Rhodes most beautiful beaches Lindos

The most beautiful beaches of Rhodes

Rhodes most beautiful beaches: the largest island in the Dodecanese is famous not only for its lively nightlife , but above all for its wonderful beaches! Here is our guide to the beaches of Rhodes

The most beautiful beaches of Rhodes

Rhodes is one of the most visited Greek islands : many tourists from all over the world come here, attracted by the architectural and archaeological beauties of the old town of Rhodes, by the hippie charm of Lindos, but above all by the beauty of its beaches.

The major tourist attraction of Rhodes are, in fact, its numerous beaches , able to satisfy the tastes and expectations of every visitor: there are all types, sandy or pebbly, equipped or wild, quiet or chaotic.

In general, the northwestern coast of the island is characterized by pebble beaches and rough seas, in the east there are more sandy beaches and with calm waters, while in the south there are wilder and less touristy areas.

The beaches of the north coast of Rhodes

The most popular beaches on the northwest coast of the island are located in the municipalities of Rhodes town and Ialyssos. Among these are:

Elli Beach
Very popular beach, located in Rhodes town, next to the Aquarium and the Casino. Its long and sandy coast is equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas and the sea is clear and is ideal for swimming or practicing water sports. Nearby there are numerous hotels and many taverns where it is possible to have lunch and dinner.

Rhodes most beautiful beaches Elli beach
Elli beach, Rhodes

Ixia beach
Located just outside the city of Rhodes, Ixia beach is a long, narrow beach of sand mixed with pebbles, mostly equipped with deck chairs and umbrellas. A constant wind always blows here, which makes the beach an ideal place for surfing and windsurfing (you can rent equipment directly from the various kiosks on the beach, such as the Surfer Paradise ). The constant presence of waves makes the seabed a little turbid and the gravelly seabed immediately becomes deep. Behind the beach there are numerous restaurants and hotels.

Rhodes most beautiful beaches Ixia beach
Ixia beach, Rhodes

The beach of Ialyssos
Located in the locality of the same name, about 7 kilometers southwest of the city of Rhodes, that of Ialyssos is a long sandy beach, equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas, from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Turkish coasts and, specifically, of Marmaris .

Rhodes best beaches Ialyssos beach
The beach of Ialyssos, Rhodes

Akti Miaouli
beach Beach located in Rhodes city, mainly composed of gravel and pebbles and largely equipped. Akti Miaouli beach is easily accessible from the city centre.

Rhodes most beautiful beaches Akti Miaouli beach
Akti Miaouli beach in the city of Rhodes

Trianta beach
Long and very popular sandy beach located in Ialyssos , between luxurious resorts and trendy hotels and restaurants. The beach is equipped with umbrellas, sunbeds, and kiosks for renting water sports equipment.

Rhodes most beautiful beaches Trianta beach
Trianta beach, Rhodes

The beaches of the east coast of Rhodes

From Faliraki to Lindos, the east coast of Rhodes is the busiest tourist area of ​​the island. Most of the beaches that follow one another along the coast are sandy and equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas for hire. The sea is generally calm and shallow, ideal for swimming in total tranquillity.

beach Agathi beach the southeast coast of Rhodes, at the village of Charaki. Nestled in a cove, the beach is made up of soft golden sand, and its waters are clear and blue in colour. The calm, clear, shallow sea with sandy bottoms is ideal for swimming. On the beach there are areas equipped with umbrellas, sunbeds and showers, as well as the presence of three kiosks (including Kantina Georgia & Manolis ) where it is possible to have lunch or buy an ice cream. In the nearby village of Haraki there is a long pebble beach, very quiet and with few people.

rhodes most beautiful beaches agathi beach
Agathi beach, Rhodes

Anthony Quinn Beach
Located just south of Faliraki , Ladiko Beach (better known as Anthony Quinn Beach ) is a small but wonderful beach composed of a mixture of sand and gravel and nestled between hills with lush vegetation. The beach was the set of some scenes of the film "The Cannons of Navarone" , starring Anthony Quinn. Its sea, turquoise and transparent, is dotted with numerous rocks from different rocks, populated by numerous schools of fish. An ideal place for snorkelling, but also just for swimming, thanks to the presence of shallow and sandy waters. The beach is equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas: given the large influx of people, you should come here early in the morning to be sure of finding a place and enjoying a bit of tranquillity.

Rhodes most beautiful beaches Anthony Queen beach
Anthony Queen beach, Rhodes

Traganou beach
Located next to Afandou beach, Traganou beach has a wild charm, with small pebbles and nestled between two cliffs. There are sunbeds and umbrellas only in a small area, while the rest of the beach is free and untouched. At the side of the beach there is a small cave, very beautiful, while near the coast there is a fish tavern.

Rhodes most beautiful beaches Traganou beach
Traganou beach, Rhodes

Kalathos beach
Located near Lindos, Kalathos beach is a long and wide sandy beach mixed with pebbles that extends from Haraki to the homonymous village of Kalathos. The beach is little frequented and has few equipped areas, thus retaining a wild and unspoiled charm. The sea is very clear and blue, it almost seems like swimming in a pool: even several meters away from the shore it is possible to clearly see the seabed. In the nearby village of Kalathos there are numerous hotels, including the luxurious Atrium Palace Thalasso Resort .

Rhodes most beautiful beaches Kalathos beach
Kalathos beach, Rhodes

Vlicha Beach
Located between Kalathos and Lindos, Vlicha Beach is made up of soft golden sand and is nestled between two rocky hills. The place is never very crowded and is frequented mostly by locals. The calm, crystal clear sea with sandy bottoms, ideal for swimming. Nearby is one of the most exclusive hotels in all of Rhodes, the Lindos Blu Resort .

Rhodes most beautiful beaches Vlicha beach
Vlicha beach, Rhodes

beach Stegna beach is located a short distance from the village of Archangelos and can be reached by taking a road that descends along the side of the mountain. The coast is divided into two beaches, a smaller one and a main one, mainly made up of sand, with some pebbles. The main beach is equipped with umbrellas and deck chairs but is never too crowded, remaining a privileged place for those who love tranquility. On the seafront there are numerous taverns, among which we recommend the Taverna Maria , a family-run restaurant where you can taste traditional Greek cuisine.

Rhodes most beautiful beaches Stegna beach
Stegna beach, Rhodes

Kolymbia beach
South of Afandou is the resort of Kolymbia, renowned for its luxurious hotels. Its beach is located in a large coastline composed of golden sand and surrounded by the green gardens of the Atlantica Imperial Resort . The sea is very calm, blue and crystalline and with shallow waters, ideal for swimming or snorkelling near the rocks. The beach is equipped. On the cliff is located an excellent fish restaurant called Psarotaverna Limanaki .

Rhodes most beautiful beaches Kolymbia beach
Kolymbia beach, Rhodes

Vagies beach
Long pebble beach, located in the village of Haraki. Here the sea is very calm and its waters are clear, ideal for swimming or sunbathing in complete relaxation.

Tsambika Beach
Located at the foot of the monastery of the same name, Tsambika Beach is an expanse of golden sand, nestled between towering mountains. This is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in Rhodes : its waters are calm and warm, and the very shallow seabed is ideal for swimming or lazing on the shore. The center of the beach is fully equipped with umbrellas, deck chairs and numerous kiosks where you can have lunch. At the ends of the beach it is possible to find free and quieter spaces, in the vicinity of a large boulder with the Greek flag painted on it. Here it is possible to practice numerous water sports (including the possibility of parasailing ) as well as playing on the inflatables in the water. At the southern end of the beach there is an area reserved for naturists.

Rhodes most beautiful beaches Tsambika beach
Tsambika beach, Rhodes

Kalithea beach
located between Rhodes town and Faliraki, Kalithea is famous for hosting ancient thermal hot springs called Kalithea Springs . Its beach is made up of sand and is bordered by rocks that plunge into the sea. All around, palm trees and umbrella pines abound, enveloping the wonderful Arab-style spa buildings embellished with beautiful mosaics. Be careful when you enter the water because the rocky bottom is often slippery. For the rest, the sea is beautiful and very clear.

Rhodes most beautiful beaches Kalithea beach Pan di Capo
Kalithea beach – Pan di Capo, Rhodes

Tassos Beach and Nicolas Beach
Located near Kalithea beach, Tassos Beach and Nicolas Beach are two small coves equipped with deck chairs and umbrellas.
The peculiarity of these beaches is that the sunbeds are positioned directly on the small rocks, scattered here and there and connected to each other by walkways. If you get here early you can rent your own secluded rock for the day. At Nicolas Beach there is also a tavern with tables positioned directly in the water: here you can try the experience of eating with your feet immersed in the sea… A must try!

Rhodes most beautiful beaches Nicolas Beach Kalithea
Nicolas Beach near Kalithea, Rhodes

beach Faliraki beach is a long beach of soft sand that stretches over 4 kilometers. The coast is organized in various points along its entire length with all types of infrastructure: sunbed and umbrella rental, taverns and bars, kiosks for the rental of water sports equipment and much more. The sea is clean and calm, with shallow waters suitable for bathing. The beach is very crowded and chaotic near the village of Faliraki while, if you move towards Kalithea, it is possible to find less populated and more peaceful corners (to be clear, the stretch of beach where some resorts are located, including the Elysium Resorts & Spas ).

South of Faliraki is an organized nudist beach, one of the few organized beaches of its kind other than Tsambika.

Rhodes most beautiful beaches Faliraki beach
Faliraki beach, Rhodes

Afandou beach
Located near the village of the same name, Afandou beach is characterized by a long coastline of sand mixed with pebbles. The beach is uncrowded and is ideal for those seeking a bit of peace and relaxation away from the more touristy beaches. The sea is always very clear, thanks to the presence of a stony seabed which becomes deep a few meters from the shore. Some points are equipped with umbrellas, while most of the beach is free. Here and there several very quiet kiosks and taverns alternate.

Rhodes most beautiful beaches Afandou beach
Afandou beach, Rhodes

The beaches of Lindos

Lindos is one of the most scenic and fascinating places of Rhodes, with its white houses, its narrow streets that climb up the hill from which the ancient acropolis stands out. The village is visited by thousands of tourists who come here on daily bus excursions.

Megali Paralia
beach Megali Paralia beach is one of the three beaches in Lindos. Enclosed within an inlet and about a hundred meters long, this beach is made up of golden sand and has a sea that is always calm, clear and of a fabulous turquoise colour, ideal for families with children. The beach is fully equipped with deck chairs and sunbeds, and is always very crowded during the high season. Behind the beach there are numerous trees and also taverns serving traditional Greek cuisine.

Rhodes most beautiful beaches Megali Paralia Lindos beach
Megali Paralia beach in Lindos, Rhodes

Limanaki beach (Agios Pavlos bay)
Limanaki beach (also known as St. Paul's bay ) is located south of the acropolis of Lindos and is surrounded by a cliff that embraces it almost completely. In the center of the bay there is a small but wonderful sandy beach bathed by calm and crystalline waters, with a shallow seabed scattered with small debris, ideal for snorkelling (here you can see many fish swimming even a few meters from the shore ). The beach is dominated by the small but picturesque chapel of Agios Pavlos (St Paul). Get here early if you want to find a place on the few sunbeds and umbrellas, as the beach fills up almost immediately and gets very crowded. There is also a small pier from which scuba diving excursions leave. There is also a good restaurant on the beach, called Tambakio , where you can have lunch or dinner overlooking the magnificent bay.

Rhodes best beaches Agios Pavlos beach St Paul Bay Lindos
The beach of Agios Pavlos (St Paul's Bay) near Lindos, Rhodes

Lindos Palace beach Lindos
beach is certainly one of the most famous beaches in Rhodes . The sand is soft and golden, and the sea is always calm and deep turquoise in colour. The beach is equipped with deck chairs and umbrellas and is always crowded, especially a destination for families with children, thanks to its proximity to the village of Lindos and the presence of hotels and tourist facilities.

Rhodes most beautiful beaches Lindos Palace beach
Lindos Palace beach, Rhodes

The beaches in southern Rhodes

The southern area of ​​the island is little frequented by mass tourism and therefore offers landscapes of wild and unspoiled nature. The beaches here are very varied, some with constant winds while others are more peaceful.

beach Prassonissi beach (or "Prasonisi" ) is located at the southern end of the island. Composed of two long sandy coasts that join together by connecting an islet, Prassonissi beach is a true paradise for surfers. During the summer season, the Meltemi blow here, constant winds from the north that make the place ideal for practicing water sports, such as windsurfing and kitesurfing . Despite the strong wind, on the beach it is possible to find quiet corners and with calm and crystalline waters, even if they are often very cold. On the beach there are several kiosks where you can rent equipment for surfing and windsurfing ( Prasonisi Surf Center ), as well as some parking lots for campers where free camping is permitted. Near the beach there is a small village where there are some taverns, apartments for rent or hotels (for example “Oasis Prasonisi” and “Prasonisi Lighthouse” ).

Rhodes most beautiful beaches Prassonissi beach
Prassonissi beach, Rhodes

Paralia Glystra Beach
Located near the village of Kiotari, Glystra beach is a small crescent-shaped sandy beach, partly equipped and partly free. The sea is very calm, crystal clear and with very shallow waters. In the afternoon, the beach fills up, so we recommend that you come here in the morning.

Rhodes most beautiful beaches Glystra Beach Kiotari
Paralia Glystra Beach at Kiotari, Rhodes

Agios Georgios
beach Long sandy beach located near Prassonissi . The place is little frequented, probably because to reach it you have to take a dirt path by car (about half an hour's drive from Kattavia ). The perfect beach for those who love pristine places.

Rhodes most beautiful beaches Agios Georgios Beach
The lonely beach of Agios Georgios in the south of Rhodes

Fourni beach
Located near the town of Monolithos , Fourni is a wild pebble beach that extends in the south of the island. The place, quiet and little frequented, is surrounded by rocks that give shape to small coves, all immersed in the surrounding green hills. On the beach it is possible to rent umbrellas and sunbeds, and have lunch in the nearby tavern.

Rhodes most beautiful beaches Fourni Beach
Fourni Beach, Rhodes

Gennadi beach
Famous for its beach parties, with bonfires and DJs from all over the world, Gennadi beach is a beach of sand mixed with pebbles, several kilometers long and located along the south-eastern coast of Rhodes. In the quiet village of Gennadi there are numerous taverns, apartments and hotels.

Rhodes most beautiful beaches Gennadi beach
Gennadi beach in southern Rhodes

Plimiri Beach
Located near Kattavia and Lahania, Plimiri Beach is a long bay with sand dunes, surrounded by beautiful vegetation: an ideal place for all those looking for some tranquility away from the famous tourist resorts. The beach is rather wild and poorly equipped but, despite this, it is recommended for families with children as the sea is very calm and it is possible to find shade under the trees behind the beach.

Nearby there is a small pier and a tavern serving excellent Greek dishes. Continuing further south, you can reach the beach of Agios Georgios .

Rhodes most beautiful beaches Plimiri beach
Plimiri beach, Rhodes
Rhodes most beautiful beaches fish restaurant in Plimiri
Seafood restaurant overlooking Plimiri beach, Rhodes

Glyfada beach
Located along the southwest coast of Rhodes, before the village of Monolithos , Glyfada is a rocky and pebble beach surrounded by a lush green landscape. The beach is not very busy as it is almost unknown to tourists and is not equipped. The sea is calm and clear and is great for snorkelling. Nearby there are two taverns where you can taste excellent fresh fish and Greek cuisine.

Rhodes best beaches Glyfada beach
Glyfada beach, Rhodes

Katsouni beach (Kiotari)
Located on the southeast coast of Rhodes near the village of Kiotari, Katsouni beach is a long coastline of sand mixed with pebbles, bathed by calm and clear waters. Despite the numerous resorts and the large tourist influx in the area, the beach is never too crowded and maintains an unspoiled charm. In various sections, it is equipped with paid umbrellas, but otherwise it is completely free. Behind the beach there are numerous kiosks and taverns where you can eat excellent Greek cuisine , including the Stefano Fish Tavern .

Rhodes most beautiful beaches Kiotari beach Katsouni
Katsouni beach, near Kiotari (Rhodes)

Pefki beach
Located 5 kilometers south of Lindos, Pefki beach is a beautiful long coastline of golden sand and equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas. The place is very touristic and nearby there are many shops, hotels, taverns and restaurants. Near the main beach there are other smaller and more peaceful beaches, where it is possible to enjoy greater relaxation. The sea is generally calm and crystalline, ideal for bathing.

Rhodes most beautiful beaches Pefki beach
Pefki beach, Rhodes

beach Quiet and uncrowded beach, located near the village of Lardos. Its beach is made up of sand mixed with pebbles, and becomes gravelly towards the shore, which flows into a blue sea with a bottom that becomes deep quite quickly. The beach is equipped in some points and there is also a small bar where you can have lunch.

Rhodes most beautiful beaches Lothiarika beach
Lothiarika beach, Rhodes

Lardos beach A long
coastline made up of soft golden sand, equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas only in some sections, while the rest of the beach is completely free. This beach is ideal for long walks and for finding peace and relaxation.

Rhodes most beautiful beaches Lardos beach
Lardos beach, Rhodes

Rhodes most beautiful beaches – Map of Rhodes beaches


Notia Rodos 851 09, Greece

Notia Rodos 851 09, Greece



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