New York: Nightlife and Clubs

Nightlife New York: Also known as the city that never sleeps, New York offers an immense variety of nightlife options, with hundreds of trendy nightclubs and bars that satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes. Here is the guide to the best nightclubs and discos of the New York nightlife!

Nightlife NYC

New York City's nightlife, known as "the city that never sleeps," is like no other. New York City has the highest population density of any US city and is among the most populous in the world. Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx and the state islands make up the 5 boroughs of the city. More than 800 different languages ​​are spoken in the Big Apple, making it the most multilingual city on the planet. The city also boasts one of the largest percentages of international residents.

There are more billionaires per capita in this city than anywhere else. The city is also known as the "economic center of the world" due to the fact that it houses two of the largest stock exchanges on the planet. Some of the best media, banks and other establishments in the world can be found in this city. New York City attracts a large number of visitors from all over the world as three of its sites are ranked among the ten most visited places in the world.

Nightlife New York Times Square
Nightlife New York: Times Square

New York night entertainment
Due to its rich history and multiculturalism, New York has developed a range of offers for high-level nightlife. New York offers an abundance of some of the world's best restaurants and trendy nightclubs.

Some of New York's best clubs and venues can be found in the East Village, Greenwich Village, the Meat Packing District, Midtown Manhattan and the Financial District . A large number of people live in and visit the city every year. As a result, there are now a great many restaurants, drinking establishments, discos and night clubs for every taste.

NYC at night
New York City at night

New York City is also famous for its events, with events happening throughout the year . Most of these events have some sort of historical, artistic, seasonal or contemporary connection.

New York nightlife usually starts around midnight and continues into the early hours of the morning. Weekends see a significant increase in attendance, so if you plan to attend, you should purchase tickets in advance and get to the club as early as possible. All in all, New York is the ultimate 'city that never sleeps' , and every person should go there at some point in their life. Furthermore, you can be sure that you will be completely overwhelmed by the city's vibrant atmosphere and alluring charm.

New York nightlife is all about fun and exciting activities. The city will embrace you with open arms and keep you entertained until your last day, no matter who you are or where you come from. Indoor, antique, terrace bars, bathhouses, taverns and New York nightclubs are just a few of the fantastic nightlife available in the city. You can also grab a drink and dance to live music at any number of clubs across the city. When you're in town, don't miss the exciting nightlife of New York , the city that never sleeps.

Nightlife New York discos night clubs
Nightlife New York: discos and nightclubs in the Big Apple

All day long, New York City is a hive of activity and vibrancy. As a global center for several industries, the city is home to some of the busiest roads and subways in the world. Throughout the day, people can take part in a variety of events. These events begin before dawn and continue until the city lights go out at night. Most of these activities take place in one of the city's many beautiful parks (including the famous Central Park). To anyone who visits, these parks will provide a sense of renewal and peace.

The nightlife side of New York , however, comes to life after the sun goes down and the city is awash in artificial lights. While many bars and restaurants serve food throughout the day, many reserve their best atmospheres and activities for later in the evening. In New York it hosts numerous live music shows and musical concerts of all kinds.

New York nightclubs start filling up around midnight, when the best New York parties kick off . Therefore, it's usually a good idea to hit a pub early in the evening for a bite to eat and a drink before heading to these party spots around midnight. This way, you can enjoy the best of both worlds while in town. In New York, the best way to celebrate is to let your hair down, put on some ballet shoes, and dance.

Nightlife New York rooftop party
Nightlife New York: rooftop party

Where to go out at night in New York

New York City 's dazzling nightlife is like nowhere else in the world . The city offers a wide variety of nightly entertainment , from underground taverns to bottle-service nightclubs. All five districts offer plenty of nightlife options, including bars, clubs and dance halls. Based on your preferences, you can choose where to enjoy your party night in New York. Here is a guide to the best nightclubs in New York City.

The East Village
Often cited for its exciting nightlife, the East Village is one of the best areas to drink and party in New York City . The streets are a mix of old and new, with everything from pubs and dive music venues to chic cocktail clubs and trendy restaurants. A more relaxed clientele frequents the area's cafes, restaurants and boutiques throughout the day. S. Mark's Place , once the hub of the city's punk movement, is now home to trendy fast food restaurants and tourist shops.

Nightlife New York East Village
Nightlife New York: East Village

Greenwich Village
The tree-lined boulevards of Greenwich Village were once the epicenter of the city's subculture trend in the late 1950s and are now home to many notable cafés, bars and restaurants. In addition to the brick buildings and campuses of New York University, the area is home to Off-Broadway ballrooms and theaters. Its focal point is Washington Square Park, a bustling public square where locals and visitors alike congregate. Highlighted by the presence of rainbow flags, this area welcomes people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

Nightlife New York Greenwich Village
Nightlife New York: Greenwich Village

Lower East Side
On the Lower East Side, you can find everything from seedy alleyways and row houses to sleek skyscrapers and trendy shops. At night, the area is home to trendy New York pubs, concert halls and restaurants that become magnets for a trendy and young clientele. Historic delicatessens like Katz's and Russ & Daughters , plus the Lower East Side Tenement Museum along Orchard Street, keep the area's Jewish past alive.

Nightlife New York Lower East Side
Nightlife New York: Lower East Side

Lower Manhattan's Meatpacking District
Located in the far west, the Meatpacking District is a trendy business district. Here are the Whitney Museum of American Art, upscale boutiques, and a section of the High Line , a park created above old railroad lines. The lower floors of once-industrial meatpacking factories have been transformed into chic restaurants and some of New York's most popular nightclubs that line the area's cobblestone walkways.

Nightlife New York Lower Manhattan's Meatpacking District
Nightlife New York: Lower Manhattan's Meatpacking District

Midtown Manhattan
Midtown Manhattan is the heart of the New York City borough of Manhattan. Most of New York City's major recognizable landmarks are found here, notably Broadway, Times Square, the United Nations Building, Grand Central Terminal, Rockefeller Center, and Chrysler Tower. Midtown's business and banking districts are among the most important in the nation. It's also one of the best places for nightlife in New York City .

Nightlife NYC Midtown Manhattan
Nightlife New York: Midtown Manhattan

Clubs and discos in New York

New York's club culture has progressed significantly over the years. When you live in the city that never sleeps, it can be difficult to narrow down your options for where to go out at night. Each of these places has its own character and offers something different to everyone who visits. From Ridgewood towards the Meatpacking District, and also from Bed-Stuy towards the Financial District, here is a list of the best clubs in New York :

The DL (95 Delancey St, New York)fb_icon_tiny
Open Thursday 5pm to 11pm, Friday 5pm to 4am, Saturday 3pm to 4am, Sunday 4pm to 11pm.
Located on Manhattan's Lower East Side, The DL is a versatile multi-level rooftop lounge, restaurant and event space suitable for all seasons . Whether you're looking for great nightlife or an after-work experience, The DL has everything you need. This recently renovated upscale venue spans 7,500 square feet across three levels, offering luxurious decor and an energetic atmosphere.

Dinner at Ludlow on the first level is a mesmerizing dining experience under chandeliers dripping with crystal, or you can head directly to the sultry Second Floor Lounge or enjoy breathtaking views on one of New York City's largest all-season retractable rooftops, providing a unique view of the Lower East Side skyline year-round.

No matter the occasion, whether it's a birthday, a private event or a night out with friends, The DL has you covered.

Nightlife New York The DL
Nightlife New York: The DL
Nightlife New York The DL rooftop
The DL is one of the best rooftop venues in New York

Good Room (98 Meserole Ave, Brooklyn, New York)fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday and Saturday from 10pm to 4am.
Located in the Greenpoint neighborhood, this New York nightclub consists of only a couple of rooms. The main one was created with DJs in mind; it has an expertly positioned stand, a high-quality sound system, a large dance floor and a platform for performances of all kinds. There's also a small room called the Bad Room that contains a wall of vinyl records and a second DJ booth for even more tracks. For 4 years in Greenpoint, the club was frequented by New York revelers for the FISSA extravaganza hosted by Joshua D. Houtkin and David R. Pianka.

Good Room offers party nights to individuals from all walks of life, regardless of their faith and orientation. Those with a keen appreciation for music are responsible for setting up this establishment. Distinguishable from other nightclubs, this makes his passion for music quite clear. D&B sound engineering and highly skilled DJs create an environment in which no one can help but get involved. Good Room began its journey of joy and pleasure in 2014, and has progressed extravagantly ever since.

Nightlife New York Good Room
Nightlife New York: Good Room

Black Flamingo (168 Borinquen Pl, Brooklyn, New York)fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday and Saturday from 10.30pm to 4.00am.
Black Flamingo first opened its doors in 2015 with the aim of filling your evenings with wild partying. This popular New York nightclub has consistently provided the kind of lively entertainment that New Yorkers have come to expect from the city's nightclubs. At the nightclub, Black Flamingo pub, or we could call it a restaurant, you will experience an unexpected wave of good times that overwhelm you. Try not to be surprised by this unexpected combination.

Nightlife New York Black Flamingo
Nightlife New York: Black Flamingo

House of Yes (2 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, New York)fb_icon_tiny
Open Wednesday 7pm to 2am, Thursday 10pm to 4am, Friday and Saturday 7pm to 4am.
Located in the Bushwick neighborhood, House of Yes is a club that has been open since 2016 and has become a regular destination for Brooklyn's wildest costume partygoers looking to let loose and forget reality for a night. House of Yes always offers new ways to liven up a night out beyond just drinks at the bar, such as unconventional events like “House of Love” and interactive movie homages “Little Cinema,” as well as a cast of trapeze artists, magicians and performers. Due to the potential for large crowds, it is essential to arrive at the entrance well in advance.

Nightlife New York House of Yes
Nightlife New York: House of Yes

Elsewhere (599 Johnson Ave, Brooklyn, New York)fb_icon_tiny
A massive New York all-night party facility along the Jefferson Avenue corridor, inspired by the grandeur of a mega club and the aesthetic of nearby Bushwick. The ballroom is spacious and can seat up to 700 people and there is an amazing display of laser and LED lighting. In addition to all-nighters like the LGBT Latinx event Papi Juice, its experience is decidedly off the charts, consisting of independent music and artists with one leg still in the underworld. Additionally, there's a large rooftop terrace, a quiet second-floor cocktail bar, and a separate, smaller side area with its own programs. Definitely one of the points of reference for New York nightlife .

Nightlife New York Elsewhere
Nightlife New York: Elsewhere
Nightlife New York Elsewhere rooftop
Nightlife New York: Elsewhere rooftop

Le Bain (The Standard, High Line, 848 Washington St, New York)fb_icon_tiny
Open Wednesday to Friday 4pm to 4am, Saturday 2pm to 4am, Sunday 2pm to 12am.
Anyone in New York will love venturing outdoors and enjoying the warm air, sunshine, and a refreshing drink.
And a rooftop terrace is the perfect place to do just that. Le Bain, the trendy terrace bar of the Standard Hotel, has two floors, a jacuzzi where you can soak on hot summer days, as well as a nightclub for house music fanatics. The clientele resembles a cross between modern fashion models and descendants of the regulars at the original Meatpacking District club. This New York club is the perfect place to see and be seen and party every Wednesday night. Le Bain is well known as one of New York's best nightclubs for penthouse parties . This club has lived up to the high standards of New Yorkers since its debut. At Le Bain, adventurous and party-goers have always been pleased with the ambiance and amenities. You can enjoy a night of dancing, joking and drinking.

Nightlife New York Le Bain
Nightlife New York: Le Bain

Club Cache (35 E 13th St 2nd fl, New York)fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday and Saturday from 9pm to 4am.
It's easy to sign up for Club Cache as membership is free. Club Cache is a must-visit for those looking to have a great night clubbing in New York on the weekend. You will find everything you need to spend a fun-filled night with your friends. On Saturdays and Sundays you will find excellent music and live entertainment.

Nightlife New York Club Cache
Nightlife New York: Club Cache

Tao Downtown (92 9th Ave, New York)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday to Thursday from 5pm to midnight, Friday and Saturday from 5pm to 1am.
Tao Downtown New York, located in the heart of the city, in the heart of Chelsea, is waiting for you. The atmosphere of Tao Downtown is truly out of this planet and will stay with you forever. Upon entering its walls, you know you have arrived at a truly extraordinary destination.

Nightlife New York Tao Downtown
Nightlife New York: Tao Downtown

PHD Terrace at Dream Midtown (210 W 55th St, New York)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday and Wednesday from 5pm to midnight, Thursday from 5pm to 1am, Friday and Saturday from 5pm to 2am.
Located on the rooftop of the Dream Hotel Midtown, PHD Terrace is a luxury New York nightclub , with stunning views of Manhattan and Times Square. PHD Terrace is a favorite for anyone looking for fun after work and/or on the weekend. All those who appreciate the charm of New York's nightlife are warmly welcomed.

Nightlife New York PHD Terrace at Dream Midtown
Nightlife New York: PHD Terrace at Dream Midtown
Nightlife New York PHD Terrace at Dream Midtown American girls
American girls party at PHD Terrace at Dream Midtown in New York

1 Oak New York (453 W 17th St, New York)fb_icon_tiny
Open Wednesday through Sunday from 11pm to 4am.
1 OAK New York is known for its refined atmosphere and artistic atmosphere. As a staple of New York City's vibrant nightlife , 1 Oak offers party nights with electronic music, lots of alcohol and hot New York girls. This club is also a popular party spot for tourists visiting the Big Apple.

Nightlife New York 1 Oak
Nightlife New York: 1 Oak
Nightlife New York 1 Oak beautiful girls
Pretty girls at the 1 Oak club, New York

Marquee New York (289 10th Ave, New York)fb_icon_tiny
Open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 11pm to 4am.
Marquee is a modern New York club, with a luxurious, bright atmosphere, featuring floor-to-ceiling LED displays. The enchanting atmosphere created by the music goes perfectly with the extraordinary high-class decor of the bar. DJs and live bands keep the party going all night long and the state-of-the-art sound system creates the perfect atmosphere.

Nightlife New York Marquee
Nightlife New York: Marquee

Doha Bar & Lounge (3834 31st St, Queens, New York)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday and Thursday 5pm to 2am, Friday and Saturday 5pm to 4am.
Doha is a new club located in Long Island City, Queens. On weekends, this place is indispensable and is always very busy.

Nightlife New York Doha Bar Lounge
Nightlife New York: Doha Bar Lounge

Harbor NYC (621 W 46th St, New York)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday, Thursday and Friday from 11pm to 4am, Saturday from 3pm to 4am.
Located in New York City's harbor, Hudson Terrace offers breathtaking views of the Hudson River, which can be enjoyed in all seasons. Impossible to say no to the incredible charm of the services of this location. If you come here even just once, you will want to come back again. Yonkers locals and tourists alike frequent Hudson Terrace, a multi-purpose nightclub and event space.

Nightlife New York Harbor NYC
Nightlife New York: Harbor NYC

Lavo NYC (39 E 58th St, New York)fb_icon_tiny
The cuisine and nightlife at Lavo, a restaurant-club hybrid, are legendary. Located at 39 East 58th Street, this venue attracts the most fashionable and well-dressed people in New York. Nights at Lavo nightclub are a unique experience completely different from typical partying and drinking. The restaurant is an absolute model of excellence. The entire establishment has an air of sophistication and exclusivity.

Nightlife New York Lavo NYC
Nightlife New York: Lavo NYC

Rumpus Room (249 Eldridge St, New York)fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday and Saturday from 10pm to 4am.
Located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Rumpus Room is a small New York nightclub, a place of revelry, chaos and freedom. If you want to have fun, Rumpus Room is the right club for you. Club-goers here always seem to be in the mood to let loose on the dance floor and enjoy the carefree fun. Not to be missed.

Nightlife New York Rumpus Room
Nightlife New York: Rumpus Room

The bars and pubs of New York

Whether you're in the mood for a pint and a special shot or a relaxing glass of red wine, you'll find a pub to suit your tastes in New York. Here's a selection of the best bars in New York City to help you narrow down the seemingly endless possibilities. From trendy new watering holes to neighborhood mainstays, these are the bars that almost want you to stay for another drink.

Death & Company (433 E 6th St, New York)fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 6pm to 1am.
Even though the name suggests otherwise, the bartenders here take their alcoholic beverages very seriously. This establishment was an early adopter of the craft cocktail trend that has since swept New York. As you walk through the impressive oak entrance, you are greeted by a wonderfully somber atmosphere complete with plush seats and chandeliers. The cocktails are always among the best in the city and many have set national standards in mixology. It can be found in the East Village of New York City.

Nightlife New York Death & Company
Nightlife New York: Death & Company

11TH Street Bar (510 E 11th St, New York)fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday to Wednesday 2pm to 2am, Thursday and Friday 2pm to 4am, Friday and Saturday 12pm to 4am.
Alphabet City is a distinct community in the Big Apple. It's a friendly area where almost everyone knows each other and everyone seems to get along. The 11th Street bar is best visited after a walk around this area. It's a dimly lit tavern that has live music most nights. The music is varied and ranges from jazz to folk, to the most diverse genres.

Nightlife New York 11th Street Bar
Nightlife New York: 11TH Street Bar

Mace New York (433 E 6th St, New York)fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday to Wednesday 4pm to 12am, Thursday 4pm to 1am, Friday 4pm to 2am, Saturday and Sunday 2pm to 2am.
Located in the East Village, Mace is a small cocktail bar, where bartenders base their drinks on a single spice they brought back from their travels and display in glass containers all around the room to evoke a spice bazaar. spices. The stuff presented here is bold, sure, but it's also moderate enough to leave you wanting more.

Nightlife New York Mace Cocktail Bar
Nightlife New York: Mace Cocktail Bar

The Dead Rabbit (30 Water St, New York)fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday and Tuesday from 4pm to 2am, Wednesday and Thursday from 12pm to 2am, Friday and Saturday from 12pm to 3am, Sunday from 12pm to 2am.
Among the best bars in New York , The Dead Rabbit must be on your list of places to visit while in the city. The building, which was once a tavern throughout the late 19th century, has been renovated into an elegant cocktail lounge. Guests can also choose from an eclectic menu of available dishes.

Nightlife New York The Dead Rabbit
Nightlife New York: The Dead Rabbit

Penrose Bar (1590 2nd Ave, New York)fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 11am to 3am.
Those on the Upper East Side looking for a well-crafted classic drink need look no further than the Penrose Bar. An elegant yet cozy bar, furnished with antiques, where you can get your fill of a refined and reasonably priced take on traditional gastropub fare while sip your drinks. Here you can also find fried chicken sandwiches, fried pickles and fish & chips. Every week on Sunday evenings at 8 there is live music.

Nightlife New York Penrose Bar
Nightlife New York: Penrose Bar

Attaboy (134 Eldridge St, New York)fb_icon_tiny
Open every day from 6pm to 4am.
Located on the east side of Manhattan below Canal Street, Attaboy is a cozy New York bar, with upbeat vintage tunes, well-lit, well-loved decor (whitewashed bricks, a tarnished sign on the wall). Bartenders in suspenders whip up cocktails to order at the brushed steel bar.

Nightlife New York Attaboy
Nightlife New York: Attaboy

Valhalla NYC (815 9th Ave, New York)fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 12.00 to 4.00.
Located within the Hell's Kitchen area of ​​New York City, this place offers great snacks and drinks. Watching the game live on television while enjoying one of their 48 specialty beers and delicious food is a winning combination. Also available are sports bar fare like sticky nachos, crispy buffalo ribs and wings, and lager-braised bratwurst with surprisingly crunchy and delicious hand-cut fries. Every day at lunch, you can get any beer on tap along with an off-menu item for just $14. It's best to get there early, as Valhalla tends to fill up after dark.

Nightlife New York Valhalla NYC
Nightlife New York: Valhalla NYC

The Flatiron Room (37 W 26th St, New York)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday and Monday from 5pm to midnight, Tuesday to Saturday from 5pm to 2am.
This is the kind of place to go if you like live jazz or blues. It's the kind of fine old nightclub where you can meet for a date. Wait, there's more: there's a lot of whiskey. The decor is sophisticated and inviting. Weekends in particular tend to be quite busy, so book early.

New York nightlife The Flatiron Room
New York's nightlife: The Flatiron Room

St. Mazie Bar (345 Grand St, Brooklyn, New York)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday through Thursday 6pm to 2am, Friday and Saturday 6pm to 4am.
St. Mazie in Williamsburg is a great place for a date. Bring your date, grab a drink at the bar and enjoy live flamenco music while watching the performers and maybe even letting loose on the dance floor. We cannot guarantee flamenco every night, but there is usually live music starting around 10pm. Aside from the large terrace, the bar alone is dark and inviting. There's a whole restaurant over there if you're hungry.

Nightlife New York St. Mazie Bar
Nightlife New York: St. Mazie Bar

Mona’s (224 Avenue B, New York)fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 3pm to 4am.
Mona's is one of the most popular New York bars, much appreciated especially by tourists visiting the Alphabet City neighborhood. The house specialty is New Orleans jazz, but you can also listen to bluegrass on Mondays.

Nightlife New York Monas
Nightlife New York: Monas Bar

Map of discos, pubs and bars in New York