Valencia nightlife

Valencia: nightlife and clubs

Valencia nightlife: welcome to the city famous for its Paella, Agua de Valencia, Ruta del Bakalao and especially for the party of Las Fallas! For those who still don't know what we are talking about, we suggest you read our guide to the nightlife in Valencia!

Valencia nightlife

Alongside the main party destinations in Spain , such as Ibiza, Barcelona and Madrid, in recent years, the panorama of the Iberian nightlife has been enriched with a new entry, Valencia : a young, lively and increasingly touristy city, it contains in itself all the charm and cheerfulness of southern Spain, thanks to a mix of Catalan and Andalusian culture, of ancient and modern.

Nightlife Valencia city of arts and sciences at night
Nightlife Valencia: the city of arts and sciences at night

Known throughout the world for the "Paella" and for the City of Arts and Sciences , Valencia is the third most important Spanish city and, as such, is able to offer a wide choice for your nightlife, from the typical bars of the Barrio del Carmen , in the old city, where people gather to enjoy tapas, up to the most fashionable discos, where you can dance until late in the morning. The nightlife of Valencia is a real gem for the people of the night, also thanks to its pleasant winter temperatures, which never drop below 10 degrees.

Valencia paella nightlife
Valencian paella

Nightlife in Valencia starts very late . Usually dinner takes place no earlier than 22.00 in the various typical restaurants of the city, while the discos begin to come alive around 2.00. Before dinner, stop for an aperitif in the streets of the Barrio del Carmen , to enjoy some excellent tapas accompanied by tasty Spanish wines. Try the taperia Orio Gastronomia Tub (Carrer de Sant Vicent Màrtir, 23, Valencia) , where tapas are accompanied by oysters and white wine, or Tasca Angel (Carrer de la Puríssima, 1, Valencia) for a tasty fish-based aperitif !

If you want to go wild to the rhythm of music until dawn, head towards the port area and towards the Malvarrosa beach where the biggest clubs in Valencia are located, which start to come alive from 2.00 am.

If you don't want to miss the most important event in Valencia , visit the city from March 15th to 19th each year when Las Fallas , the spring festival in honor of the patron saint of the city. During these days, in the city there is a continuous succession of events, celebrations and celebrations, with many people on the street, including many tourists.

During the feast of Las Fallas, citizens build gigantic sculptures depicting famous, political and fictional characters. All these sculptures, except the most beautiful one proclaimed winner, are burned on the night of March 19, when the city is literally filled with flames and smoke. This spectacular night, called the cremá, represents the culmination of the five days of festivities. An unmissable event for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the atmosphere and party tradition of Valencia .

Nightlife Valencia Las Fallas
Las Fallas in Valencia

The nightlife areas of Valencia

The nightlife of Valencia is concentrated in its historic center, also called Barrio del Carmen , formed by a multitude of alleys and side streets that intertwine with each other and that host a lot of bars and restaurants where young people they meet to eat, drink and have fun in company. In particular, the area around Plaça del Negret , where we find the Cafè Negrito and the Ghecko , and along Calle Caballeros is worth a visit. Ask for the typical cocktail of the city, the famous “Agua de Valencia” .

Nightlife Valencia Barrio del Carmen
Valencia nightlife: the Barrio del Carmen

Valencia students, including many Erasmus students, find themselves in the university area , located between Avenida de Aragón , Plaza del Cedro and Avenida Blasco Ibanez , just outside the Barrio del Carmen. Among the glass skyscrapers and the wonderful parks, here are located some of the best nightclubs in Valencia . Come here at 10pm to taste the excellent tapas and paella, and then continue the evening in the numerous bohemian, rock and hippy style bars.

Located south of the historic center, the Ruzafa is another neighborhood very popular with young people. It is a trendy and increasingly fashionable area, where alternative bar-bookstores and restaurants alternate between innovation and tradition, tapas, jazz and rock music. In the bourgeois district of Conde de Altea , however, you will find the most chic nightclubs in the city.

Valencia Ruzafa nightlife
The picturesque neighborhood of Ruzafa in Valencia

The other neighborhoods of Valencia where to go out in the evening are the area around Calle de Juan Llorens , where there are two blocks of bars, mostly frequented by students, the Canovas , full of disco-bars, and the Marina Real Juan Carlos I , the marina of Valencia, which, especially during the summer nights, becomes the most luxurious and trendy meeting point where to experience the nightlife of the city.

On via Eugenia Vines, next to Malvarossa beach, there are some clubs, discos and tapas bars: a more traditional place and much appreciated by local young people, who come here to have a drink on the many terraces or by the sea.

Nightlife Valencia Malvarrosa beach
Valencia nightlife: Malvarrosa beach

Clubs and discos in Valencia

La3 Club fb_icon_tiny
(Carrer del Pare Porta 3, Valencia) Open Friday and Saturday from 1.00 to 7.00, Sunday from 20.00 to 7.00.
One of the most important clubs in Valencia , La3 Club is a club frequented by trendy people and offering a musical selection focused on electronic music. A real point of reference for nightlife in Valencia , the club is divided into three dance floors, each characterized by a different musical style. In the main hall Spanish and international DJs perform, while in the other two there are more niche musical genres, such as New Rave and Tecnho. The 3 Club is the right place to indulge yourself all night to the rhythm of electronic music. On weekends the queues can get out of hand and it is highly recommended to purchase an online presale ticket to skip the line. Prices: free with Guest List until 02.00 for most nights. Normal entry is 15 euros with a drink included.

Nightlife Valencia La3 Club
Valencia nightlife: La3 Club
Nightlife Valencia La3 Club girls
Beautiful girls at the La3 Club in Valencia

Umbracle Mya fb_icon_tiny
(Av. Del Professor López Piñero, 5, Valencia) Open Thursday to Saturday from 11.30pm to 7.30am.
Located in the City of Arts and Sciences , Umbracle Mya is a huge nightclub that boasts a breathtaking location and a very refined and classy environment. The club is split over two floors, allowing patrons to dance to techno, house and electronic music, or have a drink on the upstairs terrace, with truly wonderful views. Without doubt one of the best nightclubs in Valencia . In the summer season, don't miss the terrace surrounded by a palm garden, where you can literally dance under the stars!

Nightlife Valencia Umbracle Mya
Valencia nightlife: Umbracle Mya
Nightlife Valencia Umbracle Mya beautiful girls
Umbracle Mya is the right place to meet beautiful Valencian girls

Piccadilly Downtown Club fb_icon_tiny
(Carrer dels Tomasos, 14, Valencia) Open Friday and Saturday from 1.00 to 7.30.
Located in the historic center in an old brothel, the Picadilly is one of the most popular clubs in Valencia for young people . The music ranges from indie rock to electronic music depending on the evening.

Nightlife Valencia Piccadilly Downtown Club
Valencia nightlife: Piccadilly Downtown Club

Xtra Lrge fb_icon_tiny
(Gran via germanias 21, Valencia) Open Thursday to Saturday from 11.00pm to 3.30am.
the Xtra Large disco is a real multicultural space divided between different rooms: the Small room is dedicated to exhibitions, in the Medium room there is the actual dance floor with DJ sets, while in the large room there is a bar with sofas for a little relaxation between one dance and another.

Nightlife Valencia Xtra Lrge
Valencia nightlife: Xtra Lrge

Nylon Club fb_icon_tiny
(Gran Via de les Germanies, 31, Valencia) Open Friday to Saturday from 1.00 to 7.30.
Located in the Ruzafa neighborhood, the Nylon Club is the favorite nightclub for hipsters in Valencia. The musical selection ranges from pop to rock, to indie, tropical and disco music. Inside there are two dance halls and three bars. If you are on the list, get in for free before 3.00.

Valencia Nylon Club nightlife
Valencia nightlife: Nylon Club

Play Club fb_icon_tiny
(Carrer de Cuba, 8, Valencia) Open Friday to Saturday from 1.00 to 7.00.
Located a short distance from Nylon, the Play Club is an easy-going and unpretentious nightclub, with techno and electronic music. A great choice for those who want to party in Ruzafa , one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Valencia. Concerts take place every Friday night, while the upper hall hosts karaoke nights on Saturdays. The club consists of two rooms: the Playroom, with electronic, r'n'b and pop music, and the Bombay room, with all the great hits of the moment.

Valencia Play Club nightlife
Valencia nightlife: Play Club

Miniclub fb_icon_tiny
(Av. De Blasco Ibáñez, 111, Valencia) Open Thursdays from 1.00 to 7.00, Friday and Saturday from 1.00 to 7.30.
Located in the university area of ​​Valencia, the Miniclub always offers intense party nights with House, Techno, electronic and Minimal music. Friday evening is recommended, especially frequented by Erasmus and Spanish students.

Nightlife Valencia Miniclub
Valencia nightlife: Miniclub

Radio City fb_icon_tiny
(Carrer de Santa Teresa, 19, Valencia) Open Monday and Tuesday from 22.00 to 4.00, Wednesday from 20.30 to 4.00, Thursday from 19.30 to 4.00, Friday and Saturday from 22.30 to 4.00, Sunday from 20.00 to 4.00.
Located in the historic center of Valencia, Radio City is a disco bar with a chameleonic and eclectic atmosphere that organizes fun and always different evenings for dancing until late at night. In addition to the classic evenings with disco music, the club organizes evenings dedicated to flamenco and dance shows every Tuesday evening. Upon entering the club you will see a large dance area and bar area usually crowded with tourists and locals. Even if the place looks a little old, it is always full of incredible energy and fun!

Valencia Radio City nightlife
Valencia nightlife: Radio City

High Cube fb_icon_tiny
(Carrer de la Marina, 5, Valencia) Open every day from 12.00 to 4.00.
The High Cube is a nice open air club located at the port of Valencia, next to numerous other bars and clubs where to drink and dance.

Valencia High Cube nightlife
Valencia nightlife: High Cube

Le Premiere Disco fb_icon_tiny
(Carrer d'Eduard Boscà, 27, Valencia) Open Thursday to Saturday from 0.00 to 7.30.
Le Premier attracts thousands of young Spanish people every weekend. The good atmosphere, the refined design and the great hits mixed by the resident DJs are some of the reasons that make this place so popular among the young people of Valencia. EDM music, pachanga and electronic music. If you buy the ticket online, you pay 10 euros with a drink included and the possibility to skip the line.

Nightlife Valencia Le Premiere Disco
Valencia nightlife: The Premiere Disco

Akuarela Playa fb_icon_tiny
(Carrer d'Eugènia Viñes, 152, Valencia) Open every day from 0.00 to 7.00.
Located in front of Malvarrosa beach, Akuarela Playa is a must-see in Valencia's summer nightlife . A beach club immersed in a palm garden 100 meters from the sea, always populated by a young and festive crowd. The club has 3 rooms with different types of music, although the resident DJs usually play Latin American music and reggaeton music on the main terrace. On the upper dance floor it is possible to find techno music on some evenings, while on the ground floor r'n'b and classics. And when the party is over you can take a nice swim in the sea!

Nightlife Valencia Akuarela Playa
Valencia nightlife: Akuarela Playa

Agenda Club fb_icon_tiny
(Av. De Blasco Ibáñez, 111, Valencia) Open Monday to Saturday from 1.00 to 7.00.
Located along Blasco Ibañez boulevard in the heart of the university area, Agenda Club is one of the most popular clubs in Valencia with students. The great sound system combined with a futuristic design and an easy to reach location have made this place popular with local students and the Erasmus crowd. In the two dance floors you can listen to disco, Funk, Hip-Hop, House and the best electronic music in the city.

Nightlife Valencia Agenda Club
Valencia nightlife: Agenda Club

Indiana Disco fb_icon_tiny
(Carrer de Sant Vicent Màrtir, 95, Valencia) Open Thursday to Saturday from 0.00 to 7.00.
After a fire in 2007, the nightclub has been completely renovated, while maintaining practically the same configuration: the decorations are brand new and very original, and every corner and wall hides a surprise. The club is divided into three rooms with House, Funky and Latin music. Get here early or you'll have to be prepared for long lines to get in.

Nightlife Valencia Indiana Disco
Valencia nightlife: Indiana Disco

Barraca Music Club fb_icon_tiny
(Calle Les Palmeres, Sueca, Valencia) Located on the legendary Ruta de Bakalao , the Barraca has been one of Valencia's historic clubs since its opening in the 1970s. Its main features include an amazing sound system, 200 meters from the beach and the appearances of the best world famous DJs. The club is divided into 4 rooms: Circus, the largest room of all, with a capacity of about a thousand people, is the place where DJs usually play, La Barraca is a smaller dance floor where you can listen to music electronic and progressive music, a third show room with a more minimalist atmosphere, finally a terrace has a capacity of 600 people reminiscent of the terraces of clubs in Ibiza. The Barraca is very close to the beach, so it's perfect for a sunrise swim after a long night of partying. Today the Barraca is still one of the reference clubs for electronic and techno music in Valencia . There is a free bus service that takes you from the center of Valencia to the club and vice versa.

Nightlife Valencia Barraca Music Club
Valencia nightlife: Barraca Music Club

Santoory fb_icon_tiny
(Carrer Polo Y Peyrolon 43 Bajo, Valencia) Open Thursday to Saturday from 11pm to 4am.
Santoory club in Valencia, frequented by the very young.

Valencia Santoory nightlife
Valencia nightlife: Santoory

Bora Bora nightclub fb_icon_tiny
(Av. De Gaspar Aguilar, 17, Valencia) Open Thursday to Sunday from 0.00 to 7.30.
Disco for fans of Latin American dances offering music such as salsa, bachata or kizomba.

Nightlife Valencia Disco Bora Bora
Valencia nightlife: Bora Bora nightclub

Jerusalem Pop & Rock fb_icon_tiny
(Carrer del Convent de Jerusalem, 55, Valencia) Open Thursday to Sunday from 0.00 to 8.00.
Club offering Deep-House and Techno music. Frequented mostly by locals, the Jerusalem consists of a single circular dance floor with a stage in the center.

Nightlife Valencia Jerusalem Pop & Rock
Valencia nightlife: Jerusalem Pop & Rock

Deseo 54 Club fb_icon_tiny
(Carrer de Pepita, 13-15, Valencia) Open Friday and Saturday from 1.30 to 7.30.
Deseo 54 is a popular club with gay and non-gay people, highly regarded for its lively Sunday night parties. The music selection focuses on House and Techno.

Bars and pubs in Valencia

Cafè Bolseria fb_icon_tiny
(Carrer del Moro Zeid, 12, Valencia) Open every day from 17.00 to 7.30.
Located in the Barrio del Carmen , the Cafè Bolseria is the perfect disco bar to start the evening, as it is always crowded from the early evening hours, especially by many tourists. Admission is free but with compulsory drink.

Nightlife Valencia Cafe Bolseria
Valencia nightlife: Cafè Bolseria

Café Negrito fb_icon_tiny
(Plaça del Negret, 1, Valencia) Open every day from 16.00 to 4.00.
Located in a small square in the Barrio del Carmen, Café Negrito is one of the most popular haunts in the city, particularly during the summer months when people congregate on the famous and spacious square nearby. Café Negrito hosts a young and lively crowd who gather here in the evening for drinks and fun. The bar features a welcoming interior, similar to many Spanish bars, and boasts a large terrace. Cafe negrito represents a bit of the style of the city and offers the classic drink of the city, the Agua de Valencia , a cocktail made with orange juice, sparkling wine, gin, vodka and sugar.

Nightlife Valencia Cafè Negrito
Valencia nightlife: Cafe Negrito

Café de las Horas fb_icon_tiny
(Carrer del Comte d'Almodóvar, 1, Valencia) Open every day from 10.00 to 2.00.
Stop for a cocktail in the sumptuous setting of this café in a large residence in the heart of the city, open all day until late. Here, too, the favorite drink is the famous Agua de Valencia.

Nightlife Valencia Cafe de las Horas
Valencia nightlife: Cafe de las Horas

St Patrick's Irish Pub fb_icon_tiny
(Gran Via del Marqués del Túria, 69, Valencia) Open Monday to Thursday from 16.00 to 2.00, Friday and Saturday from 13.00 to 3.00.
Found in the heart of the city, St Patrick's is an Irish pub with an international and cosmopolitan atmosphere located in the heart of Valencia. The bar offers a wide range of drinks, including typical Irish whiskey and the best draft beers, while guests can relax and watch sports on one of the four televisions that dot the bar. St Patrick's Irish Pub also hosts numerous events throughout the week, such as language exchange nights, making it a popular meeting place for students and expats.

Nightlife Valencia St Patrick's Irish Pub
Valencia nightlife: St Patrick's Irish Pub

Hawaika fb_icon_tiny
(Carrer de l'Heroi Romeu, 6, Valencia) Open Monday to Thursday from 17.00 to 0.30, Friday and Saturday from 17.00 to 1.30, Sunday from 17.00 to 21.30.
Hawaiian-themed bar complete with bamboo furniture, aquariums, and fountains: Hawaika spared no expense in setting the exotic vibe. Relax in this peaceful oasis, alongside the music that transports you to the beaches of Hawaii. Tropical cocktails complement the atmosphere with fruity and natural flavors, and served in Tiki-style glasses. The bar also offers juices, smoothies, ice creams and tempting crêpes.

Valencia Hawaika nightlife
Valencia nightlife: Hawaika

Urban Café
(Calle Antonio Sacramento, 13, Valencia) Open Friday and Saturday from 9.30pm to 2.30am.
Located right next to the City of Arts and Sciences , and with a vibrant cultural calendar that includes numerous events, from dance to themed parties, the Urban Café attracts an increasingly diverse and ever-expanding crowd. The bar offers fine wines, creative cocktails and delicious food, and is a great place for both the start and the end of your evening.

Nightlife Valencia Urban Cafè
Valencia nightlife: Urban Cafè

Birra and Blues fb_icon_tiny
(Avinguda de María Cristina, 12, Valencia) Open from Sunday to Thursday from 11.00 to 24.00, Friday and Saturday from 11.00 to 1.00.
Regarded as one of the best craft breweries in Valencia , Birra and Blues has adopted its own philosophy of making beer entirely natural, with no artificial additives or preservatives, and attracts connoisseurs who appreciate high quality beer. It is also possible to take a guided tour of the facilities with the guide of the brewmaster. There are also live concerts, to accompany the meal and beer.

Nightlife Valencia Birra and Blues
Valencia nightlife: Beer and Blues

Bar La Paca fb_icon_tiny
(Carrer del Rosario, 30, Valencia) Open every day from 13.00 to 1.00.
Famous for its fantastic, traditional Spanish omelette, this cheerful little bar boasts an interior full of intriguing art and attracts a young, alternative clientele. La Paca bar is a popular hangout for locals and is a great alternative to popular tourist bars, as well as being an excellent place to have a beer. This cozy and very informal place is considered to be one of the best tapas bars in Valencia . Don't miss the fish tapas.

Nightlife Valencia Bar La Paca
Valencia nightlife: Bar La Paca

Ubik Café fb_icon_tiny
(Carrer del Literat Azorín, 13, Valencia) Open Monday and Tuesday from 17.00 to 1.00, Wednesday and Thursday from 12.00 to 1.00, Friday and Saturday from 12.00 to 2.00, Sunday from 12.00 to 0.30.
Ubik Café is a very fun bar-bookstore concept bar frequented by many young people and tourists. The bar organizes jazz concerts, delicious dinners and the barmen prepare excellent cocktails.

Nightlife Valencia Ubik Cafè
Valencia nightlife: Ubik Cafè

Bodegas Biosca fb_icon_tiny
(Carrer del Dr. Serrano, 20, Valencia) Open Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 14.30 and from 17.00 to 20.30, Saturdays from 9.00 to 14.30.
Open since 1932, Bodegas Biosca offers a wide choice of over 150 types of gin-based drinks.

Nightlife Valencia Bodegas Biosca
Valencia nightlife: Bodegas Biosca

Map of clubs, pubs and bars in Valencia