Philadelphia nightlife

Philadelphia: Nightlife and Clubs

Nightlife Philadelphia: The city of brotherly love excels in every respect. There's nothing typical here: between innovative restaurants, sweaty dance floors, cheap drinks and friendly locals, here is your guide to the best bars and nightclubs in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia nightlife

Philadelphia is a city of many faces, with touches of character in every alley, mural, block and neighborhood. There are 100-year-old long-standing shops and newly opened outlets. From art galleries, craft beer, street dancers, poetry slams and rave DJs, Philadelphia has creativity from every industry.

Philadelphia, or better known as Philly, is the sixth largest city in Pennsylvania by population in the United States . The city, founded in 1682, played an important role in the founding of the United States as it was the meeting place of America's founding fathers.

Philadelphia's exciting history draws visitors from around the world and is home to many National Historic Sites related to the founding of the United States, including Independence National Historical Park , Independence Hall , where the Declaration of Independence was signed, and the Liberty Bell.

Nightlife Philadelphia by night
Philadelphia by night

Downtown Philadelphia, called Center City, makes this area an exciting place to immerse yourself in Philadelphia nightlife . Start the night with a drink at one of the city's many rooftop bars, beer gardens or cocktail bars, then head to one of the many restaurants dotted around the city, including some considered to be the best in the country.

Philadelphia is also home to many pubs and casual restaurants, nightclubs with chic live music and indoor and outdoor dancing, where the party goes on well into the night. Philadelphia has an endless array of exciting and exotic restaurants and hip bars to keep you busy long after dark.

Philadelphia nightclubs evolved from an era of blaring music, flashing lights, and unnatural attire. Whether you're into sophisticated classic rock or modern rock, you'll find a place to relax and enjoy a night out in Philly with friends and colleagues.

The city has some great nightclubs offering great drinks and affordable, attractive and upscale venues when it comes to celebrity clientele and top-notch music.

Nightlife Philadelphia nightclubs
Philadelphia nightclubs

If, on the other hand, you're after a slightly more cultural type of nightlife, Philadelphia offers unique, interactive and exciting experiences like lighting a torch at 5,000 degrees or participating in an ax contest. Philadelphia's nightlife offers plenty of options for a fun night out, not just in bars.

If you're lucky, you can try your luck Rivers Casino in Philadelphia right on the Delaware River. Open 24 hours a day, you can race all night, hit the slots, spin the reels, sample delicious exotic cuisine at one of its four on-site restaurants, or enjoy free waterfront entertainment. There are even special live concerts, to please your ears.


This Philadelphia neighborhood is home to a large student population and there are many pubs, which are always very busy. The City Tap House offers an extensive, regularly changing beer menu, which can be enjoyed on the excellent alfresco terrace.

Harvest, just around the corner, serves seasonal organic cocktails.

Also along Sansom Street you'll find a range of cozy and stylish pubs and restaurants, including White Dog Cafe and New Deck Tavern .

Clubs and discos in Philadelphia

NOTO Philadelphia

Opened in 2017, NOTO has become Philadelphia's hottest nightclub . Noto (short for "out of the ordinary") is a sprawling venue with a 2,900-square-foot main room, a balcony that covers nearly the entire dance floor, three bars, and a whopping 27 bathrooms.

It's also the place to check out a roster of international DJs spinning on its LED-walled 420-square-metre platform. The club has a large golden chandelier, beautiful decorations and various paintings. A combination of blue/yellow lights and haze machines enhances the customer experience, while leather sofas enhance comfort. A must of Philadelphia nightlife.

Nightlife Philadelphia KNOWN Philadelphia
Nightlife Philadelphia: KNOWN Philadelphia
Nightlife Philadelphia KNOWN Philadelphia beautiful girls
Beautiful girls at the NOTO club in Philadelphia

Voyeur Nightclub

Voyeur Nightclub is one of Philadelphia's largest nightclubs , a three-story dance complex with several halls and dance floors. Each room has a different vibe and plays different music.

When everything else shuts down at 2am, Voyeur roars with its energetic EDM-focused DJ and spectacular light show setlist in its main room. For a more relaxed experience, the club offers bottle service and VIP seating in its retro-chic mezzanine lounge. The club is also equipped with a state-of-the-art bubble machine that simulates snow.

Nightlife Philadelphia Voyeur Nightclub
Nightlife Philadelphia: Voyeur Nightclub

Trilogy Nightclub

Trilogy Philadelphia is a three-story Philadelphia nightclub with great city views. Each has a different design and offers a different atmosphere. Once you enter our place, you won't want to leave.

Trilogy's mesmerizing light and sound system creates a stunning ambiance. There are six full-service bars here. We offer a variety of handcrafted spirits, beers and cocktails. There are also eight VIP lounges here.

Nightlife Philadelphia Trilogy Nightclub
Nightlife Philadelphia: Trilogy Nightclub

Mirage Lounge

The Mirage Lounge Philadelphia is a clubber's paradise. Shisha lounges, restaurants and nightclubs. Illuminated chandeliers combined with a tin-covered roof create a beautiful scene. The leather seats, excellent sound system and exotic interior design will enchant you.

Nightlife Philadelphia Mirage Lounge
Nightlife Philadelphia: Mirage Lounge

Brasil’s Nightclub

Active for over 15 years, this Brazilian nightclub in Philadelphia is the ideal destination for Latin lovers. Here they play salsa, tango, chacha, rumba and more. In addition to a dance floor where guests can show off their dancing skills, they also offer free salsa lessons. Lessons are held on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, with group or individual lessons.

Nightlife Philadelphia Brasil's Nightclub
Nightlife Philadelphia: Brasil's Nightclub

Cuba Libre Restaurant

Located in historic downtown Philadelphia, Cuba Libre is a fun and lively restaurant and club. Dancers in professional costumes entertain the entire audience with a dance floor show, while Cuban singers and Latino DJs set the beat for tropical, salsa, merengue and bachata dances. and Latin house music.

After the show, the mojito and sangria-sipping crowd can join the dance floor of this Cuban club in the historic center. This nightclub is the perfect mix of Caribbean decor, tropical vibes, and upbeat Latin music, making it the perfect place to spend an evening of partying Latin music in Philly.

Nightlife Philadelphia Cuba Libre Restaurant
Nightlife Philadelphia: Cuba Libre Restaurant

Vesper Sporting Club

Recently renovated, Vesper Sports Club is a popular nightclub in Philadelphia, with 4000 TV screens installed in the venue showing a variety of games and offering a great experience.

Nightlife Philadelphia Vesper Sporting Club
Nightlife Philadelphia: Vesper Sporting Club

Tierra Nightclub

Founded in 1987, Tierra Nightclub is over 25 years old and still the best Latin American club in Philadelphia . The hi-tech light show will take your breath away. Leather sofas are available for you to relax.

Nightlife Philadelphia Tierra Nightclub
Nightlife Philadelphia: Tierra Nightclub

Reserve LoungeThe Reserve Lounge Philadelphia is a great place to party and was recently completely renovated. Added wood paneling and a new hi-tech sound system. Green lighting, comfortable seating and notable televisions enhance the experience.

Nightlife Philadelphia Reserve Lounge
Nightlife Philadelphia: Reserve Lounge

The Barbary

The Barbary is a two-story Philadelphia nightclub boasting a high-tech sound system, excellent lighting system, and the finest air conditioning in Philadelphia. The restaurant can accommodate up to 200 people. A disco ball and red lights create an immersive scene. There are also live bands so you can see them perform on stage. The walls are decorated with various David Bowie posters and pictures. Different music genres like goth, indie and metal.

Nightlife Philadelphia The Barbary
Nightlife Philadelphia: The Barbary
Nightlife Philadelphia The Barbary Girls
American girls party at The Barbary, Philadelphia

Raven Lounge

Raven Lounge is one of Philadelphia's best nightclubs featuring hip-hop music . It is both a nightclub and a bar, a concert hall and cabaret. It also hosts burlesque shows, film screenings, and performance art shows. Board games and sketchbooks are provided at each table. They offer you a relaxing experience.

Nightlife Philadelphia Raven Lounge
Nightlife Philadelphia: Raven Lounge

Euphoria PhillyEuphoria Nightclub operates as a lounge, restaurant and nightclub. Here you will find great sound and a rotating multi-colored light system. This Philadelphia nightclub creates an incredible atmosphere and draws the crowd to the dance floor.

A stage is also provided for live performances. This encourages interaction between fans and artists. The bar offers premium whisky, champagne, schnapps, blue label, chiva and various other brands and beverages. There is also shisha and delicious dishes are also available.

Nightlife Philadelphia Euphoria Philly
Nightlife Philadelphia: Euphoria Philly

Makumba Philly

Makumba Philadelphia is a must-see for all Latin music lovers. With a sleek and modern look, the club has a very relaxed atmosphere and welcomes you with open arms.

There's also a stage here for live performances. Our excellent sound system enhances the experience. Sit on the white/blue sofa and enjoy the show.

Nightlife Philadelphia Makumba Philly
Nightlife Philadelphia: Makumba Philly

Concourse Dance Bar

This underground nightclub sets itself apart from the Philadelphia nightclub scene with its retro bohemian aesthetic and giant ball pit.

This 15,000-square-foot club is only open on Friday and Saturday nights, when a rotating roster of guest DJs spin retro hits from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. There's no dress code, but you do have to take your shoes and heels before jumping into this ball pit.

Nightlife Philadelphia Concourse Dance Bar
Nightlife Philadelphia: Concourse Dance Bar

Howl at the Moon Philadelphia

Howl at the Moon Philadelphia is the perfect place for a jam session. This club is beautifully designed and caters for all ages and hosts top quality musicians playing rock, pop and contemporary music.

Nightlife Philadelphia Howl at the Moon
Nightlife Philadelphia: Howl at the Moon

Saint Lazarus

Also called The Saint, this popular Philadelphia nightclub is best known for its relaxed Tuesday night Hang Out parties, which draw crowds in search of a dance. There is no dress code, but you may want to wear something photo-worthy.

Nightlife Philadelphia Saint Lazarus
Nightlife Philadelphia: Saint Lazarus

Pulse Nightclub

Pulse Nightclub is one of the hottest nightclubs in Philadelphia nightlife . Throw great parties, put on great DJs and provide great service. From the doorman to the bartenders, everyone is well trained and super friendly. Club music can take you to the dance floor and show off your killer dance moves.

Nightlife Philadelphia Pulse Nightclub
Nightlife Philadelphia: Pulse Nightclub

Silk City Diner

Equal parts retro diner and rowdy nightclub, this popular Philadelphia nightclub balances Saturday nights with cheap drinks, busy dance floors, and late-night dinner service to soak up all the booze.

The nightclub is decorated with neon lights, black and white tiled floors and globe chandeliers. On Saturday nights the DJ plays Guilty His Pleasure, with a mix of popular pop and hip hop tunes, while weekend nights create a more relaxed atmosphere. Crowds flock to the Alice in Wonderland-inspired courtyard patio, especially during the warmer months.

Nightlife Philadelphia Silk City Diner
Nightlife Philadelphia: Silk City Diner

Down Philadelphia

Down Nightclub Philadelphia is a great place and has a relaxing atmosphere. Purple lights and LED TV screens, a large stage for live performances, framed T-shirts and a variety of photos on the walls will amaze you. Leather seats create a comfortable environment and enhance the overall experience.

The club also has its own two bars with excellent service. We offer rum, vodka, whiskey, tequila, gin and champagne.

Nightlife Philadelphia Down Philadelphia
Nightlife Philadelphia: Down Philadelphia

The Dolphin

Dolphin Tavern is the perfect place for a party night in Philly. The bright, neon-lit walls on the Dolphin Tavern's dance floor are Instagrammable, but you might be here for the music and the low price for admission.

Home to one of Philadelphia's most eclectic DJs and dance nights, this South Philadelphia nightclub will have something to please.

Nightlife Philadelphia The Dolphin
Nightlife Philadelphia: The Dolphin

Cavanaugh’s River Deck

Cavanaugh's River Deck is a popular Philadelphia nightclub and open-air restaurant. The 17,000 square foot space features multiple dining areas and beautiful views of the Delaware River and Ben Franklin Bridge.

Nightlife Philadelphia Cavanaugh's River Deck
Nightlife Philadelphia: Cavanaugh's River Deck

Franky Bradley’s

Tucked away down a narrow alley off 13th Street in Gaverhood, this funky gem is full of character. The dimly lit first floor is decorated with vintage artwork. It's the perfect place to gather at the bar for a cocktail, but it's upstairs where the party takes place, with DJ sets after 10pm.

Nightlife Philadelphia Franky Bradley's
Nightlife Philadelphia: Franky Bradley's

Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar

Taboo, a Philadelphia gay sports bar and nightclub, recently transformed from a cramped, ramshackle townhouse down the street into a sports bar, nightclub, event space, and, in the warmer months, a kitschy tiki . It has relocated to a sprawling three-story mega-complex that includes a rooftop-style bar.

The weekly event calendar usually includes a night or two of dancing with local DJs and drag queens working the turntables. Add the latest pop hits and intense remixes from beloved gay icons like Whitney, Mariah, Madonna and more to your playlist.

Nightlife Philadelphia Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar
Nightlife Philadelphia: Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar

Ruba Club

If this is your last call and you're not ready to stop dancing, check out this hidden Philadelphia club open to members every Friday and Saturday from 10pm to 3am. When the DJ is at home, he usually plays his old school funk, soul and disco. Featuring plastic mugs of whiskey and draft beer, this bar is reasonably priced.

Nightlife Philadelphia Ruba Club
Nightlife Philadelphia: Ruba Club

Kung Fu Necktie

Kung Fu Necktie is a music venue that often hosts live entertainment, but there is always some type of music playing on the glamorous dance floor.

The kung fu atmosphere is more intimate than other music venues due to its relatively small size, which gives it an exclusive aura during your visit.

Nightlife Philadelphia Kung Fu Necktie
Nightlife Philadelphia: Kung Fu Necktie

The bars and pubs of Philadelphia

Philadelphia people don't discriminate when it comes to alcohol. They love the bubbly craft beers, inventive cocktails, margaritas and freshly made wine.

The city offers everything from ancient dives and secret speakeasies to beautiful Philadelphia rooftops and bars that stay open until 4 in the morning. Here is the list of the best bars in Philadelphia :

The Trestle Inn

Stepping into this unpretentious 'whisky and go go' bar in Callow Hill is like stepping back in time. The soft lighting combined with a disco ball creates a trendy scene, and the walls are adorned with various photographs, ornaments and exhibition brochures.

Dancehall and speakeasies are reminiscent of its 1970s, with real go-go dancers performing most nights. Stop by on the weekends for the full Trestle Inn experience, where DJs play funk and soul jams to a packed dance floor and go-go girls dance until 2am.

Nightlife Philadelphia The Trestle Inn
Nightlife Philadelphia: The Trestle Inn


This lively underground venue in Midtown Village has decor inspired by the Berlin U-Bahn. There's graffiti along the walls, subway-tile backsplashes, and wooden railings adorning the bar, but its drink menu is uniquely local, featuring Pennsylvania beer and cider.

DJs spin lively sets on Friday and Saturday nights, while weekdays have a more relaxed vibe, with plenty of opportunities to play retro arcade games like Ms. Pacman and Street Fighter 2 on site.

Nightlife Philadelphia U-Bahn
Nightlife Philadelphia: U-Bahn


Located in downtown Philadelphia, Milkboy is a live music bar and nightclub with delicious drinks downstairs on the main stage and quality entertainment upstairs. Performers range from local artists to nationally known touring musicians.

The drink menu has a large selection of canned and revolving craft beers, and the cocktails are impressive with plenty of hot and cold options.

Nightlife Philadelphia Milkboy
Nightlife Philadelphia: Milkboy

Stratus Rooftop Lounge

This is not your typical Philly clubbing experience. Perched on the top floor of the Kimpton Hotel Monaco Philadelphia in Old Town, this chic rooftop bar offers a laid-back vibe and great city views if you're craving cocktails during the week, while on the weekends it hosts a DJ and the occasional celebrity guests .

A casual but sophisticated dress code enforces, and drinks are expensive -- the upscale champagne list is particularly worthwhile.

Nightlife Philadelphia Stratus Rooftop Lounge
Nightlife Philadelphia: Stratus Rooftop Lounge

Johnny Brenda’s

Located off of Frankford and East Girard Avenues, Johnny Brenda's is a Philadelphia nightlife staple . With an old brick facade that gives the place a lived-in feel, this restaurant which operates on two levels as a gastropub is also a live music venue.

On the beer front, there's an ever-changing beer list, spirited cocktails from local breweries like Philadelphia Distilling and Art in the Age. It also has a state of the art wine dispenser that serves 8 bottles of draft wine at a time.

Nightlife Philadelphia Johnny Brendas
Nightlife Philadelphia: Johnny Brenda's

Woody’s Philadelphia

On weekdays, especially during the summer, Woody's is one of the busiest happy hour spots, but on the weekends, the sea of ​​tank-wearing guys can hardly be contained.

This is Philly's oldest gay bar, but it's been keeping things fresh with plans for expansion, including its sleek, neon-hued Glo Bar cocktail lounge just off its neighborhood's main ground-floor bar. Upstairs, a local DJ and glittering disco ball dominate the expansive dance floor until 2am.

Nightlife Philadelphia Woody's
Nightlife Philadelphia: Woody's

Hop Sing Laundromat

One of Philadelphia's most exclusive bars , Hop Sing not only boasts one of the largest cocktail selections in the country, but its carefully crafted liquors are anything but ordinary concoctions. Each includes a top-of-the-line fountain cocktail. Nowhere else can you experience this great value for money.

The exclusive atmosphere and true commitment to the rules may daunt some efforts, but this is one of the few speakeasy-style bars in Philadelphia that still feels like an absolute secret.

Nightlife Philadelphia Hop Sing Laundromat
Nightlife Philadelphia: Hop Sing Laundromat

Charlie Was a Sinner

This elegant Philadelphia bar with a retro atmosphere immediately catches your eye with its dark walls, soft lighting and beautiful chandeliers. In the back dining room, projectors show old news clippings and old movie scenes.

The moody atmosphere and modest size make it romantic and inviting. The name of each cocktail includes literary elements or historical references, while the ingredients are carefully selected from a variety of local agricultural suppliers to ensure quality and freshness.

Nightlife Philadelphia Charlie Was a Sinner
Nightlife Philadelphia: Charlie Was a Sinner

Ranstead Room

Located on Runstead Street, this cozy, dark and atmospheric speakeasy-style bar offers a romantic vibe for a Philadelphia date night.

Their delectable menu of exotic cocktails features time-honored classics and funky concoctions like Pinky & the Drunk, a wintery blend of cognac, madeira, lemon, blackberry, green chartreuse, gin, lime, cucumber and mint. There is also a carefully curated wine and beer list, offering 1 sparkling, 1 white, 1 mixed red, 3 draft beers and 4 bottled ales. Overall, this bar offers a chic atmosphere experience, and it's especially nice to visit in the winter when you want to warm up with cozy corners and delicious cocktails.

Nightlife Philadelphia Ranstead Room
Nightlife Philadelphia: Ranstead Room

Infusion Lounge

Infusion Lounge Philadelphia is stylish and trendy. The design is a fusion of tradition and modernity. Beautiful European murals and purple and crimson decorations blend to mesmerize you.

There are several seating options, including plush sofas and bar stools. Try the delicious cocktails made with fresh and natural ingredients. Fresh juices such as lemons and limes are used with various syrups for this purpose. B. Rich Demerara, Cinnamon, Grenadine, Pomegranate, Mint, Lavender. One sip and your taste buds will be craving for more.

But if you're looking for something stronger, try over 60 whiskeys and spirits. We also offer several whiskey flights for undecided customers and can help you find the perfect bottle.

Nightlife Philadelphia Infusion Lounge
Nightlife Philadelphia: Infusion Lounge

Khyber Pass Pub

This historic Old Town bar turned Southern gastropub, has a live performance space on the second floor. In its heyday, Kyber's Upstairs welcomed everyone from Iggy Pop to Kurt Vile to the Smashing Pumpkins. It remains a great option for a night out in Philly.

Nightlife Philadelphia Khyber Pass Pub
Nightlife Philadelphia: Khyber Pass Pub

Bourbon & Branch

Bourbon & Branch is a local bar that specializes in whiskey, but you'll find plenty of other drinks besides live music. Not only will you find a wide variety of bourbons here, but they also offer half-price whiskeys every Wednesday. As well as drinks, there's live music five nights a week, so you'll find lots of entertainment, plus quiz nights every Monday.

Nightlife Philadelphia Bourbon & Branch
Nightlife Philadelphia: Bourbon & Branch

Map of discos, pubs and bars in Philadelphia