Nightlife Tarifa

Tarifa: Nightlife and Clubs

Nightlife Tarifa: Everyone knows that the Spanish love to party. The inhabitants of Tarifa love nothing more than to feed the mood of the carefree traveler with a desire to celebrate. With different lifestyles, fashions and mixes of people from all over the world, Tarifa offers the perfect conditions for a lively nightlife. Here is the complete guide to the best bars and clubs in Tarifa.

Nightlife Tarifa

Tarifa is a favorite destination for Spaniards and expats who want to spend their holidays in Spain and practice water sports such as kitesurfing or windsurfing.

But that's not all: there are many other aspects that make Tarifa such a beautiful place; Whale watching, horse riding, sand cruises, mojitos at relaxing beach bars like Tumbao known for its unforgettable sunsets and finally its unique nightlife. It's the truly impressive combination of friendly people, positive attitudes and sporting culture that has created something truly special here at the southern tip of Europe.

Nightlife Tarifa beaches
Tarifa: nightlife and beaches

During the summer months, Tarifa's nightlife is famous for its liveliness and friendly social scene . Spaniards love to party and this is reflected in Tarifa's bars and nightclubs .

While not as overwhelming as Ibiza , Tarifa has a laid-back appeal with its nightlife that's hard not to get drawn into. The bars are often surf-style, intimate and very relaxed, and the party often spills onto the streets.

Summer in Tarifa is a continuous party. In the heart of the historic center, the epicenter of Tarifa's nightlife can be found on Calle San Francisco . Here, the concentration of nightclubs and bars allows locals to happily mingle with tourists, surfers and sightseers.

The narrow streets of Tarifa mean that, even on the quietest of nights, the city seems ready to explode. But the feeling of a huge crowd creates an overall safe atmosphere that makes evenings here so enjoyable. Most of the clubs are located within walking distance of each other, and cater for crowds ranging from over 30s to teen crowds.

With many bars to enjoy an al fresco drink, the sense of movement really characterizes Tarifa's nightlife . At midnight in high season, the alleyways of Tarifa are filled with revelers moving from place to place, drinking and partying.

Nightlife Tarifa by night
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Where to go out at night in Tarifa

Like most of Andalusia, Tarifa's nightlife comes alive after 11pm or even midnight , after relaxing sunsets with cocktails in the beach bars followed by signature tapas. The night begins at cocktail bars, such as Surf Bar and Taco Way , where people gather to enjoy delicious drinks or cocktails and chat. Even this more relaxed part of the evening can start until midnight.

Part of the appeal of Tarifa's nightlife is due to the eclectic mix of talented musicians it attracts. Flamenco, samba, jazz, chill-out, pop and African rhythms are incorporated by national and international bands. The strip of hotels outside the city each have their own bar and are a popular spot for these types of groups. Expect the atmosphere in these bars to be just as infectious but a little more relaxed.

For after dinner, the historic center of Tarifa hosts nightclubs and discos perfect for keeping up the wee hours. Most of the bars and clubs in the historic center of Tarifa are open every evening. But the party is also in the new part of the city, on the beach and in the industrial area at the entrance to Tarifa. The discos of Tarifa fill up from 1 in the morning and the party continues until 8 in the morning.

Nightlife Tarifa discos
The nightclubs of Tarifa

Clubs and discos in Tarifa

La Ruina (Calle Santisima Trinidad 2, Tarifa)fb_icon_tiny
Located right in the heart of the historic center, La Ruina is one of the most famous nightclubs in Tarifa . Located in a renovated old building, this club offers live music and dancing. It has a unique atmosphere thanks to the broken facade and is always crowded.

La Ruina is a solid choice among locals and is the starting point for immersing yourself in Tarifa's nightlife .

Nightlife Tarifa La Ruina
Nightlife Tarifa: La Ruina
Nightlife Tarifa La Ruina Spanish girls
Spanish girls at La Ruina nightclub, Tarifa

Mombassa (Pl. la Paz, 5, Tarifa)fb_icon_tiny
Open every day from midnight to 6.00.
Located in a converted cinema in the historic centre, Mombassa is one of Tarifa's main nightclubs , with two floors and a variety of party and event programmes, DJs, concerts and more. Mombasa is the only nightclub in the city center open until 7am, this is where you should go! Here you will find funky dance music and good vibes.

Nightlife Tarifa Mombassa
Nightlife Tarifa: Mombassa
Nightlife Tarifa Mombassa girls
Mombassa, Tarifa

Café del Mar (Pol. La Vega, Parcela 303, Tarifa)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1.00 to 6.00, Friday and Saturday from 1.00 to 7.00.
Located in an industrial area, this nightclub in Tarifa is spread over 3 floors and is very well furnished. On the ground floor there is a restaurant serving excellent Asian and international dishes, a large bar and plenty of space to enjoy a drink in a great atmosphere.

The second floor also has a bar, and the third floor terrace invites you to soak up the sun or the moon from one of the comfortable loungers. Drinks can be a little more expensive here, but included in the price you get a bit of an Ibiza vibe.

Nightlife Tarifa Café del Mar
Nightlife Tarifa: Café del Mar

Balneario Beach Club Tarifa (Av. Fuerza Armadas, Tarifa)fb_icon_tiny
Open from Sunday to Thursday from 12.00 to 23.00, Friday and Saturday from 12.00 to 24.00.
Balneario is a beach club in Tarifa located on the beach, with delicious food, music, cocktails, water sports and wellness environments. It hosts many themed events throughout the season, such as parties, live music and DJ sessions. Without a doubt one of the most complete places to relax and have fun both day and night.

Nightlife Tarifa Balneario Beach Club
Nightlife Tarifa: Balneario Beach Club
Nightlife Tarifa Balneario Beach Club party
Girls party at the Balneario Beach Club in Tarifa

Taco Way (C. Sancho IV el Bravo, 26, Tarifa)fb_icon_tiny
Open from Sunday to Thursday from 7pm to 2am, Friday and Saturday from 7pm to 3am.
Located in one of the liveliest corners of the historic center, Taco Way is one of the most popular cocktail bars and nightclubs in Tarifa . Here you will find a fresh and different atmosphere, perfect for enjoying delicious cocktails at affordable prices, as well as live music.

Its colorful structure, Mexican decor and the quality of the cocktails make it an ideal plan to feel the atmosphere of Tarifa's nightlife. The parties at Taco Way never end before 2am!

Nightlife Tarifa Taco Way
Nightlife Tarifa: Taco Way

La Diosa Tarifa (C. San Francisco, 10, Tarifa)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday to Thursday from 9pm to 2am, Friday and Saturday from 9pm to 3am.
La Diosa is a popular cocktail bar and nightclub in Tarifa with a beautiful indoor or patio setting. The setting is upscale and the drinks are expensive, but it's worth it for the atmosphere and quality of service. There are numerous events and evenings, and the environment is beautiful and spacious. Advised.

Nightlife Tarifa La Diosa
Nightlife Tarifa: La Diosa
Nightlife Tarifa La Diosa beautiful women
La Diosa, Tarifa

The bars and pubs of Tarifa

La Tetería de Tarifa (C. Carnicería, Tarifa)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday to Thursday from 9pm to 2am, Friday and Saturday from 9pm to 3am.
La Tetería de Tarifa is an open-air cocktail bar with a large terrace, beautiful Moroccan decor, great music and atmosphere. It offers a wide variety of drinks and snacks. Perfect to start the evening with a cocktail as a couple or with friends.

Nightlife Tarifa La Tetería de Tarifa
Nightlife Tarifa: La Tetería de Tarifa

Surf Bar Tomatito (C. Cervantes, 4, Tarifa)fb_icon_tiny
Open from Sunday to Thursday from 8pm to 2am, Friday and Saturday from 8pm to 3am.
Located in the main square of the old town, Surf Bar Tomatito is a popular bar in Tarifa with table football and late night cocktails. The staff is very friendly and all the drinks are surprisingly delicious, especially their Mojitos.

Nightlife Tarifa Surf Bar Tomatito
Nightlife Tarifa: Surf Bar Tomatito

Moskito Surf Bar (C. San Francisco, 11B, Tarifa)fb_icon_tiny
Open every day from 10pm to 2am.
One of the liveliest bars in Tarifa, Moskito Surf Bar offers good cocktails, ciupitos and music of different styles.

Nightlife Tarifa Moskito Surf Bar
Nightlife Tarifa: Moskito Surf Bar

Bossa Bar (Puerta de Jerez, C. Silos, 1, Tarifa)fb_icon_tiny
Open every day from 9.00 to 24.00.
Located at the Jerez gate in the old town of Tarifa, Bossa is a funky and charismatic little bar, a mix between a relaxing local bar and a tourist attraction. In addition to food you will find Mojitos and Capirinha for only 3.5 euros and lots of smiles from the friendly bar staff.

Nightlife Tarifa Bossa Bar
Nightlife Tarifa: Bossa Bar

Bar Pepepotamos (C. Carnicería, 4, Tarifa)fb_icon_tiny
Open from Sunday to Thursday from 10.30pm to 3.00am, Friday and Saturday from 10.30pm to 4.00am.
Bar Pepepotamos is the perfect place to have a drink in the evening. With a friendly atmosphere and helpful waiters, this is the perfect place for groups. Located in the heart of Tarifa, this Tarifa nightclub is ideal for those looking for a fun evening.

Nightlife Tarifa Bar Pepepotamos
Nightlife Tarifa: Bar Pepepotamos

Tangana Tarifa (N-340, km 76, 5, Tarifa)fb_icon_tiny
Open every day from 10.00 to 21.00.
Located on the kite beach of Valdevaqueros, Tangana is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and popular chiringuitos in Tarifa . The bar offers great food with an international menu and a salad buffet. It offers a very comfortable shaded patio and also a wide open beach with artificial grass and comfortable benches to sit on while watching the kites and windsurfers.

Nightlife Tarifa Tangana
Nightlife Tarifa: Tangana

Waves Beach Bar (Playa de Los Lances Norte-Norte, N-340 Km.81, Tarifa)fb_icon_tiny
Open every day from 10.00 to 1.00.
This comfortable Chiringuito for kitesurfers is located right in front of the Playa de Los Lances Norte. The menu includes fish, seafood, salads, burgers, cocktails, natural juices and smoothies.

Healthy portions and delicious food mean you are sure to replace all the calories lost kitesurfing. All in all, Waves offers great food, great atmosphere, and friendly service.

Nightlife Tarifa Waves Beach Bar
Nightlife Tarifa: Waves Beach Bar

Venice Cocteleria (C. San Francisco, 1, Tarifa)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10pm to 2am, Friday and Saturday from 10pm to 3am.
For a more mature and sophisticated clientele, Venice Cocktail Bar is another hot spot in Tarifa nightlife . In this popular bar you can taste the best gin and tonic you have ever had.

Nightlife Tarifa Venice Cocteleria
Nightlife Tarifa: Venice Cocteleria

El Callejón de Tarifa (C. San Francisco, 13, Tarifa)fb_icon_tiny
Open from Wednesday to Saturday from 9.30pm to 4.00am.
If you are looking for a good place to drink at a good price, El Callejón de Tarifa is your place. Great atmosphere and friendly, professional service. You can get two mojitos for 5 euros, which is a really good price.

Nightlife Tarifa El Callejón de Tarifa
Nightlife Tarifa: El Callejón de Tarifa

El Cateto (Calle Inválidos, 2, Tarifa)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday to Thursday from 9pm to 2am, Friday and Saturday from 9pm to 3am.
El Cateto is a great place to have a drink in Tarifa with friends. The owner, Lobo, is always kind and is always ready to recommend a good wine to drink.

Nightlife Tarifa El Cateto
Nightlife Tarifa: El Cateto

Pachamama Tarifa (Carretera Cádiz-Málaga, KM 81, Tarifa)fb_icon_tiny
Open every day from 10.00 to 24.00.
Pachamama is a barbecue restaurant with a friendly atmosphere, with a menu that includes a wide selection of meats, some imported from Argentina. The large garden with swimming pool, volleyball court and small clubs invites visitors to stay longer, while at night the bar is open and there is always a lively nightlife.

Nightlife Tarifa Pachamama
Nightlife Tarifa: Pachamama

El Lola (C. Guzmán el Bueno, 5, Tarifa)fb_icon_tiny
Open every day from 1pm to 4.30pm and from 7pm to midnight.
El Lola, a tapas bar in Tarifa's historic center, specializes in tuna and beef dishes, as well as classic tapas. The terrace is prominently decorated with polka-dot tablecloths and friendly waiters in flamenco aprons.

Great food is served here, including classics like salads and tortillas de patatas. Bluefin tuna is especially popular here in El Lola, served as sushi or Japanese barbecue. Highly recommended.

Nightlife Tarifa El Lola
Nightlife Tarifa: El Lola

Exit Bar (calle invalidos, 1, Tarifa)fb_icon_tiny
Open from Sunday to Thursday from 9pm to 2am, Friday and Saturday from 9pm to 3am.
With delicious cocktails and an intimate setting, Exit Bar features an elegant and detailed decor, making it an ideal place to spend an evening in Tarifa.
Great place for a really good breakfast with options for vegetarians. The cocktails are also worth trying.

Nightlife Tarifa Exit Bar
Nightlife Tarifa: Exit Bar

Kook Hotel Tarifa (C. Cilla, 4, Tarifa)fb_icon_tiny
Kook Hotel Tarifa has a terrace with beautiful views of Africa. This boutique hotel is decorated with Moroccan-style furniture and has a shared lounge where guests can relax after a day exploring Tarifa. Be sure to check out the rooftop bar too.

Nightlife Tarifa Kook Hotel Tarifa
Nightlife Tarifa: Kook Hotel Tarifa

El Chiringuito (Carretera de la Isla de las Palomas, Tarifa)fb_icon_tiny
Open every day from 12.30 to 24.00.
El Chiringuito is a stylish beach bar in Tarifa perfect for a sunset drink. The outdoor seating is great for watching the sunset and the food is delicious too.

Nightlife Tarifa El Chiringuito
Nightlife Tarifa: El Chiringuito

Hotel Arte Vida (N-340, Km 79.3, Tarifa)fb_icon_tiny
If you want to start the evening with the perfect sunset in Tarifa and the best view, go to Hotel Arte Vida. Its plush sofas are the perfect place to relax and listen to boisterous classical tunes while watching the sky turn red, the sun set and the moon rise.

Nightlife Tarifa Hotel Arte Vida
Nightlife Tarifa: Hotel Arte Vida

Map of discos, pubs and bars in Tarifa