Nightlife Chicago

Chicago: Nightlife and Clubs

Nightlife Chicago: Although it is best known for its museums and beautiful buildings, Chicago is also appreciated for its vibrant nightlife. Nightlife options include numerous pubs, clubs, comedy shows, beer gardens and live music. There are "beer schools" in the city, as well as jazz clubs with great after parties. From dusk till dawn, we've got the perfect guide to Chicago's best bars and clubs for having fun and partying.

Nightlife Chicago

Chicago is the largest city in Illinois and the third most populous city in the United States . Located on the western shore of Lake Michigan, the city has benefited from its cultural and economic success in attracting visitors.

Tourists flock to Chicago for its well-known arts scene and rich cultural scene. While Chicago has no shortage of loud nightclubs or crowded pubs on the weekend, its nightlife has expanded beyond those traditional forms.

Chicago by night
Chicago by night

Chicago's nightlife is as diverse as its locals , with venues offering everything from stand-up comedy and arcade games to burlesque and live jazz, blues, hip-hop and rock 'n' roll.

Famous nightclubs , chill lounges, theaters and more make up Chicago's diverse nightlife . Find a pub with a picturesque rooftop, an LGBT event, a busy nightclub, a Prohibition-style setting or a relaxing lounge and enjoy a delicious drink or a local craft beer. Live music, comedy and burlesque shows, celebrity and student folk art performances, and so much more can be found around the city.

Unlike the themed club scenes we've seen popping up in London and New York, Chicago's nightlife seems to be the result of a haphazard assortment of disparate elements rather than grand design. A Chicago nightclub with jungle décor would play contemporary jazz, stand-up comedy and offer modern variations on older drinks, as opposed to a jungle-themed club, which might include wilder tunes, exotic dancers in caveman costumes , tropical cocktails and animal print servers.

Nightlife Chicago nightclubs
Chicago nightclubs
Theaters in Chicago

Chicago is home to some of the best restaurants in the United States, a vibrant and diverse theater and comedy culture, and a rich heritage of jazz and blues music . The city is home to nearly two hundred theaters where breathtaking performances can be enjoyed, over one hundred and fifty facilities where guided tours can be taken, and a thriving visual arts culture. When it comes to live theater, Chicago has it all, from Broadway debuts to cutting-edge one-off works. Plus, if you've never been to Chicago, the annual Chicago Theater Week is a great time to do so.

The Chicago Theater has been an institution since 1921, while the Auditorium Theater began even further, being located in the same building on Congress Parkway since 1899. The Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place is new by comparison, having opened its doors in 1976. It's a perfect venue for plays, as is the Apollo Theater in Lincoln Park, which opened in 1978.

Nightlife Chicago The Chicago Theater
Nightlife Chicago: The Chicago Theater
Live music in Chicago

Music is also a Chicago staple after dark in the various live concert halls scattered throughout the city. Live performances in Chicago are also notable for their eclectic blend of independent musical influences. The city is a mecca for artists and musicians of all stripes, so you can catch incredible shows every night. You can listen to the best of R&B, rock, electro, hip hop and other contemporary music styles right here.

Chicago's most popular music venues include The Metro , a 1,100-seat venue for new and up-and-coming bands, The Aragon Ballroom in Uptown on the Far North Side, which has a long history and has hosted such legendary acts as Nirvana and Green Day.

Nightlife Chicago The Metro
Nightlife Chicago: The Metro

For visitors who prefer a slightly more cerebral type of music, the Chicago Symphony Center on South Michigan Avenue is a safe haven. This downtown concert hall has been home to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra since its construction in 1904. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra is one of the most prestigious orchestras in the world.

The blues is also very popular in Chicago: it began to gain a foothold in the 1930s when musicians, fleeing the harsh economic conditions of the Deep South, began moving north. They thus created an ambience that still resonates in the metropolis today. Perhaps the most famous blues club in Chicago is Buddy Guy's Legends , where this brilliant guitarist still holds strong and provides a stage for other artists to perform successfully, just behind Grant Park. It's always a great choice for a night out and is open every day (the food is great too). Kingston Mines is another blues institution in Chicago.

Nightlife Chicago Buddy Guy's Legends
Nightlife Chicago: Buddy Guy's Legends

Jazz still has a lot to say in a city that loves inventive rhythms and bizarre tempos. Green Mill claims to be the oldest jazz club in Chicago and the United States and keeps the Uptown area's 1920s and 30s style of music alive.

However, live performance in Chicago venues goes beyond just music. The club scene in this city is full of life, with dance performances and poetry readings, stand-up comedy and dance performances. If you want to get involved in the show, there are bars that host karaoke nights and open mixes.

Clubs and discos in Chicago

The Underground (56 W Illinois St, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Thursday and Friday 10pm to 4am, Saturday 10pm to 5am.
The Underground, a nightclub near River North with something of a bar feel and military-themed entrance, takes its vibe of exclusivity very seriously. Those who feel comfortable in a “see and be seen” environment will feel right at home here. After entering through what appears to be the entrance to a nuclear bomb bunker, patrons can enjoy bottle treatment and celebrity sighting well into the wee hours of the morning. You can dance the night away to the sounds of local DJs and well-known national artists. This popular Chicago nightclub mainly features electronic and dance/pop music.

Nightlife Chicago The Underground
Nightlife Chicago: The Underground
Nightlife Chicago The Underground girls
The Underground Club, Chicago

Tao Chicago (632 N Dearborn St, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday and Tuesday through Thursday 5-10pm, Friday 5-4am, Saturday 5-11pm.
This stunning two-story nightclub is one of Chicago's most exclusive nightclubs . Once you step through the 100-year-old Chinese portal, you'll find a 7,000-square-foot nightclub on the basement level.

The club is decorated with beautiful Asian artwork and furnishings. The moving wall of our nightclub transforms its two smaller rooms into a spacious one. There are private cabins, a substantial bar and a lounge in the same space. The second area has a DJ booth and dance floor and is dominated by a giant Japanese bell. Inside is a giant Hush painting and a disco ball. Just above the dance floor hang beautiful mirrored chandeliers with a Lotus design. A real point of reference for Chicago nightlife .

Nightlife Chicago Tao Chicago
Nightlife Chicago: Tao Chicago
Nightlife Chicago Tao Chicago girls party
Girls party at Chicago's Tao nightclub

Untitled Supper Club (111 W Kinzie St, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Tuesday 5-1am, Wednesday 5-12pm, Thursday and Friday 5-2am, Saturday 5-3pm.
The Untitled Supper Club is an elegant venue that serves fine dining and live entertainment in a Prohibition-era setting. Get into the spirit of music and entertainment by sampling some of America's supper club favorites or the largest selection of hand-picked American whiskeys in the nation.

Absinthe Minded, hosted by Untitled, offers atmospheric concerts, custom drinks, and tableside fountains of absinthe, making it one of the few places in Chicago to do so. The city's best nightlife includes acrobatic and variety shows, tribute bands, diner cuisine, and the largest selection of well-selected American whiskeys in the nation.

Nightlife Chicago Untitled Supper Club
Nightlife Chicago: Untitled Supper Club
Nightlife Chicago Untitled Supper Club American girls
Untitled Supper Club, Chicago

The Whistler (2421 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Wednesdays and Thursdays 6pm to 1am, Fridays 6pm to 2am, Saturdays 6pm to 3am.
The Whistler, a club near Logan Square, has your back no matter what night of the week you decide to visit. The music ranges from rock to jazz to techno to country, and there may also be DJ sets or film screenings. In addition to serving drinks, this Chicago pub and club also showcases local artwork in its storefront. For singles, don't miss signle night which takes place here every other Friday. In general, expect to enjoy dancing and drinking here.

Nightlife Chicago The Whistler
Nightlife Chicago: The Whistler

The Giant Penny Whistle (1854 S Blue Island Ave, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open daily 5-1am.
It can be disco, house, R&B, salsa, cumbia or hip-hop just as easily as it could be cowboy tonk and western standards. Behind the inconspicuous exterior is a large bar and music venue that doubles as a bar and late-night hangout (complete with drink specials like the “Freakin' Puerto Rican” and “Sonic Doom”) for dancing and listen to music.

When the music is this varied, the crowd is sure to change every time. Dogs are welcome in the bar until 10, and if all that dancing and socializing has worked up an appetite, Coyotes on 18th Street is a good choice for a late night meal.

Nightlife Chicago The Giant Penny Whistle
Nightlife Chicago: The Giant Penny Whistle

Flash Dance Club (2247 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday 10pm to 4am, Saturday 10pm to 5am.
If you like nightlife and clubbing, head to this new club in Chicago. Pop art, bright lights and various bars decked out with broken mirrors transport patrons back to the disco era. Sit on the big red sofa. At the Banana Lounge, unwind late into the night to watch Chicago musicians perform in the Flashback Room. Friday and Saturday evenings are the only times the venue is open.

Nightlife Chicago Flash Dance Club
Nightlife Chicago: Flash Dance Club

SmartBar Chicago (3730 N Clark St, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday and Friday 10pm to 4am, Saturday 10pm to 5am.
The Smartbar is one of Chicago's liveliest nightclubs for crazy dance nights. This is an underground club where famous DJs play a good variety of dance music. The venue has a Funktion One sound system and the quality of the music is incredible. Located just below the Metro Cabaret, this is a true Chicago nightlife hotspot . The huge dance floor and mix of local and foreign DJs will leave you wanting more. Put on your dancing shoes and come here to dance till you drop.

Nightlife Chicago SmartBar
Nightlife Chicago: SmartBar

Beauty Bar Chicago (1444 W Chicago Ave, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Thursday and Friday 7-2am, Saturday 7-3am, Sunday 9-2am.
A martini, manicure, and dance party all sound like wonderful ideas when you visit this beauty bar located in western Chicago, which doubles as a drunken saloon. The brightly colored walls and eye-catching furnishings of the lounge hark back straight to the 1960s.

No appointments are required for nightly martini manicurist and mixologist services. Sip a Deep Condition or Blowout, two salon-themed cocktails, and then spend the night partying to live DJ sets or wild themed nights.

Hip hop in the bar is a perfect blend of modern and classic sounds. Due to a first come, first served policy, reservations are not required. Among single men, the Beauty Bar is famous for its exciting nightlife and because it is always well attended by beautiful Chicago girls. In addition to the original Manhattan location, the Beauty Bar also has outposts in Denver, San Francisco and Las Vegas .

Nightlife Chicago Beauty Bar
Nightlife Chicago: Beauty Bar

Electric Hotel (222 W Ontario St, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Wednesday and Friday 10pm to 4am, Saturday 10pm to 5am.
River North's Electric Hotel was formerly a warehouse for an electrical supply company, but today it uses the energy of its dance floor and Chicago's best parties .

The 1930s feed and manufacturing factory is now a chic nightclub with exposed brick walls, vaulted doorways and hardwood floors. Electric Hotel may look like a 1970s throwback, but don't let that fool you; it has all the amenities of a contemporary nightclub, including an excellent sound system, stunning lighting, VIP seating and bottle service.

Nightlife Chicago Electric Hotel
Nightlife Chicago: Electric Hotel
Nightlife Chicago Electric Hotel beautiful girls
Beautiful girls at the Electric Hotel, Chicago

Sound-Bar (226 W Ontario St, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday and Friday 10pm to 4am, Saturday 10pm to 5am.
This club, which opened in 2004 and is decorated in a sleek, contemporary, multi-layered European style, has been a mainstay of the River North nightlife scene thanks to its regular programming of advanced house and techno DJs. This club consistently presents a big scene on its many dance floors thanks to its talented roster of regular DJs, 7 bars strategically placed throughout the venue, and high-quality sound equipment.

Nightlife Chicago Sound-Bar
Nightlife Chicago: Sound Bar

Disco (111 W Hubbard St, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Thursday and Friday 10pm to 4am, Saturday 10pm to 5am.
Located above Celeste in River North, this Chicago nightclub is cheeky in its desire to evoke the '70s and '80s with its giant mirror balls and neon-lit dance floor. The playlists intentionally hark back to the '70s by including disco (obviously), funk, soul and house tracks from that era.

Join us on Friday and Saturday nights for champagne and parties at this photogenic Chicago night club. There's a nod to New York and Paris in the 1970s, and those vibes can be felt throughout the club. While no reservations are required to visit, it's best to ask about availability well in advance if you're planning a special occasion here.

Nightlife Chicago Disco Chicago
Nightlife Chicago: Disco

PRYSM Nightclub (1543 N Kingsbury St, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10pm-4am, Saturday 10pm-5am.
Located in Lincoln Park, the Prysm is a modern nightclub in Chicago that offers two floors for dancing and drinking. Popular DJs like Steve Angello and Afrojack play here, while smaller-scale events often feature local DJs.

There are three bars, plenty of tables for bottle service indulgences, and a VIP suite that you can book if you're feeling very rich. On a Saturday night, the place is packed with people on the amazing dance floor and plenty of seating at the many tables available.

Nightlife Chicago PRYSM Nightclub
Nightlife Chicago: PRYSM Nightclub

Spy Bar (646 N Franklin St, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday and Saturday 10pm to 5am.
Another River North treasure, Spy Bar is one of Chicago's most popular nightclubs and was named one of the 10 best nightclubs in the United States . The best DJs in the world perform here and you can get up and make friends with them.

Founded in 1995, this River North club has a capacity of 300 and promotes its "global vibe" by hosting underground techno and electro acts from around the world. Due to limited space, this is one of the more exclusive dance floors in the neighborhood; therefore, you should arrive early (or book a table in advance) to guarantee entry.

Nightlife Chicago Spy Bar
Nightlife Chicago: Spy Bar

Fame Nightclub (157 W Ontario St, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Thursday through Saturday from 10pm to 3am.
Located in a two-story building in River North, Fame serves as both a stylish supper club and lively nightclub. At dinner, diners can enjoy fine American cuisine served under crystal chandeliers. Appetizers like smoked stuffed mejool dates and grilled octopus and entrées like tomahawk short ribs and cacio e pepe are just a few examples.

The fun starts upstairs in the club, where you can hear the sounds of DJs (sometimes joined by soloists or trumpeters) setting the mood. But there's a logical reason why Fame Night Club is only really accessible on the weekends. This club is like a well kept secret that only those in the know can find. If you want to really experience Chicago nightlife , you should really get in on the action and dance. Not to be missed.

Nightlife Chicago Fame Nightclub
Nightlife Chicago: Fame Nightclub

Debonair Social Club (1575 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Thursday and Friday 9-2:00pm, Saturday 9-3:00pm.
This two-story club is a relic from Wicker Park's heyday as the center of all-night partying in Chicago, before the arrival of corporate restaurants and shoe stores. The Debonair Social Club is now one of the few places on this section of Milwaukee Avenue to get bottle service and dance the night away. Weekends are the best time as there are parties on both levels (basement and upper level) with separate DJs.

Nightlife Chicago Debonair Social Club
Nightlife Chicago: Debonair Social Club

Tunnel (151 W Kinzie St, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday, Thursday and Friday 9-2am, Saturday 9-3am.
Tunnel is a long, thin nightclub that takes its design cues from London's underground tunnel system, originally built to serve as a safe haven for the British royal family and a tool for espionage. Just know that this club in River North isn't exactly known for its Anglo-friendly decor. Those willing to shell out for VIP tables and bottle service will have no trouble finding a place to sit, as booths line one side, the bar occupies the other wall, and couches fill the central area of ​​the room . To create a vibrant ambiance, strings of suspended LED lights are synchronized with the person spinning on stage.

Nightlife Chicago Tunnels
Nightlife Chicago: Tunnels

LITE Chicago (215 W Ontario St, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday 10pm-2am, Saturday 10pm-3am.
Located in the River North area, LITE Chicago is a massive venue with dim lights, confetti cannons, and booze bottles with streamers. Book and get ready to dance the night away with lots of interesting people to talk to.

The spacious hall can accommodate parties of up to four thousand people, making it perfect for wedding receptions, cocktail parties and other large celebrations. On Nostalgia Tuesday, popular songs from the 90s and 2000s are played, during which you will be transported back in time.

Nightlife Chicago LITE club
Nightlife Chicago: LITE club

Joy District (112 W Hubbard St, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday through Friday 4pm to 2am, Saturday 11am to 3am, Sunday 11am to 11pm.
Nightclub, restaurant and outdoor patio: Joy District has it all.
The second-floor nightclub is where the hip kids go to party, with top DJs playing tunes from Chicago's hottest artists and a fully stocked bar with VIP bottle service. Every now and then, this Chicago club hosts some famous artists. Ludacris, Demi Lovato and Louis the Child are just some of the artists who have performed here. The rooftop bar is a great place to relax with a drink and take in Chicago's sights at night.

Nightlife Chicago Joy District
Nightlife Chicago: Joy District
Nightlife Chicago Joy District party girls
Party night at Chicago's Joy District

Stereo Nightclub (5616 W Diversey Ave, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday 9-2am, Saturday 8-3am, Sunday 8-2am.
This Chicago nightclub will surprise you with its beautiful architecture. The combination of cool blue and hot pink light is aesthetically pleasing and pleasing to the eye. The combination of the smoky atmosphere and dramatic lighting gives the place an aura of mystery.

Stereo Nightclub has an eclectic music selection that includes 90s disco, rock, pop, and more. The Lounge Room has a relaxing atmosphere and is ideal if you are looking for some peace and quiet for conversation.

Nightlife Chicago Stereo Nightclub
Nightlife Chicago: Stereo Nightclub

Primary NightClub (5616 W Diversey Ave, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday and Saturday 10pm to 4am.
The Primary Nightclub is a Chicago nightclub located under the W. Division Street subway stop. The VOID sound system is widely regarded as the best among Chicago nightclubs.

This nightclub often features top-notch DJs from all over the world. Electro Dance Music (EDM), Dubstep, Hip Hop, Disco, House, Latin and other genres of dance music are the club's main musical offerings.

Nightlife Chicago Primary NightClub
Nightlife Chicago: Primary NightClub

The Mine Music Hall (1431 W Lake St, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday 10pm to 4am, Saturday 10pm to 5am.
Located in a converted warehouse, this club spans 10,000 square feet and features three separate bars and two music rooms. There is a wide variety of music, from Billboard top to Latin to Hip Hop to Dembow to Funk, playing in each of the rooms. On Ultra Saturdays, for example, Reggaeton, Club Hits and Latin music are on the playlist.

Nightlife Chicago The Mine Music Hall
Nightlife Chicago: The Mine Music Hall

LiqrBox (873 N Orleans St, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday, Thursday and Friday 10pm to 4am, Saturday 10pm to 5am.
There's a one-of-a-kind bar in Chicago called LiqrBox, and it's located on Orleans St. Positivity is ensured by neon lights, attractive street art, and cozy seats. There are many bars, a cloakroom, a dance floor, a fantastic DJ booth, state of the art sound and lighting and much more in our club.

Latin Bliss (5515 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday 10pm to 4am, Saturday 10pm to 5am.
The Latin Bliss nightclub on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago is a classy venue. In accordance with the club's dress code, jeans, trainers, jogging bottoms and other forms of casual/sportswear are not permitted. Dress to impress and bring your best dress shoes. Tropical décor, including plush couches, colored lights, natural stone, and a stylish bar, lends a relaxing vibe to the venue.

Nightlife Chicago Latin Bliss
Nightlife Chicago: Latin Bliss

VLive Chicago (2501 S Kedzie Ave, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Tuesday 5-1am, Friday 5-4am, Saturday 5-5am, Sunday 5-3pm.
Located in the Markham neighborhood, VLive has quickly become one of the hottest nightlife hangouts in Chicago . As you enter, you'll notice that your steps are illuminated in a rainbow of hues. Furthermore, the dance floor is a kaleidoscope of color and visitors are bathed in dazzling yellow light. There are many large flat screen televisions which, coupled with high quality music, provide an unforgettable audiovisual experience.

Nightlife Chicago VLive
Nightlife Chicago: VLive

Miki's Park (109 W Hubbard St, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday through Friday 4pm to 2am, Saturday 4pm to 3am.
Miki's Tiger Bar hosts K-pop nights, Korean bar competitions and live DJs. While Miki's isn't really a nightclub, it is well known among Chicagoans interested in Asian culture as a hidden gem. Come any day of the week for live music in the bar or stay on Friday night for a night of K-POP and a live DJ.

Nightlife Chicago Mikis Park
Nightlife Chicago: Mikis Park

Hideout (1354 W Wabansia Ave, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday through Friday 4pm to 2am, Saturday 6pm to 3am.
In our opinion, the Hideout is Chicago's best nightly live house . Hideout always has an amazing lineup of local and regional acts, ranging from jazz bands to punk rock. Also, this club is full of interesting people who, coincidentally, all know great places to hang out and hang out.

Nightlife Chicago Hideout
Nightlife Chicago: Hideout

Bounce Sporting Club (324 W Chicago Ave, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Wednesdays 8pm-2am, Thursdays and Fridays 5pm-2am, Saturdays 3pm-3am, Sundays 3pm-2am.
Bounce is multipurpose and serves as more than just a sports bar. It is a popular Chicago nightlife destination for both locals and visitors who want to sample a wide variety of high-quality alcoholic beverages. This nightclub is undoubtedly the best place to spend the night listening to live music, dancing with DJs and watching the best sports on TV.

Nightlife Chicago Bounce Sporting Club
Nightlife Chicago: Bounce Sporting Club

Empty Bottle (1035 N Western Ave, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open daily 5-2am.
This is a great place to see up and coming band concerts and the crowd is always lively and fun to watch. If you want to be comfortable while dancing, you should leave your coat at home.

Nightlife Chicago Empty Bottle
Nightlife Chicago: Empty Bottle

Berlin Nightclub (954 W Belmont Ave, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday 10pm-2am, Wednesday-Friday 10pm-4am, Saturday 11pm-5am.
The Berlin is a gay and lesbian club in Chicago that serves a variety of 80s hits, disco and new wave. Just east of North Sheffield Avenue, the club is located on Belmont Avenue. In addition to a varied selection of music suitable for dancing, the venue hosts regular theme nights and live entertainment. Beer, wine and potent mixed cocktails are all available at the bar. One of the best places to let loose and dance in Chicago with a diverse and enthusiastic crowd. All sexual orientations are welcome at the club.

Nightlife Chicago Berlin Nightclubs
Nightlife Chicago: Berlin Nightclubs

The bars and pubs of Chicago

Chicago folks enjoy drinking locally brewed alcoholic beverages like microbreweries, specialty cocktails, pitchers of margaritas, and wines straight from the vineyard. This city is a drinker's dream, with places ranging from historic venues and hidden speakeasies to chic rooftop lounges and Chicago bars open til 4 in the morning.

Below, we've compiled a list of some of the best bars in Chicago .

Celeste (111 W Hubbard St, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Wednesdays 7-2pm, Thursdays and Fridays 7-4pm, Saturdays 7-5pm.
Enter paradise and teleport to Celeste, a tropical rainforest where music, dreams and a strange experience come together. Visit the basement bar for some night time entertainment or dine Art Deco style upstairs for a relaxed evening with friends. Great music, tasty food, and positive energy are constants at Celeste, and that's what makes it so special.

Nightlife Chicago Heavenly
Nightlife Chicago: Heavenly

Blind Barber (948 W Fulton Market, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday through Tuesday 9.30am to 6.30pm, Wednesday and Thursday 9.30am to 1am, Friday 9.30am to 2am, Saturday 9.30am to 3am.
Blind Barber may look like any other inconspicuous barbershop on the street, but behind its unassuming facade is one of Chicago's most popular nightclubs , a not-so-secret speakeasy.

You can get a haircut there during the day or come back later to eat, drink and listen to music from local DJs, just like at the shop's other sites in New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. The low lighting creates an atmosphere of chic sophistication, and the dance floor is spacious enough to host a modest party. Unless you like waiting in line, reservations are highly recommended.

Nightlife Chicago Blind Barber
Nightlife Chicago: Blind Barber

Green Mill Cocktail Lounge (4802 N Broadway, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open daily 4-1am.
Each evening, the Green Mill welcomes visitors and jazz aficionados seeking an atmosphere reminiscent of Clark Monroe's Uptown House in 1940s Harlem. Once frequented by Al Capone, Charlie Chaplin and Gloria Swanson, The Green Mill has a charm that contemporary nightclubs lack and has the feel of an early 20th-century speakeasy, which served during Prohibition.

Jazz, big band, blues and swing performances, as well as the long-standing Uptown Poetry Slam, fill the weekly live music schedule. Drinks are cheap, but if you want to sit at a table, you better show up well before the bands start. You may hear classic jazz, modern jazz, Bebop, and improvised jazz from both local artists and famous names during these jam sessions. Anyone looking for a casual yet elegant place to enjoy live jazz in Chicago should check out the Green Mill.

Nightlife Chicago Green Mill Cocktail Lounge
Nightlife Chicago: Green Mill Cocktail Lounge

The J. Parker (1816 N Clark St, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Tuesday through Thursday 5-11pm, Friday 3-1am, Saturday 1-1am, Sunday 1-11pm.
This 13th-floor sliding rooftop bar is open year-round and offers a seasonally changing menu of creative cocktails, as well as a selection of local beers, ciders, wines, and spirits. Gaze at the stars, snuggle up by the open glass fires, and soak up the unobstructed views of Chicago in all directions.

Nightlife Chicago The J. Parker
Nightlife Chicago: The J. Parker

Replay Lincoln Park (2833 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday - Thursday 5pm - 2am, Friday 3pm - 2am, Saturday 12pm - 3am, Sunday 12pm - 2am.
Replay Lincoln Park is a popular retro arcade bar in Chicago that caters to the half of the population who don't like wearing stilettos, smelling perfume, dancing on crowded dance floors, or taking endless selfies. Join the Trivia evenings and taste a good craft beer. The bar offers over sixty classic arcade games such as pinball, air hockey and pool for free. The right place to go if you want to have a relaxing night in Chicago.

Nightlife Chicago Replay Lincoln Park
Nightlife Chicago: Replay Lincoln Park

Lottie's Pub (1925 W Cortland St, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open daily 11am-2am.
Most newcomers to Chicago have a soft spot for Monks or Lottie's. Being featured on the Chicago Fire TV show is big business for the local community. Sure, it's busier with tourists now than it was in the 1920s, but the place has kept the same charming vibe.

Nightlife Chicago Lottie's Pub
Nightlife Chicago: Lottie's Pub

The Violet Hour (1520 N Damen Ave, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Tuesday through Sunday 5-1am.
The Violet Hour, located on Damen Avenue in downtown Wicker Park, is often ranked as one of the best bars in Chicago . It is a trendy hangout frequented by both natives and travellers. Stop by for one of their inventive drinks.

Stop by the bar Monday through Thursday for absinthe happy hour and enjoy free samples and cocktail specials made with the spirit. However, it must be recognized that The Violet Hour is among the most elegant and respected cocktail lounges in Chicago . Your Chicago nightlife tour would be incomplete without a stop at this incredible venue .

Nightlife Chicago The Violet Hour
Nightlife Chicago: The Violet Hour

Sportsman's Club (948 N Western Ave, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday through Friday 5pm to 2am, Saturday 4pm to 2am.
A quirky taxidermy-filled decor, spacious back terrace, superb cocktails and, as the name implies, a sporting spirit draw many people from beyond the Humboldt Park neighborhood to this Chicago pub. Its reputation for serving tasty drinks at reasonable prices has made it a neighborhood favorite.

In the summer, the bartender crew encourages some of Chicago's top chefs to host patio cookouts, and for just $20, you can enjoy a delicious meal and a refreshing beverage. Three or four different cocktails are available each night, including the house specialty, the Sportsman's Cocktail, currently created with bitters, black cherries, and absinthe. The exact ingredients may differ, but you can count on the drink to be very fragrant and bitter. There are many other cocktails, but they're all different takes on the classics.

Matchbox (770 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Tuesday through Sunday 3pm to 2am, Monday 3pm to 11pm.
A trendy corner bar on Milwaukee Avenue, Matchbox is housed in a historic structure and is known for its outstanding cocktail menu and cozy confines. The bar is cramped but the terrace effectively doubles the restaurant's capacity, making it the perfect place to enjoy one of its signature margaritas, concocted with freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice, top-shelf spirits, powdered sugar, and a heavy hand. House-infused vodkas and food from the nearby dining car are the hits of the whole train.

Nightlife Chicago Matchbox
Nightlife Chicago: Matchbox

Sleeping Village (3734 W Belmont Ave, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday through Wednesday 6pm to 1am, Friday and Saturday 6pm to 1am.
This pub and concert venue located on Belmont Avenue offers a wide variety of ales, stouts, barleys and fruit ales from around the world for visitors to sample, providing a true test for their senses of taste.

The Sleeping Village has so much more to offer than just a huge variety of beer and comfortable accommodations. Because there is a concert hall at the back of the building that can hold 300 people. Customer enjoyment of freshly brewed beers and background music is greatly enhanced by this combination.

Nightlife Chicago Sleeping Village
Nightlife Chicago: Sleeping Village

Sleeping Village (1746 W Chicago Ave, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday-Thursday 12-9.30pm, Friday-Saturday 12-10.30pm.
This brewery is where you should go if you want to try something really special. Located at The Hub, a refurbished cinema, this brewery produces great botanical ales. The first of its kind in Chicago, this brewery uses foraged ingredients to create bold and innovative beers.

Nightlife Chicago Forbidden Root
Nightlife Chicago: Forbidden Root

Monk's Pub (205 W Lake St, Chicago)fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday - Friday 10am - 10pm, Saturday 11am - 5pm.
Don't miss the Monk's Pub if you want to experience some authentic downtown Chicago nightlife. The owner had a wonderful experience while staying in a monastery, after which the place got its name. After that, he decided that he would call whatever future business Monk's opened.

This bar has a warm and European feel. A variety of antiques and antiquarian books adorn the walls and bookshelves. A wide variety of foreign craft beers are now available at the bar. Step into this amazing Chicago bar and prepare to be wowed.

Nightlife Chicago Monk's Pub
Nightlife Chicago: Monk's Pub

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