Krakow where to eat - Pierogi

Krakow: where to eat

Where to eat in Krakow. Krakow's gastronomy: this is where you can taste the typical dishes of Polish cuisine. Advice on restaurants, trattorias and street food!

Kraków restaurants

You certainly cannot miss a meal at "U Babci Maliny" (Ulica Slawkowska 17) , a delightful little restaurant furnished in a mountain style, where you can taste typical Polish dishes, prepared according to tradition. Cheap prices . Absolutely to try the goulash and the pierogi (large stuffed tortelli typical of Poland. They are cooked fried or boiled). The restaurant is not very visible as the entrance is located in the internal courtyard of the building. Don't give up your research, the signs are always hidden in Krakow.

Another typical restaurant is the "Morskie Oko" (Plac Szczepański 8) , located not far from the first. It also offers typical Polish dishes.

Take a trip to the "Wierzynek" (Rynek Główny 15) , which, according to many, is the most famous restaurant in Poland, a regular stop for VIPs and important personalities visiting Krakow.

“Pod Wawelem” (ul. Św. Gertrudy 26-29) Large restaurant located near the castle. Kind waiters who speak English, dressed in typical clothes. Every day of the week, a dish on the menu is on sale. The schnitzel and the mixed grilled meat are excellent. Very generous portions. Beer 5 PLN, full dinner around 25 PLN.

Street food in Krakow

The Krakow street-food par excellence is the Zapiekanka , a sort of baguette cut in half, served hot and mainly garnished with melted cheese and mushrooms, although there are other versions with ketchup, ham or salad. Excellent for a quick lunch while visiting the historic center on foot. If you don't know where to find them, they serve them in a small shop in a street a few steps from the main square, a shop called "Zapiekanki" (Ul. Sienna 3) . Otherwise you can enjoy it in Plac Nowy at the Okrąglak , a round-shaped building located in the Jewish quarter of Kazimierz . Prices around 4-6zloty (2-2.5 Euros).

Krakow where to eat - Fried-oscypek-cranberry-jam
Fried oscypek with jam

During the Christmas period the square ( “Rynek Główny” ) is filled with numerous stalls serving traditional dishes, especially meat and various sausages. All accompanied by mulled wine, ideal for warming up against the freezing temperatures outside. Among the various stalls you can meet an old woman who serves molds of melted smoked sheep's cheese ( Oscypek ) garnished with excellent cranberry jam: not to be missed.

Speaking of street food, you cannot fail to notice the numerous Turkish Kebaps scattered along the streets of the historic centre, there is literally one on every corner!

Italian restaurants in Krakow

If you cannot do without Italian cuisine, in Krakow there are some good Italian restaurants: the restaurant “Aqua e Vino” (Ul. Wiślna 5/10) , the “Bistro Italiano Da Silvano” (ul. Berka Joselewicza 18) and “Al Dente” (Ul. Kupa 12) is the only one where they serve fresh Bufala Campana DOP mozzarella. However, most of the restaurants with an Italian sign that you will come across are not really good and they serve you dishes that have little to do with the beautiful country, so be careful.