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Lloret de Mar: guide to the nightlife of the entertainment capital

A favorite destination for young people all over Europe: Lloret de Mar is the perfect combination of pure fun. A stone's throw from Barcelona, ​​on the southern coast of Spain, the city is the driving force of the nightlife of the entire Costa Brava, which is already quite lively.

There are two certainties that indisputably characterize Lloret: the possibility of meeting so many young people , coming from all over Europe, and the almost absolute lack of sleep. The nightlife is, in fact, particularly intense and lively: in Lloret you come across clubs of all kinds. From bars and restaurants on the beach, you get to very popular pubs and discos: every corner is a place to go wild , at any time of day or night.

But it is the night when the fun explodes and the atmosphere becomes warmer. So what are the best nightclubs to go to in Lloret? Here is a guide to make no mistake in this surprising city.

1. Colossos: one of the busiest clubs, which every year hosts great international DJs, including Tiesto and Benny Benassi.
Music of all kinds and themed evenings to experience a summer between electronic music and Foam Party 2. Tropics: the most popular disco ever among young people.
Three halls, music of all kinds and important names, such as Steve Aoki. The perfect mix for attending out-of-the-ordinary events such as the Playboy evening or the Italian Party 3. Rockefeller: a very British-style disco pub, where you can drink tequila at a good price and have fun until dawn
4. Revolution: a much-loved disco for its special effects and its inimitable sets.
Lights, lasers and smoke take care of coloring and animating the crazy nights of the Costa Brava. In the heart of the city's hottest clubbing area, it offers great commercial and house music and endless entertainment. 5. Hollywood: although this place is smaller than the others, its musical offer is of a high standard. Unmissable and unique the Famous Holywood evening, with a cinematic theme.

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nightclubs in Lloret de Mar
The discos and the wild nightlife of Lloret de Mar