nightlife Copenhagen

Copenhagen: nightlife and clubs

Copenhagen nightlife. As evening falls, the capital of Denmark is undoubtedly more alive than ever and guarantees fun for all tastes: from traditional Danish “bodegas” to refined winebars, to finish the evening in one of the many clubs in Copenhagen. Here is our guide to the nightlife of the Danish capital.

Nightlife Copenhagen

Copenhagen's nightlife promises a wide range of entertainment to suit all tastes and ages. Very active from Thursday evening to Sunday, the nightlife in Copenhagen does not start before midnight and never ends before dawn: its nightclubs range from discos for young people to quiet bars where you can listen to great music and chat quietly, also frequented from forty and fifties.

The beauty of Copenhagen shines through at night when the city, with its lights reflecting on the water, is truly enchanting. There are dozens of venues open in the center of Copenhagen: between bars, pubs, clubs and discos in Copenhagen, nothing is missing for dancing and having fun at night.

There are also numerous jazz clubs, beer halls and wine bars, as well as theatres, operas, ballets and even one of the best circuses in Europe. Jazz is very popular in Copenhagen, and it's easy to guess it, thanks to the numerous festivals organized during the summer season, at La Fontaine and the Copenhagen Jazz House . The gardens of Tivoli , on the other hand, are a large open-air stage where it is possible to admire clowns, acrobats, jugglers and trapeze artists, as well as listen to the concerts held at the Tivolis Koncertsal .

nightlife Copenhagen Tivoli gardens
nightlife Copenhagen: the Tivoli gardens

Copenhagen has the advantage of being a fairly small city where it is easy to hop from pub to pub in the course of the same evening. The liveliest nightlife is found in the districts of Vesterbro , Nørrebro and Østerbro , where the most famous discos in Copenhagen , as well as its historic center, called Strøget , where numerous jazz clubs, breweries and wine bars are located.

It is also possible to spend a pleasant evening, saving money, enjoying the city and its lights: one of the most beautiful places in Copenhagen to stroll is the Nyhavn , which, once a meeting place for sailors, is now an exclusive district in the which there are numerous restaurants and bars. Another nice neighborhood is Christianshavn , at the center of which stands Christiansborg Slot , a granite castle surrounded by canals on three sides.

If you want to visit a more extravagant place you can try the Christiania , located a short distance from the center. This area, which once housed military buildings, was occupied by the Yippies people in the early 70s and declared a "free city" on September 24, 1971. The Copenhagen authorities tried to oppose the movement but without great results. Today in the village of Christiania some very good small restaurants with cheaper prices than in the rest of Copenhagen, as the restaurateurs refuse to pay taxes.

nightlife Copenhagen entrance to Christiania district
nightlife Copenhagen: the entrance to the Christiania district

Clubs and discos in Copenhagen

Bakken Kbh fb_icon_tiny
(Flæsketorvet 19, København) The Bakken is a club located in the Meatpacking District , in which most weekends, there are organized events that include live music. Thursdays are THRST , which is especially popular in Copenhagen 's nightlife . Here at the Bakken , the vibe is relaxed and the people are open-minded and cheerful. Also great place to enjoy a beer in the old slaughterhouses or patio and to make some new acquaintances.

nightlife Copenhagen Bakken Kbh
nightlife Copenhagen: Bakken Kbh

Hive fb_icon_tiny
(Skindergade 45, København) Open Friday and Saturday from 11pm to 6am.
HIVE is a nightclub located in the heart of Copenhagen, near Gammeltorv , the old square of Copenhagen. this is one of the most exclusive clubs in Copenhagen such as Zen and Sunday : the style is simple, with a large hall, two living rooms scattered with tables equipped with iPhone chargers. HIVE club is also called XII , and caters to a more energetic crowd, with great music and DJ sets. Great evenings even on Saturdays. Dress well.

nightlife Copenhagen Hive
Copenhagen nightlife: Hive club
nightlife Copenhagen Hive Danish girls
Copenhagen nightlife: beautiful Danish girls at the Hive

Zen Club fb_icon_tiny
(Nørregade 41, København) Open Thursday to Saturday from 11pm to 5am.
Zen is one of Copenhagen's most exclusive nightclubs . So much elegance and great music, a great place to meet beautiful Danish girls .

nightlife Copenhagen Zen Club
nightlife Copenhagen: Zen Club
nightlife Copenhagen Zen Club girls Copenhagen
Copenhagen nightlife: at the Zen Club you can meet the most beautiful girls in Copenhagen

KB3 fb_icon_tiny
(Kødboderne 3, København) Open Friday and Saturday from 11pm to 4am.
The KB3 is a disco located in the Meatpacking District of Vesterbro, in Copenhagen. The club is truly gigantic, with 850m2 of space (the place was once used as a cold store) that can hold almost 1000 people, a 13m long bar, sevenm high ceilings and unusual toilets! In addition to the large dancefloor, KB3 has lounge areas and a courtyard used to host some of Copenhagen's hottest summer parties. Worth a visit.

nightlife Copenhagen KB3
nightlife Copenhagen: KB3

Rust fb_icon_tiny
(Guldbergsgade 8, København) The Rust club , located in the Nørrebro , is one of Copenhagen's best nightclubs , open for many years and much loved. The club is spread over three floors and its music is very varied and ranges mainly from indie rock and indie pop, to hip hop and electronic music, passing through dubstep, reggae, soul, and funk tones. It also sometimes hosts bands that play live music before 11pm.

nightlife Copenhagen Rust Natklub
Copenhagen nightlife: Rust Natklub

Culture Box fb_icon_tiny
(Kronprinsessegade 54, København) The Culture Box is a famous club in Copenhagen entirely dedicated to techno and electronic music and is located opposite the park of Rosenborg. Famous DJs and international artists regularly perform here. Culture Box is divided into three environments: the White Box is a bar suitable for pre-clubbing, the Red Box is located on the lower level and is more intimate and relaxed, while the Black Box is where the real party comes to life. Prices vary between 60 and 80 crowns depending on the event.

nightlife Copenhagen Culture Box
Copenhagen nightlife: Culture Box

Vega fb_icon_tiny
(Enghavevej 40, København) The Vega is a large club, structured on several floors, which houses a disco and a large space for concerts (about 250 concerts are held here each year), as well as a lounge bar. The Vega Store can accommodate 1500 people and hosts concerts by famous rock and jazz bands and underground groups. The Lille Vega is the real disco with several dancefloors, open Friday and Saturday until 5.00, where excellent djs play musical genres ranging from tribal house to classical dance music. During the weekend, the Vega is always very popular and trendy among young people in Copenhagen (average age 18-20 years).

The Vega club is located in a former union building from the 1950s, originally called Casa del Popolo : After the restoration that took place in 1996, the building was reborn as VEGA , the House of Music. Some design details that characterize the interior of the building, such as the dark wood panels, the mahogany floors, the friezes and the details of the railings and lamps, combined with the 1960s murals, make this building a true architectural jewel.

The taxi remains the best option to reach the Vega club : the journey from the central station by taxi costs around 15 euros.

nightlife Copenhagen Vega
Copenhagen nightlife: Vega

Nord Nightclub fb_icon_tiny
(Axeltorv 5, København) Open Friday and Saturday from 10pm to 5am.
Nord Nightclub , located in the center of Copenhagen , near the Tivoli Gardens , is an elegant nightclub frequented by people over thirty, with a strict selection at the entrance. The club offers music for all tastes, starting with trendy lounge music, and, as the evening progresses, with the growing rhythms of disco and pop music: a great mix of old and new. Located in a multi-coloured building next to Vesterport Palads cinema , the club is elegantly designed as both a lounge and danceclub, with seating for 200 guests.

nightlife Copenhagen North Nightclubs
Copenhagen nightlife: Nord Nightclub
nightlife Copenhagen North Natklub
Copenhagen nightlife: North Natklub

Sunday fb_icon_tiny
(Lille Kongensgade 16, København) Sunday is a hip nightclub located in central Copenhagen and run by the uncrowned kings of Copenhagen nightlife , Frank Simon and Simon Lennet . Particularity of the club, the drinks are served at the tables by ladyboys from Bangkok. Furthermore, the club is equipped with a mobile scramber, so it is not possible to use the telephone to call or send messages: all this to invite people to enjoy the present and forget about tomorrow. Sunday outdoor patio and a large dance floor with a mix of electronic, RnB, hip hop and rock music.

nightlife Copenhagen Sunday
nightlife Copenhagen: Sunday

The Jane fb_icon_tiny
(Gråbrødretorv 8, København) Open Thursday to Saturday from 20.00 to 5.00.
The Jane is a nightclub and cocktail bar located in the heart of Copenhagen , at the Gråbrødre square. The disco itself is located on the lower floor where there is also a large bar where the bartenders are ready to serve you your favorite drink. You can enjoy your cocktail at the bar or in an adjacent room: in some of the rooms there are old bookcases that open during the evening and reveal hidden doors, behind which there are many other bars! Worth a visit.

nightlife Copenhagen The Jane
nightlife Copenhagen: The Jane
nightlife Copenhagen The Jane girls
nightlife Copenhagen: at The Jane you dance all night

Zoo Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Sværtegade 6, København) Open Thursday 20.00 to 5.00, Friday 16.00 to 5.00 and Saturday 20.00 to 5.00.
ZOO BAR is a small and overcrowded disco pub, especially from Thursday to Saturday. Great for making friends easily, dancing to great music and warming up before going clubbing.

nightlife Copenhagen Zoo club
Copenhagen nightlife: Zoo club

Billy Booze fb_icon_tiny
(Kattesundet 6, København) Open Monday to Saturday from 20.00 to 5.00.
The Billy Booze is a bar-disco with free admission, delicious beer and cocktails at discounted prices! Go on a Friday night when it's full of girls, Saturday is busier. Inside there is also a table football and numerous sofas. This place deserves it!

nightlife Copenhagen Billy Booze
Copenhagen nightlife: Billy Booze
nightlife Copenhagen Billy Booze Danish girls
Copenhagen nightlife: beautiful Danish girls at Billy Booze

Stengade 30 fb_icon_tiny
(Stengade 18, København) Stengade 30 is a historic alternative club in Copenhagen, located in the Norrebro , with a very dense musical programming ranging from hip hop to new wave, from techno to rock music concerts, all in a very underground environment. The place is spread over three floors: upstairs is billiards and a bar with chill out music. The admission price varies according to the scheduled events but you will hardly spend more than 50 crowns.

nightlife Copenhagen Stengade 30
nightlife Copenhagen: Stengade 30

Rosie McGee fb_icon_tiny
(Vesterbrogade 2A, København) Open daily from 12.00 until dawn.
The Rosie Mcgee is a small club with commercial music. Thursday and Friday there are beautiful evenings with free admission and some Danish girls going wild on the dance floor, while Saturday is paid (price 60 crowns).

nightlife Copenhagen Rosie McGee
nightlife Copenhagen: Rosie McGee

Penthouse Club fb_icon_tiny
(Nørregade 1, København) Open Friday and Saturday from 11pm to 5am.
The Penthouse is a trendy nightclub located just off Gammel Torv , in a building formerly known as 'IN' . Come dressed elegantly or at least in a shirt. The club is frequented by young people aged 18 and over, and the music on offer ranges from R'n'B to the latest commercial hits. The Penthouse club also has an upstairs balcony, which offers a striking panoramic view over central Copenhagen as well as the dance floor below. Upstairs tables can be reserved in advance. Great place to meet beautiful Danish girls .

nightlife Copenhagen Penthouse Club
Copenhagen nightlife: Penthouse Club
nightlife Copenhagen Penhouse club disco Copenhagen
Copenhagen nightlife: the Penhouse club is one of the best Copenhagen nightclubs where you can dance the night away

Australian Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Vestergade 10c, København) Open Sunday to Wednesday 18.00 to 2.00, Friday and Saturday 18.00 to 5.00.
Australian Bar is a large disco-pub located in the heart of Copenhagen. The atmosphere is informal, the drinks cheap and the music on offer ranges from commercial to hiphop and rnb. The Australian Bar is always very busy, and is mostly frequented by tourists and foreign students. Go on Saturday evening because the bar is open from 11.00 to 12.00: you can drink all the beer you want for only 50 Danish crowns (about 7 euros)!

nightlife Copenhagen Australian bars
Copenhagen nightlife: The Australian Bar

The Drunken Flamingo fb_icon_tiny
(Gammeltorv 14, København) Open Friday and Saturday from 20.00 to 5.00.
Drunken Flamingo is another popular club located next to the Australian Bar . Usual informal atmosphere. The club is located on two floors, the first is the bar, while the second is the area where to dance and tables. Great place to dance on the cheap (entrance costs 30 crowns): it is advisable to come early to avoid long queues.

nightlife Copenhagen The Drunken Flamingo
Copenhagen nightlife: The Drunken Flamingo

Stereo Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Gothersgade 8A, København) Open Wednesday 8pm to 3am, Thursday 8pm to 4am, Friday 4pm to 5am, Saturday 8pm to 5am.
The Stereo Bar is one of the favorite clubs of Copenhagen . It, open only from Wednesday to Saturday, with DJs from Thursday onwards, is a great place to start the night thanks to its central location. The music of the Stereobar varies from Latin American music to house, always guaranteeing lots of fun.

nightlife Copenhagen Stereo Bar
Copenhagen nightlife: Stereo Bar

Club Mambo fb_icon_tiny
(Vester Voldgade 85, København) Club Mambo , founded in the 1990s, is the only nightclub in Copenhagen dedicated exclusively to Latin music . In addition to evenings, Club Mambo offers salsa, merengue and tango lessons before opening the club, as well as occasional concerts with salsa and reggaeton bands. Inside there is also a restaurant where you can dine before dancing. Admission is free every Thursday evening.

nightlife Copenhagen Club Mambo
Copenhagen nightlife: Club Mambo

Søpavillonen fb_icon_tiny
(Gyldenløvesgade 24, København) Open Thursday to Saturday from 20.00 to 5.00.
Located in the lake district between Norrebro and Frederiksberg , the Søpavillonen is an unpretentious nightclub housed in a rather unlikely beach hut-style building. The place attracts huge crowds of Danish enthusiasts for its tribute band nights, as well as Christmas and New Year's parties. In recent years the club has also hosted a number of salsa events, including "Salsa Libre" . On the second Friday of the month, Søpavillonen hosts the “Karmaklubben” , meaning the party starts at 20.00 and is ideal for those who prefer to dance early. Friday and Saturday start with a live concert and then open the dance with the hits of the 80s and 90s and dance until dawn.

nightlife Copenhagen Søpavillonen
nightlife Copenhagen: Søpavillonen

Loppen Club fb_icon_tiny
(Bådsmandsstræde 43, København) Open daily from 20.30 to 2.00.
Loppen (literally "flea" ) is a club that has been organizing concerts of all kinds for 30 years. The environment is very informal and is frequented by a mix of stoners, hipsters and intellectuals: in any case, the atmosphere of the Loppen is relaxed and pleasant. After the concerts the disco starts and you can dance.

nightlife Copenhagen Lopper Club
Copenhagen nightlife: Lopper Club

Copenhagen Jazzhouse fb_icon_tiny
(Niels Hemmingsensgade 10, København) Copenhagen Jazzhouse is the most important Danish jazz club The ideal place to listen to concerts by the best national and international jazz musicians.

nightlife Copenhagen Jazzhouse
Copenhagen nightlife: Jazzhouse

Mojo Blues Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Løngangstræde 21 C, København) Open daily from 20.00 to 5.00.
The Mojo is a club with blues music concerts every night, with happy hour from 20 to 22.

nightlife Copenhagen Mojo Blues Bar
Copenhagen nightlife: Mojo Blues Bar

La Fontaine Jazz Club fb_icon_tiny
(Kompagnistræde 11, København) Open daily from 19.00 to 5.00.
La Fontaine is a small jazz club that became famous for its legendary jam sessions. It is open every day until 5.00.

nightlife Copenhagen La Fontaine Jazz Club
Copenhagen nightlife: La Fontaine Jazz Club

Bars and pubs in Copenhagen

Traditional neighborhood pubs in Copenhagen are a perfect way to discover the charm of old and authentic Denmark. These are usually cozy little pubs, called “bodegas” where you can enjoy cheap beer and bitters with the old regulars, young students and hipsters. Copenhagen offers places of all kinds, from the most modern bars to the most sought-after wine bars.

Aléenberg fb_icon_tiny
(Allégade 4, København) Open Tuesday to Saturday from 21.00 to 6.00.
The interior hasn't changed since Mrs. Ingeborg Johannesen furnished Alléenberg in 1924, and guests can still use the old piano. The decor is a little worn and the facilities in need of a refresh, but the Alléenberg , at Copenhagen's Frederiksberg Gardens, still remains a pub with some flair, and the old building has been a favorite gathering place for decades. One of the pubs most loved by the inhabitants of the city, where you can still savor the atmosphere of old Copenhagen.

nightlife Copenhagen Aleenberg
nightlife Copenhagen: Aleenberg

Borgerkroen fb_icon_tiny
(Borgergade 132, København) Open Sunday and Monday from 10.00 to 24.00, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10.00 to 2.00, Thursday to Saturday from 10.00 to 5.00.
The Borgerbroen is an old Copenhagen pub that offers cheap beer. Here you will find older regulars, but also young hipsters and students. You can order cheap beer , but if you prefer cocktails, you can have a gin and tonic. The pub has old-fashioned booths where you can find a seat and talk to people you've probably never met before. Smoking is permitted.

nightlife Copenhagen Borgerkroen
Copenhagen nightlife: Borgerkroen

Café Dyrehaven fb_icon_tiny
(Sønder Boulevard 72, København) Open daily from 08.30 to 2.00.
Café Dyrehaven , located in Vesterbro , is one of the most popular outdoor cafes in the area. Inside, the old pub atmosphere is kept together with a mix of modern and youthful. The walls of Café Dyrehaven are painted in bright colours, but to preserve the old pub feel, the old bar still has the wooden furnishings and stag heads hanging on the walls. Dyrehaven serves food every day, morning, noon and night, and if you like Danish canapés (called smørrebrød ), this place is worth a visit.

nightlife Copenhagen Café Dyrehaven
nightlife Copenhagen: Café Dyrehaven

Eiffel Bar
(Wildersgade 58, København) Open daily from 08.30 to 2.00.
The Eiffel Bar is a classic Danish pub which since 1737 has supplied beer to the many thirsty sailors who frequented the Christianshavn , and has only recently been discovered by the young students and entrepreneurs who have started frequenting the bar alongside the traditional guests . The service is always friendly, and if you want to try something different from the usual Carlsberg or Tuborg beers, you can order a special beer at the bar counter.

nightlife Copenhagen Eiffel Bar
Copenhagen nightlife: Eiffel Bar

Hviids Vinstue fb_icon_tiny
(Kongens Nytorv 19, København) Open daily from 10.00 to 2.00.
Hviids Vinstue is one of the oldest bars in Copenhagen , having been open for almost 300 years and located in the city centre, with a good view of the National Theater . In this authentic tavern you can taste excellent Danish canapés and fresh beers. Hviids Vinstue is most famous for its mulled wine, which is served every year from 11 November. Hviids Vinstue is always bustling with life and the service is excellent.

nightlife Copenhagen Hviids Vinstue
nightlife Copenhagen: Hviids Vinstue

Mc. fb_icon_tiny
Kluud (Istedgade 126, København) The Mc. Kluud is a relaxed and unpretentious bar, located in the Vesterbro . The people who frequent the place are in fact a little less sophisticated and one feels less observed than in other refined and trendy places in the city centre. The atmosphere inside resembles a saloon with wooden booths, dim light and clouds of smoke. The front is clad in brown wooden beams and looks like a building that looks like something out of a western movie. There's also a jukebox here that plays old rock music, and you can play a game of pool in the back of the pub. The bar is always super crowded during the weekends, thanks also to the good Albani beer sold at very modest costs.

nightlife Copenhagen Mc Kluud
nightlife Copenhagen: Mc Kluud

Toga Vinstue fb_icon_tiny
(Store Kirkestræde 3, København) Open every day.
Toga Vinstue is both a public house and a restaurant, as well as a legendary meeting point for young and old alike looking for a good glass of beer or political discussions (the bar is famous for its tradition of political debates and sometimes it is the politicians themselves who are hosted at the Toga Vinstue). The pub is furnished in the old Copenhagen style and very often hosts various musical events. During the day, you can order a traditional Danish lunch and at the bar you will find a large selection of Danish and international specialty beers. After 16.00, when the kitchen is closed, smoking is permitted.

Wessels Kro fb_icon_tiny
(Sværtegade 7, København) Open Monday to Saturday 4-5pm.
Traditional Danish pub, Wessels Kro has been part of Copenhagen's nightlife for more than 150 years and is still one of its landmarks today. The atmosphere here is always lively and the service is welcoming. Wessel Kro is a great place to sample traditional Danish cuisine or just to have a beer. The pub, in fact, offers a great variety of beers, both in bottles and on tap.

nightlife Copenhagen Wessels Kro
Copenhagen nightlife: Wessels Kro

Madam Chu's fb_icon_tiny
(Gammel Strand 40, København) Open Wednesday and Thursday 18.00 to 2.00, Friday and Saturday 16.00 to 4.00.
Madam Chu's is a cocktail bar located in the beautiful Gammel Strand , close to all the other trendy cocktail bars in Copenhagen . The bar is decorated in a Chinese style with black patterned walls and red lamps hang all around the room. A great place to have a conversation thanks to the soft music.

nightlife Copenhagen Madam Chu
Copenhagen nightlife: Madam Chu's

Jolene fb_icon_tiny
(Flæsketorvet 81-85, København) Open Thursday 20.00-3.00, Friday and Saturday 19.00-4.00.
Jolene , which opened in 2007, was an instant raucous hit: so raucous that it closed after just 4 months due to incessant protests from the neighborhood. So it was that, in 2008, Jolene moved to Vesterbro . Jolene is a casual industrial style bar, where people drink beer by the bottle and djs spin their records all night long. Jolene is certainly an interesting place to spend an evening with friends.

nightlife Copenhagen Jolene
Copenhagen nightlife: Jolene

K Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Ved Stranden 20, København) Open Monday to Saturday 4-2pm.
K Bar is a popular bar located near Højbro Square in central Copenhagen. Relax on the soft sofas and have your cocktail prepared by the very skilled barmen. The K Bar offers a selection of 13 different martini-based cocktails, including the famous Mostro Martini, but they also create a host of other tempting cocktails. To try!

Kassen Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Nørrebrogade 18B, København) Open Wednesday 8pm to 2am, Thursday 8pm to 3am, Friday 4pm to 4am, Saturday 8pm to 4am.
Affordable prices, fast bartenders and tasty drinks. Sandwiched between an Italian pizzeria and a cheap kebab restaurant, the Kassen is one of the best and cheapest cocktail bars in Copenhagen . It is best known for its Friday happy hour : every Friday between 2.00pm and 10.00pm you can get two drinks for the price of one! A lot of people in Copenhagen know about it, so the bar always gets really busy in the late afternoon. But it's worth it! The bar continues with the normal prices after happy hour which means around 70 DKK for a drink. During the rest of the week however, on Wednesdays they offer 2 beers, 3 shots, or 1 drink for 50 DKK, while on Thursdays they serve 2 Iced Teas for 70 DKK. The Kassen is also open on Saturdays, but without happy hour prices.

nightlife Copenhagen Kassen Bar
Copenhagen nightlife: Kassen Bar

The Bird & The Churchkey fb_icon_tiny
(Gammel Strand 44, København) Open Tuesday to Saturday 4pm-4am.
The Bird & The Churchkey is Copenhagen's only gin and beer bar , located in Gammel Strand together with the other trendy bars in Copenhagen. When you walk into The Bird & The Churchkey , it's like walking into a London pub, but with a Scandinavian twist. The atmosphere is relaxed and it's wonderful to be able to sink into one of the armchairs in the bar while enjoying a drink or a beer. The peculiarity of the bar is the vast collection of gins (over 100 different types) including the popular Mr. Hendrick Hammer , composed of geranium gin, Fevertree Tonic and red grape skin. In addition to different types of gin-based drinks, the bar offers more than 10 different draft beers and 30 types of bottled beer. The Bird & The Churchkey is also great for an aperitif, every day from 4.00pm to 8.00pm.

nightlife Copenhagen The Bird & The Churchkey
nightlife Copenhagen: The Bird & The Churchkey

Simpelt V fb_icon_tiny
(Istedgade 96, København) Open Wednesday to Saturday from 20.00 to 5.00.
The Simpelt V is a bar located in Vesterbro , on Istedgade , where you can find beer and loud music. Furthermore, it is possible to smoke inside the bar.

nightlife Copenhagen Simplelt V
Copenhagen nightlife: Simpelt V

1656 cocktailbar fb_icon_tiny
(Gasværksvej 33, København) Open Wednesday to Saturday from 19.00 to 2.00.
The 1656 cocktail bar , located in Vesterbro a few steps from the Meatpacking District , offers a wide selection of delicious cocktails with ingredients ranging from homemade apple syrup to melon and rhubarb puree along with alcohol. The cocktail menu changes according to the months, making the most of seasonal products.

nightlife Copenhagen 1656 Cocktail bar
nightlife Copenhagen: 1656 Cocktail bar

Ideal Bar
(Enghavevej 40, København) Ideal Bar is a small concert bar located at the Vega in the Vesterbro . This bar is an integral part of VEGA , but the bar lives a life of its own every weekend. Several times a month, Ideal Bar hosts small concerts, while on weekends it turns into a disco, with DJs and a dance floor.

nightlife Copenhagen Ideal bar
Copenhagen nightlife: Ideal bar

The Barking Dog fb_icon_tiny
(Sankt Hans Gade 19, København) Open Sunday and Monday 16.00 to 24.00, Tuesday to Thursday 16.00 to 1.00, Friday and Saturday 16.00 to 2.00.
The Barking Dog is a cocktail bar located in the Nørrebro in Copenhagen. The bar is reminiscent of typical London pubs and has a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. The bar is aimed at an older audience, there is no background music and it is possible to converse without difficulty.

nightlife Copenhagen The Barking Dog
Copenhagen nightlife: The Barking Dog

Gefährlich fb_icon_tiny
(Fælledvej 7, København) Open Wednesday Thursday 17.30-22.30, Friday and Saturday 17.30-4.30.
The Gefährlich is a restaurant, bar, art gallery, café, cultural center and club all at once: even the place is small, it has the ambition to be all of these.

nightlife Copenhagen Gefährlich
nightlife Copenhagen: Gefährlich

Map of clubs, pubs and bars in Copenhagen