Nightlife Pattaya

Pattaya: nightlife and clubs

Nightlife Pattaya: Pattaya is synonymous with nightlife and offers the best nightlife in Thailand with its neon lights, glittering nightclubs, go-go bars and pool parties. Here is the ultimate guide to the best bars and clubs in Pattaya.

Nightlife Pattaya

Pattaya is one of Thailand and its vibrant nightlife is world famous.

The best after-dinner activities show why Pattaya has an international reputation. This is a party city where people are looking for endless nights of entertainment. Go-go bars, live rock bands, international DJs, cabaret shows, swimming pools. Whether it's rooftop bar parties or a quiet beer at a local hangout, Pattaya's nightlife thrives on every corner of the city , with completely different types of venues very close together, on the same street.

Pattaya by night
Pattaya by night

Part of Pattaya's reputation as a tourist destination is due to its nightly entertainment offerings for adults, including Pattaya's many go-go bars , massage parlors and saunas that cater to foreign tourists and locals alike.

Pattaya's nightclubs , on the other hand, offer nights with live rock bands, international DJs, cabaret shows, pool parties, rooftop bars and quiet beers at local restaurants. The best areas like Walking Street, Soi Beach Road and Soi Buakhao are full of pubs, clubs and restaurants.

Nightlife Pattaya discos
Pattaya nightclubs
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Nightlife Pattaya: Thaibamtour
Nightlife Pattaya: Thaibamtour

Where to go out at night in Pattaya

Pattaya Walking Street

The best area for nightlife in Pattaya is Pattaya Beach . During the day, the many alleyways (so-called sois) are great places to find bars, attracting many expats and day drinkers.

At night, Walking Street, which leads to Beach Road, is one of the most popular areas in Pattaya. This 500m beach road closed to motor vehicles every evening from 6pm, quickly fills up with people and revelers. Both sides of the street are dotted with nightclubs and bars.

From Pattaya's best nightclubs , to beer gardens and restaurants, this place literally has something for every taste. Party animals and revelers join as the sun goes down and dance until dawn.

Nightlife Pattaya Walking Street
Nightlife Pattaya: Pattaya Walking Street

Soy 6

As an alternative to Walking Street, Soi 6 offers the best red light nightlife in Pattaya - this street is full of much cheaper and more convenient go-go bars. Not all bars are created equal, and have different themes and price ranges.

Nightlife Pattaya Soi 6
Nightlife Pattaya: Soi 6

Soi 7 and Soi 8

These two parallel streets offer a more local experience of Pattaya nightlife and are much cheaper than Walking Street, with local beers starting at just 65 baht, making it perfect for budget travellers, locals and young expats, especially as a place to have a drink before heading out to the clubs.

Stroll around and you'll find great live rock music, massage parlors and several cheap guesthouses, as well as several rundown-looking nightclubs and beer gardens.

Nightlife Pattaya Soi 7
Nightlife Pattaya: Soi 7

Soi LK Metro

Soi LK Metro is considered one of the best party streets in Pattaya , offering a great nightlife experience at a great price. Like all party spots in Pattaya, Soi LK Metro is full of lively go-go bars. The bars and nightclubs in the area are becoming increasingly popular due to their location away from Walking Street and Soi 6.

Definitely not an “iconic” nightlife spot. However, if good drinks are your top priority, the area is home to some of the best bars and clubs in Pattaya .

Nightlife Pattaya Soi LK Metro
Nightlife Pattaya: Soi LK Metro

Soi Buakhao

Soi Buakhao is one of the newest streets offering good night life in Pattaya with regular beer bars and bars with cheap prices.

Jomtien Beach

Jomtien Beach has some of the best nightlife in Pattaya . With a handful of operating bars and restaurants, the beach offers a relatively relaxed atmosphere for families and friends to sit, chat, eat and drink while enjoying the refreshing evening sea breeze.

Along the beach there are also several beach clubs, such as Suttangrak , The Sky Gallery , The Oxygen and Summer House , ideal for a relaxed evening in Pattaya with good food and strong cocktails.

Nightlife Pattaya Jomtien Beach
Nightlife Pattaya: Jomtien Beach


Located north of the city centre, Naklua offers a slightly quieter nightlife than Pattaya's Walking Street.Surf & Turf Pattaya There are excellent hotels here, perfect for the end of the day and several beach bars such as ,Pattaya Beach Club andGlass House Silver .

Nightlife Pattaya Beach Club
Nightlife Pattaya: Beach Club, Naklua
Other night attractions in Pattaya

Cabaret shows

Pattaya has several cabaret shows, such as the Tiffany's Show and the Coliseum Show . Each features hundreds of charming dancers, hilarious comedians and other performers for a fun, vibrant and varied evening.

Nightlife Pattaya Tiffany's Show
Nightlife Pattaya: Tiffany's Show

Pattaya night markets

Pattaya Floating Market covers an area of ​​100,000 square meters and consists of four sections, each representing the northern, central, northeastern and southern parts of Thailand respectively. The ideal place to immerse yourself in Thai culture, thanks to the variety of shops selling small trinkets, fruit stalls, restaurants and even art galleries.

The market is usually explored by boat which must be chartered to experience the diversity and breadth of Thai culture in one space.

Another popular night market in Pattaya is Thepprasit Night Market : open from Friday to Sunday, the market attracts visitors and locals alike with a wide variety of shops, stalls selling local snacks and sweets, beer kiosks and clothing stores .

Also recommended are the Jomtien Beach Market, a meeting place for young people where you can buy affordable clothes and jewellery, and the Pattaya Night Bazaar , which offers an authentic taste of local Thai culture.

Nightlife Pattaya floating market
Pattaya floating market

Clubs and discos in Pattaya

Pattaya's lively and vibrant nightlife spots are a big part of what makes the city a popular party destination. Located mainly along the famous Walking Street, Pattaya's nightclubs are equipped with state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems and attract increasingly famous international DJs.

The main music options are house, EDM, trance, hip hop and R&B, and the clubs are always packed every night with foreigners and tourists. Here is a selection of the best night clubs in Pattaya:

Club Insomnia (110/2 Walking St, Pattaya)fb_icon_tiny
Open every day from 10pm to 3am.
Located on Walking Street, Club Insomnia is known as one of the liveliest nightclubs in Pattaya . The main musical genres are heavy bass house and techno. Located on the second floor and with an open bar on the first floor, this club features elegant decorations, excellent sound and lighting systems and a large but very crowded dance floor.

Some of Pattaya's best parties are held here, with the calendar being regularly sprinkled with special themed nights which are always fun and lively after midnight, especially towards the weekends. Plus, the drink prices are quite reasonable, making it a popular spot for both tourists and locals. Enjoy techno music and dance with beautiful Thai girls.

Nightlife Pattaya Club Insomnia
Nightlife Pattaya: Club Insomnia
Nightlife Pattaya Club Insomnia girls
Club Insomnia, Pattaya

Lucifer Night Club (WVGF+H52, Muang Pattaya, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri, Pattaya)fb_icon_tiny
Open every day from 8pm to 4am.
Located on Walking Street, Lucifer is one of the most famous nightclubs in Pattaya . Lucifer features live bands, international artists and renowned DJs from around the world every night.

The interior of the club is divided into two parts: the front area offers a relaxed atmosphere with a Latin bar and soft music, the rear area looks like a typical nightclub. The crowds head bang to the roaring music, neon lights flash everywhere and drinks flow freely. If you like to party, Lucifer is the perfect place to party in Pattaya.

Nightlife Pattaya Lucifer Night Club
Nightlife Pattaya: Lucifer Night Club

Candy Shop (WVGF+J8W, Walking St, Pattaya)fb_icon_tiny
Open every day from 7pm to 2am.
Candy Shop is one of the best nightclubs on Pattaya's Walking Street . The nightclub is beach club style and there is a cozy terrace where guests can sit and enjoy a cold beer.

The atmosphere inside is very lively, drinks flowing, Thai girls dancing, live bands playing on the weekends. Further down the road, you'll find a long central bar, a small but busy dance floor, and great live entertainment playing hip-hop and R&B around midnight. One of the landmarks of Pattaya nightlife .

Nightlife Pattaya Candy Shop
Nightlife Pattaya: Candy Shop

808 Nightclub (WVGF+J8W, Walking St, Pattaya)fb_icon_tiny
Open every day from 8pm to 4am.
Located right above Candy Shop, 808 Nightclub is one of Pattaya's most elegant and innovative nightclubs , with mirrored corridors and a lively dance floor. The club is divided into many areas around the well-lit main bar near the stage.

This chic and trendy club plays house and EDM music, and hosts local and international DJs, while the crowd is made up of young and energetic locals, expats and tourists. There's also a terrace lounge overlooking the walking street, with TV screens showing shishas and live sports.

Nightlife Pattaya 808 Nightclub
Nightlife Pattaya: 808 Nightclubs
Nightlife Pattaya 808 Nightclub Thai girls
Thai Girls at 808 Nightclub Pattaya

Mixx Discotheque (457 Moo 12, Jomtien Beach Road, Pattaya)fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 10pm to 4am.
Voted one of the best nightclubs in Pattaya , Mixx Discotheque is a charming nightclub, with its two surprisingly spacious rooms, playing a wide variety of party music. It is crowded with many people even on weekdays.

There's a main room where you can rock hip-hop and a back room where techno and electronic music is played. If you are looking for the best place to hang out in Pattaya, Mixx Discotheque is the right place.

Nightlife Pattaya Mixx Discotheque
Nightlife Pattaya: Mixx Discotheque
Nightlife Pattaya Mixx Discotheque party
Mixx Discotheque, Pattaya

Tony’s By Nashaa Club (Walking St, Pattaya)fb_icon_tiny
Open every day from 9pm to 4am.
Nashaa Club is the largest Indian nightclub in Pattaya, with a lounge bar overlooking the sea. Enjoy the pulsating rhythms of Bollywood and all the influences of the Indian subcontinent in Pattaya, in the heart of one of the most famous pedestrian streets.

Nightlife Pattaya Club Nashaa
Nightlife Pattaya: Club Nashaa

Kamaa Club (WVFC+X8H, Chang Wat, Pattaya)fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 10pm to 4am.
Kamaa Club is another popular nightclub in Pattaya. A lovely bar with Indian music where you can have fun having a drink and dancing. For an exotic and energetic party evening in Pattaya.

Nightlife Pattaya Kamaa Club
Nightlife Pattaya: Kamaa Club
Nightlife Pattaya Kamaa Club beautiful girls
Kamaa Club, Pattaya

Jannaat Club (125 Moo, 10 walking street, Pattaya)fb_icon_tiny
Open every day, Janaat Club is a great option for partying and dancing in Pattaya, and is also a great lounge bar.

Nightlife Pattaya Jannaat Club
Nightlife Pattaya: Jannaat Club
Nightlife Pattaya Jannaat Club Party
Party night in Pattaya at the Jannaat Club

Pattaya's bars and pubs

Gulliver’s Pattaya (457 Moo 12, Jomtien Beach Road, Pattaya)fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 4.30pm to 1am.
Gulliver's is the first bar on Walking Street near Beach Road. A unique twist on Pattaya nightlife , the bar offers delicious food and snacks, cheap drinks and many other options.

Play pool, sip delicious cocktails at the bar and dance on the neon-lit floor. The music is a combination of R&B and hip-hop, and there are private booths if you want some privacy.

Nightlife Pattaya Gulliver's
Nightlife Pattaya: Gulliver's

Horizon Rooftop Restaurant and Bar (Chon Buri, Bang Lamung District, 101, Floor 34, Pattaya)fb_icon_tiny
Open every day from 4pm to 1am.
The Horizon Bar, located on the rooftop of its 34th floor at the elegant Hilton Pattaya hotel, the tallest building on Pattaya Beach Road, is a particularly attractive spot for couples seeking romance and stunning skyline views. The open-air bar has comfortable armchairs where you can relax under the stars while admiring the twinkling lights of the city and the sea. A DJ plays the hottest hits to set the mood for the party.

Enjoy signature cocktails and fine imported wines and beers for a refreshing change from the usual Pattaya nightlife scene. A great place to enjoy a drink with a view. From 5pm to 7pm, buy one get one free with a selection of cocktails (including classics and house specials).

Nightlife Pattaya Horizon Rooftop Restaurant and Bar
Nightlife Pattaya: Horizon Rooftop Restaurant and Bar

Castro Bar (325/106-109 Pattayaland Soi 3, Pattaya)fb_icon_tiny
Open every day from 4pm to 2am.
Luxurious and bold, Castro Bar is one of the hottest gay bars in Pattaya. Located off Walking Street in a soi called Boys Town, this bar features nightly shows and dancers. Lots of fun awaits you with colorful feathers, lots of sequins and a frenetic cabaret show. Get ready for a night full of dancing, drinking, flirting and lots of glamour.

Nightlife Pattaya Castro Bar
Nightlife Pattaya Castro Bar

Hard Rock Café (429 Beach Rd, Pattaya)fb_icon_tiny
Open every day from 5pm to midnight.
The Hard Rock brand is synonymous with classic rock music and hearty Tex-Mex food, and that's exactly what you'll find at Hard Rock Cafe Pattaya. From the guitar-shaped sign that flashes overhead when you arrive, to the rock memorabilia that lines the walls and keyboard-style bar, Hard Rock Cafe offers distinctive Americana in the heart of Pattaya Bay.

During the day, there's a pool next to the bar, which can be used by day-trippers for a fee. A prominent location on Beach Road between Soi 6 and Soi 7, Hard Rock Cafe is centrally located and is unmistakable thanks to the giant guitar head that extends throughout the restaurant.

Nightlife Pattaya Hard Rock Café
Nightlife Pattaya: Hard Rock Café

D.I.B Sky Bar Pattaya (311 Moo 10 Bali-Hai Plaza 3rd Floor Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri, Pattaya)fb_icon_tiny
Open every day from 5.30pm to midnight.
DIB Sky Bar is the ideal place to have a drink in Pattaya with a beautiful view of Jomtien Beach.

Nightlife Pattaya DIB Sky Bar
Nightlife Pattaya: DIB Sky Bar

Virgin Rooftop Pattaya (115/8 Soi 4 ​​Pattaya Rd, Pattaya)fb_icon_tiny
Open every day from 5pm to midnight.
Virgin Rooftop Bar is the ideal place for a romantic rooftop experience in Pattaya. Rustic, elegant and modern, this roof terrace isn't too high, but with a beautiful water feature and comfortable beanbags, it's a place to truly relax and become one with the stunning sea view.

Nightlife Pattaya Virgin Rooftop
Nightlife Pattaya: Virgin Rooftop

Beerfest (Avenue shopping mall, Pattaya)fb_icon_tiny
For a good pint of beer head to Beerfest, a quaint pub serving German beer.

Nightlife Pattaya Beerfest
Nightlife Pattaya: Beerfest

Pattaya Beer Garden (118/4 Beach Rd, Pattaya)fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 10am to 2am.
Located in the heart of Walking Street, Pattaya Beer Garden is a bar and restaurant with stunning views of Pattaya Bay. The venue is large enough to seat 350 people, with five high-definition televisions playing rock videos. Here you can enjoy affordable sake and delicious food in a light and airy space with a refreshing sea breeze, with a menu that also includes traditional Thai dishes.

There is also a boxing ring inside where you can watch Muay Thai boxing matches most nights. They're not serious fights, but they're still fun to watch. Those brave enough or drunk can get up and enter the ring!

Nightlife Pattaya Beer Garden
Nightlife Pattaya: Beer Garden

Craft Cottage (Red Light District, LK Metro Aly, Pattaya)fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 1pm to 4am.
Craft Cottage is a European-style bar in the heart of Pattaya: an open bar with plenty of comfortable places to sit and relax in a welcoming atmosphere. The music is calm enough for chatting with friends.

Enjoy Western and Thai cuisine, as well as an extensive beverage menu, including a large selection of craft beers. A great place for an alternative night out in Pattaya. If you need a place to party late into the night in Pattaya, the bar is just a short stroll away from bustling Soi Diana and the LK Metro.

Nightlife Pattaya Craft Cottage
Nightlife Pattaya: Craft Cottage

Shooters Bar (164/9-10, Moo 9, Soi 7, Nongprue, Banglamung, Pattaya)fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 7pm to 2am.
Probably one of the most famous go-go bars in Pattaya. The place is always full of people, dancers and Thai girls.

Nightlife Pattaya Shooters Bar
Pattaya nightlife: Shooters Bar

Map of clubs, pubs and bars in Pattaya