Saranda by night Albania

Saranda: short guide to night entertainment

If Saranda is known as the pearl of Albania there will be a reason: this is how the night ignites in this city

The Albanian Riviera can prove to be a source of great surprises and Saranda is one of the cities that can best succeed in meeting the expectations of young people. The nightlife that this beautiful coastal resort offers is truly varied: here is a brief guide to get an idea of ​​how to have fun at night . Hold on tight because you will really be spoiled for choice on how to organize your Saranda nightlife tour… but if you don't feel like organizing and want to be on the safe side, trust ScuolaZoo Viaggi Evento , masters in entertaining you!

Walk to the Xhiro

The classic promenade where young people spend the whole evening strolling. Thousands of people and a great opportunity to make pleasant encounters and, why not, hook up. The road is very wide and entry to cars is forbidden; it is also bordered by many places where you can drink for little money.

Go to the clubs along the beach

South of the city you can find Mango Beach , one of the best clubs in all of Albania. Open all night, it is a place that deserves, a must in practice. It is right next to the beach and the DJs play all kinds of music: dance, ethnic and, of course, house. It is only open during the summer season, from May to September, and can accommodate up to 2,500 people. We have a lot of fun.

nightclubs in Saranda Mango Club
The Mango Club is one of the most famous nightclubs in Saranda and in all of Albania

Go wild at a disco or night club

The most popular nightclub in Saranda is, without a doubt, Disco Tropical , which offers the best music in town and great shows. Another place worthy of note is Ecuador , which organizes crazy parties and where there are always international DJs. You can decide to spend the night in one of the many nighclubs or bars along the beach, where there is always loud music and you can also listen to local Albanian music.

Saranda nightlife Albania
Saranda offers an amazing night life for all young people

Relax with a beer

Always a step away from the beach, you can drink excellent beer at Tani's bar , but also alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails of all kinds. All accompanied by lots of good music. The beauty of Saranda, which is considered the pearl of Albania, is that there are so many places to have fun that you really are spoiled for choice. Now all that remains is to buy the ticket and leave, for example, with ScuolaZoo Viaggi Evento which is organizing a fabulous holiday in the city of Saranda this summer.