Nightlife Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki: Nightlife and Clubs

Nightlife Thessaloniki: the nightlife of Thessaloniki is well known throughout Greece, with many bars, discos, variety shows and clubs for all tastes and ages. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Mediterranean from one of the city's many waterfront bars and clubs, or head to one of Thessaloniki's lively nightclubs to dance until dawn. Here is the complete guide to the bars and nightclubs of Thessaloniki

Nightlife Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece , but second only to Athens in terms of entertainment and nightlife.

The lively and fun atmosphere of Thessaloniki's nightlife is explained by the constant presence and turnover of students and the large number of tourists who visit the city throughout the year. Thessaloniki is one of the best places for nightlife in Greece : with many nightclubs open all night long and a fun atmosphere, Thessaloniki comes to life at sunset when young people flock to the city's bars and cafés.

Nightlife Thessaloniki by night
Thessaloniki by night

Thessaloniki offers an intense nightlife for all tastes. From traditional Greek music to modern Greek music, from jazz to rock and other musical genres.

Dinner rarely starts before 21.00 and most restaurants and taverns stay open until at least 1.00 am, while Thessaloniki and bouzoukia nightclubs open from 23.00 until dawn.

Bouzoukias nightclubs with live traditional Greek music. Locals of Thessaloniki love to eat their favorite traditional dishes while listening to live music. A voice, a bouzouki, a guitar, traditional dishes, local wine and good humor are the proposals for an evening out that combine dinner with musical entertainment. Taverns with Greek music can be found all over Thessaloniki and many of them are open for lunch to midday.

Thessaloniki is also home to a wide choice of exquisite bars of all types and styles: from signature cocktail bars to select whiskey bars, wine bars and music bars of all genres. During the summer months some city buildings turn their roofs into entertainment venues, even rooftop open-air cinemas. From traditional taverns to concept bars for all tastes, Thessaloniki's different neighborhoods continue to come up with inventive ways to attract visitors.

Thanks to the lively student community, Thessaloniki offers a lively and colorful nightlife that few other Greek cities can offer.

Nightlife Thessaloniki discotheques
The Thessaloniki nightclubs

Where to go out at night in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is known for its vibrant nightlife with a wide variety of options depending on your tastes and preferences. The best bars in Thessaloniki are mostly found in the city center and along the coast.

Here are some of the most popular party areas in Thessaloniki:


The most famous nightlife spot in Thessaloniki is Ladadika , a picturesque neighborhood near the waterfront and port. There you will find Thessaloniki's best bars and nightclubs , as well as many lounges in its cafeterias for a great night out.

Ladadika is an area of ​​great historical and cultural interest as it is one of the oldest districts of the city and captures the essence of old Thessaloniki, with clubs, restaurants, cafes, traditional taverns and bouzoukia housed in low-rise traditional buildings. Thessaloniki is famous for its delicious local cuisine, so don't miss out on a meal in one of the city's many taverns and restaurants. Just above Tsimiski Street, Empory Square is filled with great wine bars and restaurants.

The natural continuity of Ladadika, the port of Thessaloniki and the promenade along the sea are another attraction for those who want to experience the intense nightlife of Thessaloniki. and coffee by the sea in endless beautiful cafes. The seafront of Thessaloniki is a popular meeting point for locals and tourists alike , with an array of restaurants, cafés and bars.

In the summer, there are also bar boats departing from Thessaloniki port, offering night views of the city and a tour across the bay, adding something special to Thessaloniki's famous nightlife .

Nightlife Thessaloniki Ladadika
Nightlife Thessaloniki: Ladadika

Valaoritou Street

One of the best nightlife areas in Thessaloniki is Valaoritou , where the fun continues well into the night. There are a variety of bars, each with their own musical and aesthetic taste. Areas that were once the city's business district (including Elm Street) are also home to many old shops that have been converted into cafés and restaurants.

The Valaoritou-Syngrou district especially attracts young people . That's because the types of shops that fill the area around the stock market are clubs and bars that focus primarily on hip-hop, rock, and mainstream music.

Nightlife Thessaloniki Valaoritou Street
Nightlife Thessaloniki: Valaoritou Street

Mitropoleos Street

One of the main shopping streets of Thessaloniki, together with the surrounding area, has been transformed into a first-class entertainment place with a special atmosphere. Here you will find neoclassical buildings transformed into elegant bars, cafés, shops and various restaurants.

Nightlife Thessaloniki Mitropoleos Street
Nightlife Thessaloniki: Mitropoleos Street

Anus Poli

Consider visiting the winding streets of the Upper Town and the Venetian Castle to see Thessaloniki from a different perspective. The oldest area of ​​the city is characterized by the typical two-story houses and cobbled squares. Try the culinary delights offered in the neighborhood's quaint cafes and taverns, and enjoy the view of the city and the gulf from above while sipping a drink.

Nightlife Thessaloniki Ano Poli
Nightlife Thessaloniki: Ano Poli

Bit Bazaar

A little hidden gem of Thessaloniki nightlife. Hidden in a central square surrounded by its small two-story house between Olympou, Veniselou and Tositsa streets, this old bazaar houses antique shops that have been transformed into cafes, taverns and bars playing alternative music. It is a popular meeting place for students.

Nightlife Thessaloniki Bit Bazaar
Nightlife Thessaloniki: Bit Bazaar


Adjacent to Thessaloniki's university district, this area is home to many nice and creative bars and attracts a large crowd of students. The bars look slightly different depending on the age, but there are no hard divisions.

Theaters and concerts in Thessaloniki

Theater and concerts are an integral part of Greek culture and an active part of Thessaloniki's nightlife scene. Visit at least one of these theaters to experience a show or musical performance:

  • Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra
  • Theater of the Society for Macedonian Studies
  • Dassous Theatre
  • Lazarist Monastery
  • Vasiliko Theater
  • Clubs and discotheques in Thessaloniki

    Eightball Club (Pindou 1, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open daily from 21.00 to 5.00.
    Located in the neighborhood of Ladadika, 8ball Club is undoubtedly one of the best nightclubs in Thessaloniki . A popular option for those who like heavy sound, but also thanks to its popular disco party held every Friday. The club is spread over two floors that host events and different musical genres.

    Due to their rather underground personality, you will listen to mainly hard rock, metal, thrash punk, gothic and industrial music. There are many retro themed concerts and live events and the best Erasmus Party in Thessaloniki , making 8ball one of the best live venues in the city. A must of Thessaloniki nightlife .

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Eightball Club
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Eightball Club

    Vogue Club (26is Oktovriou 23, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open Friday and Saturday from 10.30pm to 5.30am.
    Vogue is one of the most popular nightclubs in Thessaloniki with live music and concerts. A place for young people who want to be noticed and recognized. For the thousands of guests in attendance, the atmosphere of a large nightclub is created with heavy industrial decor and subtle touches of luxury. Naturally, the best musical performances start after midnight.

    One of the best nightclubs in Thessaloniki!

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Vogue Club
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Vogue Club

    Shark Bar (Argonafton 2, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open every day from 10.00 to 4.00.
    One of Thessaloniki's most popular nightclubs , Shark Bar is a meeting place that exudes a strong personality, making it a hot spot of Thessaloniki nightlife .

    The beautifully decorated bar area is the perfect place to enjoy a specialty cocktail or a drink with friends. A DJ spins tunes and the venue transforms into a nightclub. The cuisine in the restaurant area is of Mediterranean inspiration, combined with over 150 labels of wines, rare grappas, cognacs and aperitifs.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Shark Bar
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Shark Bar

    Aigli Geni Hamam (Agiou Nikolaou 3, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open Wednesday 22.00-5.00, Friday and Saturday 22.00-6.00.
    Housed in an old 16th century building of Ottoman architecture, this charming Thessaloniki nightclub hosts regular disco nights and invites international DJs for special evenings.

    Today, you can still see various events under the club's name, commemorating the culture and history of the Ottoman Empire. There is also an outdoor seating area, with BBQ facilities for the ultimate dining experience. For drinks, try handcrafted cocktails featuring gin, vodka, tequila, and more.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Aigli Geni Hamam
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Aigli Geni Hamam

    Ocean Club (Neapoli 565 33, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open every day from 11.00 to 3.00.
    With a fresh and breezy atmosphere and delicious food, the Ocean Club is one of the busiest clubs in Thessaloniki , especially in the summer, thanks to live music sessions and evenings with pool parties. Find your umbrella to relax and enjoy their delicious summer cocktails.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Ocean Club
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Ocean Club
    Nightlife Thessaloniki Ocean Club Greek girls
    Greek girls at the Ocean Club of Thessaloniki

    Dizzy Dolls Rockbar (Egiptou 5, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open Monday to Thursday 17.00 to 5.30, Friday and Saturday 17.00 to 7.00, Sunday 20.00 to 5.30.
    Dizzy Dolls is a classic Thessaloniki rock club and one of the oldest in the Ladadika area. For years, the sound of hard rock and heavy metal has been housed in rooms with sophisticated decor reminiscent of old-school bars. Housed in one of the area's many historic buildings, this famous Thessaloniki rock bar is spread over two floors, with the bar on the first floor and billiards on the second floor. A classic choice for those looking for a less mainstream vibe.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Dizzy Dolls Rockbar
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Dizzy Dolls Rockbar

    Malt & Jazz (Proxenou Koromila 1, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open Friday and Saturday from 21.00 to 4.00.
    Open for over 20 years, Malt 'n' Jazz is one of the oldest and most famous live bars in Thessaloniki. This legendary bar continues its many live performances and shows by various bands. A truly pleasant evening in a welcoming and colorful setting, with a vast selection of whiskeys, beers, cocktails.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Malt & Jazz
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Malt & Jazz

    Casablanca Social Club (Leof. Vasilissis Olgas 18, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open every day from 9.30 to 3.00.
    Enjoy the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the Casablanca Social Club, one of the best restaurants and clubs in Thessaloniki. Located in the historic building of Villa Michailidis, this club stands out for its refined and neoclassical architecture. They have an open bar counter where you can relax and enjoy your favorite cocktail.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Casablanca Social Club
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Casablanca Social Club

    Habanita Latin Club (Peristeriou 6, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open Sunday and Tuesday to Thursday from 10pm to 4am, Friday and Saturday from 10pm to 6am.
    Habanita Latin Club is the best Latin American music club in Thessaloniki . The best Latin music is played here and it is full all year round. The club hosts amazing dance shows, sultry Saturdays, bachata, salsa and kizomba nights.

    Fun and excitement aside, this bar is home to the best DJs in town. Enjoy the collection of craft beers and a large selection of vodkas, whiskies, gins and delicious food.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Habanita Latin Club
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Habanita Latin Club

    Omilos The Beach Club (Leof. Meg. Alexandrou 12, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open from Monday to Thursday from 10.00 to 2.00, from Friday to Sunday from 9.00 to 2.00.
    Located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Omiros The Beach Club is one of the most charming and peaceful destinations in Thessaloniki. With its beautiful beaches overlooking the majestic Mount Olympus, the atmosphere of Omiros is like no other.

    The authentic cuisine offers the unique flavors of the region using fresh, local Greek ingredients. The decor throughout the place is a blend of beauty and art. Omilos cuisine is unique. Try the signature cocktails, really noteworthy.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Omilos The Beach Club
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Omilos The Beach Club

    Pulp Bar (Al. Svolou 8, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open Sunday to Thursday from 9.00 to 4.00, Friday and Saturday from 9.00 to 5.00.
    This Thessaloniki nightclub has a collection of white beers and the atmosphere is like that of a London club filled with rock music and a fun crowd. They have a large choice of beers, including 18 Greek microbreweries and Irish and German collections. Every Friday evening there is an evening with a live DJ set.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Pulp Bar
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Pulp Bar

    The bars and pubs of Thessaloniki

    Gorílas Bar (venas 3, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open from Monday to Wednesday from 19.00 to 2.00, Thursday from 19.00 to 3.00, Friday and Saturday from 19.00 to 4.00, Sunday from 19.00 to 3.00.
    Gorillas is one of Thessaloniki's most popular cocktail bars , and features a sleek industrial decor and serious take on cocktails, with more than 200 types of spirits! The cozy atmosphere is relaxing and the music is eclectic and tasteful, with DJ sets.

    This nightclub in Thessaloniki is the perfect place to relax and have fun. Gorillaz is a sensory space full of colors and flavors with a unique atmosphere enhanced by dance music.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Gorílas Bar
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Gorílas Bar

    Vanilla World Skybar (Karatasou 3, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open Sunday to Thursday from 21.00 to 4.00, Friday and Saturday from 21.00 to 5.00.
    Enjoy a cool cocktail by the 22-metre swimming pool on the 7th floor of The Met Hotel. The Sky Bar is an elegant rooftop bar in Thessaloniki that offers a splendid 360° view over the city. A great place for a drink and a party night in Thessaloniki.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Vanilla World Skybar
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Vanilla World Skybar

    La Doze Bar (Vilara 1, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open Sunday to Thursday from 19.00 to 3.00, Friday and Saturday from 20.00 to 4.00.
    Located in the heart of the city, La Doze is a must in Thessaloniki's nightlife , especially on Fridays and Saturdays when events are held here. It is an eclectic multi-space that adapts to the diverse and changing needs of Thessaloniki's creative art and music scene.

    Offering a rare collection of fine spirits and expertly crafted classic and craft cocktails at affordable prices, this bar offers a sensory experience that will delight your taste buds and lift your mood.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki La Doze Bar
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: La Doze Bar

    Anemóessa (Al. Svolou 11, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open Sunday to Thursday from 10.00 to 5.00, Friday and Saturday from 10.00 to 7.00.
    As soon as you enter Anemoessa, you can feel the atmosphere of an old Irish cafe in the heart of Thessaloniki. The bar has brick walls and is decorated in a vintage style, with posters on the walls and wooden furniture throughout.

    Anemoessa offers a wide variety of beers and a wide variety of cocktails. What makes Anemoessa even more popular is its signature hot chocolate, which is served on cold winter nights. Anemóessa has good music, DJ nights, good food and a cozy atmosphere. Another landmark of Thessaloniki nightlife .

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Anemóessa
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Anemóessa

    The Pub (Egiptou 11, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open Monday and Tuesday 19.00 to 3.00, Wednesday and Thursday 17.30 to 3.00, Friday and Saturday 17.30 to 5.00, Sunday 17.30 to 3.00.
    The Pub is one of Thessaloniki's most popular rock bars , with an unpretentious rock vibe, a huge selection of beers, and a state-of-the-art cellar. In a building located on one of Thessaloniki's most historic streets in ancient Ladadika, its distinctive decor manages to continually attract new customers.

    The music selection ranges from rock music from the 60s to heavy metal.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki The Pub
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: The Pub

    Kitchenbar (Warehouse B2 1 Proplita Limena, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open every day from 9.00 to 1.30.
    Located in the port of Thessaloniki, Kitchenbar is one of the most popular bars in the area and offers a breathtaking view of the Thermaikos Sea. Open all day until late, it is the perfect place for aperitifs by the sea in Thessaloniki. Stroll along the harbor and let yourself be fascinated by the landscape.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Kitchenbar
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Kitchenbar

    Le Coq Tail Mix Bar (Leof. Ochi 2, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Le Coq Tail Mix Bar is the perfect place to relax with a great cocktail while admiring the panoramic view of Thessaloniki. This bar and restaurant is very popular with locals and boasts a great view of the city from its balcony.

    Founded in 1967 as a small cafe, this bar is now a neighborhood favorite. It also won as one of the best bars in the country at the 2019 Bar Awards. Their cocktails are unique and inventive, and the music is relaxing. The cocktail card is inspired by Mediterranean flavors and blends with local ingredients.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Le Coq Tail Mix Bar
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Le Coq Tail Mix Bar

    The Hoppy Pub (Nikiforou Foka 6, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open Tuesday to Sunday from 5.30pm to 2.30am.
    Located next to the famous White Tower, Hoppy Pub is a Thessaloniki brewery featuring rare craft beers. The bar offers a variety of local Greek beers and some of the world's most popular beers, with a weekly updated menu.

    The staff are friendly and helpful and the environment is welcoming and tidy. Enjoy the beer, delicious appetizers and great nightlife of Thessaloniki .

    Nightlife Thessaloniki The Hoppy Pub
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: The Hoppy Pub

    Stin Taratsa (Valaoritou 29, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open Sunday to Thursday from 19.00 to 3.00, Friday and Saturday from 9.00 to 4.00.
    Stin Taratsa is one of Thessaloniki's most popular rooftop bars .
    Located in a building that looks abandoned, this rooftop bar is always busy and frequented by hip and trendy locals. The cocktails are great, the bar is tastefully decorated, the music is great and it's a great place for a drink with friends. This laid-back rooftop bar offers creative cocktails, a good selection of music, and there's a projector showing retro films.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Stin Taratsa
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Stin Taratsa

    Pantheon Bar (Proxenou Koromila 8, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open every day from 8.00 to 3.00.
    If you are looking for good food, a great atmosphere and a lively evening in Thessaloniki, go to the Pantheon Bar. The place offers great sandwiches and vegetarian options, as well as exquisite cocktails.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Pantheon Bar
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Pantheon Bar
    Nightlife Thessaloniki Pantheon Bar women
    Pantheon Bar, Thessaloniki

    Hatzi Bachtse (Geor. ​​Tsontou 9, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open from Thursday to Saturday from 21.00 to 2.00, Sunday from 14.00 to 18.30.
    This traditional Greek tavern offers an authentic Greek experience with old fashioned decoration, traditional Greek music, quality traditional Tsipoulos and Greek wines. The live band will make you dance and give you the best experience of traditional Greek nightlife in Thessaloniki .

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Hatzi Bachtse
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Hatzi Bachtse

    Kafodeio Elliniko (El. Venizelou 45, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Kafodeio Elliniko is a must-see for visitors who want to immerse themselves in authentic Thessaloniki nightlife . Located in the heart of the city, this live music venue is reminiscent of a bygone era and features modern, feel-good music, as well as hosting many well-known artists from a variety of genres, including retro, pop, soul, jazz, alternative rock, and RnB .

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Kafodeio Elliniko
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Kafodeio Elliniko

    Skyline Bar (Egnatia 154, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open Sunday to Thursday from 10.00 to 1.00, Friday and Saturday from 10.00 to 2.00.
    Located on the top floor of the 76m high OTE tower, this elegant bar slowly rotates and offers a breathtaking 360-degree view of Thessaloniki. Enjoy delicious cocktails, live music and breathtaking views, in the perfect bar to start your night in Thessaloniki.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Skyline Bar
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Skyline Bar

    ReHaB Pub (Valaoritou 19, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open every day from 19.00 to 3.00.
    ReHaB Pub is one of the best beer bars in Thessaloniki. Here you will always find a wide variety of beers, as well as homebrewing courses, board game sessions and DJ nights. Additionally, the pub is home to the local rugby club and is a popular gathering place for fans to discuss the game and discuss other sporting matters.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki ReHaB Pub
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: ReHaB Pub

    Bord de L'Eau (Egnatia 45, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open Monday and Tuesday 18.00 to 24.00, Wednesday and Thursday 18.00 to 2.00, Friday and Saturday 18.00 to 4.00, Sunday 18.00 to 2.00.
    Bord de L'Eau is a stylish and trendy bar in Thessaloniki, with great cocktails, nice music and excellent service. The atmosphere is perfect for a relaxing evening with friends.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Bord de L'Eau
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Bord de L'Eau

    Blé Vin (Geor. ​​Stavrou 14, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 17.00 to 24.00.
    Recently opened, Blé Vin is a beautiful two-story Thessaloniki wine bar offering wines at retail prices. The menu is very impressive at first sight, offering a wide range of dishes of the highest quality to suit all palates.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Blé Vin
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Blé Vin

    Manoir (Katouni 31, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open every day from 8.00 to 4.00.
    Manoir is a bar-restaurant specializing in fusion food paired with the right wines and tempting drinks. The atmosphere of this place is very warm and relaxing.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Manoir
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Manoir

    Boheme (Leof. Georgikis Scholis 84, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open daily from 10.00 to 2.00.
    Boheme is a luxurious and refined bar-restaurant boasting a prime location and a splendid view over the entire Saronic Gulf. The menu features gourmet dishes and desserts as well as exquisite cocktails. Bohème is the perfect place to relax, enjoy luxury and peace.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Boheme
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Boheme

    On The Road Bar (Leof. Nikis 61, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open daily from 10.00 to 3.00.
    If you want to listen to great rock music in Thessaloniki, go to Bar on the Road, a great place to meet friends and socialize. They have a respectable selection of alcoholic beverages and beers, while the cozy atmosphere and comfortable seating make it the perfect place to spend a relaxing evening.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki On The Road Bar
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: On The Road Bar

    Stereo (Dimarchou Vamvaka 3-5, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open daily from 10.00 to 4.00.
    Stereo is a popular café by day and a young, trendy and hipster bar by night, a favorite meeting place for 20-somethings. It's literally the place to be if you want to mingle with the locals. The DJ plays low-key and occasionally nostalgic hits. Casual and accessible, it's perfect for both weekdays and weekends. It will definitely be your favorite bar in Thessaloniki.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Stereo
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Stereo

    High School Pizza Bar (9 Leoforos Nikis, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open daily from 19.00 to 2.00.
    This Italian restaurant is the perfect place to relax with friends over delicious pizzas and cocktails, and above all to enjoy a beautiful view of the harbor area.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki High School Pizza Bar
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: High School Pizza Bar

    To Pikap (Olympou 57, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open every day from 15.00 to 1.00.
    To Pikap is a bar in Thessaloniki that mixes old school and contemporary styles. It offers comfortable seating morning and night, live music and DJs, shows and exhibits, and wine options.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki To Pikap
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: To Pikap

    Pastaflora Darling (Zefxidos 6, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open every day from 10.00 to 3.00.
    Cafe Pastaflora Darling Cafe is a charming bar in Thessaloniki that serves great coffees and cocktails. Located near the center, the restaurant is characterized by a vintage decor.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Pastaflora Darling
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Pastaflora Darling

    Arrogant Bar (Ionos Dragoumi 35, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open every day from 8.00 to 24.00.
    Arrogant Bar is an excellent cocktail bar in Thessaloniki, always very well attended. Recommended for a drink with friends.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Arrogant Bar
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Arrogant Bar

    Urban Bar (Zefxidos 7, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open every day from 10.00 to 4.00.
    Urban Café is the perfect place to experience the best of urban culture in Thessaloniki. The music is always great and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. An ideal place to meet friends, relax and listen to great music.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Urban Bar
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Urban Bar

    Baobab (Ernestou Emprar 23, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open on Thursdays from 20.00 to 3.00, Fridays and Saturdays from 20.00 to 4.00.
    This minimalist bar is perfect for a night out with friends and the atmospheric atmosphere will keep you entertained all night long. The deeper the night, the more intense the music, shifting from soft melodies to hard beats as the night progresses.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Baobab
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Baobabs

    Apallou Bar (Karolou Ntil 10, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Open every day from 7.00 to 24.00.
    Open since 2005 and located in a central street, Apallou Bar has become one of the busiest bars in Thessaloniki.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Apallou Bar
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Apallou Bar

    Mylos (Geor. ​​Andreou 56, Thessaloniki)fb_icon_tiny
    Mylos offers the perfect atmosphere to enjoy and savor the best cuisine, and a collection of cocktails and craft beers. It also hosts live concerts and comedy shows which attract locals and tourists every year.

    Nightlife Thessaloniki Mylos
    Nightlife Thessaloniki: Mylos

    Map of discos, pubs and bars in Thessaloniki