Nightlife Zurich

Zurich: Nightlife and Clubs

Nightlife Zurich: not only banks and chocolate. The main city of Switzerland is also an ideal destination for those who love the night life and loves to dance. Not everyone knows that Zurich offers an incredible variety of bars and clubs to suit every taste.

Nightlife Zurich

Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland, It is a melting pot of memorable experiences. With hundreds of museums and art galleries, fairytale castles, Churches, the best international fashion brands and a wide range of restaurants serving world-class cuisine, Zurich is really a multidimensional city. It 'an example of how the country has embraced modernity and technological progress while continuing to maintain its medieval roots. The quality of life in this metropolis has been voted the best on the planet and this happiness is reflected in the faces of its inhabitants.

Nightlife Zurich by night
Zurich at night

Zurich has a reputation for sober financial center, but in reality its inhabitants know how to have fun. One of the most striking elements of Zurich's nightlife because it really is a city that never seems to sleep. There are trendy lounge bars and clubs that have existed for more than 100 years. The class cafes turn into crowded bars as the night approaches and the wine flows in generous quantities. People go out to dance until the early hours of the morning and the music that comes from these clubs is so contagious that you can not help but join the party.

The Swiss nightlife capital it has a large concentration of nightclubs in a small space,, between extravagant bar, legendary club known throughout Europe and extraordinary location for concerts. In the city there are in fact over 500 nightlife, bars and venues that cater for all musical tastes: you will easily find a place for you where to party until morning! The trendy nightclubs Zurich come alive late in the evening, with music that ranges from electronic music House, to the rock rhythms, reggae and Latin American.

Nightlife Zurich clubs
The nightclubs in Zurich

However, you do not need only follow the club: Zurich is known for its badis, pools that double as bars and become popular meeting places during the summer and are located on the lakefront. A good place to relax is the Rimini Bar, one only pool by day men that turns into a bar with live music at night. The public baths of Frauenbad Männerbad and are only open to women and men, respectively, during the day, but at night they are allowed both in their trendy bars. The outdoor dance nights offering everything, from disco to tango.

Nightlife Zurich Badi
Nightlife Zurich: Bdi, a beach bar in the evening becoming

The historical center of Zurich is obviously in the best area to hang out in the evening. Here there is the highest concentration of bars and clubs in Switzerland, so you really will be spoiled for choice. The district Niederdorf She saw the birth of the Dada movement in the twentieth century and here you can find plenty of bars and restaurants very welcoming.

Langstrasse is a very popular way of Zurich for its nightlife. Once, Langstrasse was the main district of Zurich red light. It is still active, but it has been largely renovated in recent times and is now a lively place for an evening of celebration. Along the way you will find bars and nightclubs open late into the night.

Nightlife Zurich Langstrasse
Nightlife Zurich: Langstrasse

A short tram ride from the center found circle 5, also known as Zurich West, a former industrial area that is experiencing a renaissance as the site of night life more fashionable Zurich. Here many clubs have already opened the doors attracting more and more young revelers. And 'the place to meet locals and enjoy all that the nightlife in Zurich.

Nightlife Zurich West
Nightlife Zurich: Zurich West

Mega-annual party in Zurich

Do not be fooled by the alpine pastures, by yodelling and cowbells, Swiss like to let go at festivals and events in Zurich. At the annual Street Parade, a chaotic path 2 kilometers around the lake accompanied by a pounding techno music, young and old come out to drink, listen to music and dress in dazzling colors. The festival begins in mid-afternoon and continues until the next morning.

Nightlife Zurich Street Parade
Nightlife Zurich: Street Parade

For a truly different, check out Hot, one of the biggest celebrations of music and Latin American culture in Europe that takes place every summer in Zurich. Live DJ, cocktail rivers and a lot of Latin music, salsa, reggae and reggaeton.

Nightlife Zurich Caliente Latin American festival
Nightlife Zurich: Hot, Latin festival in Zurich

Clubs and discotheques in Zurich

Kaufleuten (Pelikanpl. 18, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Tuesday from 21.00 to 3.00, Friday and Saturday from 23.00 to 5.00, Sunday from 21.00 to 1.00.
Located in the city center, The Kaufleuten is a real institution in the Zurich nightlife. This legendary club is located in a historic building, and regularly hosts world famous DJs and organizes special events. This trendy club is characterized by ups and a huge dance floor ceilings. He frequented by young people between 18 not 22 years, the club applies a strict selection at the entrance: you'll probably have to wait up to an hour to get in but, Once inside, We will be waiting for an unprecedented night of partying in Zurich. Every Tuesday there is the evening with hip-hop music that attracts a lot of people. Do not miss it!

Nightlife Zurich Kaufleuten
Nightlife Zurich: merchants

Mascotte Club (Theaterstrasse 10, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday and Thursday to Saturday from 23.00 to 4.00.
With more than 100 years of activity, Mascotte is one of the oldest clubs in Zurich and is a legend in the city nightlife scene. This club is still very popular today and offers festive evening with music for all tastes ranging from techno to pop, up to R'n'B passing through the hip hop beats, funk, punk, rock, metal, folk and live concerts by international artists. In here they performed and they partied many world artists such as Madonna and Louis Amstrong.

Nightlife Zurich Mascotte Club
Nightlife Zurich: Mascotte Club

Plaza Klub (Badenerstrasse 109, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Thursdays from 22.00 to 4.00, Friday and Saturday from 23.00 to 4.00.
Housed in an old cinema, Klub Plaza is a popular nightclub in Zurich with cutting-edge sound systems and numerous dance floors: it is hard not to have fun with the contagious atmosphere of her parties. Every Thursday is student night not to be missed while, regular intervals, the local organizing concerts with music that ranges from rock to hip-hop to electronic music, Apart from numerous theme parties.

Nightlife Klub Plaza Zurich
Nightlife Zurich: Plaza Klub

Hive Club (Geroldstrasse 5, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Thursdays from 23.00 to 4.00, Friday from 23.00 to 7.00, Saturdays from 23.00 to 9.00.
Known for electronic music, Hive houses three dance floors each with its own atmosphere. The main dance floor, with an area of 450 square meters with lights and lasers overwhelming, It offers the perfect atmosphere to be persuaded to take the music and have fun. But when the lights and the music become too, you can relax in the lounge upstairs. With a remarkable sound system, this club is a must for music lovers of house and techno. Surely one of the best clubs in Zurich with electronic music.

Nightlife Zurich Hive Club
Nightlife Zurich: Hive Club

Supermarket (Geroldstrasse 17, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday from 23.00 to 6.00, Saturdays from 23.00 to 8.00.
Do not get confused by the name because this place is a lively club and not a department store where you can buy everything you need. Located in a former garage in Zurich West, this club was opened in the 90's to become today a popular spot for Zurich's underground party. The techno and house music is played by talented local DJs and the crowd is young and full of energy. Drinks range from whiskey, vodka, gin and rum to shots of Jagermeister. This is one of the few nightclubs in Zurich which stays open until the early hours of the morning and it is easy to see people dancing yet to 6 in the morning. The dance floor is huge and is decorated with neon lights that will send you into a trance. This place has a strict admission policy and access is granted only to those who have 21 years and are in possession of an identity document.

Nightlife Zurich Supermarket
Nightlife Zurich: Supermarket

Club Bellevue (Rämistrasse 6, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday and Saturday from 23.00 to 5.00.
Located in Bellevue Zurich, This club is a great place that is home to superb live concerts combined with events on weekdays. Excellent place to drink and dance, Here you can stay awake and dance the night away. The music played is generally house and techno in all its variants. In addition, the touch of retro disco with LED lights psychedelic background. It does not have a specific dress code and it is a good place to meet new people or dance the night away.

Nightlife Zurich Club Bellevue
Nightlife Zurich: Club Bellevue
Nightlife Club Bellevue Zurich Swiss girls
Swiss Girls are having a party at the club Bellevue Zurich

Aura (Bleicherweg 5, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday and Saturday from 22.00 to 4.00.
Located in central Zurich, Aura is a bar, a club and a stylish restaurant. The bar on the first floor is dominated by shades of brown and silent international elegance with leather padded benches and a carpet, while the main dance floor boasts 450 square meters of surface with a high ceiling 9 meters and a 360-degree screen that surrounds the dance floor. Aura is different from any other club in Zurich. The crowd has more than 21 years and is more elegant but still is a club for all the revelers, with music of all genres that explodes into the early hours of the morning. Its restaurant has a Michelin Star.

Nightlife Zurich Aura
Nightlife Zurich: Aura

Jade Club (Pelikanpl., Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open on Tuesdays, Friday and Saturday from 23.00 to 4.00.
One of Zurich's trendiest nightclubs and most popular at the moment. Jade always attracts a large crowd of young fashionistas, including many beautiful Swiss girls. The music ranges mainly on R'n'B, hip-hop, reggaeton and other club hits.

Nightlife Zurich Jade Club
Nightlife Zurich: Jade Club
Nightlife Club Zurich Jade beautiful girls
Jade Club, Zurich

Kanzlei (Kanzleistrasse 56, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday and Saturday from 23.00 to 4.00.
chancellery It is one of the Zurich club dinosaurs. Located in a former school gym, its dance floor has been a magnet for the crowds of young people for more than two decades, and it still. Every week.end, DJs play mostly festive melodies, black music like hip hop, r’n’b, dancehall and reggae to dance hip crowd. Kanzlei is definitely one of the most fun places to party in Zurich.

Nightlife Zurich Kanzlei
Nightlife Zurich: chancellery

Papiersaal (Kalanderpl. 6, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Housed in an old paper mill transformed into a modern shopping center on the outskirts of Zurich, the Papiersaal is a disco in the industrial style which hosts many concerts ranging from folk to indie rock genre, as well as parties and other events. South to big stage 180 degrees perform many national and international stars.

Nightlife Zurich Papiersaal
Nightlife Zurich: Papiersaal

Zukunft (Dienerstrasse 33, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Thursdays from 23.00 to 4.00, Friday and Saturday from 23.45 to 7.00.
future It is one of the smaller clubs in Zurich and is famous for its many events and parties with electronic music. International DJ and popular bands playing around, by techno, house ed electro pop al jazz, indie e blues. Because of the radio background from which the owners of Zukunft, Local radio stations have a big impact on the music. Drinks served here are really good because the bartenders are thorough professionals. Unfortunately there are no happy hour. This nightclub is located in a basement in the Langstrasse area and is a bit hard to find since the entrance is a narrow alley that is overshadowed by two buildings. Socializing in Zukunft continue until the early hours of the morning and is the ideal place for dancing till late.

Nightlife Zurich Zukunft
Nightlife Zurich: future

Hiltl (Sihlstrasse 28, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday through Thursday from 6.00 to 23.00, Friday and Saturday from 6.00 to 24.00, Sunday from 8.00 to 23.00.
Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday the Hiltl restaurant turns into a modern and luxurious club that offers the best of electronic music and hosts famous DJs to the console. Every Friday play house, Saturday and Sunday play hip hop is in open format. Dress to impress if you want to overcome the door policy.

Nightlife Zurich Hiltl
Nightlife Zurich: Hiltl

Komplex 457 (Hohlstrasse 457, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
This is the third concert hall and biggest festivals in Zurich, capable of seating 2300 spettatori. Some of the most famous concert organizers and city holidays bring indie rock and more in this modern clubs in the far west of Zurich.

Nightlife Zürich Komplex 457
Nightlife Zurich: complex 457

Mausefalle (Uraniastrasse 40, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Wednesdays from 19.00 to 24.00, Thursday from 20.00 to 2.00, Friday and Saturday from 21.00 to 4.00.
An après-ski in the Austrian style in the middle of Zurich. The dance floor and the wooden bar evokes the atmosphere of an alpine party unpretentious, while the DJ plays all rock hits and pop hit. Average age of 20 years.

Nightlife Zurich Mausefalle
Nightlife Zurich: mousetrap

Exil Zürich (Hardstrasse 245, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Located in the old industrial area of ​​Zurich West, Exil is the club dedicated to live music: from indie rock to folk, to rap and electronic music, There are domestic and foreign bands and DJs on stage almost every night. The bar made of piled wooden beams and the large disco ball are the club landmarks. Also known for its parties after shows.

Nightlife Zurich Exil
Nightlife Zurich: Exile

Club Hard One (Hardstrasse 260, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Aperto lunedì e martedì dalle 19.00 to 2.00, Friday and Saturday from 23.00 to 5.00.
Zurich Disco mainly showing hiphop music, rap, R'n'B e ritmi reggae.

Nightlife Club Zurich Hard One
Nightlife Zurich: Club Hard One

Maag Music Hall (Hardstrasse 219, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
This huge Zurich events center hosts concerts and festivals on weekends.

Nightlife Zurich Maag Music Hall
Nightlife Zurich: Maag Music Hall

X-TRA (Limmatstrasse 118, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
X-Tra is one of the most popular clubs in Zurich. It 'also known for concerts and hosts some of the best parties, as the “Rollschuh Disco” (bring your roller skates), The dark and very gothic “More than Mode” or the “Lollipop Party”, a favorite among the gay community in the city.

Nightlife Zurich X-TRA
Nightlife Zurich: X-TRA

Moods (Schiffbauplatz, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday through Thursday from 19.30 to 24.00, Friday and Saturday from 19.30 to 4.00, Sunday from 18.00 to 23.00.
Considered as one of Europe's best jazz club, Moods It offers not only jazz music, but also funk, soul, blues, pop ed electro, with a high-level program, and local and international artists. The atmosphere of the place is cozy and welcoming. Every weekend there are parties that begin after concerts.

Nightlife Zurich Moods
Nightlife Zurich: Moods

Bogen F (Viaduktstrasse 97, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
This popular club hosts concerts Zurich Swiss and international bands. Thanks to its small size and great sound system, the club organizes evening concerts with a rather intimate and family.

Nightlife Zurich Bogen F
Nightlife Zurich: The book F

Rote Fabrik (Seestrasse 395, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Set in a stunning location on the banks of Lake Zurich, Rote Fabrik is a legendary cultural center and club concerts hosting international artists. Here they performed the band Red Hot Chili Peppers caliber, Nirvana and many more. In addition to concerts, There are also film screenings and theater performances mainly focused on social and political issues.

Nightlife Zurich Rote Fabrik
Nightlife Zurich: Rote Fabrik

Gonzo Club (Langstrasse 135, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open from Wednesday to Saturday from 23.00 to 4.00.
Club atmosphere and unpretentious alternative, very similar to that of a social center. The Gonzo offers evenings to the rhythm of rock music, with live concerts and festivals. To get yourself in the queue in front of the telephone booth!

Nightlife Zurich Gonzo Club
Nightlife Zurich: Gonzo Club

Minirock (Badenerstrasse 281, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Thursdays from 17.00 to 2.00, Friday and Saturday from 20.00 to 4.00.
Good rock music in this disco in Zurich decorated with colorful neon tubes. The bar serves not only draft beer, but also jugs of prosecco!

Nightlife Zurich Minirock
Nightlife Zurich: mini-skirt

Stall 6 (Gessnerallee 8, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
It was once a stable for horses, today it is a popular bar in Zürich and a lively meeting place for the city's youth. It 'also a cultural center with a nice creative entertainment program ranging from concerts to comedy shows, up to the evenings with DJs and international bands.

Nightlife Zurich Stall 6
Nightlife Zurich: Stall 6

Kater (Kanonengasse 33, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday from 17.00 to 4.00, Saturdays from 20.00 to 5.00.
Dark and simple, hangover It offers all of the local rock basics like beer, shots and drinks at affordable prices, narrow cabins, memorabilia of some local rock heroes on the walls and, Of course, loud rock music. A DJ usually shakes the house on Saturday and on Monday the metal is king.

Nightlife Zurich Kater
Nightlife Zurich: hangover

Nelson Pub (Beatengasse 11, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday through Thursday from 11.30 to 2.00, Friday from 11.30 to 4.30, Saturdays from 14.00 to 4.30, Sunday from 14.00 to 2.00.
This popular disco on weekends is populated mostly by foreigners and au pairs.

Nightlife Zurich Nelson Pub
Nightlife Zurich: Nelson Pub

Mehrspur (Toni-Areal, Förrlibuckstrasse 109, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday to Wednesday 16.00 to 23.00, Thursday and Friday from 16.00 to 23.45.
Located at the Higher Institute of Art, multitrack Zurich has a room for concerts to be transformed according to the event even in a music workshop, a place to jam sessions, a nightclub and a bar where they serve good drinks. For all music lovers.

Nightlife Zurich Mehrspur
Nightlife Zurich: multitrack

Dynamo (Wasserwerkstrasse 21, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
A center for youth culture that organizes music concerts metal, punk, rock, be, reggae and Gothic, frequented by music lovers of all ages.

Nightlife Zurich Dynamo
Nightlife Zurich: Dynamo

Sender (Kurzgasse 4, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Wednesday and Thursday from 18.00 to 2.00, Friday and Saturday from 18.00 to 5.00.
This place is both a recording studio, a radio station and a disco. Here the music program is always transmitted live on radio and guests go wild on the dance floor.

Nightlife Zurich Sender
Nightlife Zurich: Sender

The bars and pubs of Zurich

Olé Olé Bar (Langstrasse 138, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday to Saturday from 17.00 to 4.00, Sunday from 17.00 to 2.00.
Located in the Langstrasse district, Olé Olé Bar is one of the most popular bars in Zurich for the past 50 years. With its raw style, the place is frequented by a very lively crowd that ranges from banking to students, up to tourists.

Nightlife Zurich Olé Olé Bar
Nightlife Zurich: Olé Olé Bar

Kasheme (Neugasse 56, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Tuesday and Wednesday from 17.00 to 24.00, Thursday from 17.00 to 2.00, Friday and Saturday from 17.00 to 4.00, Sunday from 19.00 to 24.00.
With a perfect living room atmosphere, Kseme is a bar decorated with vinyl records, musical instruments, sofas with colorful cushions and a huge tentacle similar to a lamp that create a very friendly environment. From Wednesday to Saturday, you can hear not only DJs and musicians playing discs, but also live shows, while you can go wild in the small dance floor in the basement. Before 19.00, this place even a record store Vinyl.

Nightlife Zurich Kasheme
Nightlife Zurich: Kseme

Kon-Tiki Coffeeshop & Bar (Niederdorfstrasse 24, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open from Sunday to Thursday 17.00 to 24.00, Friday and Saturday from 17.00 to 2.00.
Situated in the Niederdorf, Zurich this famous tiki bar attracts a varied clientele thanks to good music and its carefree atmosphere. Here you will find regular live concerts of young bands and local musicians and international DJs, while the beer flows freely.

Nightlife Zurich Kon-Tiki Coffeeshop & Bar
Nightlife Zurich: Kon-Tiki Coffeeshop & Bar

Widder Bar & Kitchen (Widdergasse 6, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open from Sunday to Wednesday 11.30 to 1.00, from Thursday to Saturday from 11.30 to 2.00.
Widder It is a bar that belongs to a completely different era. The plan plays a soulful melody while you drowned in the shot of whiskey. This paradise of jazz has to be won over 250 variety of single malts along with other 500 spirit. In addition to these points of reference, There are vintage cocktails prepared by the talented bartender Dirk Hany, that in 2008 He was named the “Barista of the year”. Part of the luxurious Widder Hotel in Zurich, this bar has ceilings decorated, crimson leather walls and wooden beams that date back to the 13th century. Do not miss the grand piano, as well as the mysterious gray sculptures. Every Tuesday, the Widder Bar hosts concerts with the biggest names in jazz. This lounge is perhaps the most stylish place in town to grab a drink and meet locals and travelers.

Nightlife Zurich Widder Bar & Kitchen
Nightlife Zurich: Widder Bar & Kitchen

Regenbogen Bar (Rosengasse 6, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday to Wednesday 11.00 to 00.30, Thursday from 11.00 to 2.00, Friday and Saturday from 11.00 to 4.00, Sunday from 14.00 to 00.30.
Located in the heart of the old town, rainbow It is a popular hangout for locals and tourists. Quiet and shady, This bar has outdoor seating to relax and enjoy a good beer. During the summer nights there are occasional live concerts.

Nightlife Bar Zurich Regenbogen
Nightlife Zurich: Rainbow Bar

Gräbli Bar (Niederdorfstrasse 66, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open every day.
Located in the area of ​​Niederdorf, This cult bar is an important element to the night life of this neighborhood. It 's always full of people, even late at night. Worth visiting for the very relaxed atmosphere for their Swiss specialties, such as fondue and the stew to Zurich.

Nightlife Bar Zurich Grabli
Nightlife Zurich: grab bar

Aelpli Bar (Ankengasse 5, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 17.00 to 24.00.
Located in an old barn, this legendary and ancient Zurich bar provides a true picture of the traditional bars in town. Fully furnished in wood, the restaurant also hosts evenings with traditional folk music. Must try their specialty called “Aelpli milk”: a chupito of the house prepared with alcohol and milk.

Nightlife Bar Zurich Aelpli
Nightlife Zurich: Aelpli Bar

Clouds Bar & Bistro (Maagpl. 5, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday from 9.00 to 23.00, from Tuesday to Thursday 9.00 to 24.00, Friday from 9.00 to 2.00, Saturdays from 10.00 to 2.00, Sunday from 10.00 to 23.00.
Zurich seems unfathomably tiny from the heights of this lounge bar on the 35th floor of the Prime Tower, in Zurich West District. Enjoy the view of the city while enjoying their gin and tonics, appetizers and cocktails. Great sunset.

Nightlife Bar Zurich Clouds & Bistro
Nightlife Zurich: Clouds Bar & Bistro

Onyx Bar (Beethovenstrasse 21, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday through Thursday from 16.00 to 24.00, Friday and Saturday from 16.00 to 1.00, Sunday from 18.00 to 24.00.
This award-winning local senior night is famous for its whiskey bar, creative cocktails and wide selection of wines. The glass walls from floor to ceiling offer a beautiful view on the summer terrace of the restaurant. The bar is named after the stone onyx bar that doubles as a theme for the interior lighting. Here you will find selected wines, whisky, vodka, classic cocktails and premium cigars.

Nightlife Zurich Onyx Bar
Nightlife Zurich: Onyx Bar

Jules Verne (Uraniastrasse 9, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday through Thursday from 11.30 to 24.00, Friday and Saturday from 11.30 to 1.00.
Located in the historic center inside the tower that also houses the observatory Urania, Jules Verne It offers spectacular views of the city of Zurich to the lake and the Alps. Take the elevator in the Brasserie Lipp and, Once you reach the top, you will be greeted by a lovely panorama view and their delicious cocktails and wines. Ideal for a romantic evening in Zurich.

Nightlife Zurich Jules Verne
Nightlife Zurich: Jules Verne

Cinchona Bar (Langstrasse 150, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday through Thursday from 8.00 to 1.00, Friday and Saturday from 8.00 to 2.00, Sunday from 9.00 to 1.00.
Located within the 25hours Hotel Langstrasse, Cinchona It is a bar with a friendly and international atmosphere. The place is famous for its cocktails “highball”, drink mixed with simple but high quality ingredients and served on the rocks. Particularly suitable to cocktails lovers.

Nightlife Bar Zurich Cinchona
Nightlife Zurich: Cinchona Bar

Lima Bar (Talacker 34, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Tuesday and Wednesday from 17.30 to 24.00, Thursday and Friday from 17.30 to 2.00, Saturdays from 21.00 to 2.00.
A classy cocktail bar features a simple but elegant decor, with marble tables and velvet armchairs. Every night there is a DJ at the console while, every now and then, The party nights they moved to the dance floor adjacent.

Nightlife Zurich Lima Bar
Nightlife Zurich: Five Bar

4 Tiere Bar (Feldstrasse 61, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open from Tuesday to Thursday from 17.00 to 24.00, Friday and Saturday from 17.00 to 1.00.
This small bar in Zürich offers over 400 varieties of gin and experienced bartenders prepare delicious cocktails behind the bar.

Nightlife Zurich 4 Animals bar
Nightlife Zurich: 4 Animals bar

Bar am Wasser (Stadthausquai 1, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday to Saturday from 8.00 to 24.00.
This venue is an extraordinary recent addition to the cocktail scene in Zurich and not only for its excellent drinks, but also for its extravagant furniture including shakers from around the world glued to the wall, soft sofas and a huge chandelier. If you like to explore the world of cocktails, this is a good place to start or end your trip.

Nightlife Zurich Bar am Wasser
Nightlife Zurich: Waterfront bar

Fat Tony (Langstrasse 135, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Aperto lunedì e martedì dalle 11.00 to 1.00, Wednesday and Thursday from 11.00 to 3.00, Friday and Saturday from 11.00 to 4.30.
This bar inspired by the Miami 70s is pervaded by a Caribbean flavor. Among flashy guests and good music, Fat Tony It is a bar during the day and a disco at night which also serves pizza slices. The ideal place to start your night of partying along the Langstrasse.

Nightlife Zurich Fat Tony
Nightlife Zurich: Fat Tony

Schickeria (Neufrankengasse 4, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday to Wednesday 17.00 to 24.00, Thursday from 17.00 to 2.00, Friday and Saturday from 17.00 to 4.00.
A bar with a unique and stylish which also boasts a pleasant terrace open in summer and winter, when it becomes a real outdoor chalets, complete with a bonfire and pallicce. All drinks are served in wine glasses, whether you will order a beer or a cocktail.

Nightlife Zurich Schickeria
Nightlife Zurich: Schickeria

Oepfelchammer (Rindermarkt 12, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Oepfelchammer is especially known for its tavern on the first floor. A special challenge awaits you there: bypassed two rafters and drink a glass of free wine hanging upside down. If you do, you will be allowed to carve your name on the wooden walls. Be sure to comply with the written rules of the house (ie no applause, only knock on tables) or the eccentric waiter Boris would be glad to multarvi. Good Swiss food but quite expensive in the refectory.

Nightlife Zurich Oepfelchammer
Nightlife Zurich: Oepfelchammer

Calvados (Idaplatz 4, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday through Thursday from 16.00 to 24.00, Friday from 16.00 to 2.00, Saturdays from 15.00 to 2.00, Sunday from 15.00 to 24.00.
With walls covered with historical photos of sports stars and television sets almost always lit., quickly becomes evident: Calvados is a sports bar. The TV show mainly football, but also other sports such as ice hockey and golf, sometimes two different events are shown on separate screens. But with the great selection of beers, cocktail, liqueurs and some snacks (try their sandwiches!), Calvados is also a viable option if you do not like sports, especially in summer, where outdoor seating are always well attended.

Nightlife Zurich Calvados
Nightlife Zurich: Calvados

Atelier Bar (Talacker 16, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday to Friday from 7.30 to 24.00, Saturdays from 10.00 to 24.00.
A bold mix between a studio of an artist and a lounge with fireplace of a stately home, Atelier It is a pretty laid back bar in the center of Zurich. The theme is the realization of furniture and, accordingly, each wooden chair is different. Gustatevi a cocktail, one of the many wines sold by the glass and some cheese or a sandwich.

Nightlife Zurich Atelier Bar
Nightlife Zurich: Atelier Bar

Bar Rossi (Sihlhallenstrasse 3, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday through Thursday from 18.00 to 0.30, Friday from 17.00 to 4.0, Saturdays from 20.00 to 24.00.
A small bar close to the so-called triangle of Bermuda, once one of the shaded areas of the city and not the corner with the best reputation. But there is absolutely nothing to be afraid in Bar Rossi: a cozy corner sofa, some tables and a classic bar menu. Often live DJs and bands: surely one stage to include when you jump from bar to bar in the Langstrasse area.

Nightlife Zurich Bar Rossi
Nightlife Zurich: Bar Rossi

BIERlab (Grüngasse 7, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open from Thursday to Saturday from 17.00 to 24.00.
The craft brewery in Zurich Bear'n'Stein has turned this cozy bar in an old neighborhood tavern in his new home. Not selling their beer in bottles, but rather on tap in your bar. You can see their pride and their joy, a plant for the production of beer from 500 liters, behind a glass wall at the rear. Six of their specialties are available on tap, and all are named after pop songs. Although they have more than a dozen types of canned beer, each beer can still vary slightly because the recipes are constantly being adapted.

Nightlife Zurich BIERlab
Nightlife Zurich: BIERlab

Binz und Kunz (Räffelstrasse 17, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday to Friday from 7.30 to 24.00, Saturdays from 12.00 to 24.00, Sunday from 12.00 to 22.00.
This outdoor bar, that brings a Mediterranean summer touch in the district of Binz, It is a good alternative during summer evenings, when it is full of people. Equipped with containers and strings of colored lights, The bar serves beers and Swiss specialties like bratwurst and sausages Cervelat. What more can you ask for on a balmy summer night?

Vita notturna Zurigo Binz and Kunz
Nightlife Zurich: Binz and Kunz

The Alehouse (Universitätstrasse 23, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday to Saturday from 16.00 to 24.00, Sunday from 16.00 to 22.00.
With up to 21 several craft beers on tap, Alehouse It is one of the most breweries supplied in the city. Here you will find a beer definitely suits you, whether it's a hoppy IPA, Belgian amber or perhaps a dark beer. There is also a good number of local beers on offer. The bartender is usually happy to give you a taste before ordering and pub atmosphere is a favorite by students and expatriates, many of whom speak English. There are also classic dishes like burgers bar, fish and chips, chicken and salads.

Nightlife Zurich The Alehouse
Nightlife Zurich: The Alehouse

El Lokal (Gessnerallee 11, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday through Thursday from 10.00 to 24.00, Friday from 10.00 to 1.00, Saturdays from 14.00 to 1.00, Sunday from 14.00 to 24.00.
Located on the banks Shil, El Lokal It is a local legend. Inside it is set up like a pirate ship, with a shark, nautical memorabilia from around the world, and a large skeleton hanging from the ceiling. There is always live music or football matches live. In summer hundreds of people sit outside on the bank of the river Sihl and enjoy food from the barbecue.

Nightlife El Lokal Zurich
Nightlife Zurich: El Lokal

Frau Gerolds Garten (Geroldstrasse 23/23a, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday to Saturday from 11.00 to 24.00, Sunday from 12.00 to 22.00.
Covering approximately 20000 square meters near the Hardbrücke station, Ms. Gerold's Garden It is a gigantic beer garden built with old container housing the two bars and the kitchen and have a terrace where you can sip a drink and enjoy the sea view of railroad tracks and over. Is there really even a vegetable garden, including vegetables, which apparently they are used by chefs. This is the place where locals meet for a beer after work or unpretentious Sunday brunch, meeting friends. There is also a barbecue that produces delicious sausages!

Nightlife Zurich Frau Gerolds Garten
Nightlife Zurich: Ms. Gerold's Garden

Nietturm (Schiffbaustrasse 4, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open from Tuesday to Thursday from 17.00 to 1.00, Friday and Saturday from 17.00 to 2.00.
This elegant cocktail bar on the top two floors of a glass tower above the Schiffbau (an old industrial hall that now houses the main city theater stage) It offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Zurich West. Head to the second floor and enjoy a cocktail while admiring the scenery seated next to the elegant fireplace.

Nightlife Zurich Nietturm
Nightlife Zurich: Nietturm

Primitivo (Kloster Fahr-Weg, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 11.00 to 24.00.
This bar is a popular place on warm summer evenings for a swim in the river and then drink a beer. The containers house the bar and kitchen offering tasty burgers, grilled sausages, French fries and salad. Not only a good choice in the evening, but also perfect for relaxing and reading in the afternoon.

Nightlife Zurich Primitivo
Nightlife Zurich: Primitive

Rimini Bar (Badweg 10, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Located in Männerbad, a swimming place open for men only during the day, Rimini is transformed into a lively open-air bar in the evening. Trees illuminated the nearby Old Botanical Garden make it seem like a small oasis in the city center. Hidden behind the former Zurich Stock Exchange, It is a meeting point for business men and women and for the hip crowd of the city center.

Nightlife Zurich Rimini Bar
Nightlife Zurich: Rimini Bar

Restaurant Les Halles (Pfingstweidstrasse 6, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday to Wednesday 11.00 to 24.00, Thursday from 11.00 to 1.00, Friday and Saturday from 11.00 to 2.00.
A semi-brewery indoor super relaxed fun with games, pinball and an upbeat atmosphere. The crowd is young, casual and friendly, It is making it easier to socialize on communal tables while carrying pitchers of beer at a good price. There's also live music: an eclectic mix of Wave, Ska music and 90s with bar atmosphere.

Nightlife Zurich Restaurant Les Halles
Nightlife Zurich: Restaurant Les Halles

BQM (Leonhardstrasse 34, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday through Thursday from 11.45 to 23.00, Friday from 11.45 to 22.00.
This popular hangout for college students offers cheap drinks and a relaxed atmosphere. Since it is a student bar, the hours are a bit different: It opens in the late afternoon and closes at 23.00.

Nightlife Zurich BQM
Nightlife Zurich: BQM

Seebad Enge (Mythenquai 9, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 11.00 to 23.00.
Spend the morning hours between swims, paddle-boarding and yoga in this bathroom season on Lake Zurich. At night, bathing facilities are transformed into a bar and the revelers continue the fun.

Nightlife Zurich Seebad Enge
Nightlife Zurich: Enge lakeside

Barfussbar (Stadthausquai 12, Zurich) fb_icon_tiny
Open only in summer, Barfussbar It is a pool bar situated along the River Limmat. Sip a drink in the evening while walking barefoot poolside.

Nightlife Zurich Barfussbar
Nightlife Zurich: Barfussbar

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