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Oktoberfest: Guide to pavilions, opening hours & directions

Oktoberfest means people from all over the world, music, drinking and having fun together, all topped off by the typical Bavarian joy, and with a key ingredient: beer! The Oktoberfest is an appointment to attend at least once in your life.

Oktoberfest: Guide to pavilions, opening hours & directions

The fame of theOktoberfest has spread worldwide, becoming the true Beer Festival: the protagonist ofOktoberfest is the famous Bavarian beer.

Oktoberfest beer party girls getting hours Munich guide
The Beer Festival – Oktoberfest

TheOktoberfest, with approximately 7 million visitors each year, is one of the most popular festivals in the world, thanks to the folklore atmosphere that one breathes, his music, good Bavarian cuisine, to the girls dressed in traditional costumes, and especially to its beer. This event represents for many the opportunity to indulge the transgression and the excesses, drinking and partying together.

Oktoberfest guide how to get Lowenbrau beer hours
Lowenbrau tent – Oktoberfest

When the Oktoberfest starts

TheOktoberfest starts on 19 September 2015, and ends on 4 October 2015.

Oktoberfest times

TheOktoberfest is open from 10.00 to 23.30 during the week, from 09.00 to 00.00 over the weekend.

How much does the Oktoberfest beer and how much it costs to eat

A Maß (1 Liter) of beer at theOktoberfest cost from 10 to 10,40 euros depending on the BREW pub. Food prices at Oktoberfest: Wurstels, chicken and pork Shanks have prices that vary between respectively 7 and the 16 euros, with all the side dishes. For an average lunch at Oktoberfest expect to spend about 13-15 Euro, Apart from beer.

Where is the Oktoberfest

TheOktoberfest takes place in Munich, for over 200 years, at the Theresienwiese (Metro: Theresienwiese, Lines: U4, U5)

What is the Oktoberfest?

TheOktoberfest (in German “October ’ party”) is a traditional event which takes place every year in Munich, during the two weeks preceding the first Sunday in October.

The first edition ofOktoberfest held in 1810 to celebrate the wedding of the Prince of Bavaria, Ludwig I, and Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen, and from 200 years up to today we continue to celebrate this fun event.

Where is the Oktoberfest

TheOktoberfest takes place at the Theresienwiese, which is, in essence, a large green area of approximately 104 hectares, only 20 minutes walk from Marienplatz, in the Centre of Munich.

Oktoberfest guide how to get Theresienwiese beer hours
Theresienwiese – Oktoberfest, Munich

Zoom Oktoberfest map to see the location of warehouses and their breweries, the Luna Park, and the nearest metro stations.

Oktoberfest tent map
Map of the Oktoberfest tents

The beer of the Oktoberfest

Only the six traditional breweries in Munich can serve beer in the tents of theOktoberfest, because they are the only ones with the requirements ofPurity edict of beer, promulgated in far 1485. The 6 breweries are: Paulaner, Spaten, Hofbräu, Hacker-Pschorr, Augustiner and Löwenbräu. Beer is not the usual proposal, but it is produced exclusively for theOktoberfest.

The protagonist ofOktoberfest is the Maß, the liter beer mug: It is not possible to order a medium or small beer but only the Maß. To order you have to say in German “Eine Maß bitte” (“a mass please”) to the beautiful young ladies who serve at the tables dressed in traditional costumes.

Birra Paulaner Oktoberfest
Paulaner beer – Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfest beer costs from 9 to 10 euros. A word of advice: If you want the rest, ask the waitress, otherwise it will be understood as a tip.

Oktoberfest guide how to get beer hours
Waitress at the Oktoberfest with traditional beer

The sheds of the Oktoberfest

TheOktoberfest consists of 14 large warehouses and 21 smaller marquees, with approximately 100.000 seats. Each House is different from other, and in each of them different types of beer and specialty food are served. Attention: to get inside the halls always make long file and, given the enormous turnout since the early hours of the morning, Therefore we advise you to arrive early to ensure you get a seat!

Oktoberfest Augustiner tent getting recommendations beer hours
The Augustiner beer tent – Oktoberfest

Besides there are also warehouses the grounds outside the sheds, called Beer garden, in which it is easier to find a place (hoping it doesn't rain).

The busy days are the ones on the weekend or during the evening, When the locals head for the tents of theOktoberfest After business hours: the number of visitors far exceeds the available seating, It is not easy to get. In addition to, tent rules stipulate that only those who is seated can drink, to avoid confusion.

To avoid the queues you can book a table inside the halls of the Oktoberfest: the seats are bookable though in limited numbers.

If you want to avoid the long queues ofOktoberfest, You can spend your evening wandering among the historic Breweries of Central Munich.

Oktoberfest guide how to get Paulaner beer stand times
Paulaner beer stand – Oktoberfest, Munich

The ceremonies and traditions of the Oktoberfest

The program ofOktoberfest is marked by traditional ceremonies that are repeated for centuries. In the opening ceremony of Oktoberfest, held at the brewery's Pavilion Schottenhamel and is called “Or ’ Zapft is” (“You pin”), the Mayor of Munich officially opens the Festival, uncorking the first barrel with a hammer blow. Beer may be served only from now on.

Oktoberfest guide how to get beer ozapft is times
The ceremony of o'zapft is

Among other events, Remember:
The parade of Oktoberfest brewery owners (the Wiesn-Einzug der Festwirte und Brauereien), during which the owners floats are paraded, like on Carneval.
The parade of traditional costumes and riflemen (Trachten und Schützenzug): It takes place during the second day and lasts 2 hours, and runs through Central Munich, Wizard in the head Münchner Kindl, the symbol of the city child. This ceremony is a celebration on the occasion of the silver wedding of Teresa and Ludwig.
– At theHippodrom other events are held, like the old carnies Club.

Oktoberfest guide how to get beer Hippodrom times
Hippodrom – Oktoberfest

Opening of the Oktoberfest

The opening of the Oktoberfest is from 09.00 at 23.00.

Start of Oktoberfest

  • Saturday 19 September 2015 to 12.00: opening ceremony (O'zapft is!)

Opening hours of the stalls of the Oktoberfest

  • from Monday to Friday: from 10.00 to 23.30
  • Saturday: from 09.00 to 24.00
  • Sunday: from 09.00 to 23.30 p. m

Family Days: days with reduced prices

  • Every Tuesday from 12.00 to 18.00

End of Oktoberfest

  • Sunday 4 October 2015 to 23.30

Oktoberfest attractions

In addition to the tents and beer, inside the Oktoberfest there are also other attractions not to be missed.

The Bavaria statue
High 18 meters and weighing 70 tons, the Bavaria statue is a symbol of the region and its patriotic sentiment, and is visible from every point on the Theresienwiese. Built in bronze, inside there are stairs to climb to the top and look under, through the eyes of the statue.

Oktoberfest Statua della Bavaria Theresienwiese
Statue of Bavaria – Theresienwiese, Munich

Oktoberfest fairground
Within the Theresienwiese There is an area used as a funfair and amusement park, with rides and attractions for families with children, both adult visitors, Adrenaline lovers.

The flea circus
The flea circus has its roots in the oldest European traditions. Here you can see the small animals tow small wagons, dancing or playing football.

Hau den Lukas
“Hau den Lukas” is a game where participants must demonstrate their physical strength, hitting a block with a big hammer. The struck block makes a small cart start on a vertical rail on top of which is placed a Bell: using enough power and the right technique it is necessary to be able to do ring the Bell, thus proving to be stronger.

Oktoberfest guide how to get beer hours Hau den Lukas
Hau den Lukas – Oktoberfest

Der Vogel Jakob – the bird Jakob
The bird Jakob is a traditional Bavarian joke: in fact, some sellers are around theOktoberfest chirping as birds , with the help of a strange cardboard whistle, tucked away in mouth. You will see that, Anyone who tries to imitate him will issue only ridiculous sounds for anything resembling birds!

The traditional Oktoberfest Bavarian clothes

One aspect that is immediately striking is the fact that throughout the city you encounter people dressed with the traditional Bavarian dress: the inhabitants of Munich should be very proud of their identity and their traditions.

Oktoberfest Bavarian clothes getting help
Traditional Bavarian clothes – Oktoberfest

The men's suit consists of a Plaid Shirt and Lederhosen, traditional leather shorts. Instead, girls wear Dirndl, i.e., white blouse, dress and apron, which can be combined with many different colors.

Beware the position of the bow on the apron girls! If the bow is positioned on the right side, It means that the girl is engaged. The bow on the left side, means that the girl is single. In the center, instead, symbolizes a virgin girl or “undecided”. At last, jib positioned behind is typical of the waitresses and widows.

Oktoberfest guide how to get beer times girls clothes
Girls with traditional Oktoberfest clothes

Which days it is better to go to Oktoberfest

The moments of greatest affluence are the weekend and evening, When the warehouses are full of people and is very difficult to get in and find a place to sit inside. It is therefore preferable to go to Oktoberfest working weekdays, in the morning and in the afternoon.

If you don't want to miss the opening ceremonies you have to come in first weekend, so you can see theOr ’ Zapft is, in which officially opened the first barrel of beer, and traditional parades of the Trachten und Schützenzug and of the Wiesn-Einzug der Festwirte und Brauereien.

Things to see outside the Oktoberfest

If you're tired of drinking in the tents of theOktoberfest, You can always visit the pretty Munich! The city centre, indeed, is only 20 minutes walk from Theresienwiese. Here you will find the Marienplatz, the main square, where you can admire the huge carillon (“Glockenspiel”) that sounds 3 times daily for centuries. The city is full of beautiful architecture, cultural and entertainment, and it is pleasant to visit in day.

Oktoberfest guide how to get beer hours Marienplatz
Marienplatz – Munich

Staying on the subject of beer, worth visiting are the historic breweries in Munich, where you can find the same atmosphere the you breathe in the tents of theOktoberfest.

Oktoberfest Munich hofbraeuhaus beer
Brewery hofbrauhaus – Munich

Fun facts and tips

– Every year are consumed on average about 7 million litres of beer.
– Paris Hilton was banned from Oktoberfest.
– Do not pass from one tent to another, especially during peak hours, as may already be full
– You cannot enter with Backpack
– Wearing closed shoes if you don't want to wash your feet
– In marquees they only accept cash
– The Lebkuchenherz is the traditional souvenir: It is a gingerbread cookie, usually heart-shaped, decorated with inscriptions and decorations.

Discover 15 interesting facts about Oktoberfest that you probably don't know.

Useful words to survive Oktoberfest

Wellness! = Prost!
Thanks = Danke
Please = Bitte
Beg = Bitteschön
Grilled chicken = Hendl
Pretzel = Pretzels
1 litre of beer = Maß (Masses)
Pork shank = Schweinshaxe

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