Toronto nightlife

Toronto: Nightlife and Clubs

Toronto Nightlife: From Vegas-style lounges to after-hours nightclubs to laid-back sports bars, Toronto has options for every mood. Day or night, Toronto is a vibrant place when it comes to food, entertainment and culture, and the city comes to life after dark. Here's your guide to the best bars and nightclubs in Toronto.

Toronto nightlife

You can't talk about Canada without talking about Toronto. With its inspiring lifestyle, especially when the sun sets over the horizon, this city is bustling every day. But Toronto's nightlife attracts party goers, jazz lovers and movie goers.

The drinking scene in this Canadian city is like no other. From beach-style bars to hidden speakeasies, Toronto has nightlife options for every taste. Canada's most populous city and the capital of Ontario, Toronto has a young and vibrant population. The long history of the city has produced a diverse population with people from different ethnic groups and multiple languages ​​being spoken in the city.

Toronto is also a center of excellence for music, theatre, film and television production and home to Canada's major national television networks and media companies. Diverse cultural venues, including numerous museums and galleries, festivals and public events, entertainment districts, national monuments and sports activities, attract more than 25 million visitors each year. The city is also Canada's financial capital, with numerous financial institutions and banks headquartered in the city.

Given all of the above characteristics and a very diverse population, nightlife in Toronto is very trendy . Toronto has a wide range of pubs, bars, nightclubs, discos and other attractions.

Nightlife Toronto by night
Toronto by night

Toronto's nightlife is the trendiest in all of Canada , so whatever you're looking for, Toronto has it all. From live music bars to hardcore rock bars to Toronto nightclubs where you can dance the night away, this city has something for everyone.

After a busy day outdoors, the magic of Toronto unfolds in its bars, live music venues, theaters and clubs. Many of the best bars offer dinner menus or light meals, allowing visitors to enjoy a snack while enjoying a drink. Toronto has a very diverse nightlife scene and you may need to dress up to enter the front door, so be sure to check the dress code before heading out.

Toronto's best bars, live music venues and nightclubs are the perfect places to spend a night on the town . Enjoy sophisticated cocktails in elegant basement lounges or craft beers at local microbreweries. Or listen to live music and taste tapas in one of the many tapas bars.

Nightlife Toronto nightclubs
Toronto nightclubs

Where to go out at night in Toronto

The best places for nightlife in Toronto are found in the different districts of the city, hotbeds of food, entertainment and culture. Here are some of the best places to explore the city after dark:

King West

Once densely packed with warehouses and industrial buildings, this vibrant and trendy neighborhood is now a popular spot for its hottest restaurants and nightclubs in Toronto . There are many bars and clubs, and rooftop bars on the roofs of chic hotels, ping pong clubs and poolside hangouts.

Nightlife Toronto King West
Nightlife Toronto: King West

Queen West

Queen West is a trendy neighborhood and one of Toronto's nightlife hotspots, thanks to the presence of many bars popular with locals.Apt. 200 Many also celebrate at Queen Street's glorious boutique hotels, The Drake and Gladstone Hotel. Another place to meet cool people in Toronto is , an upscale house party with chandeliers, pool tables and arcade games.

Nightlife Toronto Queen West
Nightlife Toronto: Queen West

Entertainment District

Toronto's entertainment district is a portion of downtown that extends from Queen Street West at its northern end south to the lakeshore, with Spadina and University Avenues along its west and east borders. Here you will find shops, hotels, restaurants, theatres. Weekdays are filled with busy commuters rushing to work, but the area gets even more lively when the sun goes down and people head to the many clubs, cocktail bars and pubs perfect for after-work drinks. Toronto's entertainment district is not only welcoming to rowdy young people, but is suitable for people of all ages who need to have fun.

Nightlife Toronto entertainment district
Nightlife Toronto: entertainment district


Parkdale is a quirky little area and home to one of Toronto's most diverse communities, and is popular for great food. It is a popular weekend destination, with many trendy pubs and live music venues.

Ossington Ave

Ossington Avenue is one of the busiest streets in downtown Toronto, home to numerous eclectic bars, ideal for a night out.Sweat Betty is a no-frills nightlife hotspot in Ossington, while for a local vibe, visitMan of Kent .

Nightlife Toronto Ossington Ave
Nightlife Toronto: Ossington Ave

The Annex

At night, The Annex district fills up with people drinking in the countless bars. Located adjacent to the University of Toronto, this is a lively area with lots of students and trendy pubs.

Nightlife Toronto The Annex
Nightlife Toronto: The Annex

Little Italy

There are many different types of enclaves in Little Italy. Here you will find cozy bars such as Bar Raval , Mullins Irish Pub and Hapa Toronto . Most nightclubs offer late night meals and delicious snacks.

Nightlife Toronto Little Italy
Nightlife Toronto: Little Italy

Church Wellesley Village

Church Wellesley Village is a playground for Toronto's LGBT community and the vibe here is great. This is the place for drag shows, dance parties, cocktails, pubs and some of the best nightlife in Toronto .

Nightlife Toronto Church Wellesley Village
Nightlife Toronto: Church Wellesley Village

Dundas Street West

Dundas West always offers something new. The area is always buzzing and the night clubs are always open and there are numerous restaurants that offer worth a visit.

Clubs and discos in Toronto

Century Toronto (580 King St W, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday and Saturday from 10pm to 2am.
King West's new nightlife hotspot, Century Nightclub is one of the most popular nightclubs in Toronto , with amazing music, beautiful celebrities and an incredible atmosphere. Whether it's private parties, international DJs, celebrity events, corporate social events or just relaxing dancing, Century Toronto is the place for it all.

Century Toronto is a true luxury space offering DJ music and dance space in a club decorated with street art and antiques.

Nightlife Toronto Century Nightclub
Nightlife Toronto: Century Nightclub
Nightlife Toronto Century Nightclub Canadian girls
Canadian Girls at Century Nightclub, Toronto

Rebel Toronto Nightclub (130 Eglinton Avenue East Lower-Level, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Saturday 10pm to 4am.
Toronto's largest nightclub , Rebel seeks to shake up the city's nightlife and set a new standard. The club spans 45,000 square feet and has a 65-foot stage. The design of the club is eye-catching to say the least. Immersive lights and sounds bring the club to life like no other. There are also interactive performances, video productions, storytelling and theatrical lighting.

Dress in style and get ready to party to the rhythm of R&B, hip hop, reggaeton and live music. The club is frequented by a varied crowd, made up of students, young workers and slightly more mature people. Admission is free until midnight.

Nightlife Toronto Rebel Toronto Nightclub
Nightlife Toronto: Rebel Toronto Nightclub
Nightlife Toronto Rebel Toronto Nightclub girls
Rebel club, Toronto

The Drake Hotel (1150 Queen St W, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 5pm to 10pm.
Located on Queen West Street, this restaurant transforms at night into one of Toronto's most popular underground nightclubs . The club has three floors, each with a bar, a large terrace and a basement with underground music. The club occasionally hosts guests with live music, and mainly plays hip-hop, rap and R&B songs.

While not high-end, The Drake Hotel has a great atmosphere and draws a diverse crowd from all over Toronto. The capacity of this place is quite high, around 500 people and it is very busy and crowded especially on weekends. A hall for 250 people ensures an intimate atmosphere at every concert. Other nights offer dance parties with DJs, film screenings and comedy shows. Toronto 's nightlife hotspots .

Nightlife Toronto The Drake Hotel
Nightlife Toronto: The Drake Hotel

Mister Wolf (567 Queen Street West Main Floor, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 11pm to 3am.
Located in the heart of Queen West and Graffiti Alley, Mister Wolf is one of Toronto's most popular nightclubs and a diverse nightlife and events venue in the city centre. Anyone who has experienced Mister Wolf knows that this is the ideal location for a truly unforgettable party. World-class sound settings, stunning lighting, VIP booths and legendary DJ stages will transport guests to a world of fun and excitement.

Nightlife Toronto Mister Wolf
Nightlife Toronto: Mister Wolf
Nightlife Toronto Mister Wolf party
Mister Wolf, Toronto

Lula Lounge (1150 Queen St W, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday to Thursday 11am to 11pm, Friday and Saturday 11am to 2.30am.
Lula Lounge is Toronto's best nightclub featuring live salsa music, Brazilian rhythms, jazz music with a variety of local talent and concerts from international artists. Every weekend, it offers a dinner and show package that includes its 3-course tropical fusion meal, dance lessons for beginners, and great live music to get you dancing.

Nightlife Toronto Lula Lounge
Nightlife Toronto: Lula Lounge

Lost and Found (577 King St W, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday, Thursday and Friday 11pm to 3am, Saturday 11pm to 8am.
Upscale underground club with an energetic atmosphere, Lost and Found is a small but exclusive dimly lit basement space where DJs play Top 40 trap, underground and hip hop music.

This is one of Toronto's best-known nightclubs , relatively expensive and often frequented by celebrities. Booking does not guarantee entry as space in the club is very limited. Be on time and dress chic and elegant.

Nightlife Toronto Lost and Found
Nightlife Toronto: Lost and Found

Barcode Saturdays (423 College St, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Saturday from 10.30pm to 3am.
Barcode Saturdays is Toronto's longest running and largest weekly night party tradition. With over 50 birthdays a week, this is where Toronto residents celebrate. Every Saturday, by 11pm, every woman on the guest list receives free entry and a glass of champagne.

Nightlife Toronto Barcode Saturdays
Nightlife Toronto: Barcode Saturdays

CODA (794 Bathurst St, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Coda is a mid-sized nightclub dedicated to underground and electronic music that offers the best experience for Toronto nightlife and partygoers. The club hosts the best international and local talent, and everything related to electronic music.

One of the hippest places to enjoy Toronto's nightlife , CODA keeps you dancing the night away. Best of all, the music is always fresh and the DJs are always full of infectious energy. Electronic music is Coda's main attraction, but disco plays everything from punk to R&B and everything in between. Reservations are recommended as this is a popular Toronto nightclub.

Nightlife Toronto QUEUE
Toronto nightlife: QUEUE

Arcane (461 King St W, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday and Saturday from 10pm to 2am.
Located in the heart of Toronto's entertainment district, Arcane blends sophisticated Baroque style with contemporary design and cutting-edge sound, light and visual effects. This Toronto nightclub is a place that is mysterious, dramatic and instantly captivating. The 8,000-square-foot space features a bohemian-inspired lounge that offers subtle relaxation upon entry, while the nightclub area offers a brighter atmosphere.

There's also a separate over 2,000 square foot patio that offers visitors a respite from the loud club music.

Nightlife Toronto Arcane
Nightlife Toronto: Arcane
Nightlife Toronto Arcane beautiful girls
Arcane, Toronto

Velvet Underground (508 Queen St W, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Velvet Underground is a Toronto nightclub featuring intimate alternative rock music. This eclectic venue hosts a wide variety of events, from featuring Canadian bands to fun fashion shows. Offering a wide variety of alternatives, from nouveau gothic to college prep, the Velvet underground offers an alternative nightlife experience.

Nightlife Toronto Velvet Underground
Nightlife Toronto: Velvet Underground

Door Three (667 King St W, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Thursday to Sunday from 10.30pm to 2am.
Door Three is a lounge-style Toronto nightclub that is a feast for the eyes for those looking for a truly unique venue, combining vintage ideas with a custom, edgy style, adding a touch of sexy luxury reminiscent of the early 1900s. Centuries-old antiques and bespoke art punctuate its installations. The open layout makes the venue very versatile and flexible, and its central location makes it a very convenient location for a party night in Toronto.

Nightlife Toronto Door Three
Nightlife Toronto: Door Three

44 Toronto (627 King St W, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday to Sunday from 10.30pm to 3am.
Located at 627 King Street West in the heart of the entertainment district, 44 Toronto offers guests the ultimate in high-end nightlife. With a huge, architecturally designed space, opulent decor and a roster of celebrity guests, this Toronto nightclub is perfect for a high-end party night on the town.

Nightlife Toronto 44 Toronto
Nightlife Toronto: 44 Toronto

The Piston (2-20 College St, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Thursday to Saturday from 10pm to 2am.
The Piston is a nightclub and bar in Toronto where you can dance to music from the last 50 years. Events include 90s video dance nights, 60s disco parties and mod vinyl DJs. When you need a break from the dance floor, relax in the alcoves of the main bar area and refuel with gourmet sandwiches and tapas.

Nightlife Toronto The Piston
Nightlife Toronto: The Piston

UltraViolet (1096 Queen St W, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 10pm to 4am.
This club in Toronto mainly plays good hip hop music, is usually full of people and the atmosphere is very interesting. A brand new space adorned with plush booths, cutting-edge sound/lighting technology and with a more upscale feel than the typical Queen Street West vibe.

Nightlife Toronto UltraViolet
Nightlife Toronto: UltraViolet

Fiction Club (180 Pearl St, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10pm to 3am.
Fiction Nighclub is one of the best clubs in Toronto with Latin and Spanish music , hip-hop and dance, to dance the night away. The music played at this club ranges from DJ nights and mixes, as well as shows featuring local and international artists.

Nightlife Toronto Fiction Club
Nightlife Toronto: Fiction Club

Early Mercy (540 King St W, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Thursday 10pm to 2am, Friday and Saturday 10pm to 4am.
Early Mercy is a spacious Toronto nightclub with a huge terrace overlooking King Street. A state-of-the-art sound and lighting system helps the club set the stage for a fun evening. Hip hop and rock/alternative music sets the mood for a fun evening and the drinks ensure the fun never stops. All you have to do is dress stylishly and crave good food, great drinks and rock beats.

Nightlife Toronto Early Mercy
Nightlife Toronto: Early Mercy

The Fifth Social Club (225 Richmond St W Suite 100, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday 9pm to 2am, Saturday 10pm to 2am.
With its high-end clientele, The Fifth Social Club has remained one of Toronto's favorite bars/nightclubs for many years.

Nightlife Toronto The Fifth Social Club
Nightlife Toronto: The Fifth Social Club

Black Eagle (457 Church St, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 3pm to 2am.
Black Eagle is an adult nightclub with dark, industrial decor, catering to the leather and denim gay community.

Nightlife Toronto Black Eagle
Nightlife Toronto: Black Eagle

The Danforth Music Hall (147 Danforth Ave, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Originally built as a movie theater in 1919, The Danforth Music Hall has been renovated and renovated and is now a popular nightclub for concerts featuring international and local artists in Toronto.

Nightlife Toronto The Danforth Music Hall
Nightlife Toronto: The Danforth Music Hall

Scotiabank Arena (40 Bay St, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open since 1999, Scotiabank Arena has hosted over 39 million fans in over 2,600 events, including NHL and NBA competitions, and concerts by international artists, including Bon Jovi and Madonna. This Toronto destination has become a major venue for international events.

Nightlife Toronto Scotiabank Arena
Nightlife Toronto: Scotiabank Arena

The Roof at SOCO (75 Lower Simcoe St, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday to Thursday 7am to 10pm, Friday and Saturday 7am to 11pm.
This elegant Toronto nightclub boasts a spacious seasonal outdoor rooftop terrace and an indoor bar and lounge, where you will find excellent cuisine. This dining destination offers spectacular views of the Toronto skyline, Olympic Park and the CN Tower from its elevated position and has a relaxed, casual atmosphere, perfect for a late afternoon dinner or afternoon drinks.

From Wednesday to Saturday, this destination transforms into a nightclub, where a live DJ spins all your favorite hits and keeps you dancing the night away.

Nightlife Toronto The Roof at SOCO
Nightlife Toronto: The Roof at SOCO

El Convento Rico (750 College St, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday to Sunday from 9pm to 3.30am.
El Convento Rico is a nightclub founded in 1992 as a refuge and hotspot for Toronto's LGBTQ+ community. Weekend night drag performances are the club's main attraction, but there are also live DJs playing Top 40 and Latin music. The party at this Toronto club stays lively until 3am.

Nightlife Toronto El Convento Rico
Nightlife Toronto: El Convento Rico

Cabana Pool Bar (11 Polson St, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
The perfect place for the best pool parties in Toronto . Lots of fun in the pool and by the pool, good music, live concerts and beautiful girls in bikinis.

Nightlife Toronto Cabana Pool Bar
Toronto nightlife: Cabana Pool Bar
Nightlife Toronto Cabana Pool Bar pool party
Pool party at Cabana Pool Bar, Toronto

The bars and pubs of Toronto

The Porch (250 Adelaide St W, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday to Thursday 3pm to 12am, Friday and Saturday 12pm to 8pm, Sunday 12pm to 2am.
The Porch offers stunning views of the CN Tower and an unrivaled nightlife experience in Toronto . Conveniently located in the city's entertainment district, this popular Toronto bar boasts a beautiful terrace with spectacular views. Whether you want to enjoy a refreshing beer on the patio after work, a cold margarita on a sunny day or a breezy summer evening with friends, The porch will not disappoint.

Nightlife Toronto The Porch
Nightlife Toronto: The Porch

Lavelle (627 King St W, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5pm to midnight, Friday and Saturday from 5pm to 2am.
A unique landmark rising 16 stories high overlooking the city, this stunning and picturesque Toronto lounge bar features a dining room, outdoor pool and cabanas for breathtaking 360-degree views of the city skyline.

Lavelle offers a luxury experience on a huge terrace with a beach club feel. End the day with a swim in the pool, sip a cocktail and dine on Brazilian and Japanese culinary delights and some of the best food in Toronto.

Nightlife Toronto Lavelle
Nightlife Toronto: Lavelle

Bovine Sex Club (542 Queen St W, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open daily from 9pm to 2am.
This historic Toronto pub has been in business since 1991 and is all about rock 'n' roll, funk and live music. Just as 90s fashion comes and goes, this place has always been cool and has evolved with the times. A little seedy, a little underwater and has a tiki bar on the roof.

Nightlife Toronto Bovine Sex Club
Nightlife Toronto: Bovine Sex Club

Hemingway’s (142 Cumberland St, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday to Friday 11am to 2am, Saturday and Sunday 10am to 2am.
An area staple for 40 years and located just a 12-minute drive north of the city centre, Hemingway's is one of Toronto's most popular bars . With four patios and a heated terrace, here you can enjoy a casual and relaxed atmosphere with TVs where you can watch local sporting events or simply have a beer with friends.

The decor is simple and classic, and each terrace has its own atmosphere. There is occasional live music here and the food is classic pub fare. Craft beer aficionados will love the 24 beers on tap.

Nightlife Toronto Hemingways
Nightlife Toronto: Hemingways

Paupers Pub (539 Bloor St W, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday to Wednesday 11.30am to 12am, Thursday 11.30am to 1am, Friday and Saturday 11.30am to 2am.
Located just 15 minutes from the city centre, Paupers Pub is a traditional Toronto pub that has been serving great drinks, great food and good company since 1986. The pub is spread over three floors, with the main bar on the ground floor, a welcoming cocktail lounge on the second floor and a seasonal rooftop bar on the top floor.

It's simply decorated with a wooden bar and tables, and great skyline views. Enjoy a simple pub menu of burgers and ribs and a 'retro brunch' menu every weekend. Beer lovers will love the variety of craft beers on offer each night. It is an informal and relaxed bar for a drink with friends.

Nightlife Toronto Paupers Pub
Nightlife Toronto: Paupers Pub

Track & Field (582 College St, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Wednesday to Saturday 5pm to 2am.
Track & Field is one of Toronto's most famous bars . Here you can sip beers and cocktails and play shuffleboard or Crokinole, a small board game with a disc invented in Ontario. It has two levels of seating, a bar and lounge area, beers on tap and reasonably priced cocktails.

Nightlife Toronto Track and Field
Nightlife Toronto: Track and Field

Paris Paris (146 Ossington Ave., Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday to Thursday 3pm to 2am, Friday to Sunday 12pm to 2am.
Paris Paris is an all-day wine bar in Toronto. Wine is a must in the city that never sleeps and when people come to Paris Paris, they almost always rave about the bread, wine and cheese. Between plates of cheese and sausages, shots of oysters and glasses of wine; Paris Paris is a fun place to flaunt your ambitions out the door and spend hours with food, wine and intimate company.

Nightlife Toronto Paris Paris
Nightlife Toronto: Paris Paris

Good Fortune Bar (130 Eglinton Avenue East Lower-Level, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday and Saturday from 8pm to 2am.
The Good Fortune Bar is a basement cocktail lounge that also serves homemade food and a good selection of beers and wines. Palm leaf patterns, pink walls, colorful plants, hanging lights, and neon signs give Good Fortune Bar the feel of a 1980s Miami Beach clubhouse.

Cocktails are served in cozy niches or high tables. Expect loud music and a busy but lively atmosphere. If you're feeling peckish, try one of the café's burgers, including a cheeseburger topped with pecan sticks on crispy fries.

Nightlife Toronto Good Fortune Bar
Nightlife Toronto: Good Fortune Bar

The Reservoir Lounge (52 Wellington St E, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Wednesday to Saturday from 7.30pm to 2am.
A wonderful meeting place for jazz lovers, the Reservoir Lounge is the place to watch bands and celebrities perform. Here you find cool jazz, hot swing, great people, clever cocktails and good food. Every day there is a different band playing completely different music. The food and drink menu is also substantial, so come hungry.

Nightlife Toronto The Reservoir Lounge
Nightlife Toronto: The Reservoir Lounge

Bar Hop Bar (391 King St W, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday to Wednesday 4pm to 12am, Thursday 4pm to 1am, Friday 12pm to 2am, Saturday 1pm to 2am, Sunday 1pm to 12am.
Bar His Hop is a small but cozy bar with a selection of craft beers, perfect for meeting up with friends. A craft beer haven with stunning rooftop views, Bar Hop offers a wide selection of draft and seasonal beers.

It's a bottle shop and brasserie, so you can choose cans and bottles. If craft beer isn't your thing, they also offer an impressive selection of handcrafted cocktails. The food has a creative presentation and tastes great. Plus, the bar often hosts live music for guests.

Nightlife Toronto Bar Hop Bar
Nightlife Toronto: Bar Hop Bar

Lobby (1032 Queen St W, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Wednesday 5pm to midnight, Thursday to Saturday 5pm to 2am, Sunday 12pm to 6.30pm.
Located in the vibrant Queen West neighborhood, Lobby features a luxurious lounge bar serving food, cocktails and wine. A tropical retreat in a concrete jungle, this lounge bar brings a hip vibe to Queen West. Latin-inspired tapas, great cocktails, delicious beers and an elegant wine list create the perfect bar in Toronto.

Nightlife Toronto Lobby
Nightlife Toronto: Lobby

The Rooftop (The Broadview Hotel, 106 Broadview Ave, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday to Thursday 4pm to 11pm, Friday and Saturday 4pm to midnight.
The Rooftop at Broadview Hotel invites you to relax in the elegant indoor lounge or step outdoors for stunning views of the Toronto skyline. The internal room is covered by 360 degree glass, so the view is unobstructed.

The bar also offers a delicious bar-style menu for sharing, as well as specialty cocktails crafted by expert bartenders. A large selection of craft beers is available, and you can choose from a carefully curated wine list. It has just about everything you need for a night on the town. The crowd here is trendy and stylish, and the hotel is just 15 minutes east of the city center.

Nightlife Toronto The Rooftop
Nightlife Toronto: The Rooftop

The Pilot (142 Cumberland St, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday to Wednesday 12pm to 9pm, Thursday to Saturday 12pm to 10pm.
Located in the Yorkville area just 15 minutes from downtown, The Pilot is a casual cocktail bar and restaurant in Toronto with a party atmosphere and aviation-themed decor, both on the ground floor and on the rooftop. The area on the ground floor is called the Stealth Lounge and is open 24/7.

The upstairs rooftop bar has a simply furnished terrace with good views. Overall, it's a great place to listen to good jazz, live sports on TV, and quiz nights, and it's perfect for the casual party-goer.

Nightlife Toronto The Pilot
Nightlife Toronto: The Pilot

Snakes and Lattes (600 Bloor St W, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday to Wednesday 4pm to 11pm, Thursday 4pm to 12am, Friday and Saturday 1pm to 2am, Sunday 1pm to 11pm.
Snakes and Lattes has over 2500 board games with alphabetical menus to help you decide which games to use to promote healthy competition. Games range from retro classics like Battleship to modern favorites like Cards Against Humanity.

This quirky cafe stays open late most days of the week if you invest in a long game like Monopoly. Accompany everything with the infamous Nutella milk or draft beer. Enjoy food like pub crawl vegan fries and Parmesan chicken nuggets while playing board games.

Nightlife Toronto Snakes and Lattes
Nightlife Toronto: Snakes and Lattes

Fran’s Bar Roof Top (2-20 College St, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday to Friday 4pm to midnight, Saturday 10am to midnight, Sunday 10am to 10pm.
Fran's Bar Roof Top has two floors, an indoor bar and lounge, a year-round roof terrace with great views, two bars and delicious food. The upstairs bar has communal seating, giving you the chance to socialize and make new friends.

The food is unpretentious, casual, hearty and the bar is open for lunch and dinner every day. Enjoy beer, cocktails and food while watching sports on 15 flat screen televisions.

Nightlife Toronto Frans Bar Roof Top
Nightlife Toronto: Fran's Bar Roof Top

Spin Toronto (461 King Street West Lower Level, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Tuesday and Thursday from 4pm to midnight, Friday and Saturday from 4pm to 2am.
Whether you want a friendly game of table tennis or just throw a party, this sports bar is always ready to welcome you with a combination of table tennis, disco and bar. Ideal for a fun evening with friends.

Nightlife Toronto Spin Toronto
Nightlife Toronto: Spin Toronto

Steam Whistle Brewery (255 Bremner Blvd Bay 6, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday to Tuesday 11am to 8pm, Wednesday to Saturday 11am to 10pm.
Located at the base of one of Toronto's top tourist attractions, the CN Tower , Steam Whistle Brewery has a 20-year history and holds the title of Canada's largest and most popular independent brewery . Special events and live concerts are often held here, while the atmosphere is always fantastic.

Nightlife Toronto Steam Whistle Brewery
Nightlife Toronto: Steam Whistle Brewery

Real Sports Bar (15 York St, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday to Saturday 11.30am to midnight, Sunday 11.30am to 11pm.
From press conferences to serious game nights, the Real Sports Bar, located right next to the Air Canada Center, can accommodate up to 1,000 people to immerse you in a night of games. The screen is huge and often shows multiple games at once for those who want to watch multiple sports. There are also TV screens in the bathroom so you don't miss a minute.

Nightlife Toronto Real Sports Bar
Nightlife Toronto: Real Sports Bar

Pai Toronto (18 Duncan St, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Monday to Thursday 11.30am to 10pm, Friday and Saturday 11.30am to 10.30pm, Sunday 3pm to 10pm.
Pai specializes in home-cooked Thai cuisine divided into “snacks and starters” and “main courses”. Add papaya salad and Thai-style omelette to your usual repertoire. The Thai cuisine and community atmosphere make for a great night on the town.

Nightlife Toronto Pai Toronto
Nightlife Toronto: Pai Toronto

Toronto Beach Club (1681 Lake Shore Blvd E, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Friday and Saturday 5pm to 2am, Sunday 10.30am to 2.30pm.
Beach Club Toronto is a Mediterranean restaurant, bar and lounge overlooking Lake Ontario in the vibrant West Queen West neighborhood. As the sun sets, the club heats up with nightly live entertainment and DJs.

Let your taste buds escape on a world tour with a Mediterranean menu, flavors and colors that transcend cultural and culinary boundaries and sing with every delicious bite.

Nightlife Toronto Beach Club
Nightlife Toronto: Beach Club

Kōst (80 Blue Jays Way 44th Floor, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday to Wednesday 8am to 11pm, Thursday 8am to midnight, Friday and Saturday 8am to 2am.
Located on the 44th floor, Kōst is a modern and elegant bar and restaurant with a casual California-style atmosphere in the heart of Toronto's entertainment district. Enjoy the colorful coastal-style interior lounge or head to the outdoor outdoor terrace for breathtaking views of Lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline.

The restaurant is open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner and you can stop by for a midday snack or to enjoy fresh, seasonal and colorful food and drinks.

Nightlife Toronto Kost
Nightlife Toronto: Kost

C’est What (67 Front St E, Toronto)fb_icon_tiny
Open Sunday and Monday from 4pm to midnight, Tuesday and Wednesday from 12pm to midnight, Thursday to Saturday from 12pm to 1am.
At C'est What you can choose from over 40 draft beers and spirits from the on-site whiskey bar. If you prefer something a little more colorful, we recommend checking out this taproom's extensive cocktail menu, as well as accompanying foods like wraps and burgers. C'est What also offers board games in a relaxed atmosphere. We recommend arriving around 7pm to secure a table before it gets crowded.

Nightlife Toronto Cest What
Nightlife Toronto: C'est What

Map of clubs, pubs and bars in Toronto