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Milan: nightlife and clubs

Nightlife Milan: Between aperitifs, fashion, design and disco parties, the capital of northern Italy is a dynamic city that never sleeps, and its nightlife is capable of offering events and clubs for all tastes.

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Macao fb_icon_tiny (Viale Molise 68, Milan)

Cascina Torchiera fb_icon_tiny (Piazzale Cimitero Maggiore 18, Milan)

Zam fb_icon_tiny (Via Sant'Abbondio 6/10, Milan)

Cox 18 (Via Conchetta 18, Milan)

Mics fb_icon_tiny (via Angelo Fumagalli 1, Milan)

Rita & Cocktails fb_icon_tiny (Via Pietro Maroncelli 15, Milan)

Capetown Café fb_icon_tiny (via Vigevano 3, Milan)

Il Tasca fb_icon_tiny (Corso di Porta Ticinese 14, Milan)

Trattoria Toscana fb_icon_tiny (Corso di porta ticinese 58, Milan)

Refeel fb_icon_tiny (Viale Sabotino 20, Milan)

Frank fb_icon_tiny (via Lecco 1, Milan)

H Club> Diana fb_icon_tiny (Viale Piave 42, Milan)

Pandenus fb_icon_tiny (via Tadino 15, Milan)

Living Milano fb_icon_tiny (Piazza Sempione 2, Milan)

Deseo fb_icon_tiny (Corso Sempione 2, Milan)

55 Milan fb_icon_tiny (Via Piero della Francesca 55, Milan)

Deus Cafè fb_icon_tiny (via Thaon di Revel 3, Milan)

LeRosse Wine Bar fb_icon_tiny (Corso Garibaldi 79, Milan)

Prin fb_icon_tiny ci (Largo la Foppa 2, Milan)

Radetzky Cafè fb_icon_tiny (Corso Garibaldi 105, Milan)

Nobu Lounge Bar fb_icon_tiny (Via Gastone Pisoni 1, Milan)

Fashion Café fb_icon_tiny (via San Marco 1, Milan)

N'ombra de vin fb_icon_tiny (via San Marco 2, Milan)

Botinero fb_icon_tiny (via San Marco 3, Milan)

Ricci Milano fb_icon_tiny (Via Fratelli Zoia 71, Milan)

Café Metropolis fb_icon_tiny (Via Vittor Pisani 5, Milan)

Brera Garden Floor fb_icon_tiny (Via Dell'Orso 7, Milan)

Mas Milano fb_icon_tiny (Ripa di Porta Ticinese 11, Milan)

Spazio Movida Cocktail Bar fb_icon_tiny (via Ascanio Sforza 41, Milan)

El Beverin fb_icon_tiny (Via Brera 29, Milan)

The Cambridge Pub fb_icon_tiny (Piazzale Susa 2, Milan)

Old Fox Pub fb_icon_tiny (Piazza Sant Agostino 1, Milan)

Lambrate Brewery fb_icon_tiny (Via Adelchi 5, Milan)

English Football Pub fb_icon_tiny (via Valpetrosa 5, Milan)

Pogue Mahone's fb_icon_tiny (via Salmini 1, Milan)

Bar Bianco fb_icon_tiny (Viale Enrico Ibsen 4, Milan)

Le Jardin fb_icon_tiny (Via Circonvallazione Idroscalo 51, Milan)

Byblos fb_icon_tiny (Via Messina 38, Milan)

11 Clubroom – Eleven fb_icon_tiny (Via A. De Tocqueville 11, Milan)

Circolo Magnolia fb_icon_tiny (via Circonvallazione Idroscalo 41, Segrate)

Q21 fb_icon_tiny (Via Padova 21, Milan)

Dude Club fb_icon_tiny (Via Carlo Boncompagni 44, Milan)

Rocket fb_icon_tiny (Towpath Naviglio Grande 98, Milan)

Fellini Disco fb_icon_tiny (Via Roma 26, Pogliano Milanese)

Very Club & Restaurant fb_icon_tiny (Via della Valle 71, Carate Brianza)

Zoo Club (Zoo Latino) fb_icon_tiny (Via Panfilo Castaldi 8, Cinisello Balsamo)

Noir Club fb_icon_tiny (Via Davide Guarenti 17, Lissone)

Pelledoca fb_icon_tiny (Viale Enrico Forlanini 121, Milan)

Sio Café fb_icon_tiny (Via Temolo, Milan)

Fabrique fb_icon_tiny (Via Gaudenzio Fantoli 9, Milan)

Amnesia Milano fb_icon_tiny (via Alfonso Gatto, Milan)

The Club fb_icon_tiny (C.so Garibaldi 97, Milan)

Tunnel Club fb_icon_tiny (Via Giovanni Battista Sammartini 30, Milan)

Lime Light fb_icon_tiny (Via Gian Carlo Castelbarco 11, Milan)

21, 20159 Milan, Italy

Divina Club fb_icon_tiny (Via Molino della Armi 32, Milan)

The Beach fb_icon_tiny (Via Arcangelo Corelli 62, Milan)

Ceresio 7 fb_icon_tiny (Via Ceresio 7, Milan)

Shangai Cafè fb_icon_tiny (Via Giovanni Battista Sammartini 124, Milan)

Le Banque fb_icon_tiny (Via Bassano Porrone 6, Milan)

Karma fb_icon_tiny  (Via Fabio Massimo 36, Milan)

Le Le Bahia fb_icon_tiny (Via Nuova Valassina 346, Lissone)

Emporio Armani Caffe fb_icon_tiny (via Croce Rossa 2, Milan)

Black Hole fb_icon_tiny (viale umbria 118, Milan)

LoolaPaloosa fb_icon_tiny (Corso como 15, Milan)

Just Cavalli Cafè fb_icon_tiny (Viale Luigi Camoens, Milan)

Old Fashion fb_icon_tiny (Via Alemagna 6, Milan)

Alcatraz fb_icon_tiny (Via Valtellina 25, Milan)

Tocqueville 13 fb_icon_tiny (Via Alessio di Tocqueville 13, Milan)

Gattopardo Cafè fb_icon_tiny (Via Piero della Francesca 47, Milan)

Hollywood fb_icon_tiny (Corso Como 15, Milan)

General Warehouses (Via Pietrasanta 14, Milan)

Jamaica fb_icon_tiny (Via Brera 32, Milan)

Art Café fb_icon_tiny (Via Brera 23, Milan)

O'Connell (Via Brera 3, Milan)

Irish Pub Serial Number fb_icon_tiny (Viale Romagna 43, Milan)

Au Vieux Strasbourg (Via Strambio 29, Milan)

Union Club (Via Moretto da Brescia 36, ​​Milan)

Brasserie Bruxelles Pub fb_icon_tiny (Viale Abruzzi 33, Milan)

Ostello Bello fb_icon_tiny (Via Medici 4, Milan)

Bicycles fb_icon_tiny (Via Giovanni Battista Torti, 2, Milan)

La Hora Feliz (Via San Vito 5, Milan)

Seven (Corso Cristoforo Colombo 11, Milan)

Sacristy – Alcoholic Pharmacy fb_icon_tiny (Via Conchetta 20, Milan)

Serendepico fb_icon_tiny (Piazza Castello 1, Milan)

Roïalto fb_icon_tiny (Viale Vittorio Veneto 28, Milan)

Fiat Executive Lounge (Via Alessio di Tocqueville 3, Milan)

10CorsoComo (Corso Como 10, Milan)

Pitbull Cafè (Corso Como 11, Milan)

Blue Note fb_icon_tiny (Via Pietro Borsieri 37, Milan)

Soho Cafè (Via Carlo Farini 74, Milan)

Beer Island (Via Medardo Rosso 18, Milan)

Frida (Via Antonio Pollaiuolo 3, Milan)

Free museums in Milan and Lombardy with #domenicalmuseo

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