Edinburgh nightlife

Edinburgh: nightlife and clubs

Edinburgh nightlife: welcome to Scotland, the home of kilts and whiskey! Here is the complete guide to the bars and the best nightclubs in Edinburgh, so as not to miss the best of the nightlife of the Scottish capital.

Edinburgh nightlife

young, dynamic and university city, Edinburgh offers a lively nightlife and lively atmosphere practically every night of the week. Although its dimensions are not comparable to those of large European cities, the Scottish capital boasts a large number of bars, discos and, in particular, traditional old pubs full of atmosphere in which to spend the wild and wet nights of Edinburgh.

Edinburgh's nightlife takes place mostly within the numerous pubs scattered around the city and concentrated above all in the historic centre: for the Scots it is tradition to meet in the pub with friends to drink a pint of beer, rigorously dark. In addition to the inevitable beer, the traditional pubs also offer excellent Scotch whiskey and often host events with live music ranging from rock to Scottish music. Another feature of Edinburgh are its literary pubs , where you can have a good drink and read books about Scottish culture and traditions: in this regard, the Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour organizes guided tours of the best literary pubs of Edinburgh.

In the middle of the night however, young people move from the pubs to the numerous discos of Edinburgh and let loose on the rhythms of techno, pop and House music, three very popular genres in the Scottish city. Many clubs are located in the New Town , particularly along George Street , and change names or management frequently. In general, Edinburgh's nightclubs stay open until 3.00, with the exception of the Fringe Festival , when clubs may stay open until 5.00.

Nightlife Edinburgh nightclubs
Edinburgh nightclubs

But where to go out at night in Edinburgh? Most of the traditional bars and pubs are concentrated in the historic center between Grassmarket , Candlemaker Row and Victoria Street , and are characterized by affordable prices and live music. Other pubs are concentrated in the New Town and Stockbridge , while along George Street , the shopping street, there are some trendy bars and discos.

Located to the north of Edinburgh, the area of ​​Leith , with its quays overlooking the North Sea, has lately been establishing itself as a quieter alternative to the frenetic nightlife of Edinburgh .

Edinburgh Festivals

Music, theatre, dance and cinema play an important part in Edinburgh's cultural life . In fact, throughout the year, the city hosts numerous theater and dance performances, as well as concerts of folk, rock and jazz music, or important film festivals.

Among the various events not to be missed we mention the Edinburgh International Festival , a large theatrical event that takes place every year during the last three weeks of August, attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world, and the Fringe Festival , also dedicated to comedy, also during August.

Nightlife Edinburgh Fringe Festival
The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Edinburgh is also famous throughout the world for Hogmanay , the traditional New Year's Eve party which lasts four days, including street parties, fireworks, live music, parades and absolute drunkenness.

Nightlife Edinburgh Hogmanay
Nightlife Edinburgh: Hogmanay

To stay up to date on the latest events in Edinburgh check out The List .

Clubs and discos in Edinburgh

The Liquid Room fb_icon_tiny
(9C Victoria St, Edinburgh) Open 11pm-3am daily.
Located in a converted church near the castle of Edinburgh, the Liquid Room is a two-story nightclub open all week that hosts live music and evenings with DJ sets. Always very popular, the club offers music ranging from House to hip hop to dance music.

Nightlife Edinburgh The Liquid Room
Nightlife Edinburgh: The Liquid Room
Nightlife Edinburgh The Liquid Room Scottish girls
Scottish girls at the Liquid Room in Edinburgh

The Bongo Club fb_icon_tiny
(66 Cowgate, Edinburgh) The Bongo Club is one of the busiest clubs in the city and a real institution in Edinburgh's nightlife . It organizes both live music concerts and evenings with DJs and music ranging from Drum'n'base, to Hip Hop, up to electronic music, House, funk and dance. The place is quite large and the clientele is mainly made up of young students with a great desire to have fun and dance until closing.

Nightlife Edinburgh The Bongo Club
Nightlife Edinburgh: The Bongo Club

Cabaret Voltaire fb_icon_tiny
(36-38 Blair St, Edinburgh) Open Tuesday to Saturday 5-3pm.
Located in an underground cave in the city center a stone's throw from the Royal Mile , the Cabaret Voltaire is one of the best nightclubs in Edinburgh , open 7 days a week and with live music and DJ sets with electronic music. Inside there is also a quieter bar area upstairs which offers Scottish ales and cocktails.

With a series of popular guest DJs at the console, a friendly atmosphere and great music, the Cabaret Voltaire remains at the top of the list of the most popular clubs by the inhabitants of Edinburgh, with a radical chic style and a clientele made up mainly of thirty-somethings.

Nightlife Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire
Nightlife Edinburgh: Cabaret Voltaire

Lulu Edinburgh fb_icon_tiny
(125b George St, Edinburgh) Open daily 10pm-3am.
Located along George Street in a beautiful Georgian building, the Lulu is a very elegant nightclub with music ranging from House to R'n'B, up to Latin American music. Inside this club, which radiates class, opulence and decadence, there are plenty of sofas and seating for lounging and chatting between dances, as well as a VIP area. Even the cocktails are prepared to perfection and are discounted every Tuesday. Dress elegantly.

Nightlife Edinburgh Lulu
Edinburgh nightlife: Lulu

Sneaky Pete's fb_icon_tiny
(73 Cowgate, Edinburgh) Open 11pm-3am daily.
Small and crowded, the Sneaky Pete's offers evenings with House, techno and electronic music, and regularly hosts internationally famous DJs. This club is always very popular and appreciated by young people around 20-25 years old.

Nightlife Edinburgh Sneaky Pete's
Nightlife Edinburgh: Sneaky Pete's

The Hive Club fb_icon_tiny
(15-17 Niddry St, Edinburgh) Open Sunday to Friday 10pm to 3am, Saturday 9pm to 3am.
true institution of Edinburgh's nightlife , The Hive is a labyrinthine club on two floors that attracts a large crowd of students. The place is very popular because the drinks tend to be very cheap compared to most other clubs, but also because it is always noisy, crowded and sweaty, and fun is always guaranteed. The music is a mixture of live performances, but mostly dj sets with pop, indie and electro, rock and metal or drum'n'base music.

Nightlife Edinburgh The Hive Club
Nightlife Edinburgh: The Hive Club

Why Not Nightclub fb_icon_tiny
(14 George St, Edinburgh) Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10.30pm to 3am.
A good alternative to the numerous clubs along George street , because it is frequented by a not too young crowd and also the atmosphere and music is more mature. Not cheap!

Nightlife Edinburgh Why Not Nightclub
Nightlife Edinburgh: Why Not Nightclub

La Belle Angele fb_icon_tiny
(11 Hastie's Close, Edinburgh) Open Wednesday to Saturday 10pm to 3am.
Rebuilt after the fire that destroyed it in 2002, La Belle Angele is a small but famous club in Edinburgh. The club is home to many live concerts by leading artists, as well as evenings with DJ sets.

Nightlife Edinburgh La Belle Angele
Nightlife Edinburgh: La Belle Angele

El Barrio fb_icon_tiny
(47 Hanover St, Edinburgh) Open Sunday to Thursday 10pm to 3am, Friday and Saturday 8pm to 3am.
Located in central Edinburgh, El Barrio is a lively Cuban-style disco bar, with leather sofas and salsa lessons at the weekend. The DJs play the latest Dance, Latin and Hispanic hits to create a fiery mix, fueled by their excellent mojitos. While it's not exactly authentic, and some of the cocktails have very silly names, the atmosphere is great and admission is free.

Nightlife Edinburgh El Barrio
Nightlife Edinburgh: El Barrio
Nightlife Edinburgh El Barrio beautiful girls
El Barrio is the right place to meet beautiful girls in Edinburgh

Bourbon Bar and Club fb_icon_tiny
(24 Frederick St, Edinburgh) Open Monday to Saturday 10.30pm to 3am, Sunday 11am to midnight.
Located in the heart of Edinburgh, The Bourbon is a unique concept for the city that combines a cocktail bar, award-winning cuisine and a night club. In the evening, the Bourbon opens its two dance floors and becomes one of the reference points for Edinburgh's nightlife .

Nightlife Edinburgh Bourbon Bar and Club
Edinburgh nightlife: Bourbon Bar and Club

Shanghai Club fb_icon_tiny
(16 George St, Edinburgh) Open Wednesday to Saturday 10.30pm to 3am, Sunday 10.30pm to midnight.
The Shanghai is another trendy and elegant Edinburgh club that offers a good program of evenings with DJs for dancing until late at night surrounded by beautiful Scottish girls.

Nightlife Edinburgh Shanghai Club
Edinburgh nightlife: Shanghai Club

The Banshee Labyrinth fb_icon_tiny
(29-35 Niddry St, Edinburgh) Open Sunday to Thursday 7pm to 3am, Friday and Saturday 5pm to 3am.
Located in an ancient labyrinth, the Banshee Labyrinth is a club with live music and concerts mainly of punk and rock music. Inside there is also a cinema room where you can watch some films for free.

Nightlife Edinburgh The Banshee Labyrinth
Nightlife Edinburgh: The Banshee Labyrinth

Opium Club fb_icon_tiny
(71 Cowgate, Edinburgh) Open 8-3pm daily.
Located in the heart of the Cowgate , the Opium is the place to be for anyone who loves rock, metal or other alternative music. During the week they have live music and karaoke nights.

Nightlife Edinburgh Opium Club
Nightlife Edinburgh: Opium Club

Espionage fb_icon_tiny
(4, India Buildings, Victoria St, Edinburgh) Open Friday and Saturday 7-3pm.
With over 4 floors of music, the ' Espionage is a club with free admission and frequented mainly by a more mature clientele.

Nightlife Edinburgh Espionage
Nightlife Edinburgh: Espionage

The Mash House fb_icon_tiny
(Hastie's Close, 37, Edinburgh) Open Wednesday and Thursday 10.30pm to 3am, Friday and Saturday 7pm to 3am.
Underground club with House and techno music, excellent djs and events.

Nightlife Edinburgh The Mash House
Nightlife Edinburgh: The Mash House

Opal Lounge fb_icon_tiny
(51A George St, Edinburgh) Open daily 10.30pm - 3am.
Located along George Street, the Opal Lounge is a small but elegant club in Edinburgh , a luxury underground paradise, where a trendy crowd sips a good cocktail and dances until late at night.

Nightlife Edinburgh Opal Lounge
Nightlife Edinburgh: Opal Lounge

Boteco Do Brasil fb_icon_tiny
(47 Lothian St, Edinburgh) Open daily from 12.00 to 3.00.
Boteco Do Brasil adds a slice of Latin flair to Edinburgh's historic Old Town. This club embodies the spirit of Brazil in every aspect, from its South American cuisine, up to its party atmosphere built through a mix of reggaetón, salsa, bachata, Latin dance and African melodies. The place is known for hosting many exciting parties, including caipirinhas, salsa nights and live music. Also a good place for dinner.

Nightlife Edinburgh Boteco Do Brasil
Nightlife Edinburgh: Boteco Do Brasil

The Shack fb_icon_tiny
(119 Rose St, Edinburgh) Open Thursday to Saturday 7pm to 3am.
Club with a carefree and fun atmosphere that offers varied music ranging from 80s and 90s hits, pop and commercial.

Nightlife Edinburgh The Shack
Nightlife Edinburgh: The Shack

Bars and pubs in Edinburgh

The Rat Pack Piano Bar fb_icon_tiny
(9 Shandwick Pl, Edinburgh) Open 7-3pm daily.
The Rat Pack Piano Bar includes live music, well-priced drinks, and a diverse clientele of all ages. The music is mostly piano and jazz.

Nightlife Edinburgh The Rat Pack Piano Bar
Nightlife Edinburgh: The Rat Pack Piano Bar

The Three Sisters fb_icon_tiny
(139 Cowgate, Edinburgh) Open Sunday to Thursday 7am to 1am, Friday and Saturday 7am to 3am.
The Three Sisters is a popular disco pub in Edinburgh, mostly frequented by students. Here you can choose from a wide selection of beers or dance to the rhythm of electronic, dance and 80s music.

Nightlife Edinburgh The Three Sisters
Nightlife Edinburgh: The Three Sisters

Tonic Bar fb_icon_tiny
(34A N Castle St, Edinburgh) Open Sunday to Thursday 5pm to 1am, Friday 2.30pm to 1am, Saturday 12pm to 1am.
Located in the New Town near George Street , the Tonic is a small bar that prepares tasty creative cocktails. Alongside the unique creations of the bartender, the bar offers evenings with live music and DJ sets that always attract a large crowd of trendy and beautiful girls. The ideal place to spend a glamorous evening in Edinburgh.

Nightlife Edinburgh Tonic Bar
Edinburgh nightlife: Tonic Bar

The Voodoo Rooms fb_icon_tiny
(19a W Register St, Edinburgh) Open Monday to Thursday 4pm to 1am, Friday to Sunday 12pm to 1am.
The Voodoo Rooms is a club, restaurant, cocktail bar and concert venue. The elegant interior of the bar features black and gold décor, while the main hall hosts live music concerts ranging from soul and jazz to folk, indie rock and hip-hop.

Nightlife Edinburgh The Voodoo Rooms
Nightlife Edinburgh: The Voodoo Rooms

The Royal Oak
(1 Infirmary St, Edinburgh) Open Monday to Saturday 11.30am to 2am, Sunday 12.30pm to midnight.
Much appreciated by the inhabitants of Edinburgh, the Royal Oak is a very popular pub that offers, in addition to excellent beers and typical dishes, also the best live Scottish music, mainly of the folk genre. Upstairs there are emerging artists with free admission, while downstairs the most well-known artists perform and the price for admission is 5 pounds.

Nightlife Edinburgh The Royal Oak
Nightlife Edinburgh: The Royal Oak

The Last Drop Tavern fb_icon_tiny
(74-78 Grassmarket, Edinburgh) Open daily 11am-1am.
The fame of this ancient Edinburgh pub is linked to one of the city's darkest traditions. Located opposite one of Edinburgh's main squares where, until the 19th century, public executions took place, the Last Drop Tavern was the last place where the condemned enjoyed their last drink before meeting their fate . The pub offers a selection of excellent beers and typical dishes.

Nightlife Edinburgh The Last Drop Tavern
Nightlife Edinburgh: The Last Drop Tavern

The Abbotsford Bar fb_icon_tiny
(3-5 Rose St, Edinburgh) Open Sunday to Thursday 11am to 11pm, Friday and Saturday 11am to midnight.
This quaint Edwardian-style pub is a popular gathering place for journalists, writers and actors.

Nightlife Edinburgh The Abbotsford Bar
Edinburgh nightlife: The Abbotsford Bar

Frankenstein Pub fb_icon_tiny
(26 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh) Open Monday to Thursday 12.00 to 1.00, Friday to Sunday 12.00 to 2.00.
Located inside an old church, the Frankenstein is a pub furnished like a castle (in which the famous monster lived) and made up of three floors. Great for spending a cheerful evening with friends and pints of beer.

Nightlife Edinburgh Frankenstein Pub
Nightlife Edinburgh: Frankenstein Pub

The Jazz Bar fb_icon_tiny
(1A Chambers St, Edinburgh) Open Sunday to Friday 5pm to 3am, Saturday 2.30pm to 3am.
Located along Chambers Street , the Jazz Bar offers not only jazz music but also events and performances of blues, funk and soul music. There are also special art events such as poetry, album launches, and others. Some events are free, or admission prices are between £4 and £8. The bar mixes a good variety of musical styles, so any night you might come to hear jazz, then stay for the funk and finish with the blues.

Nightlife Edinburgh The Jazz Bar
Nightlife Edinburgh: The Jazz Bar

The Malt Shovel Inn fb_icon_tiny
(11-15 Cockburn St, Edinburgh) Open Sunday to Thursday 11am to midnight, Friday and Saturday 11am to 1am.
If you want to drink a good pint of Scottish beer, take a trip to the Malt Shovel , a classic traditional pub in Edinburgh.

Nightlife Edinburgh The Malt Shovel Inn
Nightlife Edinburgh: The Malt Shovel Inn

The Bow Bar fb_icon_tiny
(80 W Bow, Edinburgh) Open daily from 12.00 to 24.00.
The Bow Bar features over 230 malt whiskies, 8 types of raw ales and an impressive selection of bottled beers (including the intriguing Maui Brewing Coconut Porter ), but even those who don't drink beer will find something to their liking .

Nightlife Edinburgh The Bow Bar
Nightlife Edinburgh: The Bow Bar

OX184 fb_icon_tiny
(184-186 Cowgate, Edinburgh) Open daily 11am-3am.
Brilliant bar with modern decor offering a large selection of real ales on tap and good food. The peculiarity of this place is given by the fact that the kitchen stays open until 3 in the morning!

Nightlife Edinburgh OX184
Nightlife Edinburgh: OX184

The Wee Red Bar fb_icon_tiny
(ECA Main Building and Hunter Building, 74 Lauriston Pl, Edinburgh) Open daily 10pm - 3am.
This small disco is located in the Edinburgh Art College and offers a mix of evenings with indie music and live concerts. The place is small but cheap, comfortable and has a nice student vibe, even though it's not limited to just students. If you want indie or rock music at budget prices and love a student atmosphere, then the Wee Red Bar worth a visit. There is a good choice of club nights with music ranging from punk to acid house. If you arrive here before midnight, pay less.

Nightlife Edinburgh The Wee Red Bar
Nightlife Edinburgh: The Wee Red Bar

The Blackbird Bar and Restaurant fb_icon_tiny
(37-39 Leven St, Edinburgh) Open 10am-1am daily.
Recognizable by its orange bicycle above the door, the Blackbird is a bright bar much appreciated by young people, which offers a good choice of food and imaginative cocktails, including the "Mai Tai on Steroids" (rum, amaretto, brandy all apricot, Orgeat and lime) or the “King of Scotland” (whiskey, Chambord, Cocchi Di Torrino, raspberry, lemon and Prosecco).

Nightlife Edinburgh The Blackbird Bar and Restaurant
Nightlife Edinburgh: The Blackbird Bar and Restaurant

Tigerlily fb_icon_tiny
(125 George St, Edinburgh) Open 7am-1am daily.
Located along George Street , the Tigerlily is a trendy and very popular Edinburgh bar. The interior is furnished with large mirrors, comfortable sofas and soft, romantic lights. A very glamorous place where people come to see and be seen.

Nightlife Edinburgh Tigerlily
Edinburgh Nightlife: Tigerlily

The Devil's Advocate fb_icon_tiny
(9 Advocate's CL, Edinburgh) Open daily 12-1am.
Tucked away in a narrow medieval lane opposite St Giles Cathedral, the Devil's Advocate is an industrially designed bar with tall windows, exposed brick and wooden furnishings, with an airy open space balanced by cozy booths and a mezzanine dedicated to dinner . With an ever-growing choice of whiskeys, a cleverly constructed wine list and arguably the most interesting cocktails in Edinburgh, this bar is deservedly popular.

Nightlife Edinburgh The Devil's Advocate
Nightlife Edinburgh: The Devil's Advocate

Bramble Bar fb_icon_tiny
(16A Queen St, Edinburgh) Open Monday to Saturday 4-1am, Sunday 4-1am.
Considered one of the 50 best bars in the world , the Bramble is a much appreciated bar that offers excellent cocktails ranging from the great classics to fabulous new inventions. Try a Campbeltown (whiskey, Cherry Heering and green chartreuse) or a Mint Choc Flip . Or ask one of the barmen to create a special cocktail for you. There are many intimate corners for conversation and every Friday and Saturday there is an evening with DJs and dancing.

Nightlife Edinburgh Bramble Bar
Edinburgh nightlife: Bramble Bar

The Jam House fb_icon_tiny
(5 Queen St, Edinburgh) Open Friday and Saturday 6-3pm.
This spacious and relaxed bar attracts a clientele aged 30 and over, who come here to have a drink or dine on the upstairs balcony and then go dancing to the tunes of live music, which ranges from jazz to blues, passing from soul to swing, to indie, Latin American and R'n'B music.

Nightlife Edinburgh The Jam House
Nightlife Edinburgh: The Jam House

Dragonfly fb_icon_tiny
(52 West Port, Edinburgh) Open daily 5-1am.
The Dragonfly is an elegant little cocktail bar located a few steps from the Grassmarket area. It's a great place for a drink in the historic center without being a touristy bar. On the weekends there are local djs playing and the cocktail list is quite impressive.

Nightlife Edinburgh Dragonfly
Nightlife Edinburgh: Dragonfly

Map of discos, pubs and bars in Edinburgh