Rome nightlife

Rome: nightlife and clubs

Nightlife Rome: besieged by Romans, students and tourists, the capital boasts an intense nightlife, unique in many ways. When it comes to partying, the Romans know how to do it! There are many discos where you can dance until the morning, pubs and wine bars to chat and get drunk or squares where you can walk in company and enjoy a good ice cream.

Nightlife Rome

According to many, the city of Rome knows how to enchant anyone who visits it and is unique even in its nightlife. The many bars, clubs, discos, theaters or social centers of the city offer shows and evenings for every taste and every age. You can take a walk through the streets of Trastevere with an ice cream in hand, sit down in one of the many bars overlooking Campo De Fiori, or in the wine bars of the San Lorenzo university area, or dance until dawn in one of the many discos in the Testaccio district.

Generally the evening begins around 18-19, with an aperitif in the clubs in the centre, but the real nightlife begins late at night: the discos and the shows in the bars never start before 23.00-24.00 and end at Sunrise.

Although there are numerous restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs and discos, the real nightlife of Rome and the best way to grasp the culture, essence and true spirit of the city is outdoors, in the squares and neighborhoods of the Old Town. In fact, with the summer, the squares are often transformed into large open-air bars and become the meeting point of the Romans: ideal places to drink a beer in company while chatting with friends outside a club or sitting at tables outdoors. From June to September numerous concerts, shows and open-air events are organized in the squares and streets of the capital.

The districts of Rome and the nightlife

The main areas of nightlife in Rome are concentrated near the historic center and each has different characteristics:

The area around Piazza Navona and via della Pace is full of very touristic bars, but walking through the alleys you can find chic and trendy wine bars and restaurants.

nightlife rome Piazza Navona district
Piazza Navona – Rome

Campo De Fiori is a very suggestive square, crowded and frequented almost every night of the week. Here tourists mix with local youth, and there are also many American college students. The square is full of bars, ideal for enjoying a beer and admiring the wonderful streets of the area.

campo de fiori nightlife
Campo De Fiori by night – Rome

Trastevere is a neighborhood with a bohemian air, full of cafés, restaurants, wine bars, pubs and aperitif clubs.

night life rome trastevere
The alleys of Trastevere – Rome

San Lorenzo is a university area, located near the La Sapienza University, therefore full of pubs and young people. Today it is one of the trendiest and liveliest areas of Rome, with a lively, informal and youthful atmosphere. Here you can find restaurants, pubs, libraries, bars, contemporary art galleries, cultural centers and clubs where you can listen to live music and jazz.

San Lorenzo nightlife
San Lorenzo by night – Rome

The Monte Testaccio and Ostiense are dotted with trendy clubs and discos or ristobars (restaurants where you can dine and dance) that cater to a wide variety of musical tastes.

Another peculiarity of Rome is the abundance of Irish pubs (literally one on every corner) which offer a good variety of beers and whiskies, such as Trinity College fb_icon_tiny (Via del Collegio Romano 6, Rome) , where you can enjoy excellent beers have fun in organized parties.

rome nightlife Trinity College
Trinity College – Rome

Clubs and Discos in Rome

Most of the discos in Rome are concentrated in the EUR areas and in the Testaccio district. the most famous and trendy clubs in the capital where you can listen to house, alternative, electronic music and much more.

Piper Club fb_icon_tiny
(Via Tagliamento 9, Rome) The Piper, inaugurated in 1965, is a historic disco and an institution of Roman nightlife. Concerts and evenings have been organized here since the 1960s, hosting famous Italian and international artists. Today the Piper is both a disco and a club where you can listen to live music, pop, rock and indie. On Fridays vintage music from the 70s, 80s and 90s, on Saturdays commercial and electronic music for a young audience.

night life rome piper club
Piper Club – Rome

Lanificio 159 fb_icon_tiny
(Via di Pietralata, 159/1, Rome) Former industrial building transformed into a club that hosts evenings with commercial and electronic music, as well as concerts and live music. Inside, painting and drawing courses and brunches are organized; On the terrace of the building, there is an eco-sustainable metropolitan garden.

rome nightlife woolen mill 159
Wool mill 159 – Rome

L'Alibi fb_icon_tiny
(Via di Monte Testaccio 44, Rome) Open from Thursday to Sunday from 23.30 to 5.00
Open for 40 years, L'Alibi is a gay friendly club, it is now an institution in Roman nights.
The club is located in a cave under Monte dei Cocci in Testaccio, and consists of a terrace and three rooms that host various musical genres, from house to minimal, passing through electro, techno, dance-commercial, revival and black.

rome nightlife alibi club
Alibi club – Rome

Akab Club fb_icon_tiny
(Via di Monte Testaccio 69, Rome) Akab is one of the capital's historic clubs: a former carpentry shop, it has since 1992 become a place for emerging bands. The venue has hosted artists such as Giorgia, Alex Britti, Samuele Bersani and Max Gazzè. The club has three tracks that alternate different music according to the evenings: hip hop, r'n'b and black music on Thursdays, Indie and Electro music on Fridays, while commercial music and free admission for women on Saturdays. Disco not to be missed on Friday and Saturday evenings, with a spacious dance floor and an equally large bar area where you can order a good drink and hit it off with the beautiful girls who always flock to this club. The clientele is young (between 20 and 30) and there are always many tourists. Dress stylishly. The entrance price is €20, with a drink included. Other prices Beer €8, wine €8, cocktails €12.

night life rome akab club
Akab Club – Rome

Circolo Degli Artisti fb_icon_tiny
(Via Casilina Vecchia 42, Rome) Open every day from 20.00 to 3.00
The Circolo Degli Artisti is an alternative place, social center and disco, where you can listen to live music, indie, electro, rock, pop, techno and black . The club is large and, in the warm months, becomes a large outdoor garden, complete with a pizzeria and restaurant. Often during the week, admission is free and drinks cost only 5-6 euros.

rome nightlife club of artists
Circle of artists – Rome

Goa Club fb_icon_tiny
(Via Libetta 13, Rome) Open from Thursday to Saturday from 23:00 to 04:30
, Goa is one of the most fashionable and historic clubs in Rome: internationally known, this is one of those clubs where you can go at least once time in life. The musical selection is concentrated on electronic, minimal and techno music, and the club hosts the best Italian and world DJs (from Sven Vath to Claudio Coccoluto): on Thursdays Ultrabeat, on Fridays Anarchy in the Club and “D'Lite”, while on Saturday dance and funky music.

nightlife rome goa club
Goa club – Rome

La Saponeria Club fb_icon_tiny
(Via degli Argonauti 20, Rome) Open on Saturdays from 11.00pm to 4.30am
Club located in the heart of Libetta Village in Ostiense: open every Saturday with house, techno, dance, black and commercial music.

night life rome the soap factory club
La Saponeria Club – Rome

(Via Santa Maria dell'Anima 57, Rome) Open every day from 18.00 to 2.00
Anima Lounge Bar, located near Piazza Navona, is an elegant cocktail bar with an international atmosphere, where you can have an aperitif, meet new people or dance on the dj music in console. The restaurant is spread over two floors: downstairs is the dance floor while, upstairs, there are some secluded areas with sofas for chatting with the girls you just met and drinking. The place is very popular with students, thanks to the low prices, and it fills up especially after midnight: on Fridays cocktails cost €6 and shots €1. Worth trying especially on weekends.

Gregory's Jazz Club fb_icon_tiny
(Via Gregoriana 54, Rome) Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 19:00 to 02:00
Tel. 06 6796386
Intimate atmosphere.
It offers live shows with jazz music and jam sessions (on Wednesdays). Music lovers should not miss this place: with an intimate atmosphere and furnished like a house, the club consists of a narrow ground floor room with a handful of tables, walls lined with black and white photos of jazz legends , and a 70s-style mirrored bar.
Upstairs, audiences can sit comfortably on velvet sofas facing the stage, while low ceilings and faux bookcases create a cozy atmosphere where jazz aficionados will feel right at home. For whiskey lovers, Gregory's Jazz Club offers seventy-five different brands: no doubt the combination of jazz and whiskey in one of the best jazz clubs in the city can give you a truly wonderful evening. Clients aged 30 and over.

Qube fb_icon_tiny
(Via di Portonaccio 212, Rome) Open Friday, Saturday and Monday from 23:00 to 05:00
, Qube is one of the largest clubs in Rome, transgressive and fashionable, it has 4 rooms spread over 3 floors and music for all tastes.
The events are: on Monday “Any Given Monday”; on Friday "Muccassassina" (transgressive and gay friendly evening without censorship, going on for 20 years) and, on Saturday, "Black Qube" with different music in the various rooms ranging from Latin to R & B / Hip Hop to Afro and to the House. Admission €15 with drink included. Not to be missed.

rome nightlife qube
Qube – Rome

Micca Club fb_icon_tiny
(Via Micca 7/A, Rome) Once a huge cantina, now the Micca Club has transformed the galleries and halls of its underground space into a swanky burlesque-style club unlike any other place in the city. It is accessed via an impressive spiral staircase, which leads to the halls with high vaulted ceilings, arches and original giant columns. Inside there are also three bars, an art gallery, a "chill-out area" and a smoking area. Of all the clubs in Rome, the Qube is the one that offers one of the most varied programmes: Thursday evening is dedicated to jazz with live performances, international DJs on Friday, while on Saturday there are burlesque shows and live music . On Sundays, there is an aperitif with buffet starting at 06.00 for €10. Sophisticated and well dressed clientele. Free admission with mandatory pre-registration on the website.

night life rome micca club
Micca Club – Rome

La Cabala Club fb_icon_tiny
(Via Dei Soldati 12, Rome) Open from Thursday to Saturday from 11.00pm to 4.30am
One of the elegant and most exclusive nightclubs in Rome, La Cabala is located in a 15th century medieval building overlooking the river Tiber, above the “Hostaria dell'Orso” restaurant.
The club is quite large and spread over three floors which include, in addition to the dancefloor, a bar and a restaurant. The crowd is very stylish and typically aged 25-30. The music is house, dance and techno and the place is only open on weekends, Fridays and Saturdays. Strict selection at the entrance.

rome nightlife the cabala
The Kabbalah – Rome

Shari Vari Playhouse fb_icon_tiny
(Via di Torre Argentina 78, Rome) Open every day from 19.00 to 04.00 A
former Supper Club, the Shari Vari Palyhouse is one of the most chic and fashionable clubs in the center of Rome. It has three rooms, each featuring a different genre of music including hip-hop, retro, house and dance music. It attracts a rather elegant international crowd and very well dressed and worldly Romans: the refined interior design, the chic and well-groomed atmosphere make the club not an environment for everyone and a perfect place to show off. The evening begins with an aperitif, with a menu that ranges from fusion dishes, Italian cuisine and finger food, ending with the real evening for dancing to the rhythm of the music. The club hosts regular themed events: Hip-Hop music on Wednesdays, Rock-Electro on Thursdays, house and commercial on Fridays and Saturdays. To avoid disappointment, it is recommended to reserve a table.

rome nightlife shari vari playhouse
Shari Vari Playhouse – Rome

Vicious Club fb_icon_tiny
(Via Achille Grandi 7/a, Rome) Open Tuesday and Thursday from 11.00pm to 4.00am, Friday and Saturday from 11.45pm to 6.00am.
Vicious Club, located near Termini station, is a consolidated reality and one of the cult places of hipster and trendy nightlife, which winks at the underground style of Berlin. The environment is dark and full of mirrors. Tuesday and Wednesday it's basically an underground cocktail bar open from 10pm. Thursday is House and Techno, Friday is a mix of indie, wave, electro and rap and Saturday is techno.

Room26 fb_icon_tiny
(Piazza Guglielmo Marconi 31, Rome) Open on Fridays and Saturdays from 21.00 to 4.30.
This club has one of the best sound systems in Europe. The two halls of the venue offer vintage and commercial music on Fridays, electronic music and Made in Italy house on Saturdays.

night life rome room 26
Room 26 – Rome

Rebel Warehouse fb_icon_tiny
(Via Sambuca Pistoiese, Rome) Open on Fridays and Saturdays from 11.00pm to 4.30am.
Club housed in former film studios on the Salaria. This place is unique in Rome, it has 2 different dance floors and regularly hosts the best djs from all over the world and brings the best of the world electronic dance scene to Rome (techno, house and dubstep). The only problem is that the club is a bit off the beaten track and not easy to reach, except by taking a taxi.

Init fb_icon_tiny
(Via della Stazione Tuscolana 133, Rome) Open every day from 19.00 to 4.00.
Positioned near the Circolo degli Artisti and located near the Acquedotto Claudio, the Init is one of the most alternative clubs in the city.
You enter greeted by a small garden that leads to the concert hall, with dancefloor and stage. The underground ambiance and atmosphere make the club a splendid place to sit out and have a drink while listening to an eclectic mix of music. The club is known for spinning many different genres such as reggae, hip-hop, dancehall, punk rock and electronic music.

Animal Social Club fb_icon_tiny
(Via di Portonaccio 23, Rome) Maybe closed at the moment – ​​let anyone who has the opportunity confirm it!
Animal Social Club is a disco housed in a former warehouse, with two large lofts, two levels, and an outdoor terrace. Live and dj-sets based on electronic, techno, house or indie music alternate with exhibitions or cultural events, often with an aperitif. What makes it unique, however, is that it also has table football and table tennis tables, so you can have fun challenging friends, or make new friends by challenging strangers! The atmosphere is informal and metropolitan chic, as it is located in an old warehouse. A great place to come and dance until dawn!

rome nightlife animal social club
Animal Social Club – Rome

Rashomon Club fb_icon_tiny
(Via degli Argonauti 16, Rome) Open on Fridays and Saturdays from 11.00pm to 4.00am.
Trendy club where you can listen to electronic music, but also open to a wider audience thanks to the evenings with concerts, aperitifs and various performances.

night life rome rashomon club
Rashomon Club – Rome

Gilda fb_icon_tiny
(Via Mario dei Fiori 97, Rome) Open from Thursday to Sunday from 11.00pm to 4.00am.
This is one of the historic clubs in the capital, opened way back in 1987 and has always been the flagship of the "important" Roman nightlife, the Gilda is frequented by celebrities, politicians, actors and VIPs. The main room consists of a large dance floor surrounded by sofas and a raised private area, and a bar, all lit by artistic chandeliers, revolving lights, and disco balls. The musical choice ranges from commercial music, hip-hop and RnB, and the house attracts a crowd of elegant boys and girls eager to throw themselves into the dance and wild fun until dawn. Rather strict selection at the entrance. Admission €20 including a drink. Tables around €30 per person. Usually students receive discounts if they enter before 01.00.

nightlife rome guild
Guild – Rome

(Via Degli Equi 57, Rome) Open every day from 19.00 to 2.00.
Bar and cultural association that has been offering live music by emerging groups for over 10 years. If you are looking for a relaxed and intimate atmosphere where you can listen to live music this is the right place. The musical selection ranges from Blues, Rock, Jazz, Metal, Reggae, Pop, Hip-Hop, Hard Rock and Fusion. In the basement it is possible to book the room for private parties with DJ sets or live music, while on the first floor there is a café.

Planet Roma fb_icon_tiny
(Viale del Commercio 36, Rome) Open from Wednesday to Sunday from 19.00 to 05.00
Planet Roma (formerly Alpheus) is the largest club in the center of the capital. The club has 7 halls and a large courtyard suitable for hosting large-scale events, shows and festivals. Great variety of musical atmospheres: house music in the main room, while in the smaller rooms techno, hip hop and rhythm 'n' blues music alternate. Always well attended.

night life rome planet
Planet Rome

Art Café fb_icon_tiny
(Viale del Galoppatoio 33, Rome) Open Friday, Saturday from 21.30 to 04.30
Art Café is one of the most fashionable places in Rome. Selection at the entrance: you enter with a shirt, jacket and accompanied by women, often with a list. Commercial, house, black and revival music. On Friday nights the club is mostly frequented by university students.

night life rome art cafe
Art Cafe – Rome

Baja fb_icon_tiny
(Lungotevere Arnaldo da Brescia – Ponte Margherita, Rome) Open every day from 11.00 to 02.00
This two-story club stands on a floating barge on the River Tiber. The boat is used as a restaurant, lounge bar and disco, and is very active in the summer. Open for lunch and dinner, the Baja offers excellent Mediterranean cuisine.

night life rome baja
Baja – Rome

Beba Do Samba fb_icon_tiny
(Via dei Messapi 8, Rome) Open every day from 19.00 to 02.00
This is the perfect bar for a relaxing evening with live music: Beba do Samba is a historic live bar in San Lorenzo with music ranging from jazz to punk, from ethnic music to Italian author music. Excellent aperitifs with a large selection of wines and beers (every Wednesday aperitif-samba).

rome nightlife beba do samba
Beba do samba – Rome

Brancaleone fb_icon_tiny
(Via Levanna 11, Rome) Open from Friday to Saturday from 22.30 to 05.00, Sunday from 18.00 to 02.00, Thursday from 22.00 to 05.00
Brancaleone is both a disco and a cultural space located in a Roman villa: it hosts dj-sets, live music , exhibitions, theater and literary meetings. Elegant, but not as expensive as some high-end clubs like the Guild. As for the musical selection of the club: on Thursday evening "One Love" with reggae and hip-hop music, on Friday techno, house and electronic music, on Saturday drum'n'bass, concerts and electronic music, while on Sunday aperitif and reggae night. Upstairs films are shown and there is also an organic café and an art gallery.

brancaleone rome nightlife
Brancaleone – Rome

Chalet nel Bosco fb_icon_tiny
(Piazzale dello Stadia Olimpico 5, Rome) Open from Wednesday to Saturday from 20.00 to 05.00.
Winter version of Bosco delle Fragole , Chalet nel Bosco is a large club located near the Olympic Stadium. Great offer of music, fun with events and aperitifs. The club has two rooms for dancing to house and commercial music. In summer, on the other hand, the disco is completely open-air in a wonderful garden.

rome nightlife chalet in the woods
Chalet in the Woods – Rome

Heaven fb_icon_tiny
(Via di Porta Ardeatina 119, Rome) Open from Monday to Friday from 12.30 to 15.00, from Monday to Saturday from 20.00 to 23.30, from Friday to Saturday from 23.30 to 05.00
One of Rome's historic discos, elegant restaurant and dinner&dance in the end week: the restaurant is open for lunch from Monday to Friday and for dinner until Saturday. Ideal for enjoying Italian and Roman cuisine, and for romantic dinners. On Fridays and Saturdays, the Heaven is a disco until 5 in the morning, with dance, house and revival music.

night life rome heaven
Heaven – Rome

Mood fb_icon_tiny
(Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 225, Rome) Open every day from 22.30 to 04.30
Mood is a large, very popular disco decorated with great attention to design: the club is made up of a multitude of rooms with sofas on which to entertain. The proposed music ranges from house, dance, commercial, hip hop and black music.

rome nightlife mood
Mood – Rome

ConteStaccio fb_icon_tiny
(Via Di Monte Testaccio 65/B, Rome) Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 19.00 to 04.00
A real live bar where you can eat and listen to musical performances by live bands: Contestacio is one of the few non-mass clubs in the Testaccio district, and its audience is made up of intellectuals, artists and punk and alternative music enthusiasts. Live music every night ranging from indie, pop, rock, acoustic and new wave to electro-industrial blues and reggae.

night life rome contestaccio
Contestaccio – Rome

Alexanderplatz Jazz Club fb_icon_tiny
(Via Ostia 9, Rome) Open daily from 20.30 to 02.00
Known as the oldest jazz club in Italy, Alexanderplatz Jazz Club is located underground and has the atmosphere of New York's internationally renowned jazz clubs , Paris and London. The space consists of three low rooms separated by arched walls, with candlelit tables surrounding the stage in the central hall, as well as a bar in the corridor connecting each lounge. The welcoming atmosphere and excellent cuisine make this place a point of reference for all jazz enthusiasts. Concerts are organized every evening with live music and great international artists.

night life rome Alexanderplatz Jazz Club
Alexanderplatz Jazz Club – Rome

Pubs, cocktail bars and aperitifs in Rome

Porto Fluviale
(Via del Porto Fluviale 22, Rome) Open every day from 10:30 to 02.00
Porto Fluviale is a bright and fresh space with different types of restaurants: a trattoria, a pizzeria, a bar and a dining room, all in a modern rustic style and with a relaxed atmosphere. The food is great and affordable. At lunchtime there is a large buffet and in the evening there is a lively atmosphere at aperitif time, where you can order “Spuntini” or small snacks. Extensive menu of drinks and cocktails.

night life rome river port
River port – Rome

(Via del Governo Vecchio 46/47, Rome) Open every day from 18.00 to 02.00.
For over 10 years one of the most popular and always sold out places in Rome, the Fluid is a cocktail bar with sophisticated design furnishings and high-level bartending, ideal for aperitifs and after dinner. This bar is one of the best for aperitifs in Rome: in the late afternoon, tourists and locals flock to this place to drink with friends and delight in the abundant buffet food: many beverage proposals, from wine to cocktails refined, and an excellent buffet in terms of quality and quantity, which ranges from canapés to couscous, from first courses to desserts and fresh fruit. We are located in the area considered "the drinking triangle", between Campo de' Fiori , Piazza Navona and la Pace: the Roman nightlife for those who love walking in the heart of the city. In the evening, Fluid becomes a disco bar with DJ sets and lounge, deep house, nu-jazz and funky house music.

night life rome fluid
Fluid – Rome

Salotto 42 fb_icon_tiny
(Piazza di Pietra 42, Rome) Open every day from 19:00 to 02:00, except Mondays.
The place can be considered both a book-bar, a cocktail & wine bar and a music club. Located in front of the Temple of Hadrian, Salotto 42 is an elegant and fashionable place where people go to see and be seen: the appointment is for an aperitif or after dinner. The furnishings consist of elegant 1950s armchairs and sofas, Murano lamps and numerous bookcases stocked with busy books and design magazines.

rome nightlife living room 42
Living room 42 – Rome

Freni e Frizioni fb_icon_tiny
(Via Del Politeama 4/6, Rome) Open every day from 18.30 to 2.00.
Freni e Frizioni is a cool meeting point for Roman nightlife, where an aperitif and late-night cocktail are now a must: many tourists and students flock to it until late in the evening. The place is furnished in a simple way, with recycled and vintage objects, but it is equally elegant and welcoming. The price of coctkails is around 7-8 euros.

rome nightlife brakes and clutches
Brakes and Clutches – Rome

Rome Tram Tracks fb_icon_tiny
(Via Sebastiano Grandis 1, Rome) with Rome Tram Tracks you will be able to see all the sights and main attractions of Rome aboard a vintage tram, with live rock music concert and aperitif included (“apericena”) . Songs by the Rolling Stones, Elvis and Italian artists such as Antonello Venditti and Lucio Battisti are played on board. The ride takes approximately one hour and 45 minutes and is a unique way to spend a night in Rome. The total price is 45 euros and includes food and drink. The event is proposed every Monday with departure from Piazza di Porta Maggiore at 19.45. The monuments visible along the way are: Porta Maggiore, the Basilica of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, the Basilica of San Giovanni, the Colosseum, the Circus Maximus, the Baths of Caracalla and the Pyramid.

nightlife rome rome tram tracks
Rome Tram Tracks – Rome

The Giants of the Night fb_icon_tiny
(Piazza Campo dei Fiori 26, Rome) In the heart of the nightlife of Campo de' Fiori, the Giants of the Night is one of the favorite destinations for tourists who flock to the capital. The place is a classic pub & music bar frequented by young people, especially by many American tourists: this place is always crowded during the weekends, often making it impossible to find a seat inside. The offer is mainly focused on draft beers, followed by an excellent cocktail list but, above all, by shots of tequila for €1.

Pub crawls tour in Rome

Colosseum pub Crawl fb_icon_tiny
(Colosseum metro stop – Line B, Rome) The cost is €20 to join and the meeting point is at the Colosseum metro stop (line B) from 21.00 to 22.00. The price includes a welcome shot, a free t-shirt, an hour and a half of OPEN BAR with all the beer, wine and mixed drinks you want between 9.00pm and 10.30pm (Alcoholic, Beer-pong games are also organized , bodyshots and pinball machine.Also there is a free entrance to a club open till late with Hip Hop,House,RnB and latin music.If it's your birthday they offer you the tour for free plus you get a bottle of champagne .

nightlife rome colosseum pub crawl
Colosseum Pub Crawl – Rome

Spanish Steps Pub Crawl (Ultimate Party Pub Crawl) fb_icon_tiny
(Vicolo di San Biagio 9, Rome) The tour passes 3 bars (the first one is happy hour) and finally a club. The happy hour is from 10.00 to 11.00 and in which the participants can drink and eat at will. For those who want to join at the end of the open bar, the price is 15 euros, which includes a drink of your choice at The Highlander and entrance to the club (which you can reach by 1.00). The meeting point is in Piazza di Spagna from 1 November to 31 March from 21.00, while in winter directly at The Highlander.

Depending on the season or the annual calendar they organize different events ranging from simple bar hopping to clubs, up to themed parties.
In the summer they also host weekly boat parties and pool parties. Tickets are on sale at the office in Via dei Serpenti 89 (near the Colosseum) or at The Highlander Pub (near the Spanish Steps). It is recommended to avoid open shoes and shorts for boys to avoid the risk of being bounced by clubs. Themed evenings Rome Ultimate Party:
- Tuesday evening – “ The Ultimate Ladies Night “: women pay 20 euros and have a free Cosmo cocktail.
Additional drinks for 5 euros -Wednesday evening – “ Jagerbombs&Clubbing “: A free
jagerbomb -Thursday evening – “ Thirsty Thursday College Party “: students pay 20 euros
-Friday evening – “ Freaky Friday Clubbing
-Saturday evening – “ Saturday night Exclusive
-Sunday evening “ Sunday Funday “: beer-pong tournaments
-Monday evening “ One Night of Insomnia

nightlife rome rome ultimate pub crawl spanish steps
Rome Ultimate Pub Crawl (aka Spanish Steps Pub Crawl)