Nightlife New Orleans

New Orleans: Nightlife and Clubs

Nightlife New Orleans: The city that gave birth to Jazz, cocktails and Mardi Grass offers a nightlife suitable only for the brave and lovers of good parties. The cabaret shows are one of the main attractions and help the evening come to life and become irresistible. And although dawn always comes, in this cheerful city in the United States the nights are eternal and magical. Read our complete guide to the best nightclubs and bars in New Orleans!

Nightlife New Orleans

Located along the Mississippi River in the southern state of Louisiana, New Orleans is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States . With over 400,000 residents, it is one of the most populated cities in Louisiana, and is steeped in history and beautiful customs.

The city takes its name from the Duke Orléans , sent by Louis XV in the period from 1715 to 1723 as regent of the place. At first New Orleans was governed by the Spanish, then a period of French domination began which contributed to enriching the culture of the place. Finally, the United States manages to buy Louisiana and here a culture rich in architecture, music, sports, art and exquisite gastronomy begins to be created. Nowadays, New Orleans is a major tourist destination that continues to consolidate despite the passing of the years.

The heart of the city is located in the French Quarter , full of music, gastronomy and a rather particular dialect together with endless parties that mark a before and after in the life of tourists. Among the streets of New Orleans there is a great cultural and multilingual heritage that allows anyone to identify with the space and find new passions that take them out of the routine of their days.

New Orleans by night
New Orleans by night

Nightlife in New Orleans goes far beyond just drinking beer and having a few laughs. There is a huge range of nightlife options and each one will leave you with an unforgettable adrenaline-filled experience.

This city with French roots is perfect for enjoying the best entertainment shows , especially musicals, national artist tours and comedy conventions alongside innovative and classic theater works. At night, the city comes to life, bringing with it a neon-like glow characteristic of Bourbon Street . Most of the bars and nightclubs in New Orleans are open until after 2 in the morning and there is always something delicious to enjoy.

Nightlife New Orleans nightclubs
New Orleans nightclubs

Mardi Gras: epicenter of New Orleans

If you decide to visit the city, we advise you to do it during the most important events. Carnival or Mardi Gras are the main New Orleans holidays that attract people from all over the world to surrender to the beauty and excess of New Orleans nightlife.

As we have already mentioned, the city with European roots is full of many events that will amaze you. Some are best known from TV specials while other locations are hidden gems.

Everyone wants to be in New Orleans when Shrove Tuesday rolls , a festival filled with colorful parades, debauched partying, and loads of delicious food and drink. If you are going to this event, you should wear gold, green and purple as they are the representative colors of the celebration.

Mardi Gras along with its colors represents power, justice and faith and also gives you an opportunity to have fun and join the best parties in New Orleans . If you want to enjoy this festival 100%, then you should eat the “king cake” which is decorated in the official colors of Mardi Grass.

TIP: Wear comfortable shoes as you will be walking a lot.

Nightlife New Orleans Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras is one of the most important events in New Orleans

Where to go out at night in New Orleans

Bourbon Street
Bourbon Street is New Orleans' best partying area and nightlife epicenter, with the highest density of nightclubs and bars.

Bourbon Street has over 100 years of history where you can find the perfect mix of fun, culture and new experiences. This place is quite well known for how incredible (and infamous) it can be based on the stories that have been told about the place. Bourbon achieved great fame thanks to stories of debauchery that will spread around the world. It was very common to hear that there was a lot of drugs, prostitution, heavy drinking and partying in the 1920s. Although this avenue has already entered the legal path, there are still many parties full of adventures, luxuries and excesses. Many stag parties are held here every year.

Without a doubt the best place to go out in the evening in New Orleans and where most of the city's nightlife is concentrated.

Nightlife New Orleans Bourbon Street
Nightlife New Orleans: Bourbon Street

Frenchmen Street
Frenchmen Street is a slightly quieter area than Bourbon and is only 3 blocks long. Even so, it is still considered a fairly wild road due to its high nocturnal activity.

Frenchmen Street offers you a nightlife full of bars with live jazz music , 24-hour cafes, clothing stores, boutiques and even restaurants serving local and international dishes. Frenchmen Street is only 10 minutes from Bourbon Street, making it easy to get there. Many night excursions include it in their itineraries.

Also, Frenchmen Street was the site of the biggest and most beautiful celebration during the Saints' Super Bowl win in 2010. The Spotted Cat and Dat Dog are some of the most famous places and balconies on this street.

Nightlife New Orleans Frenchmen Street
Nightlife New Orleans: Frenchmen Street

Franklin Avenue
Across the Esplanade is the Marigny neighborhood . Many visitors have been coming here for more than a decade due to the economic renaissance it has experienced. At first it was a red zone due to thefts and constant insecurity, but after Hurricane Katrina, Marigny started to thrive as several businesses, prominent galleries and artist communities began to establish themselves in this neighborhood.

Franklin Avenue is known for bringing many artists together on nearby streets such as Dauphine, Franklin and Chartres Streets. Due to this, the number of bars in the area is somewhat reduced compared to the rest of the city. The best known is Mimi's and is followed by The Franklin, Lost love and Big Daddy's.

There was a time when the bars on this street were so much fun that many tourists and New Orleans locals didn't dare to continue their parties there. They were wild places full of excess and fun. Then, in 2009, a local entrepreneur opened Cure, an upscale bar that brought the craft cocktail movement to the French Quarter.

Nightlife New Orleans Freret Street
Nightlife New Orleans: Freret Street

Canal Street
This space used to be New Orleans' version of 5th Avenue, but has now become Broadway. It has many attractions for tourists along with many fast food outlets and street performers. If you are looking for souvenirs for your friends and relatives, on Canal Street you can find the most original and also the most traditional in all of New Orleans.

It is also a good place to choose a hotel to stay. Most of the prestigious hotel chains are located in this street, for example, the JW Marriot hotel and the Sheraton, among others. Canal Street is not a street to spend an entire day, but it is worth including it in your travel itinerary.

Nightlife New Orleans Canal Street
Nightlife New Orleans: Canal Street

Clubs and discos in New Orleans

Nightlife in New Orleans is not complete without going to a disco or bar to dance! The French Quarter is known for its good parties and one of the first mental images that come to mind when listening to “New Orleans” is sultry and fun dancing with good cocktails and laughter all around you.

When visiting this city you can not miss the best nightclubs and discos in New Orleans .

The Metropolitan (310 Andrew Higgins Blvd, New Orleans)fb_icon_tiny
If you are looking for a classic place to dance, go to the Metropolitan Club. One of the most famous nightclubs in New Orleans where you can dance to the music of DJs, incredible lighting and songs and the most modern artists. The smoke machines create an environment full of excess, mystery and a lot of luxury so, while the party doesn't stop.

The music is modern and ranges from top 40 to hip hop, rock, pop, house, techno and any other trending songs. There are flat screen TVs all over the walls, dancers for entertainment and there is always a lot of people having a great time.

The Metropolitan Club puts 11 bar stations at your disposal where its customers can enjoy themselves happily. If you're passing through town to celebrate your birthday or some special occasion, you can rent the entire venue or just an area for you and your big party. A New Orleans nightlife must!

Nightlife New Orleans The Metropolitan Nightclub
Nightlife New Orleans: The Metropolitan Nightclub

One Eyed Jacks (1104 Decatur Street, New Orleans)fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday and Tuesday 5pm to 1am, Thursday 3pm to 2am, Friday and Saturday 11am to 3am.
When it comes to local artists, One Eyed Jacks is the most popular spot in New Orleans. Many local touring artists perform here regularly and you can find a wide variety of entertainment ranging from burlesque shows to dance nights and the famous Thursday “Fast Time 80's Dance Night”. A few years ago, Stand Up Comedy became popular, so you can see them in this club too.

The club's facilities are quite original. Inside are 3 different rooms with 2 whole floors of bars each. How come? Well this gives the club the advantage of doing two separate events at the same time or at least creating two different areas for the same event. The walls of the venue are velvety and there is a rather chic and retro brothel vibe to portray a vintage vibe. Without a doubt one of the most authentic nightclubs in New Orleans.

Nightlife New Orleans One Eyed Jacks
Nightlife New Orleans: One Eyed Jacks

Bourbon Pub Parade (801 Bourbon St, New Orleans)fb_icon_tiny
Open Wednesday 2pm to 3am, Thursday 12pm to 3am, Friday and Saturday 12pm to 5am, Sunday 12pm to 3am.
Bourbon Pub Parade New Orleans is the perfect place for the LGBTIQ+ community, but it's also a space that invites everyone to have fun. It opened its doors in 1974 and became the epicenter of a diverse community that had finally found a place to be themselves without any external judgement.

Bourbon Pub Parade is in the heart of the French Quarter and very easy to find. A place to visit if you want to immerse yourself in the nightlife of New Orleans . Sunday is the best night to frequent this place as there are Sin-along Sundays where you can bring out your inner queen to dance and sing the night away.

All customers are welcome from the second the pub opens its doors. The local staff are known for their friendliness and for doing everything possible to give you the best attention throughout the night. Come here to enjoy the best funky parties in New Orleans .

Nightlife New Orleans Bourbon Pub Parade
Nightlife New Orleans: Bourbon Pub Parade

Cat’s Meow (701 Bourbon St, New Orleans)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4pm to 1am, Friday and Saturday from 4pm to 3am.
The historic heart of the French Quarter is occupied by this club. The building has 2 balconies overlooking Bourbon Street along with a very comfortable interior patio. It is the favorite space for brides' hen parties , just as there are offices that have it as a favorite place for their party meetings.

There's a stage set for your singing debut on karaoke nights and there's also a 3×1 Happy Hour service every day from opening until 8pm. We recommend the triple cocktails and the super cold bottled beer.

Nightlife New Orleans Cat's Meow
Nightlife New Orleans: Cat's Meow

Ohm Lounge (601 Tchoupitoulas St, New Orleans)fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday and Saturday from 10pm to 1am.
The atmosphere here is colorful and appetizing, making it second to none in terms of aesthetics.
Ohm is a small New Orleans club and bar that hosts large Asian-themed parties, so you'll find cuisine and drinks with Japanese and Chinese influences. It is decorated with vases from Japan and Singapore that are more than 350 years old and woven wood and bamboo are always present. Remember to order a margarita!

Nightlife New Orleans Ohm Lounge
Nightlife New Orleans: Ohm Lounge

Vaso New Orleans (500 Frenchmen St, New Orleans)fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday and Tuesday 5pm to 1am, Thursday 3pm to 2am, Friday and Saturday 11am to 3am.
The perfect place to find good live music in New Orleans . This lounge is filled with bands, DJs, delicious food, and live jazz and blues performances featuring great local artists. The atmosphere is colorful and their cocktails are highly recommended.

Nightlife New Orleans Vase
Nightlife New Orleans: Vase

Club Caribbean (2441 Bayou Rd, New Orleans)fb_icon_tiny
Open Thursday through Saturday from 6pm to 2am.
In this New Orleans nightclub you can find good reggae music.
If you like themed clubs, this is your place. Club Caribbean allows you to enjoy the good music and art of this part of America, offering you a good balance between economy and fun. They also offer you free nights. It is a very elegant club focused on Caribbean music.

Nightlife New Orleans Club Caribbean
Nightlife New Orleans: Club Caribbean

The Maison (508 Frenchmen St, New Orleans)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday through Thursday 5pm to 2am, Friday and Saturday 4pm to 4am.
Located on historic Frenchmen Street, The Maison is a club known for its great music, best dance floor and live music on the street.
If you like to move during the parties, here you will always find a good atmosphere and people who love to dance just like you. The club opens at 4pm and they always have an invited band and new cocktails.

Nightlife New Orleans The Maison
Nightlife New Orleans: The Maison

Republic NOLA (828 S Peters St, New Orleans)fb_icon_tiny
Always open.
This space was previously a warehouse in 1852 until it was transformed into one of New Orleans' finest and most entertaining nightclubs . It is divided into 3 sections: the Main Dance Club on the ground floor, the mezzanine floor and the Green Room which is located on the third floor and is for private events. Each floor has its own bar and is frequented by young tourists until late at night.

Nightlife New Orleans Republic NOLA
Nightlife New Orleans: Republic NOLA

Blue Nile (532 Frenchmen St, New Orleans)fb_icon_tiny
Open Wednesday through Sunday from 7pm to 2am.
The headquarters of this club is an old building that has been internally renovated to host the best musical shows. The nightclub has a bar with a soft and pleasant atmosphere. This is a favorite among young adults and one of the best places to enjoy New Orleans nightlife.

Music styles here are blues, funk, brass, and weekend late night trending music.

Nightlife New Orleans Blue Nile
Nightlife New Orleans: Blue Nile

Tipitina’s (501 Napoleon Ave, New Orleans)fb_icon_tiny
This New Orleans nightclub is built in a rustic warehouse and has a cute backstory. In 1977 a group of fans decided to find a place for Professor Longhair to perform during his final years. The name “Tipitina” is in honor of one of his most enigmatic recordings. The club has a capacity of 1,000 people and hosts local musicians who later became famous.

Nightlife New Orleans Tipitinas
Nightlife New Orleans: Tipitinas

Maple Leaf Bar (8316 Oak St, New Orleans)fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday 5pm to 1am, Tuesday to Thursday 5pm to midnight, Friday and Saturday 5pm to 2am, Sunday 5pm to midnight.
Uptown music meets in New Orleans thanks to this Club. It only allows local musicians to perform and this results in good fresh funk and jazz shows. there is karaoke 7 days a week and it is an informal club, ideal for a relaxing evening.

Nightlife New Orleans Maple Leaf Bar
Nightlife New Orleans: Maple Leaf Bar

The Spotted Cat Music Club (623 Frenchmen St, New Orleans)fb_icon_tiny
Open Thursday through Monday from 6pm to 2am.
One of the most famous jazz clubs in New Orleans , this venue offers a relaxed atmosphere where you can also kick back and sip a cocktail on a comfortable sofa. Classic NOLA nightlife is found here; jazz, swing and even blues music. It's perfect for meeting up with friends and enjoying a cocktail.

Nightlife New Orleans The Spotted Cat Music Club
Nightlife New Orleans: The Spotted Cat Music Club

Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro (626 Frenchmen St, New Orleans)fb_icon_tiny
Open Thursday to Saturday from 6pm to midnight.
A great place to hear live jazz in New Orleans. The first families of Jazz perform here and always have a mature audience. It is not suitable for those looking for a loud night as it is designed to be a club for adults who enjoy quiet music and classics of some NOLA musical styles. Its main attraction is that it has plenty of seating and you can enjoy a full steak and all-inclusive dinner.

Nightlife New Orleans Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro
Nightlife New Orleans: Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro

D.B.A. New Orleans (626 Frenchmen St, New Orleans)fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 4pm to 3am.
There's no shortage of nighttime entertainment in the Marigny neighborhood. In this bar offers a mix between modern and vintage, which makes it a select club for the upper class of New Orleans. Here you find a wide variety of live music and they are all local although there are special exceptions. Top-notch dinners are on the menu every day.

Nightlife New Orleans DBA
Nightlife New Orleans: DBA

Preservation Hall (726 St Peter, New Orleans)fb_icon_tiny
Preservation Hall is a historic New Orleans jazz club located very close to Bourbon Street . Admission is $20 and is on a first-come, first-served basis. Seats are limited as it is an exclusive club and you are expected to spend the whole night dancing on your feet. There's a great old school jazz based type vibe.

Nightlife New Orleans Preservation Hall
Nightlife New Orleans: Preservation Hall

House of Blues New Orleans (626 Frenchmen St, New Orleans)fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday and Saturday from 5pm to 9pm.
This iconic blues venue is a jewel of New Orleans nightlife . It has a VIP room, called the Foundation Room, and lots of good party vibes. The musical stage is spectacular and the walls are accompanied by beautiful folk art.

Nightlife New Orleans House of Blues
Nightlife New Orleans: House of Blues

The Howlin Wolf (907 S Peters St, New Orleans)fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday through Wednesday 11am to midnight, Thursday through Saturday 11am to 3am.
If Frenchmen Street isn't enough for you, check out Howling Wolf. It's about a fifteen minute drive away and worth the drive, especially on Sunday evenings, the day when the Hot 8 Brass Bands have a residency in the concert hall adjacent to the bar. An explosion of authentic and super sexy energy.

Nightlife New Orleans The Howlin Wolf
Nightlife New Orleans: The Howlin Wolf

The bars and pubs of New Orleans

Saturn Bar (3067 St Claude Ave, New Orleans)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday to Thursday from 4pm to midnight, Friday and Saturday from 4pm to 1am.
One of the most famous bars in New Orleans , Saturn Bar is an important NOLA institution. It is a landmark on St. Claude Avenue and has been owned by the same family for over 40 years. Their cocktails are cheap and the coldest beers in town can be found here. Monthly, they have “Mod Night” with a DJ who plays music until dawn.

Nightlife New Orleans Saturn Bar
Nightlife New Orleans: Saturn Bar

30°/-90° NOLA (520 Frenchmen St, New Orleans)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday through Thursday 5pm to 2am, Friday and Saturday 4pm to 4am.
This bar owes its name to the geographical coordinates of the city: latitude 30° north and longitude 90° east. Here you can play until late and eat good traditional local dishes and oysters. Every Monday there is jam night , a live event in which the resident band is joined by other musicians in rotation.

What is usually an exercise in style for conservatory students anywhere else in the world, here it features the best performers from the southern United States and several members of world-famous bands. It ranges from traditional jazz to medley hits of the moment, with routes through soul, funk and hip hop. All with the naturalness of someone who was practically born with an instrument in hand.

Nightlife New Orleans 3090 NOLA
Nightlife New Orleans: 30/90 NOLA

Bacchanal Wine (600 Poland Ave, New Orleans)fb_icon_tiny
Open Wednesday through Monday from 12pm to 11pm.
Marigny is also home to the best wine and cheese shop in town. Here you can enjoy small plates with international tastings and listen to live music in a beautiful garden that is quite luxurious but still has the New Orleans feel. Strong drinks and amazing bottles of wine are available. Among the best wine bars in New Orleans, Bacchanal is one of the most exquisite places in the French Quarter, so we recommend it for any of the evenings you spend during the afternoon. Sunday is one of the most popular days here.

Nightlife New Orleans Bacchanal Wine
Nightlife New Orleans: Bacchanal Wine

Monteleone Hotel Carousel Bar (214 Royal St, New Orleans)fb_icon_tiny
Inside the Hotel Monteleone there is a Bar Giostra that makes everyone who goes there fall in love. The bar spins like a carousel and this is where its name comes from. The atmosphere is very romantic and there is even a live pianist who plays all night.

Nightlife New Orleans Monteleone Hotel Carousel Bar
Nightlife New Orleans: Monteleone Hotel Carousel Bar

Map of discos, pubs and bars in New Orleans