Zakynthos nightlife

Zakynthos Island: nightlife and clubs

Nightlife Zakynthos: famous in the past for being the birthplace of the poet Ugo Foscolo, the island of Zakynthos is becoming in recent years one of the most popular destinations for young people, thanks to its crystal clear sea and its intense nightlife. Between boat parties, foam pool parties and unbridled fun, here's where to go out in the evening in Laganas and the other resorts of Zakynthos.

Zakynthos nightlife

Even praised by the famous poet Ugo Foscolo, the island of Zakynthos is a natural paradise of exceptional beauty , capable of offering a perfect mix of beach life, nightlife, gastronomy, culture and relaxation. Also known as Zakynthos , the island is located near the Peloponnese and is part of the Ionian Islands archipelago.

With a pleasant warm and dry climate during the hold season, Zakynthos enchants its visitors with its splendid landscapes: between fine sandy beaches, including the famous shipwreck bay , natural beauties, small fishing villages, the island presents countless nuances and glimpses that will leave you amazed.

Nightlife Zakynthos Bay of the Wreck
The Bay of the wreck on the island of Zakynthos

But the island is not only famous for its beautiful beaches. Together with Corfu , Zakynthos is certainly the best known of the Ionian islands for its crazy international nightlife , populated by thousands of young people from all over the world, especially from northern Europe. When night falls, the nightlife of Zante lights up in the many nightclubs and is the ideal destination for a holiday full of uninterrupted fun 24 hours a day!

Nightlife Zakynthos pool party
Zakynthos nightlife: pool parties in Zakynthos

Zakynthos nights turn into a big party, with lots of young people dancing in the numerous bars and discos that follow one after the other along the streets of the main tourist villages, among cocktails, loud music, boys and girls have fun without inhibitions. Fun in Zakynthos is always guaranteed!

Nightlife Zakynthos disco parties
Disco parties in Zakynthos

Where to go out at night in Zakynthos

Zakynthos nightlife varies from area to area . For a peaceful evening, head to Zakynthos Town - glittering at night, it's perfect for a leisurely evening stroll and a summer cocktail. The cafes and bars here serve both tourists and locals and are really lovely places to relax on a summer evening. Here the nightlife is oriented towards more mature people, with numerous restaurants with typical cuisine that offer evenings with traditional music.

On the hill behind the town is the village of Bochali , where there are some exclusive bars and nightclubs and from which you can enjoy a lovely view of Zakynthos town and the sea. Even in the area of ​​Vassilikos , a few kilometers from the city of Zakynthos, there are some bars and some movement, even if it remains quite quiet.

Nightlife Zakynthos Bochali
Nightlife Zakynthos: night panorama from the village of Bochali

For those looking for wild and crazy entertainment , the best areas are located in the southern part of the island in the towns of Laganas, Argasi, Tsilivi, Alykes, and Kalamaki. Here are the major tourist resorts frequented by the very young who come here to have fun from evening to dawn in the discos open until late at night.

Zante's nightlife mecca is Laganas . Located in the south of the island, this tourist town is famous among the very young for its discos, bars and pubs where you can spend crazy party nights . Nightlife in Laganas is concentrated almost exclusively along the main street ( "Main Road" ), about three kilometers long. These three kilometers of discos and nightclubs are literally overrun by English boys and girls who get drunk and party. The fun lasts all night and it is not uncommon to find yourself in the arms of someone or someone you just met.

Laganas is synonymous with fun in Zakynthos and is the most crowded, transgressive and fun area of ​​the island, so much so that it has earned the nickname of little "Las Vegas" . The discos always offer new evenings ranging from paint parties to masquerade parties, up to the popular foam parties, which are aimed at a very young audience (from 18 to 25 years). Nightclubs are open until 6 in the morning and almost always have free admission and cheap drink deals. The ideal destination to have fun on a budget.

Nightlife Zakynthos Laganas
Nightlife Zakynthos: Laganas

A few kilometers from Laganas, the nearby resort of Kalamaki certainly offers much quieter evenings. There are a number of bars, restaurants, karaoke bars and entertainment shows, but there isn't the same clubbing culture as you find in Laganas. The same is true of the Alykes , located 18 kilometers north of Zakynthos town, where there are a few bars and nightclubs but much more relaxed than the discos of Laganas and there are fewer Brits.

Located just south of the city of Zakynthos, Argassi has a fairly lively and lively nightlife , with restaurants, taverns and bars scattered almost everywhere. Argassi's bars range from laid-back cocktail bars to livelier clubs, albeit much smaller than those in Laganas. For an alternative night out, try the mini-golf course, always very popular in the evening.

Located near a long sandy beach bathed by a crystal clear sea, Tsilivi also offers a lively nightlife , with theme parties, aperitifs at sunset, live music and many bars that stay open until late.

Finally, Agios Sostis , south of Laganas, is the ideal place for romantic walks while admiring the view of the gulf. The best known club is located on Cameo Island , reachable via a suggestive wooden bridge, where you can dance while admiring the extraordinary view and breathing in the atmosphere of this enchanting place.

Nightlife Zakynthos Island of Cameo
Nightlife Zakynthos: Cameo Island

Zakynthos Boat Events and Parties
A great way to save money on the most popular events and parties in Zakynthos is to purchase one of the A-List Zakynthos , which include tickets to the best events you can attend, including such as the popular White Party , one of the most popular parties in Zakynthos for the past 10 years, and the boat parties in Zakynthos. You can save up to 100 euros per person.

Nightlife Zakynthos White Party
Nightlife Zakynthos: White Party

Don't miss the boat parties in Zakynthos , where you can spend an entire afternoon on the boat, among loud music, cocktails, parties and dives into the sea: real floating discos! The two biggest boat parties in Zakynthos are the Shipfaced Boat Party and the VVIP Boat Party .

Nightlife Zakynthos boat parties
Boat parties in Zakynthos

Clubs and discos in Zakynthos

Rescue club fb_icon_tiny
(Laganas Main Road, Laganas, Zakynthos) Open Sunday to Thursday 20.00 to 4.30, Friday and Saturday 20.00 to 6.00.
Located on the main street of Laganas, the Rescue club is one of the most beautiful and popular nightclubs in Zakynthos . Cocktails, fire shows, dancers, foam parties and evenings with famous DJs are just some of the ingredients that make up this gigantic club. With three large halls and six bars, Rescue is the largest club on the island of Zakynthos and the ideal place for a night of pure entertainment. The Rescue Club is home to a variety of events during the summer. The popular Paint Parties and Glow Parties, with their tons of glitter, are among the busiest weekly events. One of the places not to be missed to immerse yourself in the nightlife of Zakynthos .

Nightlife Zakynthos Rescue Club Laganas
Nightlife Zakynthos: Rescue Club, Laganas
Nightlife Zakynthos Rescue Club Laganas girls
Girls at the Rescue Club of Laganas, Zakynthos

Barrage Club fb_icon_tiny
(Epar.Od. Zakinthou – Vasilikou, Zakynthos) Open daily from 11.00pm to 8.00am.
Open since 1991 and located along the coastal road that connects Argassi to Vassillikos, the Barrage is one of the longest running clubs in Zakynthos . The club, which hosts international DJs, has a beautiful outdoor garden where you can have a drink relaxing among the trees, while inside there is a disco that offers R'n'B and techno music.

Nightlife Zakynthos Barrage Club
Zakynthos nightlife: Barrage Club
Nightlife Zakynthos Barrage Girls Club
Barrage Club, Zakynthos

Zeros Club fb_icon_tiny
(Main Road, Laganas, Zakynthos) Open every day from 20.00 to 5.00.
Located in the heart of the nightlife of Laganas, the Zero's is one of the largest nightclubs in Zakynthos , can hold over 1000 people and hosts some of the main events of the island, such as the Foam Party and the Rain Party. In addition to hosting big events with the best international DJs, the club organizes shows with fire eaters and acrobatic bartenders (some of them are among the best bartenders in the world!). The disco opens at midnight and offers a different program for each night of the week. A guarantee of fun for your evenings on the island of Zakynthos.

Nightlife Zante Zeros Club Laganas
Zakynthos nightlife: Zeros Club, Laganas

Sizzle Club fb_icon_tiny
(Laganas, Zakynthos) Open daily from 21.00 to 5.00.
The Sizzle is another great club in Laganas that organizes evenings with music, foam parties and color games. There are two stages that can seat over 1000 people. Zakynthos nightlife scene , Sizzle Club has hosted DJs from all over the world for nights of endless music and dancing. With several weekly events that attract hundreds of people, such as the Ultimate Party or Dancing in Colors, Sizzle has managed to establish itself among the best clubs in Zakynthos .

Nightlife Zakynthos Sizzle Club Laganas
Nightlife Zakynthos: Sizzle Club, Laganas

The Mansion Zante fb_icon_tiny
(Rekoula 51, Laganas, Zakynthos) Open daily from 10.00 to 24.00.
Laganas club famous for its very popular pool parties. Recommended for afternoons of pure fun.

Nightlife Zakynthos The Mansion Laganas
Nightlife Zakynthos: The Mansion, Laganas

Cherry Bay fb_icon_tiny
(Laganas main street 881, Zakynthos) Open Sunday to Thursday from 9.00 to 5.00, Friday and Saturday from 9.00 to 8.00.
A true icon of Zakynthos, Cherry Bay is a club not to be missed. Always full of boys and girls drinking and dancing on the bar counter. All in an atmosphere of uninhibited fun, 80's music, choirs, anthems and DJ sets.

Nightlife Zakynthos Cherry Bay Laganas
Zakynthos nightlife: Cherry Bay, Laganas
Nightlife Zakynthos Cherry Bay Laganas beautiful girls
Beautiful girls at Cherry Bay in Laganas, Zakynthos

Waikiki Club fb_icon_tiny
(Laganas, Zakynthos) Waikiki is one of the most popular clubs in Zakynthos with a strong R'n'B style atmosphere. The club opens after midnight and entrance costs around 5 euros with two drinks included. Always very crowded, Waikiki offers a musical selection focused on R'n'B and Hip Hop rhythms.

Nightlife Zakynthos Waikiki Club Laganas
Zakynthos Nightlife: Waikiki Club, Laganas

Sabotage & Aussies Club fb_icon_tiny
(End of Main Laganas Road, Laganas, Zakynthos) Open Sunday to Thursday 10pm to 5am, Friday and Saturday 10pm to 7am.
Fun disco bar with damn cheap cocktails and a lively and decent music selection. Sabotage's approach is cheap and cheerful, and even boasts a revolving dance floor and bouncy castle. Definitely an experience to try in the Zakynthos clubbing scene.

Nightlife Zakynthos Sabotage & Aussies Club Laganas
Zakynthos Nightlife: Sabotage & Aussies Club, Laganas
Nightlife Zakynthos Sabotage & Aussies Club Laganas girls
Sabotage & Aussies Club, Laganas

Pure Beach Club fb_icon_tiny
(Laganas, Zakynthos) Open daily from 10.00 to 24.00
The Pure Beach Club is a luxury beach club with a swimming pool and private cabanas, which welcomes a large variety of international DJs. Hosted events range from champagne parties to deep house sessions, making Pure one of Zakynthos' hottest nightclubs . Don't forget to bring your swimsuit!

Nightlife Zakynthos Pure Beach Club Laganas
Zakynthos Nightlife: Pure Beach Club, Laganas

Ocean Inn fb_icon_tiny
(Laganas St, Laganas, Zakynthos) Another interesting disco in Laganas which boasts a large outdoor garden.

Nightlife Zakynthos Ocean Inn Club Laganas
Nightlife Zakynthos: Ocean Inn Club, Laganas

Ikon fb_icon_tiny
(Laganas Main Road, Laganas, Zakynthos) Open daily from 20.00 to 5.00.
If this isn't the best bar in Laganas, it's definitely among the top. The djs are fantastic and enhance the party atmosphere, the girls dance on the bar counter and take off their bras at the request of the crowd: The whole place has a party atmosphere with all the guests getting tipsy and enjoying the fun. The right place to spend a nice evening in Laganas.

Nightlife Zakynthos Ikon
Nightlife Zakynthos: Ikon

Fishbowl Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Laganas Main Road, Laganas, Zakynthos) Open daily from 21.00 to 4.00.
The Fishbowl is an excellent disco bar where you can spend an evening of celebration, between drunk girls and alcoholic games.

Nightlife Zakynthos Fishbowl Bar Laganas
Zakynthos Nightlife: Fishbowl Bar, Laganas

Life's a Beach fb_icon_tiny
(Laganas, Zakynthos) Open every day from 9.00 to 2.00.
Laganas beach club boasting great sea views, inflatables for fun, cheap drinks and lots of pretty girls.

Nightlife Zakynthos Life's at Beach Laganas
Nightlife Zakynthos: Life's a Beach, Laganas
Zakynthos Life's nightlife at Beach Laganas girls
Life's a Beach, Laganas, Zakynthos

Casa Playa Beach Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Ano Vasilikos, Zakynthos) Open every day from 9.00 to 20.00.
Casa Playa is a beach bar and restaurant on Banana Beach, Vasilikos area, in the southeastern part of the island, and is one of the most popular summer spots in Zakynthos. It is one of the most beautiful and cleanest beach bars on the island and guarantees unique moments of relaxation and fun by the sea. In its elegant premises you can relax and enjoy an iced coffee, a refreshing beer or one of the well prepared cocktails while listening to the summer sounds of the djs who always manage to keep the audience standing with their musical sets. The cuisine is good and always uses fresh, quality ingredients.

Nightlife Zakynthos Casa Playa Beach Bar Vasilikos
Nightlife Zakynthos: Casa Playa Beach Bar, Vasilikos

Cebu Club fb_icon_tiny
(Epar.Od. Zakinthou – Vasilikou 32, Zakynthos) The nightlife not only in Argassi, but all over the island would not be the same without Cebu , a club where dance music and traditional tunes party until small hours. Besides an interior as pleasant as the exterior, the club is well known for guest djs and live events with Greek pop artists.

Nightlife Zante Cebu Club
Nightlife Zakynthos: Cebu Club

Sin City fb_icon_tiny
(Laganas Main Strip, Zakynthos) Located in the heart of Laganas on the main road, just opposite the Hotel Tzante , the Sin City is a very popular club, with excellent cocktails and djs playing the best hits of the summer.

Nightlife Zakynthos Sin City Laganas
Nightlife Zakynthos: Sin City, Laganas

The bars and pubs of Zakynthos

Medousa Shisha Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Laganas, Zakynthos) A fun disco bar in Laganas that is always very well attended, especially by girls. Great place to enjoy a good cocktail, dance on the tables and make new acquaintances.

Nightlife Zakynthos Medousa Shisha Bar Laganas
Zakynthos nightlife: Medousa Shisha Bar, Laganas

GSpot Zakynthos fb_icon_tiny
(Laganas, Zakynthos) Open every day from 19.00 to 5.00.
Stylish bar, relaxed and just off the main hustle and bustle of Laganas high street. The ideal place to start the evening with a good cocktail before heading to some club.

Nightlife Zakynthos GSpot Bar Laganas
Zakynthos nightlife: GSpot Bar, Laganas

Rock n Rolla Indie Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Laganas Main Road, Laganas, Zakynthos) Rock n Rolla plays classic beats like The Smiths, Kaiser Chiefs and Oasis, and is one of the few disco bars in Zakynthos where you won't hear the same summer hits as are rung twice every hour. There's even a dentist chair to force your friends to sit down and then pour a bottle of booze down their throats!

Nightlife Zakynthos Rock n Rolla Indie Bar Laganas
Zakynthos Nightlife: Rock n Rolla Indie Bar, Laganas

Jungle bar fb_icon_tiny
(Epar.Od. Katastariou, Alykes, Zakynthos) Open daily from 9.00 to 3.00.
Located in Alykes, the Jungle bar serves great cocktails and has a great music selection ranging from the latest musical hits to all-time classics. This is also a great place to enjoy a sundowner.

Nightlife Zakynthos Jungle bar Alykes
Zakynthos nightlife: Jungle bar, Alykes

Paraporo Beach Restaurant fb_icon_tiny
(Epar.Od. Katastariou, Alykes, Zakynthos) Open daily from 8.00 to 3.00.
Bar located on Alykes beach which organizes incredible sunset aperitifs. During the day it is a normal beach bar which in the evening turns into a disco with music that ranges over different genres and rhythms.

Nightlife Zakynthos Paraporo Beach Restaurant Alykes
Zakynthos nightlife: Paraporo Beach Restaurant, Alykes

Buca Lounge Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Alykes Beach, Zakynthos) Open daily from 10.00 to 2.00.
Located right in front of the beautiful Alykes beach, the Buca Lounge Bar is a modern and spacious bar that stands out for its bright colors that inspire pleasant sensations. This is an ideal place to while away the evenings, especially if you are staying in the Alykes area. Here you can enjoy your favorite drink or one of the many cocktails while admiring the beach and listening to carefully chosen tunes.

Nightlife Zakynthos Buca Lounge Bar Alykes
Zakynthos nightlife: Buca Lounge Bar, Alykes

Diethnes Cafe fb_icon_tiny
(Bochali, Zakynthos) Open daily from 9.00 to 5.00.
The amazing location on the hill of Bohalis, below the castle, makes Diethnes Cafe an interesting place worth visiting from where you can enjoy a lovely view that sweeps over the waters of the Ionian Sea. Enjoy the view while drinking an aromatic coffee, a cold beer or the fantastic desserts that will make your mouth water.

Nightlife Zakynthos Diethnes Cafe
Zakynthos nightlife: Diethnes Cafe

Base Cafe fb_icon_tiny
(Lambrou Ziva 3, Zákynthos, Zakynthos) Open every day from 8.00 to 5.00.
Located behind Solomou Square in the heart of the city of Zakynthos and active since 1991, the Base Cafè is one of the favorite hangouts of the young locals . A great place for breakfast in the morning, it transforms during the night to become a popular rooftop bar where you can enjoy the view of the historic city center while sipping one of their delicious fruity cocktails.

Nightlife Zakynthos Base Cafe
Zakynthos Nightlife: Base Cafe, Zakynthos Town

Villa Rossa Wine Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Vasilikou, Zakynthos) Open daily from 18.00 to 1.00.
Villa Rossa Wine Bar – Vasilikos
Located near Vasilikos, Villa Rossa is a restaurant and wine bar housed in an ancient traditional villa surrounded by a grove and fragrant flowers. The furnishings recreate the atmosphere of old Zakynthos and the tables and chairs scattered in the open air allow you to dine under the starry sky. A place that lends itself very well to a romantic evening, a dinner or an aperitif. Excellent choice of wines and homemade desserts.

Nightlife Zakynthos Villa Rossa Wine Bar Vasilikos
Zakynthos nightlife: Villa Rossa Wine Bar, Vasilikos

Movida fb_icon_tiny
(Bochali, Zakynthos) Open every day from 19.00 to 3.00.
Movida , at the top of the Bohalis hill, is one of the most successful restaurants and cafe bars on the island of Zakynthos. Located below the castle of Zakynthos town, the magnificent location is undoubtedly one of its strengths, with magnificent views over the port of Zakynthos and the blue waters of the Ionian sea. The historical character of the place is combined in harmony with its minimal style. Enjoy the delicious cocktails and the delicacies of the Mediterranean cuisine. At night, the DJ sets the pace and the booze comes and goes.

Nightlife Zakynthos Movida
Nightlife Zakynthos: Movida

Portokali fb_icon_tiny
(Epar.Od. Zakinthou – Vasilikou, Argassi, Zakynthos) Open daily from 18.00 to 4.00.
Portokali is a bar restaurant in Argassi that is worth visiting. The fairytale atmosphere with bright colors, the friendly and efficient staff in combination with the excellent dishes of Mediterranean cuisine make it unique. Try the salmon salad with orange and avocado risotto, truffle and bacon and the salmon linguine. Don't forget to treat yourself to one of the delicious desserts at the end of your meal.

Nightlife Zakynthos Portokali
Nightlife Zakynthos: Portokali

Legends Sports Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Epar.Od. Zakinthou – Vasilikou, Zakynthos) Legends Bar is located on the main street of Argassi resort. A great place to spend the evening, with a friendly atmosphere, a large variety of snacks and cocktails, and the rhythm of the latest summer hits.

Nightlife Zakynthos Legends Sports Bar Argassi
Zakynthos nightlife: Legends Sports Bar, Argassi

Two Brothers Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Tsilivi, Zakynthos) Always open.
Two Brothers is one of the busiest bars in Tsilivi . With the best cocktails, a great atmosphere and impeccable service it will offer you unforgettable moments.

Nightlife Zakynthos Two Brothers Bar Tsilivi
Nightlife Zakynthos: Two Brothers Bar, Tsilivi

Porto Azzuro Beach Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Vasilikos, Zakynthos) Open every day from 9.00 to 21.00.
Porto Azzuro is undoubtedly a privileged meeting place, not only for its enchanting sea view, but also for its excellent Mediterranean cuisine. The beach offers crystal clear azure waters for swimming and is fully organised, with plenty of umbrellas and sunbeds for sunbathing on the golden sand. The bar is a cool oasis in the hot summer atmosphere offering the opportunity to enjoy cool drinks, refreshing fruit juices and imaginative cocktails. The restaurant serves delicious Mediterranean dishes, grilled meat and fish, pasta and a variety of fresh salads. A natural path between the sand and the rocks on the left side of the beach leads to another very small beach filled with gray green clay, where bathers go to take a regenerating mud bath.

Nightlife Zakynthos Porto Azzuro Beach Bar Vassilikos
Zakynthos nightlife: Porto Azzuro Beach Bar, Vassilikos

The Mill Bar fb_icon_tiny
(Alikanas, Zakynthos) Open daily from 9.00 to 4.00.
Romantic poolside bar located in Alikanas resort.

Nightlife Zakynthos The Mill Bar
Zakynthos nightlife: The Mill Bar, Alikanas

Map of discos, pubs and bars in Zakynthos