Alternative Beach bar all in one Canggu Bali

Alternative Beach: the new bar all rolled into one in Canggu, Bali

A pool bar and memorable parties, hostel and private rooms, but also a restaurant, a gym and a brand new spa. All this is called Alternative Beach, the new bar all in one located in Canggu, one of the most sophisticated resort of Bali.

Alternative Beach: the new bar all in one Canggu for relaxation and fun in Bali

Open from December 2018 and tucked away in a narrow street in the heart of Canggu, Alternative Beach It is the newest relaxing place to Bali, designed for those looking for a tasty food day, cool music and good vibrations.

Alternative Beach bar all in one Canggu girls
Relax and girls at the Alternative Beach, the new bar all rolled into one in Canggu

This fantastic beach club boasts a fabulous swimming pool with a fun slide, a diving pool deck, a lawn and deck with views of rice fields un'incentevole. A Mediterranean mix of white cement, light wood and real sand was used to create a beach worthy of Instagram, without the problems of overcrowding, garbage and street vendors. In their place, white sofa, white umbrellas, towering palms and staff dressed in white, providing the perfect place to relax.

Alternative Beach It is the place where people come to relax, make friends, drink, and enjoy the wonderful climate of Bali.

The modern Mediterranean-inspired facilities include two whirlpools, a social center, a restaurant (Eat Me), a bicycle center (Bali Cycle Center), a gym (Wanderlust Crossfit), a spa (Allure Spa), hostel accommodation (KosOne Hostel) and private rooms (Canggu Village Accommodation).

Alternative Beach, Canggu: pool

Alternative Beach, Canggu: relaxing and private apartments

The atmosphere alone is something to see, but of course the food is just as impressive. Eat Me The menu focuses on dishes health conscious and locally sourced, including salads, bowls of smoothies and wraps, as well as many vegan and vegetarian options. In addition to, There are also some really good burgers for those who want to cure a hangover in Bali!

All the property is supervised by local talent and inspired by the atmosphere of Bali. The fantastic team Alternative Beach He has created a place where people meet, eat wonderful food, drink delicious cocktails and immerse themselves in a friendly atmosphere.

Alternative Beach piscina
Alternative Beach, Canggu. Bali

Among the most recent bar variation Canggu, Alternative Beach It is becoming more and more the social scene and Bali's nightlife, with local and international DJs to entertain the crowd during the day with their music, as well as weekly entertainment including free yoga classes, social BBQ, movie nights, weekly pool parties and a daily happy hour.

News: Alternative Beach organizes now some parties on Wednesdays and Saturdays in collaboration with Luigi’s Hot Pizza. They are weekly parties, ranging from 13.00 to 19.00, we have a welcome drink, and the Luigi kids running around, giving him alcohol shots, vibrate the atmosphere of the festival. Obviously you will find local and international DJ at the console, and more.

Alternative Beach
Jl. Batu Bolong, Lane 78, Canggu

Open daily from 7.00 to 22.00.

Alternative Beach dip in the pool
A dip in the pool
Alternative Beach pool party
Alternative Beach, Canggu: pool party