Nightlife Ios

IOS: Nightlife and Clubs

Nightlife Ios: romantic and relaxed day, unleashed the night, the small Ios is one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades and is aimed at younger, offering sea life but also much unbridled fun and transgressive. Discover what are the best nightclubs on the island of Ios to spend a fun summer!

Nightlife Ios

The island of Ios is famous for being a favorite Greek islands by young nightlife. The island is known since the 60's as an island festive and youth thanks to the hippie movement, and entertainment offer is comparable to that of Mykonos, although to a lesser extent.

Ios is a wild island and to discover, and not only it offers unbridled fun but also dream beaches, architecture and crystal clear sea. An island with two faces, Relaxed by day and unleashed night, Ios is a destination that attracts young people from around the world who come here to have fun, to dance, drink and meet new people. Most of the tourists are British or American, and the average age is around 18 and the 25 years.

Nightlife Ios beach parties
Nightlife Ios: beach parties

The nightlife of Ios begins in the beach bar of the beach,, the most popular beach and island fashion where there are the best beach club. Later in the evening continues Chora, the main village on the island of Ios, where you will find a multitude of pubs and disco bars piled up along the main street (“Main Road”), which literally overflowing with people celebrating wandering local locally until the early hours of the morning. And 'here where all young people heading for partying all night, You can't really go wrong!

The nightlife on the island of Ios are really very many, especially bars, disco and some disco music mostly rock, disco e pop, both Greek and international. Almost all the local clubs are free admission and often offer special discounts and promotions on inputs and drink. In some places you can earn the local official T-shirt if you can drink chupiti seven in a row!

Nightlife Ios clubs
Discos and parties on the island of Ios

For a more romantic and relaxed nightlife you can try the restaurants with traditional food, which they offer excellent Greek food at a good price, all immersed in a peaceful atmosphere. Be sure to visit the fabulous beach Aghia Theoditi, where you can admire a wonderful sunset and a breathtaking view, while in 30 kilometers from the center of Chora you can get to the beach Manganari, equipped with beds, bars and restaurants.

Clubs and nightclubs on the island of Ios

Disco 69 (Chora, Ios) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 23.30 to 6.00.
Active since 1974, the disc 69 It is one of the most enduring and popular nightclubs in Ios. The club is located in the main square each night and offers lots of music, Alcohol endless and wild parties till dawn. Definitely the reference point for the nightlife of Ios and also one of the most popular among tourists.

Nightlife Ios Disco 69
Nightlife Ios: Disc 69
Nightlife Ios Disco 69 Girls
Girls at the Disco 69 Ios

FarOut Beach Club (Mylopotas Beach, Ios) fb_icon_tiny
Located in the village of Mylopotas, the Far Out beach club It offers a beautiful view of the sea, loud music and good cocktails with beautiful surroundings and nice and many events not to miss, this club is the place to have fun and dance until the morning.

Vita notturna Ios Far Out Beach Club
Nightlife Ios: Far Out Beach Club
Nightlife Ios Far Out Beach Club beautiful girls
Pretty girls dancing to the Far Out Beach Club in Ios

Scorpion Club (Chora, Ios) fb_icon_tiny
Set on a cliff along the way leading from Chora to Mylopotas, lo Scorpion is an after-club which is open from 3 in the morning and for the most avid partiers the party goes on dancing and drinking cocktails until late morning. The bar is located in a round building similar to a cave, rather small but very special, and the music ranges from hip hop to dance music, up to progressive trance rhythms. Try their special cocktail: lo Scorpion Sting! Another historic disco nightlife of Ios.

Nightlife Ios Scorpion Club
Nightlife Ios: Scorpion Club

The Bank (Chora, Ios) fb_icon_tiny
It located where once there was the Orange Bar, the The Bank It is a disco bar to always packed fashion which hosts some of the craziest nights of the island.

Nightlife Ios The Bank
Nightlife Ios: The Bank

Sweet Irish Dream (Main Road, Ios) fb_icon_tiny
Always open.
ample, cozy and located on two floors, Sweet Irish Dream is one of the largest nightclubs in Ios, with an atmospheric Irish pub and most famous for dancing on tables and exotic drinks. On the first floor you will find two bars that serve Guinness on tap as well as two others on the second floor bar not to stop drinking, plus a couple of pool tables. The club begins to come to life after 3 in the morning (so do not come here soon) and does not close until the 7-8 in the morning. The music is a mix of dance rhythms and clubs.

Vita notturna Ios Sweet Irish Dream
Nightlife Ios: Sweet Irish Dream

Traffic Bar (Chora, Ios) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 23.15 to 5.15.
With a chic and modern style, Traffic Bar is a landmark for the clubbing scene on the island of Ios, thanks to its festivals with dance music and great drinks.

Nightlife Ios Traffic Bar
Nightlife Ios: Traffic Bar

The bars and pubs of Ios

Flames bar (Chora, Ios) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 22.00 to 6.00.
Located on Main Street, the Flames is one of the revelers bar on the island of Ios. Open since afternoon, Here the party rages until the morning of the following day and is always full of young and beautiful girls ballan to the music pop and rock, Greek and foreign. Really a must if you want to immerse yourself in the crazy Ios nightlife.

Nightlife Ios Flames Bar
Nightlife Ios: Flames Bar

Slammer Bar (Chora, Ios) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 23.00 to 5.00.
Open for more than 20 years and located in the main square of Chora, lo Slammer Bar It is famous for its drinks made with Tequila and is much appreciated by lovers of alcoholic drinks. The place is very cozy, with brick walls and arches dividing the bar into smaller rooms. The music ranges from the latest hits to classic summer, up to hip-hop music, rock, house, 70's, Latin and more.

Vita notturna Slammer Bar Ios
Nightlife Ios: Slammer Bar

Astra Cocktail Bar (Chora, Ios) fb_icon_tiny
Astra It is a famous music bar in the heart of Chora Ios. It transforms from a chill out bar in a club during the evening and hosts several DJs that animate the dance floor playing music Disco, House, funky e latina. This bar is also known for happy hour that lasts until midnight and for special drinks created with fresh fruit. He frequented mainly by Swedish and Norwegian, Astra Cocktail Bar hosts themed parties always great fun.

Nightlife Ios Astra Cocktail Bar
Nightlife Ios: Astra Cocktail Bar

Blue Note Bar (Chora, Ios) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 23.15 to 5.15.
The Blue Note Bar It is a Scandinavian bar that has become very popular among Germans, Brits, Irish and Australian. The bar plays mostly Swedish music, rock e party music, and it has a large dance floor and a long bar with plenty of drinks to choose from. This is one of the busiest bars in Ios during the early part of the evening. The right place to meet some nice Swedish girl on vacation in Ios. If you can drink a certain number of shots in a row you will receive a free t-shirt!

Nightlife Ios Blue Note Bar
Nightlife Ios: Blue Note Bar

Coo Bar (Main Square, Chora, Ios) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 23.00 to 5.30.
Located in the main square, the Coo It is a bar with a minimalist character which offers music R'n'B and Hip-Hop in a unique atmosphere. The inside becomes completely illuminated and vibrant with ever changing hues and professional bartenders keep customers happy with a huge variety of delicious mixed with fresh fruit cocktails, chocolate, home-made syrups and coffee.

Nightlife Ios Coo Bar
Nightlife Ios: Coo Bar

Fun Pub (Main Road, Ios) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 11.00 to 2.30.
A mix of fun activities and happy times await you at the Fun Pub Ios, one of the oldest bars of the island. In particular, This bar is one of the first to open for the summer season and one of the last to finish the season, welcoming guests from April to October with a myriad of pool tables, billiards, darts and giant Jenga. He is known for his Sunday roast, This bar also hosts a variety of fun races every night, films projected on the back and karaoke nights. The setting is softly lit, with flags hanging from the ceiling, and comfy furniture scattered all around.

Nightlife Fun Pub Ios
Nightlife Ios: Fun Pub

Bull Dog (Chora, Ios) fb_icon_tiny
Open from 2002, The Bull Dog is a bar Ios He appreciated for its parties with commercial music, exotic and exclusive shots cocktail.

Vita notturna Ios Bull Dog Bar
Nightlife Ios: Bull Dog Bar

Ios Club (Skalakia, Chora, Ios) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 19.00 to 2.00.
This bar offers one of the best views on the island of Ios and is one of the best bars on the island aperitifs. Relax with a drink while watching the sun, lounging on the stylish and elegant terraces of bars.

Nightlife Ios Ios Club
Nightlife Ios: Ios Club

Free Beach Bar (Mylopotas Beach, Ios) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 10.00 to 23.00.
Beautiful and elegant beach bar located of the beach,.

Nightlife Ios Free Beach Bar
Nightlife Ios: Free Beach Bar

Pathos Lounge Bar and Restaurant (Petalotis-Koumbara, Ios) fb_icon_tiny
The Pathos It is a charming lounge bar with a breathtaking view of the sea that offers one of the most popular cocktails of Ios, with poolside dinner and a DJ set up to 21.30. Do not miss it.

Vita notturna Ios Pathos Lounge Bar and Restaurant
Nightlife Ios: Pathos Lounge Bar and Restaurant

Katogi Tapas Bar (Chora, Ios) fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 20.00 to 1.00.
Located along the main road, the Katogi Tapas Bar It is a tavern with Greek and Spanish cuisine, offering delicious traditional and original dishes. Housed in a small colored court and immersed in an intriguing atmosphere, the place is divided into two rooms inside and a bar. Remember to book early as it is always full.

Vita notturna Josh Katogi Tapas Bar
Nightlife Ios: Katogi Tapas Bar

Map of clubs, the pubs and bars of Ios

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