.
This speakeasy-style bar decorated in art nouveau, halfway between classic and contemporary, offers impeccable drinks, made with passion and meticulous attention to detail. Live jazz-centric tunes add to the magic of the venue.

Nightlife Naples L'Antiquario
Nightlife Naples: The Antiquarian

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