Nightlife Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan: Nightlife and Clubs

Koh Phangan Nightlife: Famous worldwide for its popular Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan has become synonymous with epic drunken parties, with one of Thailand's best nightlife experiences.
Between heavenly beaches and jungle lined with bars and clubs, Koh Phangan transforms into a bustling music festival after dark, making for an unforgettable experience. Find out where to party with our guide to the best bars and clubs on Koh Phangan!

Nightlife Koh Phangan

Located a short distance from Koh Samui Thailand 's fifth largest island , and can be reached by air from Bangkok to neighboring Koh Samui and from there by ferry.

Most of the island is a national park and is a favorite destination for tourists and party goers. Koh Phangan is known for its pristine beauty with white sand beaches and filled with rolling tropical jungles, but Koh Phangan's nightlife is equally famous too. The island is very affordable if you're on a budget, and hosts plenty of parties and events for the hardcore party-goers!

For decades, Koh Phangan has been a favorite backpacker destination for its legendary Full Moon Party , which draws up to 30,000 people every month. The success of the Full Moon Party has made Koh Phangan a top nightlife destination in Thailand, so many travelers include the island in their Thailand travel itinerary, to enjoy the hedonistic experience that Koh Phangan offers.

Nightlife Koh Phangan wild parties
Wild partying on Koh Phangan

This Koh Phangan nightlife guide takes a closer look at the best parties on Koh Phangan , including full moon parties, the best night clubs on Koh Phangan and the best places for an unforgettable night out on this small but famous island .

Up until the 1990s the island was frequented only by backpackers and young travelers looking for a refuge to get back to their roots. Koh Phangan nightlife only offered a few bamboo huts on the beach where you could enjoy a local beer while listening to popular songs.

Since 1985, the event that made Koh Phangan world famous is the Full Moon Party , which is still visited by an average of 5,000 people a month. The development of Koh Phangan for tourism has also led to the opening of many bars and discos, expanding the offer for night entertainment, with different types of music and atmosphere.

Nightlife Koh Phangan nightclubs
The nightclubs of Koh Phangan

Where to go out at night on Koh Phangan

The best nightclubs and discos on Koh Phangan are concentrated in different areas of the island, while the best parties are on the beach.

The main nightlife areas of Koh Phangan are: Haad Rin (south of the island), where there are several beach clubs and where the Full Moon Party takes place, Ban Tai (west, southwest of the island), which hosts the Black Moon Party, Thong Nai (northeast of the island), where you can find some bars with a very informal atmosphere, and Hin Kong beach , with some bars with live music.

Nightlife Koh Phangan Ban Tai Beach
Nightlife Koh Phangan: Ban Tai Beach

Where to stay on Koh Phangan

As the island famous for its partying, Koh Phangan has a wide variety of party hostels with varying prices for all types of travellers, from small groups to ultra-stylish and luxury travellers. Monthly Full Moon Parties, pool parties, music parties and wild parties, epic drinks and cocktails, but also moments of relaxation in a social and party atmosphere.

Among the best party hostels in Koh Phangan we mention the following:

  • Phangan Arena Hostel
  • Phanganist Hostel
  • Slumber Party Hostel
  • Nightlife Koh Phangan Phangan Arena Hostel party
    Nightlife Koh Phangan: hostel party at Phangan Arena Hostel

    Full Moon Party and the best parties in Koh Phangan

    The celebration of the phases of the moon has made Koh Phangan famous all over the world. In particular, a significant part of Koh Phangan's nightlife revolves around the Full Moon Party . The full moon festival is said to have started in Haad Rin in 1983 and has been celebrated with crazy nights every month ever since. Since then, Koh Phangan has become a mecca for party-goers, with unlimited blasts like this one hitting the island almost every week.

    Many bars and nightclubs line the beach and jungle, with young people dancing and drinking their fill with their neon colored bodies glowing under the UV lights, modern house music from international DJs, techno music and other beats. About 30,000 people gather on the beach to enjoy the party from dusk to dawn.

    The success of the Full Moon Party has led to many other events being held around the island. Here are the best events and parties in Koh Phangan:

    Full Moon Party

    Known as Thailand's biggest festival, the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan is at the heart of Southeast Asia's backpacking trails. The festival is held annually on the night of the full moon, with the peak season running from November to March and with parties attracting up to thirty thousand revelers from all over the world.

    Most of the music is techno and commercial house, and the booze flows freely among the huge mass of revelers: expect lots of puking 18-year-olds and testosterone-fueled Aussies struggling, and lots of people dancing everywhere. Consult the event program for all the updated information.

    Nightlife Koh Phangan Full Moon Party
    Nightlife Koh Phangan: Full Moon Party

    Where does the Full Moon Party take place in Koh Phangan?

    Located on Haad Rin beach, the entrance fee for the Full Moon Party is only 100 baht. Haad Rin Crescent Beach is still the main party spot, even though the event encompasses the whole island, with many bars, beaches, nightclubs and hostels hosting their own little full moon parties.

    The best way to reach the Full Moon Party is by taxi, although accommodations usually provide tickets and transportation to the Full Moon Festival. During the Full Moon Party, most hotels and hostels on Koh Phangan also require a minimum stay of four nights, with prices usually higher.

    Nightlife Koh Phangan Full Moon Party girls
    Girls at the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan

    Black Moon Party

    Created in 1999, the Black Moon Party Koh Phangan is a monthly festival that takes place on the beach of Baan Tai, with DJs playing underground trance music and progressive dance. The event has grown into one of the biggest parties on Koh Phangan and takes place around 2 weeks after the full moon party.

    Black Moon Culture is a real psytrance party, so expect relentless psychedelic Goa trance, crazy night owls and the nicest people you'll ever meet. An experience to try if you have never been to a real trance party. The Black Moon Festival is more of an experience than a drunken party, as people come here to enjoy the music rather than get high.

    Half Moon Festival

    Also known as the Half Moon Festival , Koh Phangan's Crescent Moon Party is much smaller than Haad Rin Beach's popular Full Moon Party. However, it is one of Thailand's most popular outdoor rave parties . Unlike Full Moon Parties and Black Moon Parties, the Half Moon Festival is held twice a month to celebrate the waxing and waning moon, and is usually much less crowded than a full moon party.

    Held in the lush green forests of Baan Tai in the south of the island, the Half Moon Party features a vibrant atmosphere and top local DJs playing trance, techno and house, and tickets cost around 1500 baht (if you buy ticket online two months before the event, they give you a free ticket).

    A Half Moon Party is essentially a smaller version of a Full Moon Party, and is frequented by travelers who are unable to get to the Full Moon Party due to being at the wrong time. However, it is a party not to be missed, with music for all tastes and three stages playing Psytrance, House and Hip-Hop.

    Nightlife Koh Phangan Half Moon Festival
    Nightlife Koh Phangan: Half Moon Festival

    Jungle Experiences

    For a jungle party experience on Koh Phangan, Jungle Experience is a sound and light festival that offers a world of sensual experiences with art installations and live performances. The music is mostly a mix of different house styles, from deep house to progressive house and even techno.

    Jungle Experience takes place not far from the Half Moon Party, in the jungle of Baan Tai and the ticket price is 600 Baht. If you like underground music, this is the place for you.

    Nightlife Koh Phangan Jungle Experience
    Nightlife Koh Phangan: Jungle Experience

    Waterfall Party

    Deep in the jungle of Ban Kai, the Waterfall Party is held twice a month, two days before and two days after the Full Moon Party, in a rocky clearing with waterfalls cascading down it, with a very impressive setting.

    This venue has a natural swimming pool and the best international DJs play minimal, tech house, deep house, techno and progressive until dawn. The ticket price is 600 baht and includes a free drink.

    Eden Garden Party

    Eden Garden Party is a legendary psychedelic party taking place on Koh Phangan, with the music being a mix of psytrance and techno. The Eden Garden Party is much quieter than the other parties on Koh Phangan and maintains a very friendly atmosphere.

    To access the Eden Garden Party, take a boat from Haad Rin beach to Haad Yuan. If you have time, we recommend spending a few days at Haad Yuan Beach, which is an ideal place to relax.

    Nightlife Koh Phangan Eden Garden Party
    Nightlife Koh Phangan: Eden Garden Party

    Clubs and discos in Koh Phangan

    Samsara Beach Club (117/24, Ban Tai, Koh Phangan)fb_icon_tiny
    Located in the southern part of the island, Samsara Beach Club is one of the best nightclubs on Koh Phangan . This beach club regularly hosts events with big-name DJs from around the world, and is a sprawling, eccentric party spot right on the ocean.

    The club is housed in a semi-traditional Thai building on Ban Tai beach, and features a swimming pool, giant alley cat-shaped DJ booth, private beach, two-story dance floor, and colorful lights. When it comes to music, Samsara Beach Club offers a mix of psytrance, drum'n'bass, house, techno and minimal.

    With its tropical setting, panoramic views and thumping music, this club is the place to dance the night away on Koh Phangan.

    Nightlife Koh Phangan Samsara Beach Club
    Nightlife Koh Phangan: Samsara Beach Club
    Nightlife Koh Phangan Samsara Beach Club girls
    Girls party at Samsara Beach Club, Koh Phangan

    Oxa Beach Club (37/5 Moo 4 Ban Tai, Koh Phangan)fb_icon_tiny
    Open every day from 10.00 to 2.00.
    Located on Ban Tai Beach, not far from Samsara, Oxa Beach Club is the ideal place for nightlife on Koh Phangan , as it hosts the best electronic music parties on the island.

    Oxa Beach operates as a semi-open-air facility: it features lush greenery, floral decorations, dream catchers, colorful lights, and a spacious dance floor. The music ranges from techno, to Deep House Progressive and Tech House. One of the hottest night clubs in Koh Phangan .

    Nightlife Koh Phangan Oxa Beach Club
    Nightlife Koh Phangan: Oxa Beach Club

    Retro Mountain Club (39/11, Ban Tai, Koh Phangan)fb_icon_tiny
    Retro Mountain Jungle Club is a resort, restaurant and one of the most famous nightclubs on Koh Phangan , a party spot deep in the jungle, near Ban Tai Beach. The club offers spectacular views of the surrounding jungle, with colorful lights, an intimate dance floor, panoramic views and bamboo ceilings.

    The music featured on Retro Mountain is a mix of techno, house, psychedelia and minimal, and most of the crowd is tourists looking for a wild night out. One of the best nightlife experiences in Koh Phangan .

    Nightlife Koh Phangan Retro Mountain Club
    Nightlife Koh Phangan: Retro Mountain Club

    Hollystone Phangan (11/1 M5, Koh Phangan)fb_icon_tiny
    Open Saturday from 8pm to 2am.
    Hollystone Phangan is another popular nightclub on Koh Phangan that combines a zen atmosphere with a lively party. The club features an outdoor fireplace, bamboo walls, lush greenery, colorful lighting and a large dance floor.

    The music ranges from EDM, hip hop, techno, pop, folk and rock, and draws huge crowds of nonstop entertainment-seeking tourists. With its tropical atmosphere and eclectic music, Hollystone Phangan has established itself as one of the hottest nightclubs on Koh Phangan .

    Nightlife Koh Phangan Hollystone Phangan
    Nightlife Koh Phangan: Hollystone Phangan

    Chill Up Club (Ban Tai Road, Koh Phangan)fb_icon_tiny
    Open Monday 5pm to 2am, Wednesday and Thursday 4pm to 1am, Friday and Saturday 5pm to 2am, Sunday 4pm to 1am.
    Located in a traditional two-story wooden building on Ban Tai Beach, Chill Up is a modern Koh Phangan nightclub that plays thumping electronic beats and live music. The club also offers seating, balconies, a pool table, lush greenery and a top-notch sound system.

    Musically, Chill Up focuses on genres such as drum'n'bass, techno, hip-hop, pop and rock, and is popular with tourists looking for a wild night out on Koh Phangan.

    Nightlife Koh Phangan Chill Up Club
    Nightlife Koh Phangan: Chill Up Club

    Sabaii Bay Beach Club (100/56, Moo 1, Koh Phangan)fb_icon_tiny
    Open Saturday to Thursday from 11am to 11pm.
    Located in Ban Tai Beach, Sabai Bay Beach Club is one of the best beach clubs in Koh Phangan. With stunning views, colorful lights and an intimate dance floor, this club focuses on electronic beats like techno, house and progressive. With its beautiful resort, minimalist decor and pulsating music, Sabai Bay Beach Club has established itself as one of the best nightclubs on Koh Phangan .

    Nightlife Koh Phangan Sabaii Bay Beach Club
    Nightlife Koh Phangan: Sabaii Bay Beach Club
    Nightlife Koh Phangan Sabaii Bay Beach Club party
    Sabaii Bay Beach Club, Koh Phangan

    Rasta Home (58/24 m.8 Haad Yao, Koh Phangan)fb_icon_tiny
    Open every day from 10.00 to 2.00.
    If you're in the far northwest of the island and want a fun reggae music party, Rasta Home on Haad Yao Beach is the place to be. Arrive early as this Koh Phangan nightclub gets very crowded on Fridays when there is music with live bands.

    Nightlife Koh Phangan Rasta Home
    Nightlife Koh Phangan: Rasta Home

    Guy’s Bar (Ban Khai, Koh Phangan)fb_icon_tiny
    Open Friday from 6pm to 5am.
    Located in Haad Tien West Bay in the south-east of the island, Guy's Bar is a jungle-inspired Koh Phangan party nightclub. The club offers a tropical atmosphere, beaches, colorful lights and a cozy dance floor.

    Guy's Bar DJ plays a variety of electronic music, mainly techno and house, offering an unrivaled nightlife experience in Koh Phangan with its unique atmosphere and intense music.

    Nightlife Koh Phangan Guy's Bar
    Nightlife Koh Phangan: Guy's Bar

    Sound Garden (79/21 M.1 St.Krungthai, Koh Phangan)fb_icon_tiny
    Open every day from 2pm to 1am.
    Housed in a traditional Thai building, Soundgarden is both an entertainment venue, nightclub, bar and tattoo studio. Inside there is a spacious dance floor, with a musical selection mainly focused on electronic, techno, house and tech house music.

    Nightlife Koh Phangan Sound Garden
    Nightlife Koh Phangan: Sound Garden

    Waterfall Party (Ban Tai, Koh Phangan)fb_icon_tiny
    Open Friday from 6pm to 2am.
    Waterfall Party is a partly open-air nightclub, featuring a party atmosphere and psychedelic decorations, colorful artwork, neon lights and a spacious dance floor.

    The parties focus on electronic beats like drum'n'bass, EDM, house, techno and minimal. The club has established itself as a staple of Koh Phangan nightlife .

    Nightlife Koh Phangan Waterfall Party
    Nightlife Koh Phangan: Waterfall Party

    Seaside Haadrin West (Sea Side Bungalows, Haad Rin West, Koh Phangan)fb_icon_tiny
    Seaside Haadrin West is a seaside nightclub in Koh Phangan with lively parties and a relaxed atmosphere, including bungalows, colored lights, beanbags and an intimate dance floor, while the music it's a mix of techno, house, disco and minimal.

    Seaside Haadrin West has established itself as one of Koh Phangan's most popular beach nightclubs with its relaxed atmosphere, exotic decor and upbeat music.

    Nightlife Koh Phangan Seaside Haadrin West
    Nightlife Koh Phangan: Seaside Haadrin West

    IVY Lounge (140/16, Ban Tai, Koh Phangan)fb_icon_tiny
    Open Friday and Saturday from 6pm to 4am, Sunday from 7pm to 3am.
    IVY Lounge is a Koh Phangan nightclub located within the Wanderlust Hostel, hosting parties with house music from our resident DJs and people dancing the night away.

    Nightlife Koh Phangan IVY Lounge
    Nightlife Koh Phangan: IVY Lounge

    Infinity Beach Club (17, Ban Tai, Koh Phangan)fb_icon_tiny
    Open every day from 10am to 11pm.
    Infinity Beach Club is another popular beach club on Koh Phangan. Come here for some of the best pool parties, both day and night.

    Nightlife Koh Phangan Infinity Beach Club
    Nightlife Koh Phangan: Infinity Beach Club

    The bars and pubs of Koh Phangan

    The Jam Bar (Maduwan, Koh Phangan)fb_icon_tiny
    Open Thursday 7pm to 1am, Sunday 8pm to 1am.
    Located on Hin Kong Beach on the west coast, Jam Bar is a popular bar on Koh Phangan , a gathering place for aspiring musicians and live music lovers. Made mostly of wood, bamboo and straw, this trendy space is filled with instruments for an impromptu jam session.

    The crowd is a mix of musicians, locals and tourists all blending together to create a unique atmosphere. Food and drinks are reasonably priced, aside from decent music and an opportunity to play, and it's a decent spot for a sundowner.

    Nightlife Koh Phangan The Jam Bar
    Nightlife Koh Phangan: The Jam Bar

    SandBar (8 39, Ban Tai, Koh Phangan)fb_icon_tiny
    The SandBar is an interesting venue and a great place for a drink in the shade during the day, while in the evening the atmosphere comes alive with music from international funky house DJs.

    Nightlife Koh Phangan SandBar
    Nightlife Koh Phangan: SandBar

    Rasta Baby ( 7/9 Moo5, Thong Nai Pan Noi, Ban Tai, Koh Phangan)fb_icon_tiny
    Open every day from 11.00 to 0.30.
    Rasta Baby is one of the best reggae style bars on Koh Phangan. A friendly and unpretentious place that also serves excellent Thai and international dishes. Between Rastafarian flags, portraits of Bob Marley and good music, Rasta Baby is the perfect place to spend a quiet evening on Koh Phangan.

    Nightlife Koh Phangan Rasta Baby
    Nightlife Koh Phangan: Rasta Baby

    Fidel’s Bar at Havana Beach Resort (47/5 Moo 5, Koh Phangan)fb_icon_tiny
    Overlooking one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Fidel's Bar at Havana Beach Resort is a cool, spacious place where visitors can watch the sun set over the horizon. Fidel's is the perfect place to relax with friends and enjoy a wide variety of the finest spirits, tantalizing cocktails, light meals and snacks.

    Nightlife Koh Phangan Fidel's Bar at Havana Beach Resort
    Nightlife Koh Phangan: Fidel's Bar at Havana Beach Resort

    Map of discos, pubs and bars on Koh Phangan