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St. Petersburg: nightlife and clubs

Nightlife St. Petersburg: the freezing Russian metropolis gets hot at night when the party is unleashed in the clubs of St. Petersburg. Let yourself be fascinated by the many clubs of the city and by the beautiful Russian girls!

St. Petersburg nightlife

St. Petersburg Russia 's second largest metropolis and its cultural capital. The city is famous not only for its literature, architecture and music, but also for its nightlife .

St. Petersburg was the first city in Russia to adopt the clubbing culture in the late 1980s. The nightlife began with the opening of underground rock music clubs and art centers, later expanded, in the early 90s, with rave clubs. It is in St. Petersburg that the first rock club in Russia was opened (from here the most important rock groups in the country came out), and the first rave parties were also held here.

However, St. Petersburg's nightlife only began to flourish in the mid-1990s when some of nightclubs . Nowadays, in St. Petersburg you can find alternative concerts and live rock music, as well as jazz and arts clubs, where you can have a beer and meet a lot of people in the same evening. Most places seem to be unpretentious and have a relaxed, easy-going environment.

Another point in favor of the nightlife of St. Petersburg is the ease and the opportunities for socializing that can be had during the night hours in the discos and disco bars of the city: the Russians know how to have a great time and every weekend there are numerous parties scattered around. throughout the center.

Nightlife St. Petersburg beautiful Russian girls
St. Petersburg nightlife: spectacular parties and beautiful Russian girls

From "student" bars to discos, the variety of entertainment offered by St. Petersburg nightlife is infinite and is capable of offering nights of pure fun. Trendy clubs where you can dance or sip a drink, restaurants of all kinds, theatrical performances, concerts or romantic strolls along the riverside: St. Petersburg can satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes.

Attention: the selection at the entrance is made in practically every club in St. Petersburg and, often, it consists of a real search complete with a metal detector. Don't worry, it's normal here.

Nightlife St. Petersburg by night
Nightlife St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg by night

In St. Petersburg we find different types of night clubs :

Fashion clubs
Trendy and very often elegant discos: dress elegantly. Among these are the Buddha Bar, the XXXX club (recommended on Friday and Saturday evenings), the Nebar and the Rossi's (fairly crowded even during the week)

Student bars are cheap bars frequented by young people. Excellent socialization skills. Among the student bars there are the Fidel and the bars located on Dumskaya , near the Gostiny Dvor .

Another area full of nightclubs is Rubinstein Street , where there are a large number of pubs and bars where young people meet to chat and drink a good cocktail in a more mature and quiet environment than the noisy clubs on Dumskaja.

Theaters and concerts in St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg offers several alternatives to the usual clubs: the Mariinsky (Theater Square 1, Saint Petersburg)fb_icon_tiny fb_icon_tiny Mikhailovskiy theater (Arts Square 1, Saint Petersburg)fb_icon_tiny fb_icon_tiny , the St. Petersburg Opera (Galernaya ul. 33fb_icon_tiny , Saint Petersburg) , concert halls such as the St. Petersburg Philharmonic (Mikhaylovskaya ul. 2, Saint Petersburg)fb_icon_tiny vk_icon (Mikhailovskaya Ul. 2.), The Jazz Philharmonic (Zagorodny Pr. 27), the Ice Palace (Ledoviy Dvorets), which hosts rock and pop music concerts, and the Oktyabrskiy (Ligovskiy Prospekt 6), also with rock and pop music concerts.

Nightlife St. Petersburg Mariinsky theater
St. Petersburg nightlife: Mariinsky theater

Clubs and discos in St. Petersburg

Fidel - Фидель fb_icon_tiny
(ul. Dumskaya 9, Saint Petersburg) Fidel the most famous and funniest bars in St. Petersburg. Its strengths are the extremely friendly climate, cheap prices, music ranging from rock to commercial and lots of people who want to dance the night away! For this reason, the Fidel is loved by many people and remains a reference point for the nightlife of St. Petersburg .

The small interior space facilitates communication and it is very easy to meet people, the music, even if tending to rock, is always danceable: all this, combined with the cheapest alcohol in the city, makes the Fidel one of the ideal places to have fun in St. Petersburg . In addition, the restaurant is located on Dumskaja , a street full of other small bars where you can drink and dance until 6.00 even on Mondays and Tuesdays, when nightlife is almost absent elsewhere.

The Fidel is mainly frequented by tourists and students (places like this are called "student" ): beer costs only 90 rubles and vodka 100. At the 55th minute of each there is a special offer of a shot of grappa "kliukovka" " For 1 euro! A must try if you come to St. Petersburg .

Nightlife Saint Petersburg Fidel Bar
Nightlife Saint Petersburg: Fidel Bar

Rossi's Club - Росси Клуб fb_icon_tiny
(ul. Zodchego Rossi 3, Saint Petersburg) 's Club is a nightclub near Newskij Prospekt , located right in Rossi's street. This club has been a landmark of St. Petersburg nightlife for : built underground, the Rossi's attracts an international audience (the average is between 18 and 30 years old) and has two dance floors and excellent music. At Rossi's it is possible to meet Russian girls who come here with the intention of meeting foreigners from all over the world, so it's a great place to make "friends".

In addition to the dance floors, there is also a karaoke room in the club. Commercial music is played in the main hall, interspersed every hour with strip-tease shows. Thursday night is very popular, even if the club is always full every night of the week. In general, the Rossi nightclub is a highly recommended place for tourists looking for a European-style club. Entry costs around 400 rubles.

Nightlife Saint Petersburg Rossi's Club
St. Petersburg nightlife: Rossi's Club

Retro Discoteka Papanin fb_icon_tiny
(Moskovsky Ave 111, Saint Petersburg) The Papanin is one of the most popular clubs in St. Petersburg , a trendy place that hosts entertaining shows and parties. Due to its location far from the center and the cost of entry above the average of the clubs (around 1000 rubles), Papanin is frequented almost exclusively by Russians, with few foreigners. The interior is spacious, with many tables arranged around the dancefloor, which can accommodate up to two hundred people. You can decide whether to throw yourself into the dance and meet some beautiful girl or quietly sip a cocktail sitting on the sofas. The bars of the Papanin offer good cocktails as well as different varieties of Russian beers. The club organizes themed evenings for every day of the week, from masquerade parties to evenings with retro or R'n'B music.

Nightlife St. Petersburg Retro Discoteka Papanin
Nightlife St. Petersburg: Retro Discoteka Papanin
Nightlife St. Petersburg Retro Discoteka Papanin Russian girls
Nightlife St. Petersburg: beautiful Russian girls at the Retro Discoteka Papanin

Coyote Ugly Saloon Club - Гадкий Койот fb_icon_tiny
(Liteiny pr. 57, Saint Petersburg) Open every day from 20.00 to 6.00.
Famous club of the nightlife of St. Petersburg , Coyote Ugly is a bar-disco that is part of a chain of the same name, present in other cities of the world, from Moscow to New York. This bar stands out thanks to the presence of beautiful girls who dance and serve drinks, flirting with you. The place is American pub-style, with plaques and pop portraits hanging on the walls, and music tending to the rock genre: even if the drinks are quite expensive, the crowd is encouraged to drink and have fun by the bartender via a megaphone.

Coyote Ugly is mostly frequented by young people between 18 and 24 and, on Fridays and Saturdays, it literally overflows with people! Coyote Ugly is recommended for all those who are fascinated by bars full of young people and are looking for a place to dance the night away. Excellent animation and continuous dancing, including the famous dance that introduces the tasting of the “Coyote Ugly” cocktail. To avoid long lines and free entry, we recommend that you arrive here before 11pm.

Nightlife St Petersburg Coyote Ugly girls
Nightlife St. Petersburg: crazy parties at Coyote Ugly with lots of beautiful girls
Nightlife St. Petersburg Coyote Ugly beautiful Russian girls
Nightlife St. Petersburg: Coyote Ugly, where you can meet beautiful Russian girls

Griboedov Club fb_icon_tiny
(Voronezhskaya 2A, Saint Petersburg) The Griboedov club is one of the best known clubs in St. Petersburg and its name derives from the surname of a famous Russian poet (but also means "mushroom eater" ). Open since 1996, this legendary St. Petersburg club is located in an old air-raid shelter, now converted into a nightclub and cultural center where exhibitions, concerts, DJ sets and even banquets are organized. The Griboedov club is a suitable place for every night of the week: consisting of 3 rooms, it contains a bar, a disco, a striptease pylon and even a library.

Each evening is dedicated to a different musical genre, from funk to soul, to rock and indie. Rock bands, young DJs and rappers perform every day, as well as live reggae music or psychedelic trance music. On weekends the Griboedov Club is always very crowded: on Saturdays there are parties with house music (but also hip hop and reggae), on Monday evenings of electronic music while, every Wednesday, retro Soviet music is offered.

Finally, vodka and beer are very cheap here. In general, Griboedov is frequented by many musicians, foreigners and beautiful girls, and is therefore a great place to have fun meetings and meet many beautiful girls!

Nightlife St. Petersburg Griboedov Club
St. Petersburg nightlife: Griboedov Club

Buddha Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Sinopskaya nab. 78, Saint Petersburg) Open Sunday to Thursday from 12.00 to 2.00, Friday and Saturday from 12.00 to 5.00.
The Buddha Bar is a prestigious club in St. Petersburg (the same brand has opened in many cities around the world, such as Paris, London, Monte Carlo and Dubai), elegant and with a decidedly high-ranking clientele. The Buddha Bar is a cross between a luxury restaurant and a nightclub: during the weekend the club turns into a dance floor always full of people. All this combined with an extensive menu of Pan-Asian cuisine with French accents, an inimitable soundtrack and an ultra-chic setting.

Nightlife St. Petersburg Buddha Bar
Nightlife Saint Petersburg: Buddha Bar
Nightlife St. Petersburg elegance Buddha Bar
Nightlife St. Petersburg: the elegance of the Buddha Bar

Nebar fb_icon_tiny
(Liteynyy pr. 57, Saint Petersburg) Open every day from 12.00 to 6.00.
Nebar is a very popular club with young people from St. Petersburg . The interior consists of 3 rooms, downstairs there is techno music, on the ground floor there is commercial music and upstairs is the restaurant. Dress decently as the selection at the entrance is quite strict.

Nightlife Saint Petersburg Nebar
Nightlife St. Petersburg: Nebar

XXXX Bar fb_icon_tiny
(3-ya Sovetskaya ul. 34, Saint Petersburg) Open Monday to Friday from 12.00 to 4.00, Saturday and Sunday from 15.00 to 5.00.
The XXXX is part of a chain of 7 clubs (the 4 ics, in Russian “chetyre iksà” ) in St. Petersburg and is at the same time a pub, a disco and a restaurant. Also the most famous club is the one in Sovetskaja , the XXXX bar has 4 other locations scattered around the city, respectively in Svenigorodskoy , Oserkah , na Komendanskom and Moscovsky Prospekt .

The style is that of discopubs, with a large and heterogeneous audience, with many young people, good music and lots of fun. The average age is around thirty and admission is free until 23.00-24.00, after which the price can go up to 1000 rubles: hurry up so if you want to get in for free and don't queue!

The best evenings are on Friday and Saturday, where the club is full of people dancing on the bar until dawn: at the weekend the XXXX is always a guarantee! There is usually commercial music with the latest hits of the moment, although short Russian pop concerts are organized occasionally.

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Nightlife St. Petersburg XXXX Club
St. Petersburg nightlife: XXXX Club
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Nightlife St. Petersburg XXXX Russian Girls Club
Nightlife St. Petersburg: XXXX Club, great place to meet beautiful Russian girls

Purga Club fb_icon_tiny
(Reki Fontanki, 11, Saint Petersburg) Open every day from 4.00pm to 5.45am.
Il Purga is a goliardic pub / club, whose peculiarity is to celebrate New Year's Eve every night of the year! At midnight the champagne (strictly Russian) is uncorked, "Last Christmas" in Russian and Gorbachev's speech is heard on television. If we consider that in Russia the New Year is the main holiday, which is often celebrated for a whole week, you can imagine the bacchanal that is unleashed at Purga every evening!

If after celebrating the New Year you are still not satisfied, you can get married with a wedding ceremony: choose your bride among the girls present and you will be married by an improvised priest, who will celebrate the ceremony declaring you husband and wife, complete with an official certificate by the club.

Even if the place is small and always full, fun is guaranteed. Entry costs 200 rubles, and drinks are well priced - definitely a must-see.

Nightlife St. Petersburg Purge Club
St. Petersburg nightlife: Purge Club

Money-Honey fb_icon_tiny
(Sadovaya ulitsa 28, Saint Petersburg) Money -Honey is a country-style disco-pub located near the Gostinyj Dvor . Spread over two floors, the club offers live classical rock music concerts and group dances on the ground floor, while on the first floor you can dance Russian rock and pop music, with the presence of a billiard room and a large piano bar.

Money -honey is frequented by Russians and, although very popular in the city, is practically unknown to foreigners. It is precisely the typically Russian atmosphere that makes spending the night in this place pleasant. Here it is easier to make new acquaintances as the foreigner arouses more curiosity: moreover, the Money-Honey is frequented by many young students . On weekends, entry to the club is regulated in two stages: the first at 20.00 and the second at 24.00. A must visit !!

Nightlife St. Petersburg Money-Honey
St. Petersburg nightlife: Money-Honey

Metro Club fb_icon_tiny fb_icon_tiny
(Ligovskiy Prospekt 174, Saint Petersburg) Open daily from 22.00 to 6.00.
The Metro Club Ligovskiy Prospekt metro station (about ten minutes on foot), is the largest and most famous nightclub in St. Petersburg , very popular even if a little far from the center. The club is spread over three floors with as many areas for dancing and different types of music: on the first floor Russian and international dance music, tables and a large bar, on the second floor there is techno music and karaoke, while on the third floor there is commercial music. , r'n'b and animation.

At the Metro Club it is possible to meet the normal girls of St. Petersburg : the club is a real "disco for teenagers" , frequented by young people with an average age of around 18-20 years. The prices are cheap (the entrance price is around 300 rubles, which always includes some soft drinks): on Mondays students receive 4 free drinks (non-alcoholic)!

Nightlife St. Petersburg Metro Club
St. Petersburg nightlife: Metro Club
Nightlife St. Petersburg Girls Metro Club
Nightlife St. Petersburg: beautiful Russian girls at the Metro Club

Revolution Club fb_icon_tiny
(Sadovaya 28, Saint Petersburg) Revolution is a large nightclub open every day of the week, with two dance floors. Many say this is the best nightclub in St. Petersburg .

Nightlife Saint Petersburg Revolution Club
St. Petersburg nightlife: Revolution Club

Havana Club fb_icon_tiny
(Moskovsky Ave 21, Saint Petersburg) The Havana Club is a small club located next to the Republic of Coffee . The place looks like a disco-bar, where you can drink and dance. Average age: 18 to 25 years.

Bar Akakao fb_icon_tiny
(neberezhnaya kanala Griboyedova 7, Saint Petersburg) Akakao is a club located in the center of Saint Petersburg that offers a large number of cocktails and good music. The place is so small and cozy that it feels like a private party.

Nightlife St. Petersburg Akakao Bar
St. Petersburg nightlife: Akakao Bar

Circus Club fb_icon_tiny
(Konyushennaya pl. 2, Saint Petersburg) With the appearance of a circus, the Circus Club is the most fashionable nightclub in St. Petersburg , located right in its historic center, in Konjushennaja (an area full of clubs). In addition to music, the Circus offers a wide choice of cocktails, beers and Japanese cuisine.

In this disco you can breathe an unreal atmosphere thanks to the animation made up of masked dancers, trapeze artists, fire eaters as well as beautiful dancers who perform to the rhythm of music until dawn. The Circus is definitely a stop not to be missed on your St. Petersburg nightlife : thanks to its atmosphere and beautiful Russian girls , fun is guaranteed! Dress decently or you risk not entering.

Nightlife St. Petersburg Circus Club
St. Petersburg nightlife: Circus Club

Fish Fabrique
(Ligovsky Ave 53, Saint Petersburg) The Fish Fabrique is a small but cozy club, decorated in an alternative style and very popular with young people and students. Located inside the cultural center “Art center Pushkinskaya 10” , the Fish Fabrique consists of a small room with a stage for live concerts and a table football. The place offers alternative and rock music. Admission is free unless there is some concert.

Nightlife St. Petersburg Fish Fabrique
St. Petersburg nightlife: Fish Fabrique

Mishka Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Naberezhnaya Reki Fontanki 40, Saint Petersburg) Open from 11pm to 5am.
Mishka Bar is a small hipster bar, located in a basement, which hosts dance parties on the weekend and can be a lot of fun if you find the right night.

Nightlife St. Petersburg Mishka Bar
Nightlife St. Petersburg: Mishka Bar

Pif Paf Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Naberezhnaya Reki Fontanki 40, Saint Petersburg) More than a bar, Pif Paf is a good place to dance, even if it is a bit small. The music is very diverse - from rockabilly to electronic, so it's worth checking out what's on before venturing there. There is also a café and a barber shop.

Nightlife St. Petersburg Pif Paf Bar
Nightlife St. Petersburg: Pif Paf Bar

Stackenschneider Bar fb_icon_tiny fb_icon_tiny
(Konyushennaya pl. 2, Saint Petersburg) Open Friday and Saturday from 11.45pm to 10.00am.
The Stackenschneider hosts parties with electronic music and house music all night long.

Nightlife St. Petersburg Stackenschneider
Nightlife St. Petersburg: Stackenschneider

Royal Beach Club
(Yuzhnaja Doroga 14, Saint Petersburg) The Royal Beach is a club and restaurant, located on the island of Krestovskij, outside the center of Saint Petersburg: a place surrounded by greenery, between canals, parks, playgrounds for children and restaurants.

Nightlife St. Petersburg Royal Beach Club
St. Petersburg nightlife: Royal Beach Club

Punch Club fb_icon_tiny
(Dumskaya ul. 4, Saint Petersburg) Punch Club is a St. Petersburg nightclub , located near the Gostinyj Dvor . Commercial and Latin American music is danced here. Entry costs around 500 rubles.

Nightlife St. Petersburg Punch Club
St. Petersburg nightlife: Punch Club

Duty Free Loft
(Komendantskiy prospekt 9/2, Saint Petersburg) Open Friday and Saturday.
The Duty Free is a nice nightclub, located outside the center of St. Petersburg, near the Komendantskiy Prospekt “Promenad” shopping center . The club is spread over two floors and hosts Russian DJs playing house and electronic music, as well as occasional live concerts. Thanks to the distance from the city center, the club is frequented only by Russian boys and girls and there are no tourists. The Duty Free is also a restaurant where young people come to celebrate events such as birthdays and graduations, so it is always possible to find some good parties. This is certainly one of nightclubs located outside the center of St. Petersburg .

Nightlife St. Petersburg Duty Free Loft
Nightlife St. Petersburg: Duty Free Loft

Jagger club fb_icon_tiny fb_icon_tiny
(pl. Konstitutsii 2, Saint Petersburg) Open Sunday to Thursday from 12.00 to 2.00, Friday and Saturday from 12.00 to 6.00.
The Jagger is a club located in the Moskovskaja that hosts great concerts. The interior resembles an amphitheater and on the dance floor the DJs alternate sophisticated songs with slow dances.

Nightlife St. Petersburg Jagger Club
St. Petersburg nightlife: Jagger Club

Lomonosov Bar fb_icon_tiny fb_icon_tiny
(ul. Lomonosova 1, Saint Petersburg) Open every day from 22.00 to 8.00.
Small club always full of beautiful girls, and above all excellent cubists! A must visit!

Nightlife St. Petersburg Lomonosov Russian girls pub
Nightlife St. Petersburg: at the Lomonosov Pub you can always find many beautiful girls from St. Petersburg

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Nightlife St. Petersburg Lomonosov Pub
Nightlife St. Petersburg: Lomonosov Pub
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Central Station Club fb_icon_tiny fb_icon_tiny
(ul. Lomonosova 1, Saint Petersburg) The Central Station is a famous Gay & Lesbian club in Saint Petersburg: it is spread over three floors and offers house music and drag queen shows.

Nightlife St. Petersburg Central Station Club
Nightlife St. Petersburg: Central Station Club

Bars and pubs in St. Petersburg

Goss Cafè and Restaurant fb_icon_tiny
(Nevsky pr. 17, Saint Petersburg) The Gloss is a St. Petersburg with a luxurious atmosphere, sophisticated and eccentric furniture: the predominant colors are black and red, neon lights and modern sculptures mixed with old statues of the twentieth century. The dishes on offer are the result of the fusion of European and Asian cuisine. the Gloss Cafe offers a variety of around 500 wines from all over the world.

Nightlife St. Petersburg Girls Cafe Gloss
St. Petersburg nightlife: Café Gloss
Nightlife St. Petersburg Girls Gloss Cafe
Nightlife in St. Petersburg: the elegant Gloss Cafe

Daiquiri Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Gorokhovaya ul. 49, Saint Petersburg) Daiquiri Bar is the place to be if you are looking for a cozy and elegant atmosphere in the center of Saint Petersburg. The bar consists of 2 rooms, where there are comfortable sofas.

Nightlife Saint Petersburg Daiquiri Bar
Nightlife Saint Petersburg: Daiquiri Bar

Poison Rock'n'roll Karaoke fb_icon_tiny
(Lomonosova 2, Saint Petersburg) Open every day from 18.00 to 7.00.
The Poison is a karaoke bar , whose repertoire includes more than 2,000 songs. The audience is made up of young people, foreigners but above all many girls. Prices range from 5 euros for cocktails to 3 euros for a beer.

Nightlife St. Petersburg Poison Rock'n'Roll Karaoke
St. Petersburg nightlife: Poison Rock'n'Roll Karaoke

SPB Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Nevsky Prospekt 8, Saint Petersburg) Open every day from 3.00pm to 2.00am.
Bar SPB is a chain of 13 clubs (the closest bar to the center is the one located at Nevsky Prospekt 8) offering a wide choice of beer and cocktails with good prices. These bars are very popular with young people from St. Petersburg. The other 12 bars are located in Marata 1, Yaroslava Gasheka 5, Kamenostrovsky 37, Komendatisky 17, 7aya linya Vasily Otrovsky 42, Prosvescenya 53, Korablestroyteley 30, Klochkov Pereulok 6, Sadovaya 42 A, Alekseva Ul. 6, Sadovaya 14, Vasy 2aya Krasnoarmenskaya 9/3.

Nightlife St. Petersburg Bar SPB
Nightlife St. Petersburg: SPB Bar

James Cook Pub fb_icon_tiny fb_icon_tiny
(Shvedskiy per. 2, Saint Petersburg) Open Sunday to Thursday from 12.00 to 24.00, Friday and Saturday from 12.00 to 3.00.
Located in a cellar, the James Cook is one of the oldest bars in St. Petersburg . One part of the bar is dedicated to coffee and sweets, the other is reserved for the consumption of alcohol, with a wide choice of draft beers, as well as the possibility of enjoying appetizers and excellent steaks served on cutting boards.

Nightlife St. Petersburg James Cook Pub
St. Petersburg nightlife: James Cook Pub

Caffè Amarcord fb_icon_tiny fb_icon_tiny
(Zhukovskogo 49, Saint Petersburg) Coffee and restaurant together, Amarcord is a popular meeting point not only among Russians, but especially among Italian tourists and residents of Saint Petersburg. Excellent Italian cuisine (the owners are Italians).

Nightlife St. Petersburg Amarcord coffee
Nightlife St. Petersburg: Amarcord coffee

Zoom Café fb_icon_tiny
(Gorokhovaja 22, Saint Petersburg) The Zoom Café is a very popular meeting place for students, who gather after class for a chat or a snack.

Nightlife Saint Petersburg Zoom Cafè
Nightlife in St. Petersburg: Zoom Cafe

Barrel Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Kazanskaya 5, Saint Petersburg) The Barrel is a pub but also an elegant club for dancing. The cocktails are good compared to the sad orange juice with vodka usually served in most bars, even if you have to wait a long time before being served. Pole dancing, free karaoke on Wednesday nights and frequent guest DJs on weekends.

Nightlife St. Petersburg Barrel Bar
Nightlife St. Petersburg: Barrel Bar

Bar 812 fb_icon_tiny fb_icon_tiny
(Zhukovskogo st. 11, Saint Petersburg) Open Sunday to Thursday from 12.00 to 2.00, Friday and Saturday from 18.00 to 4.00.
Bar 812 has the best selection of spirits and cocktails in St. Petersburg and professional bartenders. It is a great place to come in the evening during the week for a drink and a chat.

Nightlife St. Petersburg Bar 812
Nightlife St. Petersburg: Bar 812

Clean Plates Society Café fb_icon_tiny fb_icon_tiny
(Gorokhovaya ulitsa 13, Saint Petersburg) Open daily from 12.00 to 2.00.
The Clean Plates Society Café is owned by the same guys as the Mishka . This cafe is a little more relaxed due to the absence of music. Sometimes the bar invites some DJs, but there is no dance floor.

Nightlife St. Petersburg Clean Plates Society Café
Nightlife St. Petersburg: Clean Plates Society Café

Union Bar fb_icon_tiny fb_icon_tiny
(Liteyny 55, Saint Petersburg) Open every day from 18.00 to 6.00.
The Union Bar is a new bar with tasty burgers, lots of space, New York style design, great drinks and a cozy atmosphere.

Nightlife St. Petersburg Union Bar
Nightlife Saint Petersburg: Union Bar

Taiga Creative Space fb_icon_tiny
(2 Moshkov Pereulok, Tsentral'niy Rayon, Saint Petersburg) Taiga Creative Space is a whole house that houses several design and architecture offices, a vegetarian café, an exhibition and event space, several small creative offices, a station radio, a book shop and even a hostel. Their backyard is a great place to laze outdoors during the summer.

Nightlife Saint Petersburg Taiga Creative Space
Nightlife St. Petersburg: Taiga Creative Space

Terminal Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Belinskogo 11, Saint Petersburg) The Terminal Bar is a small and popular bar that defines itself as a “territory of free interaction” . Live concerts, chatty people, cheap drinks, coffee and even tiramisu desserts. The place is good both in the afternoon and in the evening.

Nightlife St. Petersburg Terminal Bar
Nightlife St. Petersburg: Terminal Bar
Nightlife Saint Petersburg: Irish pubs and English pubs in Saint Petersburg

St. Petersburg is full of English and Irish pubs , where you can taste high quality beer , even if not cheap (half a liter of beer can cost up to 6 or 8 euros). In any case, in these pubs there is always a cozy and quiet atmosphere, and it is possible to listen to good Celtic and rock music.

Liverpool Bar fb_icon_tiny fb_icon_tiny
(16 Mayakovskogo, Saint Petersburg) Open Sunday through Thursday from 12.00 to 1.00, Friday from 12.00 to 3.00, Saturdays from 16.00 to 3.00.
Liverpool one of the most famous pubs in St Petersburg and has a large selection of good beers and live music. The pub is large enough but does not have a dancing area. Though slightly priced, Liverpool serves great food in large portions, has sporting event screens, and quite a few beers on offer. Located within walking distance of Nevsky Prospect , this is a good place to relax, play pool and have a beer with friends, singing your favorite tunes together.

Nightlife Saint Petersburg Liverpool Bar
St. Petersburg nightlife: Liverpool Bar

The Telegraph Pub
(Rubinshteyna 3, Saint Petersburg) The Telegraph is a small Irish pub. During the weekend there is music played by DJs and it is possible to dance on the tables. It may be worth a visit, but it depends on the days.

Nightlife St. Petersburg Telegraph Pub
Nightlife St. Petersburg: Telegraph Pub

Mollie's Pub fb_icon_tiny fb_icon_tiny
(Rubinshteyna 36, ​​Saint Petersburg) Located in the center of Saint Petersburg , Mollie's is one of the most popular Irish pubs and one of those places that never disappoint. Frequented by both tourists and locals, the pub offers great beer, good food and music. On Fridays and Saturdays there are heavy drinking parties here where Russians mingle with tourists and foreigners.

Nightlife Saint Petersburg Mollie's Pub
Nightlife Saint Petersburg Mollie's Pub
Nightlife St. Petersburg Mollie's Pub Russian girls
St. Petersburg nightlife: Russian girls at Mollie's Pub

Shamrock Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Dekabristov 27, Saint Petersburg) Traditional Irish pub , the Shamrock bar is a must for beer connoisseurs and one of the best places to eat in St. Petersburg . Here you can find live music, Irish spirits and beers, as well as the chance to watch major European sporting events live. When the night is on fire it is also possible to dance.

Nightlife St. Petersburg Shamrock Bar
Nightlife St. Petersburg: Shamrock Bar

Dickens Pub fb_icon_tiny
(Reki Fontanki 108, Saint Petersburg) Dickens is an English pub located near the Fontanka River, which offers a wide choice of beer from all over the world, excellent whiskey, good dishes of large portions. In the morning the pub serves authentic English breakfast! The Dickens also has a fine restaurant, located on the second floor.

Nightlife St. Petersburg Dickens Pub and Restaurant
Nightlife St. Petersburg: Dickens Pub and Restaurant

The Office Pub fb_icon_tiny
(Kazanskaya 5, Saint Petersburg) The Office is an elegant Irish pub located not far from the Kazan Cathedral , which attracts Russians and tourists alike. The pub has a large selection of draft beers, including Guinness, Belgian cherry beer and many more. It's the kind of office where you happily work overtime, with sure effect on your wallet.

Nightlife Saint Petersburg The Office Pub
Nightlife St. Petersburg: The Office Pub
Nightlife Saint Petersburg: Jazz bars and Blues bars in Saint Petersburg

Jazz very popular in St. Petersburg and is an important part of nightlife . Here talented musicians perform every night in the many Jazz bars of the city.

The Hat Bar fb_icon_tiny fb_icon_tiny
(Belinskogo 9, Saint Petersburg) Open daily from 19.00 to 5.00.
The Hat is a jazz bar located in the center of St. Petersburg , which offers free concerts and jam sessions every night. The bar has cheap prices and top notch music.

Nightlife Saint Petersburg The Hat Bar
Nightlife St. Petersburg: The Hat Bar

JFC Jazz Club fb_icon_tiny
(Shpalernaya ulitsa 33, Saint Petersburg) The JFC Jazz Club is definitely one of the best jazz clubs in Saint Petersburg , a place that all jazz lovers should visit: great music, jazz bands from all over the world and a cozy atmosphere. There is also a restaurant with Russian cuisine. The concert schedule is intense and ranges from blues to jazz and folk.

Nightlife Saint Petersburg JFC Jazz Club
St. Petersburg nightlife: JFC Jazz Club

Sunduk Art Café fb_icon_tiny
(Furshtatskaya 42, Saint Petersburg) The Sunduk Art Café differs from other jazz clubs for its original decor. The cheerful atmosphere, Russian and Georgian folk music and the absence of foreigners make this bar an interesting place.

Nightlife St. Petersburg Sunduk Art Cafe
Nightlife in St. Petersburg: Sunduk Art Cafe

Jazz Philharmonic Hall fb_icon_tiny
(Zagorodnyi prospekt 27, Saint Petersburg) While it can't really be called a café, the “church of Jazz” , as the Jazz Philharmonic Hall , is a legend in St. Petersburg . The large room, reminiscent of a 1940s Jazz Club, has a stage, balconies and comfortable tables. The quality of his concerts is indisputable: it is not uncommon to see the eccentric club director stand up and play his violin with the musicians of the day. On the second floor is the St. Petersburg jazz museum .

Nightlife St. Petersburg Jazz Philarmonic Hall
Nightlife St. Petersburg: Jazz Philarmonic Hall

Jimi Hendrix Blues Club fb_icon_tiny
(Liteynyy pr. 33, Saint Petersburg) Jimi Hendrix Blues Club is a small bar, located in a cellar, in which there is an intimate atmosphere. Located in an old Armenian restaurant, this jazz club combines cuisine with music and hosts small bands for live concerts. The kitchen serves Russian and Georgian cuisine: the food is cooked on the spot, so it is recommended to book in advance as the club is always busy.

Nightlife Saint Petersburg Jimi Hendrix Blues Club
St. Petersburg nightlife: Jimi Hendrix Blues Club

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